Valentines Auction

Collector Dolls INCLUDING! In The Box Shirley Temple Collector Dolls. Carnival Glass, Antiques, Tools, Satin Glass, Furniture, Tools And more Also Several Lots of Collector Coins, and Old Thresher Buttons Including some 1950's Buttons. And a 1989 Ford F150
Location: Fairfield Arts and Convention Center
Saturday February 13th, 2016 at 10Am
Doris Van Alst And Other Consignment Sale. Doris and her Husband David Are Downsizing because of David's Stroke and Doris's Cancer Surgery. So Her with other consignors invite you to This Great Valentines Sale Happening Feb 13th 2016
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Trucks and Equipment

1989 Ford F150 2 Wheel Drive 


Collector Dolls 

Shirley Temple Dolls

Capt January Danbury Mint

Just around the corner Danbury Mint

Little Princess Danbury Mint

Curly Top Wedding Doll Danbury Mint 

Sm. Nancey Ann Doll

Betty Boop Carnival doll Plaster!

Betty Boop Sailor Outfit Carnival Glass

Porcelain Baby % Wt Dress on Stomach

3 Small Porciline Dolls 

14K Gold Swan

14 K Gold Square Vase UPCO

Hummel Girl Doll

Hummel Boy Doll Wauder 

Hummll Standerd Girl Doll Anbade

Porcilin Girl Holding Flower vase

Cabbage Patch Kids Doll

Ashton Drake Gallelade Doll

2-Kissing Porceline Angels

Coins and Old Threshers Buttons 

1 50th Annaversery 50 CT Kennedy Coin

 Wheat Pennies

50 All Ins 1930's

50 5c 90 Year old

50-90 Year old 

1 1946 

3 Wheat Pennies 1934, 1931. 1929

1- 1911 Indian Head

1- 1910 V-Nickel

1 1964 Quarter

1-1870 - 3 cent Nickel (12-V Liberty Nickels)

1- 1907 V Nickel (Also 40-1950 Nickels)

1- 1935 Dime

1-1934 Mercury Dime (1-1877 half Dollar)

1-1941 Nickel

1-1869- Shield Nickel

1-10 Half Dollars 1986 to 2000

1-1/2 Dime -1853 very fine

1-1776 Quarters

1- 1776-1976 Half Dollars 

3 Morgan Sentennial Dollars


1- President E 1776 - 1976 Silver Dollar

1- American Classic Liberty Nickles 

1-Silver Proof Set

1- Complete Lincon Collection

1-Classic Coin Set

4 Half Dollars 1902,1908,1906, 1915 IN PLASTIC 


Carnival Glass and Glass Wear

12" Painted Signed M.F Marrell Bowl With Currants Moses (French Base)  T-S-V Lemones France 

19 Brass Bells

SM Blue Rabbet

SM Carnival Purple Bowl

Shell GR Duck Planter

BR and Red MC Covy Bowl

Gold Frosted Carnival Glass and Peacok

Gold Fluted Frosted Bowl (Lotus Pattern)

Silver Threaded Purse 

Box of Designer notes & Envelopes 

SM Xmas Dec & Liloks (Hand Painted) Van Alst 

Round George Washington Picture In Frame

Linens and Daileys 

Rock 8 hr Clock Made in West Germany DA1640

SM Pink Fluted Carnival Glass

Gold Carnival Glass Peacocks and Grapes (Fluted) 

Clock "Made in England"

GR Frosted Carnival Glass & Pincones 

Cup (Occupied Japan)

Purple Saucers (Chipped)

Gold Sm Bowl Carnival Glass 

Larg Fluted Purple Carnival Glass Mums and Windmill (Frosted and Scalloped)

Pink Depression Glass Scanser 

Gold Fluted Sm Bowl 

Gold Cremped Daisy Carnival Glass

Cup Mother of Pearl And Gold

White & Gold (Nick Nack) Made in Germany Small 

Cup Made in Germany (Says Brother)

LG Man Figurene

Sm Japanese Navy Vase (Kalani)

Gold Planter (12" Long) 

Creamer & Grapes & Gold & White 

Oval White Bowl W/ Roses Turqouies and Gold

Sergon White , Grapes and gold Bavarian 

GF Plate from Germany Gr Edge

G F Plate (Bird Of Paradise)

Sm Blue Egg and Daisey's 

White Cup & Roses 

3 View Finder Pictures 

Lrg Cream Pitchers Pink & Roses made in Germeny 

Lg Pig Bank 

Iron Stamp holder or Bank (Red)

Iron Toy express horse rider & Wagon 

Bisque girl Rabbit 

Porcelene Boy and Girl 

Sm Green Vase 

Lrg Bowl of old Marbles 

Occupied japan Girl & Acordian 

Tiny Vase & Violets 

22 Eleborate hat Pins 

German Greene & Violets Hats pin holder 

Pyrex Sm Pitcher

Edaches Glass Plate (Clear)

20" Bisque Doll (Lego Need Repair)

15" China Doll & Necklace original Clothes 

Yellow Frosted Etched Glass 3 Feet

Brown Shoe and Lace (CHina) Bo Mark

Opal Glass (Corned candy Dish Steemed)

Collalt Blue 12" Bird vase

Cut Glass Broom Holder (Clear)

Blue Opal Glass Candy Dish & Lid

10 1/2 Vase 

BR & WhT Dog made in England W/ Gold Collar 

Cobalt Blue Shot Glass

Celary Dish Cut Glass (Clear)

2 Cobalt Blue Vases & Peacocks 

4 Black Onyx Cherry Dishes 

1 Large Black Onyx Bowl With Handles 

2 Black Onyz Cups

Milk Glass Soap Dishes 

Blue Martha Stewart Pearl Glass

Avon Ruby Bud Vase

Blue Lamp & Chemery Bedroom Lamp

3- Ruby Glass Wine Goblet

Ruby Red Wine Decanter (Ectched) White and Sappire 

Maiden Japan Doll

Boy & Hammer Figurene

1 Ruby Wine Goblet

Opal Brother Cup

Childs Tea Set (Japan)

2 - 12 Plates 

Carnival Glass 12" Vase

Flo Blue Dinner Plates 

2 Cups 1 Saucer 1 France White & Blue Rim Gold Leaf

Carnival Glass Candy Dish Dasiys and Leaves 

Tall Clear Goblets 

Tall Eched Blue Bud Vase

Stuffed Sauta

Battery Powered Bartender (Original Box)

Carnival Class Footed and Rose Bowl (Purple)

Milk Glass 12" Vase

Porcilene Sled 

2 China Boots & Roses

Milk Glass Chicken

10 Designer 6" Plates

Pair Of Lil China Boys Shoes

Covered Gold Rabbit Dish

China Plant Front & Birds

1 Sm Designer Plate

Sm Wt China Picture

Gold Carnival Glass Bowl & Scalloped Edges

Gold Bowl & Sunflowers & Leaes (Carnival Glass)

Lrg Doll Stand

2 SM Doll Stand

2 Japeness Plates 

Carnival Glass 6" Vase Leaf Pattern and Butter Pattern 

Small Gold Bowl & Star Pattern Carnival Glass

Lrg Carnival Glass Bowl & Grape Pattern 

Tulips Toothpick Holder

Pink & Gold Demi Cup & Saucer

KPM Cup With Violets

Mild Glass Bell

Carved Blowing Glass Bud Vase

Childs Purple Gold Cup

Squashed Rose and White salt and peper shakers

Blown Glass Swan Vase

Porcelin Lady Bell

Colbalt Vase

Egg Cup & Vase

Lady Bell

 Blk Lady Doll Porceline

Cream Color Lady & Garment Bell

Black & White Elephant

Br Staffed Small Teddy Bear

Dutch Girl Bell

Soap Stone Fase From China

Pink and Gold Toothpaste holder

White Polar Bear

3 Tiny Jugs

Dutch Thimbles

Dime Cup (Love China) England

Electric Lamp & Chimney

Boy Porceline Figurene

Old Lady Porceline Figurene

Little Girl Figurene

3 Black Onyx Cups

Boy Dutch Figurene 

Coverd the world Dolls 

Kerosene Sperel Lamp & Shade

Kerosene CL Lamp No Top

Kerosene Cl Lamp Not Top

Silver Lamp No Top

Brass Lamp No Top

Cap Guns W/ Caps

Queen Louise 6" Plate

Gueen Ann Small Plate

12" Flo BLue Platter 

6" Chechoslovakian WT & Pink Roses

Red Wing Casserole Dish

Occupied Japan Tiny High heel

Red Wing Pottery Vinegar Bird 

Queen Louies Sm Dish 

28 View Finder Pictures 

Red Wing Pottery Platter

Silver Tea Strainer 

Tre Vers Bottle 

Bavarian Purple & Gold Toothpick Holder 

Milk Glass & Gold Lid Celery Dish

Milk Glass & Gold Handled dish

Etched Glass Vase (Clear Glass)

Happy Joes Root Beer Mug

Clear Glass Flower Frog

Turquoise Hobnail Vase (Small)

Sm Glass Bowl & Trumphint 

Sm Red Basket 1959

Red Vase & Stopen

Sm Stched Bowl 

Sm Green Basket

Clear Boots 2

Mustard Cup

Cup Made in Germany 



China Cabinet 83 1/2IN Tall 16 3/4 In Wide W. 32 X 18 Mirror

Oak Bridal Boutique Dresser 


Rockers & Spindals 

Wicker Stand

Steamer trunk 

Streight Chair w/ Ottoman

Cometic Chair

Cedar Boaded Chair 

Big Picture

2 Folding Chairs

Old Woden Tres & Fabric 

Spool Box & Neckless & Earings 

40 Records & Books 

HatBox & Paddle Locks 

2 Wall Sconces 

sack full tokens

Small Brown Suit Case

5 hummed Plates Minature

1 Casul Painting 

8 Christmas Decorations 

Garbage can full of wood Pieces

Picture frames 

Large Square glass bowls

12 K Gold Vase

Black Plates

Pink Flowers Made in france

Flower Green Plate Bowl Handles

Small Plate & Pinch Flowers 

2. Piano Babies

Plate & Pops (Baveria)

Plate & Cherries 

Drechin China Plate

LRG Blue Covered Bowl

7 Small Plates (Northlake China)

Cadilac Emblem

Colbalt Blue Flower Pot

Copper LIghter

8 Etched Snifter Glasses

Glass Curtain Holders 

Straw Hat (Doll)

Blue Glass Teddy

Etched Glass Goblet

Goblet & Gold Band

Cedar Jewlery Box

Piano Rolls

Cylinder Records

Cedar Jewlry Box 


Brass Box

Xmas Decorations 

1 Large Tote of of Red Wing Pottery 
























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Valentines Auction

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