JCR TOOL Auction

Location: 2606 W Burlington Ave, Fairfield, IA
DENNY THOMES Tool Auction.. More INfo Soon
10:00am Saturday October 22nd, 2016

14PC Mini Open End Wrench St Snap-ON/JH Williams

JHW 3PC Pipe Chain Wrench Set

8PC Stubby Ratchet combo wrench SAE Snap-ON/JH Williams

22PC 3/8 DR Bolt-Thru Socket Set Snap-On/JH Williams

32PC 1/4" & 3/8 DRILL BIT Socket set Snap-ON/JH Williams

JHW 3/4 DR Impact Hex-Drivers-MM Snap-On/JH Williams

Williams 10" Heavy Service C-Clamp Snap-On/JH Williams

Williams 12" Heavy Sercace C-Clamp JH/Williams Snap On

Lincoln Generator/Welder

Milwaukee M18 15 Tool Combo Kit

Milwaukee 40PC IMP Drill/Drive Set

Milwaukee 23PC TITN IMP Drill Bits

Milwaukee 25" Magnetic Tape Measure

Milwaukee M18 Tru V LED Flood Light

Flat Screen 

Off Road Quad

3/8 DR 10PC Impact Socket Set MM Snap On/JH Williams

1/2 DR 7PC Univrs Impact SAE

3/8 DR 7PC Universal Socket set SAE Snap On/JH Williams

3/8 DR 11PC Universal Socket Set MM Snap ON/JH Williams

JHW 13PC 3/8 DR Crowfoot set SAE 3/89 Thru 1-1/8

JHW 14PC 3/8 DR Jumbo CrowFoot SAE Snap On/JH Williams

JHW 8PC 3/8 DR CrowFoot Set - MM Snap On/JH Williams

3/8 DR 13PC Turbosocket Set SAE/MM Snap On/JH Williams

1/2 DR 15PC Deep Impact Sockets SAE Snap On/JH WIlliams

JHW 17PC 3/4 DR Socket MM Clip Rail Snap On/JH Williams

JHW 8PC 3/8 DR Ball Hex Sockets SAE Snap On/JH Williams

16PC 3/4 DR 6PT Impact Socket Set Snap On/JH Williams

1/2 DR 15PC Deep Impact Socket Set SSockets SAE Snap On/JH Williams

1/2 DR 14PC Deep Impact Sockets MM Snap On/JH Williams

3/8 DR 9PC Impact Socket set SAE Snap On/JH WIlliams 

#460 Channellock Plier 16"

3 PC Griplock Pliers Set

9PC 11" Long-Reach Plier Set

3PC Vise-Grip Set

All-IN-1 Ball Joint Service Kit

10PC Oil Filter Cap-Wrench set

Electric Portable Pipe Threader

3" Pipe & Tubing Cutter

Low Profile Magnetic Drill

Cement Mixer 5 CU FT 1/2 HP Elect

52CC Post Hold Digger 2 3 HP

3/4 DR Long Handle Ratchet

1" X 36 Ratchet

3/8 DR Extendable Rachet Handle

1/2 DR Extendable Ratchet Handle

3/4 Dr Extendable Ratchet Handle

Quad Ratchet/Driver 1/4" 3/9" 1/2"

Torque Multiplier Wrench 3/4" 1"

Jumbo Flat Blade ScrewDriver- Pair

5PC Gasket Scraper Pin Puller Set

4PC Rubber Mallet Set FGLASS HNDL

#430 ChannellLock Plier 10"

#440 Channelock Plier 12"

4PC Super MAG Tapered Reamer set

4PC Long Reach Carbide Burr Bit Set

8PC Double Cut Carbide Burr Bit Set

8PC Super Magnum B&G Hole Hog Set

7PC HSS Annular Cutter Set 1"Gal For Magnetic Drill 3/4 Shank

Telescopic Titanium/Aluminum Ladder

Multi-Position Folding Ladder

"6X32" Auger Bit (Post hole Digger)

8 X 32 Auger Bit (Post Hole Digger)

10X32 Auger Bit (Post Hole Digger)

12X32 Auger Bit (Post Hole Digger)

Vacuum Air Power Brake Bleeder Kit

1/8 NPT Pipe Tap

1/4 NPT Pipe Tap

3/8 NPT Pipe Tap

1/2 NPT Pipe Tap

1" NPT Pipe Tap

1 1/4 Npt Pipe Tap

1 1/2 NPT Pipe Tap

2" Npt Pipe Tap

9PC Jumbo Spiral Flute Extractiors

Red Grease 16 OZ Aerosol Can

Welding Anti-Spatter 16OZ Arosol

Brakes & Parts Cleaner 20Oz Arosol

Carb & Choke CLeaner 160z Arosol

3 Ton HD Cable Come Along

4 Ton HD Jack Stands-Pair

22 Ton HD Jack Stands- Pair

40 Gallon Parts Washer

Heavy-Duty Abrasive Blast Cabinet

10 Gallon Pressure Sand Blaster Kit

Handheld Composite Sand Blaster

3 PC Auger Bit Extention Kit For 55cc Post Hole Digger

Bel-Aire SHP 80Gal Air Compressor 1 Phase Two Stage 208/230OV

Neiko 22PC 3/4 Dr Deep Impact SS

Duel Fuel Force Air Heater 125k BTU

24" High Velocity Rolling Drum Fan

127PC Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment

Premium Flap Disc 4.5" A/O T 27 40G

Premmium Flap DISC 4.5 A/O T27 60G

Premium Flap DISC 4.5" A/O T27 80g

Premium Flap DISC 4.5" A/O t27 100G

Penetrating Oil 16oz Arosol Can

1 5HP 1750PSI 12OV Pressure Washer

17GAL Low Profile Rolling Drain Pan With Hand Pump

90 Bin Smal Parts Organizer Rack

60 Bin Small Parts Organizer Rack

Heavy Duty Drop Sholuder Creeper Snap On/JH Williams

Williams Mechanics Seat Creeper Snap On/JH Williams 

ANd More to come. 







JCR TOOL Auction

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