Lifetime Gun and Military Collection - Almost 100 Firearms!!! Auction

Location: Earnest Shepherd Youth Center, Liberty, MO
11:00 AM. Sunday December 11th, 2016
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SUN. DECEMBER 11, 11:00 A.M.



Directions: From Kansas City, take I-35N to the 69 Hwy Exit (Exit 20). Immediately Turn Right (South) on Lightburne Rd (33Hwy South) to Shepherd Rd. Turn Left (East) to Auction. Watch for Signs.


Special Note: We are excited to bring you this Lifetime Gun and Military Collection. Frank has spent over 50 Years avidly collecting Quality Firearms and Military Collectibles. With a passion for Rare Guns, and an Eye for Quality, he has amassed a Wonderful Collection of Many Hard to Find Firearms and Related Items. This will be Part 1 of Frank’s Collection – with Part 2 planned for the Spring of 2017. Gun Enthusiasts will not want to miss this Incredible Sale!!!


Auctioneer’s Note: CASH or Check w/ Proper Identification. Valid driver’s license required for auction registration. Out of State residents with FFL Dealer License, please bring a copy of your license. Otherwise, Out of State Purchasers will have a $75 charge added to each purchase, and their guns will be held & shipped by a local FFL Dealer to a Dealer in their State. Missouri residents, no extra fees will apply.






The Auction will begin with Approximately 45 Minutes to an Hour of Uncatalogued Ammunition, Collectibles and Gun Related Items that will sell before beginning the catalogued portion of the sale. A Partial listing of those items include:


- Nice Calibri of London 24-Gun Revolving Pistol Display Cabinet;

- Nice Floor Model Showcase;

- Very Large Amount of Ammunition in Many Different Calibers;

- Lots of Rifle Ammo;

- Lots of Pistol/Handgun Ammo;

- Lots of Shotgun Ammo;

- Winchester 250 Round Ammo Crate - Empty;

- Assorted Reloading Dies in Many Different Calibers;

- Some Reloading Accessories;

- Shot;

- Primers – Large Pistol, Small Pistol and Rifle Primers;

- Brass;

- Bullets;

- Gun Accessories;

- Holsters;

- Stocks;

- Assorted Gun Related Collectibles;

- Old Wood Ammo Crate;

- Early Takedown Shotgun Case;

- Gun Cases;

- Assorted Gun Books;

- Assorted Modern Gun Signs;

- Neat Large Smith and Wesson Model 4506 Handgun Dealer Poster Showing Mechanics/Parts;






Lot 1: Charter Arms “Bulldog” .44 Special Revolver, Blued, 3in BBL, New in Original Box, Ser # 2038XX;


Lot 2: Mauser HSC Super Cal .380 ACP, Blued, Checkered Walnut Grips, 3 1/2in BBL, Ser # 038XX;


Lot 3: Ruger “Bearcat” .22 Revolver, Fancy Engraved Cylinder, Like New Condition, Ser # 379XX;


Lot 4: Deutsche Selbstlade-Pistole “Menta” 6.35mm (.25 Cal) Semi Auto Pocket Pistol, Mfd by August Menz, Suhl Germany, Ser # 2XX;


Lot 5: Savage Arms 7.65mm (.32 Cal) Semi Auto Pistol, Pat. Nov 21 1905, Blued, Original Savage Grips with Indian Chief, 3in BBl, Nice;


Lot 6: Colt “Police Positive” First Issue .32 Police CTG Revolver, Pat. July 4 1905, Blued, Original Colt Grips, Ser # 1957XX;


Lot 7: Colt “Officer’s Model Target” Third Issue .38 Cal Revolver, Pat. Oct 5 1926, 6in Heavy BBL, Original Colt Grips, Ser # 3618XX;


Lot 8: Ruger “New Model Blackhawk” Convertible .357 Mag Revolver with Interchangeable 9mm Cylinder, New in Case, Ser # 38-169XX;


Lot 9: Colt “Model 1908 Colt Automatic” .25 Cal Vest Pocket Hammerless Pistol, Pat. Jan 25 1910, Blued, Bone Grips, with Scarce Leather Pouch, Ser # 2062XX;


Lot 10: Colt “Model 1908 Colt Automatic” .25 Cal Vest Pocket Hammerless Pistol, Pat. Dec 22 1903, Nickel, Original Colt Grips, Ser # 39XX;


Lot 11: Smith and Wesson Model 61 .22 Escort Pocket Pistol, Beautiful Gun, Like New in Original Box;


Lot 12: High Standard “Sport King” Semi Auto .22 LR, Model 103, Blued, 4 1/2in BBL, Original Fancy Grips, Like New Condition, Ser # 14237XX;


Lot 13: Belgium Browning “High Power” Semi Auto 9mm Parabellum, Fancy Mexican Silver and Gold Style Grips, Ser # 75C330XX;


Lot 14: Waffenfabriken Simson & Co, Suhl Germany, 6.35mm (.25 Cal) Semi Auto Pocket Pistol, Quality Gun Maker, Original Black Simson Grips, Stainless or Nickel Version, Rare;


Lot 15: Rigarmi Brescia 6.35mm (.25 Cal) Semi Auto Pocket Pistol, Ivory Grips, Ser # 1088XX;


Lot 16: Beautiful Star Factory Engraved Stainless or Nickel .380 Auto Handgun with Original Star MOP Grips – Probably Special Order – Ser # S 5738XX;


Lot 17: High Standard “Supermatic” Model S-100 Semi Auto .22 LR, 6 3/4in BBL, Ser # 4464XX;


Lot 18: Colt “Model 1908 Automatic” .380 Hammerless Semi Auto Handgun, Pat. Dec 22 1903, Blued, Original Grips, Nice Gun, Ser # 237XX;


Lot 19: Colt Pat. 1903 “Colt Automatic” .32 Rimless Smokeless Semi Auto Handgun, Blued, 3in BBL, Ser # 2621XX;


Lot 20: Rare Smith and Wesson “Model 1902” .32-20 WCF Hand-Ejector Revolver, Pat. Feb 6 1906, Marked .32 Winchester CTG, Blued, Bone Grips, Excellent Condition with Beautiful Blueing, Ser # 96XX;


Lot 21: Rare Remington Arms – U.M.C. “Elliot’s Patent” Over/Under Derringer, .41 Cal, Bone Grips;


Lot 22: Colt Single Action Frontier Scout .22 Revolver, “Kansas Centennial Model 1861-1961”, Brass or Gold Plated Frame and Receiver, Like New in Original Fitted Case, Ser # 190 2G;


Lot 23: Colt “Model 1908 Colt Automatic” .25 Cal Vest Pocket Hammerless Pistol, Pat. Jan 25, 1910, Ser # 951XX;


Lot 24: Beretta Model 950BS Semi Auto .22 Short, Blued, Black Grips, Ser # BER 048XX T;


Lot 25: Colt .22 Cal Conversion Kit for a Colt 1911 – New in Box;


Lot 26: Ruger “Blackhawk” .41 Mag Revolver, Original Early 3-Screw Model, Blued, Checkered Walnut Grips, 6 1/2in BBL, Ser # 40-069XX;


Lot 27: High Standard “Sentinel Mk IV” Snub Nose .22 Mag Revolver, Blued, 2in BBL, Ser # S 51XX;


Lot 28: Smith and Wesson “Model 1903” .32 Cal Hand-Ejector Revolver, Pat. Dec 29 1914, Blued, Checkered Walnut Grips, Ser # 1194XX;


Lot 29: Nice Boxed Set of Colt .22 Short Derringers, Matched Pair, in Fitted Colt Case – Consecutive Ser # 184XXD and 184XXD;


Lot 30: Colt “Army Special” .38 Revolver, Pat. July 4 1905, 5in BBL, Original Colt Grips, Ser # 5 246 XXL;


Lot 31: Galesi-Brescia Italian 6.35 Cal (.25 ACP) Semi Auto Pocket Pistol, Ivory Colored Grips, Stainless or Nickel, Ser # 4697XX;


Lot 32: Sterling Arms .25 Auto Pocket Pistol, Excellent Condition in Original Box, Ser # 0610XX;


Lot 33: Smith and Wesson .22 Long Rifle CTG Revolver, Blued, Checkered Walnut Grips, 6in BBL, Ser # 656XX;


Lot 34: Star Model P-D Semi Auto .45 Cal Handgun, Blued, Checkered Walnut Grips, Ser # 14102XX;


Lot 35: Llama “Stoeger Arms” Semi Auto .22 Handgun, Blued, Bakelite Grips;


Lot 36: Bauer Firearms .25 Cal Automatic Pocket Pistol, Brushed Stainless, MOP Grips, Ser # 0035XX;


Lot 37: Smith and Wesson Model 10-5 .38 Special, Blued, MOP Grips, 2in BBL, Ser # 116XX;


Lot 38: Astra Cub .22 Short Semi Auto Pocket Pistol, Original Astra Cub Grips, Ser # 1136XX;


Lot 39: H&R Model 929 .22 Cal Revolver, Blued, Black Grips;


Lot 40: Navy Arms Co Model TU-90 Semi Auto 9mm, in Original Box, Ser # 300330XX;


Lot 41: Powermaster Crossobw;


Lot 42: Moonlight NV-100 Night Vision Scope in Pouch;


Lot 43: Assorted Rifle Scopes – Sell Choice;


Lot 44: Assorted Grease Mags that will fit a MAC-10 – Sell Choice;


Lot 45: Assorted SKS Mags – Sell Choice;




Lot 46: Early Remington UMC Full Box of .45 Colt Smokeless Ammo – Marked Specially Adapted for .45 Colt Single and Double Action Army Revolvers;


Lot 47: Original Early Full Box of Winchester Repeating Arms Co 12ga Brass, 00 Buckshot, Still in Wax Paper;


Lot 48: Rare Original Early Full Box of Remington Kleanbore Smokeless 32ga Shotgun Shells;


Lot 49: Early Remington Arms UMC Partial Double Box of .38 S&W Smokeless;


Lot 50: Early German Rheinmetal Company Double Box of .38 S&W Long – Unopened;


Lot 51: Full Box of Remington 28ga High Pressure Proof Loads;


Lot 52: Full Box of Wanda 12ga in Clear Red Plastic Casings;


Lot 53: Older Box of Western 38-40 Winchester Ammo;


Lot 54: (2) Early Boxes of Peters Ammo - .32 S&W Long and .32 Colt Automatic – Sell Choice;


Lot 55: Box of Winchester Tracer Shotgun Shells;


Lot 56: Scarce Box of Western Xpert 14ga Shotgun Shells;


Lot 57: Unusual 12ga Short Shotgun Shells;


Lot 58: Assorted 8ga Shotgun Shells;


Lot 59: Full Box of Remington .45 Auto Rim;


Lot 60: Full Box of .22 Winchester Automatic Rimfire Ammo – for Winchester Model 1903;


Lot 61: AA 40th Anniversary Full Tin of Winchester Shotgun Shells;


Lot 62: Remington Ducks Unlimited Commemorative Tin of 12ga Shotgun Shells;


Lot 63: Assorted Collectible Boxes of Ammo – Sell Choice;




Lot 64: WW2 Japanese Nambu Type 14 Semi Auto Pistol, Marked 19.4, Manufactured April 1944, Ser # 273XX;


Lot 65: WW2 Japanese Nambu Type 94 Semi Auto Pistol, Marked 15.11, Manufactured November 1940, Ser # 149XX;


Lot 66: WW2 German P38 Semi Auto 9mm Luger, German Nazi Markings, Ser # 26XX;


Lot 67: WW2 Fabrique National Browning Patent Semi Auto 7.65mm Japanese Import Military Handgun with Rare Japanese Mum Proofmark, Excellent Condition, Ser # 1531XX;


Lot 68: WW2 Webley Mark VI .455 Revolver, 6in BBL, Rare Later Manufacturing, Ser # 4519XX;


Lot 69: WW2 Enfield No 2 Mk 1 .38 Cal Tank Crew Service Revolver, Cylinder Marked SPT 41;


Lot 70: WW2 Enfield .38 Cal Tank Crew Service Revolver, Marked .38 .767 3 ½ Tons, BNF;


Lot 71: Russian 1895 Nagant Convertible 7.62x38R Military Revolver with Interchangeable .32 ACP Cylinder, Rare Convertible Model, Dated 1937, Like New with Holster;


Lot 72: WW2 Smith and Wesson “Victory Model” .38 Military Revolver, US Property Marked, Ser # V 4958XX;


Lot 73: WW2 CZ FNH Model 27 Semi Auto 7.65mm Handgun, Nazi Eagle Markings, Ser # 4397XX;


Lot 74: WW2 Japanese Arisaka Bolt Action Military Rifle with Rare Japanese Mum Proofmark;


Lot 75: WW2 International Harvester .30 Cal M1 Garand, Nice Condition, Ser # 45368XX;


Lot 76: U.S. .30 Cal M1 Carbine with Scope;


Lot 77: Inland .30 Cal U.S. M1 Carbine, 2-45, w/ Clip and Clip Pouch, Ser # 69403XX;


Lot 78: WW2 Japanese Arisaka Type 38 Bolt Action 6.5mm Military Rifle, Ser # 005224XX;


Lot 79: WW2 Russian 1945 Mosin Nagant M38 or M44 Carbine Bolt Action 7.62x54 Military Rifle, Ser # HT 33XX;


Lot 80: Post-WW2 Russian SKS Semi Auto 7.62x39, Dated 1952, Black Synthetic Stock, Ser # HM 22XX;


Lot 81: Large WW2 German Nazi Banner with Iron Cross and Swastika Emblems – 6ft Wide x 10 1/2ft Long;


Lot 82: WW2 German Nazi Flag – 3 1/2ft x 6ft;


Lot 83: WW2 German Nazi Flag, Torn – 4ft x 7ft;


Lot 84: WW2 Japanese Rising Sun Flag with Rays and Japanese Writing, From Museum in Springfield, 2 1/2ft x 3ft;


Lot 85: WW2 Japanese Army Luzon Artillery Marker Flag, From Museum in Springfield, 2 1/4ft x 3ft;


Lot 86: (3) WW2 Japanese Silk Rising Sun Flags, All 2 1/2ft x 3ft, Sell Choice;


Lot 87: Small WW2 German Nazi Flag – 14in x 22in;


Lot 88: WW2 German Nazi 8 1/2in Pennant;


Lot 89: WW2 German Nazi Arm Band;


Lot 90: WW2 German Nazi Green Felt Cap with Patch – Marked RNBR 1944 Inside;


Lot 91: Assorted WW2 German Nazi Patches and Pins – Sell Choice;


Lot 92: Uncut Sheet of (10) 10-cent Hitler Stamps;


Lot 93: Rare December 7 1941 Honolulu Star Bulletin Newspaper – Been Kept Under Glass – Nice;


Lot 94: Large Silk Soviet Double Sided Flag with Fringe and Great Design – 3 1/2ft x 6ft;


Lot 95: Modern Russian Molnija Pocket Watch – Runs;


Lot 96: “SS Uniforms, Insignia and Accoutrements – A Study in Photographs” Compiled by A. Hayes – Great Identification Book;


Lot 97: Bruce N. Canfield’s Complete Guide to the M1 Garand & M1 Carbine;


Lot 98: WW2 US Holsters – Sell Choice;


Lot 99: WW2 US Ammo Pouches/Belts with M1 Clips – Sell Choice;


Lot 100: WW2 US Canvas Bucket;


Lot 101: WW2 Canteens and Mess Kits – Sell Choice;


Lot 102: WW2 Helmets/Helmet Liners & Related Items – Sell Choice;


Lot 103: WW2 Military Ammo and Ball Cartridges – Sell Choice;


Lot 104: Military Flak Jacket – Size Large;


Lot 105: 1945 S.A. Limited Canadian Military Rifle Stock;


Lot 106: INI Toledo Bayonet and Sheath, Double Eagle Proofmark, Ser # ET82423C;


Lot 107: INI Toledo Bayonet and Sheath, Single Eagle Proofmark, Ser # ET71354B;




Lot 108: Scarce Remington Arms Company Model 1894 Hammerless SxS Double Barrel 12ga, A Grade, Checkered Wood, Beautiful Blueing on Receiver and Barrels, 30in BBL’s, Ser # 1198XX;


Lot 109: Beautiful J.P. Sauer Boxlock German SxS Double Barrel 12ga, Quality Factory Engraved Receiver, 28in Krupp Barrels with Beautiful Blueing, Great Shotgun – Ser # 2990XX;


Lot 110: A.H. Fox “Sterlingworth” SxS Double Barrel 12ga, Checkered Walnut, 28in BBL’s, Beautiful Condition, Ser # 50796 – Very Early Serial Number – 12ga Production Began at #50,000 and went thru 161,556, so this Gun is Only the 796th A.H. Fox “Sterlingworth” SxS 12ga Made!!!


Lot 111: L.C. Smith Hunter Arms “Fulton Special” SxS Double Barrel 12ga, Beautiful Checkered Burled Walnut, Engraved Bird Scene on Receiver, 30in BBL’s, Ser # 297XX;


Lot 112: Scarce Lefever Arms Nitro Special SxS Double Barrel 20ga, Checkered Walnut, Blued Receiver with Engraved Duck, 26in BBL’s, Beautiful Condition, Scarce 20ga Model, Ser # 3477XX;


Lot 113: Rare St. Louis Arms Co “Climax No. 2” Wells Fargo Coach Gun, SxS Double Barrel 10ga, 20in BBL’s, Fancy Engraved Receiver, Outside Hammers, Stock Marked Wells Fargo & Co Express, No. 46, San Diego Tucson El Paso, Special Agent C.W. King, No 46, San Diego Office 1885; Also Has Badge Reading Wells Fargo & Co Express, San Francisco Division – Rare Gun!!!


Lot 114: Early Ithaca Gun Company SxS Double Barrel 12ga, Smokeless Powder Steel, 30in BBL’s, Ser # 3191XX;


Lot 115: Stevens Savage Mod 311 SxS Double Barrel 12ga, 2 3/4in, 30in BBL;


Lot 116: Early J. Stevens Mod 530 SxS Double Barrel 16ga, 2 3/4in, 28in BBL;


Lot 117: Stevens Model 311D SxS Double Barrel 20ga, 26in BBL’s;


Lot 118: Early Ithaca Gun Company Sawed-Off Shotgun Coach Gun, Dual Trigger, New Titanium Firing Pin, Ser # 2473XX;


Lot 119: Ithaca Model 51 Featherlight 12ga, 2 3/4in, Vent Rib 26in BBL, Beautiful Condition, Ser # 5101098XX;


Lot 120: Marlin Model 336 Lever Action 30-30, Micro Grooved Barrel;


Lot 121: Winchester Model 275 Pump .22 Win Mag RF, Ser # 1146XX;


Lot 122: Ruger Mini 14 Semi Auto .223, Checkered Walnut, with Bushnell Scope, Ser # 180-219XX;


Lot 123: Belgium Browning “Twenty” Semi Auto 20ga, 2 3/4in, Vent Rib 28in BBL, Ser # 8Z 16XX;


Lot 124: Belgium Browning Semi Auto .22 LR, Beautiful Gun;


Lot 125: Quality Nato-Cougar Voere Austrian Bolt Action 30-06 with Weaver V9-IIW Variable Wide Angle Scope – Beautiful Rifle;


Lot 126: Marlin Model 1894S Lever Action .44 Rem Mag w/ Maverick 4x40 Scope;


Lot 127: RARE Original Marlin Lever Action .410, Original Humped Forearm, Marked “Marlin .410” on Stock Tang, Only Made 1929-1932 as a Stockholder’s Promotional Firearm, Early Ser # 866 – Very Rare Gun!!!


Lot 128: RARE Pat. 1887 Colt Lightning Medium Frame .32 Cal, Original Condition, Nice Gun – Ser # 790XX;


Lot 129: RARE Pat. 1887 Colt Lightning Small Frame .22 Cal, Original Condition, Nice Gun – Ser # 784XX;


Lot 130: Winchester Model 1894 Lever Action .32 WS, Nickel Steel Barrels, Original Condition, Manufactured in 1910, Ser # 5180XX;


Lot 131: J. Stevens Mod 240 Over/Under .410 Shotgun, Ser # 22XX;


Lot 132: Ithaca Model 600 Over/Under 12ga, 2 3/4in, Beautiful Engraved Nickel Receiver, Checkered Walnut, Crack in Forearm, but Nice Tight Gun with Beautiful Engraving, Ser # S 56348XX;


Lot 133: Savage Model 99 Lever Action .300 Savage w/ Scope, Ser # 6578XX;


Lot 134: Rare Winchester Model 36 Bolt Action 9mm;


Lot 135: Winchester Model 1903 Semi Auto .22 Cal Rifle, Manufactured in 1929, Ser # 1174XX;


Lot 136: Winchester Model 1890 Pump .22 Short, Original Condition, Manufactured in 1904, Ser # 1856XX;


Lot 137: Winchester Model 62A Gallery Special Pump .22 Short, Rare Gallery Special Model with Triangular Loading Port, Original Condition, Manufactured in 1950, Ser # 2707XX;


Lot 138: H&R Model 1915 Single Shot 14mm (32ga), Color Case Receiver, Like New!!!


Lot 139: Early Savage Model 24 Over/Under .22 and .410, Color Case Receiver;


Lot 140: Winchester Model 94 Lever Action 30-30, “Antique Carbine” Model with Saddle Ring, Manufactured in 1964 – 1st Year of Production for the “Antique Carbine” Version Model 94, Ser # 27972XX;


Lot 141: Winchester Model 94 “1869 to 1969 Golden Spike Commemorative” Lever Action 30-30, Fancy Gold Receiver with Golden Spike Engraving, Ser # GS 487XX;


Lot 142: Fabrique National Browning Patent 12ga Riot Gun, Parkerized Finish, Full 12 Special Steel, 18in BBL, Ser # 1465XX;


Lot 143: Remington Model 510 Targetmaster Bolt Action .22 Cal Smoothbore – Rare Routledge/Smoothbore Version;


Lot 144: Remington Model 241 Speedmaster Semi Auto .22 Cal Rifle;


Lot 145: Marlin Model 922M Semi Auto .22 WMRF Only , Wood Stock, w/ Simmons Scope and Extra Clips – Ser # 023850XX;


Lot 146: RWS Diana Model 34 German .177 Cal Pellet Gun w/ Scope;


Following the Catalogued portion, will be the remainder of the Uncatalogued Items not sold at the beginning of the sale. Plan to attend this Exciting Gun and Military Auction for a Lifetime Collector!!!





EX. SPGS, MO. (816) 630-1252





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Lifetime Gun and Military Collection - Almost 100 Firearms!!! Auction

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