Depression Glass, Jadeite, Antiques & Collectibles, Old Kitchen Glass, Shawnee, Roseville, Carnival Glass, Fenton, Primitives, Cast Iron Doorstops, Toys and More!!! Auction

Location: Earnest Shepherd Youth Center
Liberty, MO
Sunday October 5th, 2014 at 11:00 A.m.
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SUN. OCTOBER 5, 11:00 A.M.



Directions: From Kansas City, take I-35N to the 69Hwy Exit (Exit 20). Immediately Turn Right (South) on Lightburne Rd (33hwy South) to Shepherd Rd. Turn Left (East) to Auction. Watch for Signs.


Special Note: This will be a large auction with an Incredible Amount of Depression Glass, Vintage Kitchen Glass, Jadeite, Watt Pottery, Shawnee, Roseville, Carnival Glass, Fenton Glassware, Antiques and Collectibles, Primitives, Dazey & Related Churns, Cast Iron Doorstops, Toys and Related Collectibles.


- Antique Oak Drop Front Secretary/Bookcase w/ Fancy Carvings;

- Primitive Red/White Enamel Top Kitchen Work Table;

- Primitive Pitcher Pumps;

- Primitive Iron Wheels;

- Primitive Bentwood Floor Standing Butter Churn;

- Primitive Wood Dough Bowl;

- Primitive Wood Butter Molds;

- Dazey No 40 Glass Butter Churn;

- Glass Butter Churns;

- Glass Butter Mold w/ Embossed Cows;

- Large Oldham’s Lard 25lb Tin;

- Red Wing 3 Gal Stoneware Jug;

- Stoneware Jug;

- Stoneware Bowls;

- Stoneware;

- Large Amount of Watt Pottery;

- Watt Apple Covered Casserole;

- Watt Apple 5pc Stacking Mixing Bowl Set;

- Watt Apple 4pc Stacking Ribbed Mixing Bowl Set;

- Watt Apple Large Round Bowl w/ Deep Lid;

- Watt Apple Pitchers;

- Watt Apple Bowls;

- Watt Tear Drop 3pc Stacking Ribbed Mixing Bowl Set;

- Watt Tear Drop Cookie Jars;

- Watt Tear Drop Pitcher;

- Watt Tear Drop Bowls;

- Watt Tear Drop Custard Cups;

- Watt Silhouette Starflower Creamer;

- Watt Mixing Bowls;

- Watt “Farmer’s Co-op, Akron Iowa” Advertising Bowl;

- Watt Blue Band Mixing Bowl;

- Watt Blue Band Covered Casserole;

- Shawnee “Smiley the Pig” Cookie Jar;

- Shawnee “Smiley the Pig” Water Pitcher;

- Shawnee “Smiley the Pig” Creamer;

- Shawnee “Smiley the Pig” S&P Shakers;

- Shawnee “Granny” Tea Pot;

- Shawnee “Tom Tom the Piper’s Son” Tea Pot;

- Shawnee “Puss N Boots” Creamer;

- Shawnee Pottery;

- Red Wing “Monk” Cookie Jar;

- Cookie Jars;

- Monk S&P Shakers;

- Hull L’il Red Riding Hood S&P Shakers;

- Nice Vintage S&P Shaker Collection;

- Several Different Porcelain Nodder S&P Shakers w/ Stands;

- Vintage Lady Head Vases;

- Nice Vintage Pottery Napkin Ladies;

- Vintage Pottery Napkin Lady w/ Attached Children at Sides;

- Nice Vintage Walt Disney Porcelain Items;

- Rare Vintage Walt Disney “Dwarfs” Soap Dish;

- Vintage Walt Disney “Sleeping Beauty” Figurine;

- Vintage Walt Disney “Snow White” Figurine;

- Vintage Walt Disney “Alice in Wonderland” Figurine;

- Vintage Walt Disney “Jiminy Crickett” Figurine;

- Hull Vase w/ Butterfly;

- Fiesta Yellow Tea Pot w/ Lid;

- Jewel Tea Aladdin Tea Pot w/ Lid;

- Lots Nice Blue Willow Dishes;

- Blue Willow Salt Box;

- Blue Willow Tea Pots;

- Blue Willow Platter;

- Blue Willow Kitchen Utensils;

- Large Blue and White “Old Sleepy Eye” Pitcher;

- Aunt Jemima and Uncle Mose S&P Shakers;

- Aunt Jemima and Uncle Mose “Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Paprika” Spice Shakers – Rare;

- Antique Cast Iron Door Stops;

- Antique Flower Basket Cast Iron Door Stop;

- Antique Horn of Plenty with Roses Cast Iron Door Stop;

- Antique Bulldog Cast Iron Doorstop;

- Antique House Cast Iron Still Bank;

- Cast Iron Toys;

- “Bank on John Deere Quality” Cast Iron Blacksmith and Anvil Mechanical Bank;

- Vintage Ertl John Deere Tractors in Boxes;

- Ertl John Deere 720 and 820 50th Anniversary Collector Set in Box;

- Ertl John Deere 5020 Tractor in Box;

- Ertl John Deere 1953 Model 60 Orchard Tractor in Box;

- Small Die Cast John Deere Gas Pump;

- Coca Cola Gas Pump Style S&P Shakers with Stand;

- Antique Large Wyandotte Semi and Trailer;

- Lots Small Collectibles;

- Old “Dresden Plate” Hand Sewn Quilt;

- Old “Floral Embroidered” and Hand Sewn Quilt;

- Nice Roseville Pottery;

- Roseville “Zephyr Lily” 202-8in Double Handled Vase;

- Roseville “Clematis” 110-9in Double Handled Vase;

- (2) Roseville “Clematis” 103-6in Double Handled Vase;

- Roseville “Magnolia” 3pc Tea Set – Tea Pot with Lid, Creamer and Sugar;

- Lots Nice Fenton Glassware;

- Fenton “Panther” Marigold Carnival Footed Master Berry Bowl;

- Fenton “Butterfly and Berry” 6pc Marigold Carnival Berry Bowl Set – Master and (5) Small;

- Fenton “Chrysanthemum and Windmill” Marigold Carnival Footed Ruffled Bowl;

- Fenton “Holly” Marigold Carnival Ruffled Bowl;

- Northwood “Strawberry” Amethyst Carnival Small Bowl;

- Fenton Amethyst Carnival Basketweave Bon Bon;

- Fenton Blue Carnival Basketweave Bon Bon;

- Imperial “Heavy Grape” MG Carnival 8pc Water Set – Pitcher and (7) Glasses;

- Other Fenton and Imperial Carnival;


- Several 4pc Pyrex “Primary Colors” Stacking Mixing Bowl Sets;

- 4pc Pyrex “Amish Butterprint Cinderella” Turquoise and White Stacking Mixing Bowl Set;

- 4pc Pyrex “Amish Butterprint Rooster” White and Turquoise Stacking Mixing Bowl Set;

- 4pc Pyrex “Amish Butterprint Rooster” White and Turquoise Refrigerator Dish Set;

- 4pc Pyrex Pink Stacking Mixing Bowl Set;

- Lots Old Kitchen Glass Pitchers;

- Many 50’s and 60’s Decorated Glass Water and Lemonade Pitchers;


- Amethyst Carnival Turkey on Nest;

- Green Carnival Turkey on Nest;

- Ruby/Amberina Turkey on Nest;

- Purple Slag Rooster on Nest;

- Brown Slag Rooster on Nest;

- Vaseline Rooster on Nest;

- Ruby/Amberina Rooster on Nest;

- Jadeite Rooster on Nest;

- Pink Clambroth Rooster on Nest;

- Great Hen on Nests;

- Huge Jadeite Hen on Nest Egg Plate;

- Huge Fenton HP Decorated Iridescent Milk Glass Hen on Nest Egg Plate Signed by George Fenton - #253 of 950;

- Chocolate Slag Hen on Nest;

- Orange Slag Hen on Nest;

- Blue Slag Hen on Nest;

- Vaseline Hen on Nest w/ Milk Glass Head;

- Unusual Yellow Glass Hen on Nest;

- Many Colored Glass Hen on Nests;

- Green Satin Vanity Lamp w/ Shade;


- Jadeite Mixing Bowl;

- Jadeite Bowl;

- Large Jadeite Batter Bowls;

- Jadeite Dinner Plates;

- Jadeite Dessert Plates;

- Jadeite Milk Pitcher – Embossed “Drink Coca Cola”;

- Scarce Jadeite Mugs;

- Jadeite Ash Tray;


- Rare Blue Mayfair Cookie Jar;

- Pink “Manhattan” Disk Water Pitcher;

- Clear and Gold “Manhattan” Disk Water Pitcher;

- Pink “Windsor Diamond” Water Pitcher;

- Pink “Cubist” Water Pitcher;

- Pink “Beaded Block” Candy Dish;

- Green “Beaded Block” Candy Dish;

- Pink “Mayfair” Covered Candy Dish;

- Pink “Adam” Covered Candy Dish;

- Lots Pink Depression Sharon Cabbage Rose;

- Pink “Sharon Cabbage Rose” Cake Plates;

- Pink “Sharon Cabbage Rose” Large Round Serving Bowls;

- Pink “Sharon Cabbage Rose” Small Round Serving Bowl;

- Pink “Sharon Cabbage Rose” Platters;

- Pink “Sharon Cabbage Rose” Oval Vegetable Bowl;

- Pink “Sharon Cabbage Rose” Set of (16) Dinner Plates;

- Pink “Sharon Cabbage Rose” Set of (10) Dessert Plates;

- Pink “Sharon Cabbage Rose” Set of (10) Saucers and Sauce Dishes;

- Pink “Sharon Cabbage Rose” Soup Bowls;

- Pink “Sharon Cabbage Rose” Butter Dish w/ Lid;

- Pink “Sharon Cabbage Rose” Creamer and Sugar w/ Lid;

- Pink “Sharon Cabbage Rose” S&P Shakers;

- Lots Green Depression “Cameo Ballerina Girl”;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” Cookie Jars w/ Lids;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” 10 1/2in Grill Dinner Plate;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” 10 1/2in Dinner Plates;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” 9 1/2in Luncheon Plates;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” 8in Salad Plates;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” Cake Plates;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” 9in Oval Vegetable Bowl;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” Candy Dish w/ Lid;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” 10 1/2in Platter;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” Pitchers;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” Set of (7) Stemmed Goblets;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” Vase;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” Creamer and Sugar;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” Cups and Saucers;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” S&P Shakers;

- Green “Cameo Ballerina Girl” 3 Part Divided Relish Dishes;

- Huge Pink and Green Depression Glass Creamer and Sugar Collection;

- Tea Room with Tray;

- Sierra Pinwheel;

- Georgian;

- Cherry Blossom;

- Queen Mary;

- American Sweetheart;

- Royal Lace;

- Cubist;

- Adam;

- Florentine;

- Homespun;

- Princess;

- Mayfair;

- Dogwood;

- Blue and Amethyst Moderntone Creamer and Sugar;

- Cambridge Blue Caprice Creamer and Sugar w/ Tray;

- Blue Madrid Creamer and Sugar;

- Yellow Depression Glass;

- Amber Depression Glass;

- Black Depression Glass w/ Floral Pattern;

- Old Colored Glass Baskets – Cobalt, Ruby, Black Amethyst, Iridescent, Carnival, etc...;

- Large Chocolate Glass Basket;

- Fenton Glass Baskets;

- Longaberger Basket with Longaberger Pink Glass Hen on Nest;

- Lots 80’s Era Cartoon Glasses – Smurfs, Care Bears, Muppets, Indiana Jones, Flinstones, Warner Bros, Disney, Peanuts, Saturday Evening Post, etc…;

- Many Boxes Still in Storage!!!

- Partial Listing Only!!!

- Huge Collection!!!




EX. SPGS, MO. (816) 630-1252




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Depression Glass, Jadeite, Antiques & Collectibles, Old Kitchen Glass, Shawnee, Roseville, Carnival Glass, Fenton, Primitives, Cast Iron Doorstops, Toys and More!!! Auction

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