Living Estate of Earlene McLaughlin Auction

Location: 13321 E BUS HWY 13, Lexington, MO
9:30am Saturday September 16th, 2017
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China hand-painted; bowls, plates, etc.; fruit and flowers themes

Porcelain bridal bowl, blue; with stand

Crystal bowls and serving plates

Fenton vases

Lamp, blue glass lady figure (“Bo-Peep”)


Teapot, creamer, sugar; Hull

Decanter and 10 glasses, Avon cranberry glass


Crocks (brown), 2 sizes

Crock bowl; cream with stripes

Crocks (cream), 10 gal, 3 gal, other

Crock jug, 5 gal

Churns, glass

Churns, crock

Oil lamps

Hand-cranked meat grinder

Ice trays and tipper



Starter`s pistol


Hockey game, metal


Photo albums


Records, Victrola

Records, Edison round boxes; some with records inside

8-track player and tapes


Fan, electric (purchased 7/9/1930)

Sewing machine, Featherweight



Pilgrim’s Progress by John Milton (book)



Cabinet, china display, rectangular, lighted

Cabinet, china display, curve front

Cabinet, china display over drawers and doors

Table, drafting with lamp

High chair, wood (can be broken down to wheeled chair)

Jewelry cabinet, large stand-alone

Bar stool

Wicker chair, white, small

Piano stool, round

Lawyer’s bookcase, 5 shelf

Lawyer’s bookcase, 3 shelf (missing glass on one, may have water damage on bottom)

Desk, drop-down front (old)

Sofa bed


Chairs, 2 small side (old, 1900 or earlier)

Rocking chairs (child and adult)



Pendulum clock

Cuckoo clock



Frames (some old)

Pictures, frames, girl figures (old)

Big Eye reproduction pictures

Big Eye reproduction china plates

Wash bowl and pitcher (old)

Teddy bear, 2’




Yoke and all harness for pair horses

Bridle and harness parts

Muzzles, horse

Mule draw bars



Display trays for miniatures, old typographic setting cases


Knives, pocket

Radio, table-top, works (old)

Toaster, 1925

Banks, metal

Mirror, horse collar

Telephone, wall-mount, hand-crank; all original insides including battery

Ice chest, Coca-Cola (old)

Wheel, iron wagon


Pans and buckets, galvanized

Gas heater

Coal heater



Metal sprayers

6 foot curved tree saws, no handles

           One with canvas cover and one with grooved wood cover

Two-man saw blade, no handles

Tree limb saw

Band saw

Electrical insulator disconnector, all wood except for connectors

Post Hole digger

Wood Bits

Tripod system

Metal coat cabinet

Croquet set

Formal dresses



COLLECTIONS (many items of each)


China, Bavarian, primarily A. Koch fruit designs 

Glass figures




Shot glasses

Cans, beer and soda

Jars (canning, Mason, Ball, Kerr)

Bottles, brown and clear


Mini-balls, Mini-cars, Mini-toys


Sleepy Eye Jugs (one is antique, marked “Waldo” and “$85” on bottom)

Tools, cast iron mostly (MANY)

Kitchen implements, cast iron and other (MANY)

Tea balls

Civil War metal detector finds:  belt buckles, buttons, bullets, etc.

Metal detector finds: rings, jewelry, metal cars, metal toys, bullets, miscellaneous metal

Stamp collection

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Living Estate of Earlene McLaughlin Auction

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