350+ Lot Coin Auction

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11 a.m. Sunday, March 17th, 2019
Personal Property
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Graded Silver Dollars

1878 7/8 Tail Feather, MS-62 STR, Morgan Silver Dollar

1878 7-Tail Feather, MS 61 (Rev. 78), Morgan Silver Dollar

1878 7-T.F (Rev. '79) AU 55, Morgan Silver Dollar

1878-CC: M5 63, Top 100 Vam 11, w/ Wings, Morgan Silver Dollar

1878-CC: VG10, Morgan Silver Dollar

1878-S: MS-63, Morgan Silver Dollar

1879 AU-58, Morgan Silver DollarRare

1879-CC: XF45, Morgan Silver Dollar

1879-CC (Capped Die) VG-8 Top 100 Vam 3, Morgan Silver Dollar

1979-O: MS-62, Morgan Silver Dollar

1879-S: MS-63, Morgan Silver Dollar

1880-CC (Reverse '78) MS-62, Morgan Silver Dollar

1880-CC: MS G3 - GSA Hoard Banded by NGC, Morgan Silver Dollar

1881-CC: MS-G3 -GSA Hoard Banded by NGC, Morgan Silver Dollar

1881-O: MS-60, Morgan Silver Dollar

3--1881-S: AU-53, Morgan Silver Dollar

1882-CC: MS-63, Morgan Silver Dollar

1882-O: MS-58, Morgan Silver Dollar

1882-O/S: MS-61, Morgan Silver Dollar

1882-S: MS-63, Morgan Silver Dollar

1883-CC: MS 65, Morgan Silver Dollar

1883-O: MS-61 PL, Morgan Silver Dollar

1883-S: F-15, Morgan Silver Dollar

1884-CC: MS-64 - GSA Hoard Banded, Morgan Silver Dollar

1884-CC: MS-63 Banded, Morgan Silver Dollar

1884-CC: MS-63 , Morgan Silver Dollar

1884-CC: MS-60, Morgan Silver Dollar

1884-O: MS-63, Morgan Silver Dollar

1884-S: AU-50, Morgan Silver Dollar

1885-CC: MS-63 - GSA Hoard Banded, Morgan Silver Dollar

1885-O: MS-64, Morgan Silver Dollar

1885-S: MS-62, Morgan Silver Dollar

1885-S: MS-61, Morgan Silver Dollar

1886-S: MS-63, Morgan Silver Dollar

1886-S: MS-61, Morgan Silver Dollar1886-S: MS-58, Morgan Silver Dollar

1887 MS-62, Morgan Silver Dollar

1887-O: MS-64, Morgan Silver Dollar

1887-S: MS-63, Morgan Silver Dollar

1888 MS-64, Morgan Silver Dollar

1888-O: VG Hot Lips, Morgan Silver Dollar

1889 MS-65, Morgan Silver Dollar

1889-CC: F-40, Morgan Silver Dollar

1889-O: MS-62, Morgan Silver Dollar

1889-S: AU-53, Morgan Silver Dollar

1890 MS-64 w/ CAC, Silver Dollar

1890 MS-63, Morgan Silver Dollar

1890 MS-58, Morgan Silver Dollar

1890-CC: MS-62, Morgan Silver Dollar

1890-CC: VF-35, Morgan Silver Dollar

1890-CC: VF-20, Morgan Silver Dollar

1890-S: MS-63, Morgan Silver Dollar

1890-S: AU-53, Morgan Silver Dollar

1891-CC: MS62 Top 100 Vam Spitting Eagle, Morgan Silver Dollar

1891-CC: F-12, Morgan Silver Dollar

1891-CC: MS-62, Morgan Silver Dollar

1892-CC: VG-10, Morgan Silver Dollar

1892-O: VG-35, Morgan Silver Dollar

1892-S: VG-35, Morgan Silver Dollar

1892-S: VG-25, Morgan Silver Dollar

1892-S: VG-15, Morgan Silver Dollar

1893: MS-64, Morgan Silver Dollar

1893-CC: F-15, Morgan Silver Dollar

1893-CC: F-12, Morgan Silver Dollar

1893-O: AU-50, Morgan Silver Dollar

1893-O: VF-35, Morgan Silver Dollar

1894: VF-45, Morgan Silver Dollar

1894: EF-40, Morgan Silver Dollar

1894-S: AU-55, Morgan Silver Dollar

2--1895-O: XF-45, Morgan Silver Dollar

1895-S: VG-10, Morgan Silver Dollar

1895-S:VF-25, Morgan Silver Dollar

1896: MS-61, Morgan Silver Dollar

1896-S: G6, Morgan Silver Dollar

1897: MS-65, Morgan Silver Dollar

1897-O: VG-10, Morgan Silver Dollar

1897-S: MS-65, Morgan Silver Dollar

1898-O: MS-64, Morgan Silver Dollar

1898-S: AU-58, Morgan Silver Dollar

1899: MS-63, Morgan Silver Dollar

1899: MS-62, Morgan Silver Dollar

1899-O: MS-61, Morgan Silver Dollar

1899-O: AU-53, Morgan Silver Dollar

1899-S: AU-58, Morgan Silver Dollar

1900: MS-65 Fitzgerald, Morgan Silver Dollar

1900-O/CC: MS-64, Morgan Silver Dollar

1900-S: MS:62, Morgan Silver Dollar

1901: AU-58, Morgan Silver Dollar

1901: AU-53, Morgan Silver Dollar

1901: AU-55 CAC, Morgan Silver Dollar

1901: VF-25, Morgan Silver Dollar

1901-S: AU-53, Morgan Silver Dollar

1902-O: MS-64, Morgan Silver Dollar

1902-O: MS-63, Morgan Silver Dollar

1902-S: VF-25, Morgan Silver Dollar

1903: MS-66, Morgan Silver Dollar

1903-O: MS-65, Morgan Silver Dollar

1903-O: MS-61, Morgan Silver Dollar

1903-S: XF-40 Top 100 Vam 2 Small 's', Morgan Silver Dollar

1903-S: F-12, Morgan Silver Dollar

1904-O: MS-64, Morgan Silver Dollar

904-O: MS-61, Morgan Silver Dollar

1904-S: VF-30, Morgan Silver Dollar

1904-S: VF-20, Morgan Silver Dollar

3 Coin Set: 1883-O, 1884-O, 1885-O (MS), Morgan Silver Dollars

Morgan Silver Dollars - Ungraded

1893, Morgan Silver Dollar

1892-O, Morgan Silver Dollar

1893-CC, Morgan Silver Dollar

1893-O, Morgan Silver Dollar

1879-CC, Morgan Silver Dollar

1886-D, Morgan Silver Dollar, Morgan Silver Dollar

1921-D, Morgan Silver Dollar

1896-O Key, Morgan Silver Dollar1894-O, Morgan Silver Dollar

1891-S, Morgan Silver Dollar

1885-CC, Morgan Silver Dollar

1903-S, Morgan Silver Dollar

1921, Morgan Silver Dollar

1901-O, Morgan Silver Dollar

1903-S, Morgan Silver Dollar

1883-S, Morgan Silver Dollar

1900-O/CC, Morgan Silver Dollar1892-CC, Morgan Silver Dollar

1901-O, Morgan Silver Dollar

1881-O, Morgan Silver Dollar

1898, Morgan Silver Dollar

1878-S, Morgan Silver Dollar

1875-S: Trade Dollar, Morgan Silver Dollar

1877-S: Trade Dollar, Morgan Silver Dollar

1883-CC1880-O: Hot Lips in Brn Wood Box

Gold Graded

1854 Princess Head $3.00 Gold Piece: EF-45

1914-D Indian Head $2.50 Gold Piece: AU-58

1908 Indian Head $2.50 Gold Piece: AU-55

1915 Indead Head $2.50 Gold Piece: MS-61

1880 Liberty Head $5.00 Gold Piece: VF-35 (Motto Above Eagle)

1909-S Indead Head $5.00 Gold Piece: AU-53

1899-S Liberty Head $5.00 Gold Piece: XF-40 (Motto Above Eagle)

1913 Indian Head $5.00: MS-62

1882-CC Liberty Head $5.00 Gold Piece: AU-55 (Motto Above Eagle)

1901-S Liberty Head $5.00 Gold Piece: XF-45 (Motto Above Eagle)

1901-S Liberty Head $10.00 Gold Piece: MS-65 (Motto Above Eagle)

1897 Liberty Head $10.00 Gold Piece: AU-55 (Motto Above Eagle)

1896-S Liberty Head $20.00 Gold Piece: AU-58

1897 Liberty Head $20.00 Gold Piece: MS-62 (Motto Above Eagle)

1924 St. Gaudans $20.00 Gold Piece: MS-62

2006 Indian/Buffalo $50.00 Gold Bullion Piece: PF-70; 1st Year of Issue

2007 Eagle $50.00 Gold Piece: MS-69 Bullion

Gold Not Graded

1853 Liberty Head "Calf Gold Half" $1.00

1878 Indian Princess Head $3.00 Gold Piece

1899-S Liberty Head $10.00 Gold Piece (Motto Above Head)

1900 Liberty Head $5.00 Gold Piece

1854 Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Piece

1914-D Indian Head $2.50 Gold Piece

1853 "California Private Gold Token;" "Eureka"

1857-D $5.00 Gold Piece

1851 Liberty $2.50 Gold Piece

1854 Large Head Princess $3.00 Gold Piece

2- 1982 African Krugerrands, Gold 1 ounce, UNC

Commerative Gold

1905 Lewis and Clark G. $1.00 Gold Piece: AU-55

1887-W Foundations of Liberty - U.S Constitution: Proof 69, Bullion Gold $5

1915 S Panama/Pacific AU-50 $1.00

2006 Indian/Buffalo Gold Bullion PRF

America Silver Eagles

2001-W PRF (No Box), American Silver Eagle

1987-S PRF. (No Box), American Silver Eagle

1995-P PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

2012-W PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

2012-W UNC. (w/ Box), American Silver Eagle

3-- 2008-W UNC. (w/ Box), American Silver Eagle

2003-W PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

2008-W PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

2010-W PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

1988-S PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

1989-S PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

1990-S PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

1992-S PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

2--2006-W PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

2--2004-W PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

1886-S PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

2005-W PRF. (w/Box), American Silver Eagle

3--2004 UNC (in Plastic), American Silver Eagle

2006-W PRF: MS-69 (Early Release), American Silver Eagle

2005-W PRF. (in Plastic), American Silver Eagle

1988 UNC (in Plastic Flip), American Silver Eagle

1992 UNC (in Plastic Flip), American Silver Eagle

1991 PRF (in Plastic Flip), American Silver Eagle

1987 UNC (in Plastic Flip), American Silver Eagle

1983 UNC (in Plastic Flip), American Silver Eagle

2002 UNC (in Plastic Flip), American Silver Eagle

1989 UNC (in Plastic Flip), American Silver Eagle

1990 UNC (in Plastic Flip), American Silver Eagle

2013-W PRF.: MS-69 (Enhanced Mint State), American Silver Eagle

2000P PRF. 68 DCAM, American Silver Eagle

2013-W PRF. 69 (Reverse Proof), American Silver Eagle

2011: MS-69: 25th Anniversary, American Silver Eagle

2014-W: MS-69 (Early Release), American Silver Eagle

1996-P PRF. 69 DCAM, American Silver Eagle

1997-P PRF. 69 DCAM, American Silver Eagle

1998*-P PRF. 69 DCAM, American Silver Eagle

1993-P PRF. 67 ULTCAM, American Silver Eagle

1999-P PRF. 69 DCAM, American Silver Eagle

3--2013-S: MS-69 (in Box), American Silver Eagle

2012-S: 2 Coin Eagles PRF. Set (in Box), American Silver Eagle

1989-S: 7 Coin w/ Silver PRF. $1.00 - 6 Different Coin PRF., American Silver Eagle

1988 American Eagle PRF Silver $1.00

1989-S American Eagle PRF Silver $1.00

1990-S American Eagle PRF Silver $1.00

1992-S American Eagle PRF Silver $1.00

2001 American Eagle UNC Silver $1.00

1987 American Eagle PRF Silver $1.00

2008-W American Eagle PRF UNC $1.00

2012-W American Eagle PRF UNC $1.00

Small Graded Coins

1800 1/2 Cent, C-1, XF-40 BRN

1832 - 50 Cent AU-50 (CAP Bust)

1824 - 50 Cent AU-55 (CAP Bust)

1909-SVDB 1 Cent VF-30 BRN

1944-D/S 1 Cent F5512 AU-55 BRN

1938-D/S Buffalo Nickel MS-66

1919-S Walk Liberty 50 Cent F-15

1864 Indian Head "L" Stamped VF-25

1914-D 1 Cent EF-45 (Details Corrected)

1938-D 50 Cent Walking Liberty XF-40

1828 Half 1 Cent 13-Stars XF-45

1931-S Wheat 1 Cent XF-45

1908-S Indeand Head 1 Cent XF-20

1908-S Indian Head 1 Cent XF-12

1864 Indian Head Copper/Nickle XF-45

1859 Indian Head VF-351932-S Wash 25 Cent AU-55

1822 50 Cent CAP Bust Letter Edge VF-25 Overton Collectible

1828 50 Cent Sq. Base 2, Small 8's, Large Letters VF-35

1861 Half 10 Cent XF-45

1937-D Buffalo, 3 - Legged, 5 Cent EF-40 Good

1921-D Merc. 10 Cent VG-10

1883 No Cents Liberty Head 50 Cent: MS -64

1942/41-D Merc 10 Cent VF-35

1854 Matron Head - Modified Large 1 Cent AU-50

2--1922-D Weak D 1 Cent VG-10

1837 Half 10 Cent No Starts VF-35

1783 Mexican Shipwreck - EL Cayadon $1 VF-25

1877 Indian Head 1 Cent G-4 Rare

1833 CAP Bust 50 Cent EF-40 Letter Edge

$2.00 Currency

1953-$2 A Start Note F1510 EF-40 Priest-Anderson

1953 -$2 U.S Note F1509 Red Seal EF-40 Priest-Humphery

1953-$2 A U.S Note F1510 Red Seal EF-40 Priest-Anderson

1928-$2 G U.S Note F1508 Red Seal F-12 Clark-Snider

1953-$2 B U.S Note F1511 Red Seal VF-20 Smith-Dillion

1928-$2 D U.S Note FR1505 Red Seal F-12

1928-$2 G USN F1508 Red Seal F-12 Clark-Snyder

1928-$2 G USN F1508 Red Seal F-12

1976 -$2 Star Note Green Seal F-35-L San Fran

1953-$2 B USN F1511 Red Seal EF-40

1963-$2 USN F1513 Red Seal EF-40

1963-$2 Star Note USN F1513 Red Seal UC-60

1976-$2 Star Note F1935H Green Seal AVG St. Louis

1993- $2 Star Note USN F1513 Red Seal EF-40

$1.00 Currency

1963-$1 Barr Note FRN Green Seal UNC

2--1957 $1 Silver Cert Star Notes Blue Seal 1-UNC, 1-EF

2009 $10.00 FRN Error Cut UNC

Assorted Older Bills

1934 Silver Cert Blue Seal $1.00

1928-D USN Red Seal F1529 EF-40 $5.00

1923 Silver Cert Large Bill F237 AU-50 $1.00

1914-1A FRN Large Bill F906 VF-20 $10.00 Jackson Port

1934-A Hawall FRN F2309 EF-45 WWII Emerg. Issue $10.00

1928 Gold Cert F2404 AU-50 $50.00

1934-C FRN F2105E Lt. GRN Seal UNC $50.00

1929 National Currency 4-Signature BRN Seal Rarity III $50.00 EF-40

1914- 11K FRN Large Bill Blue Seal F1006 EF-40 $20.00 Garfield

1929 National Currency Brown Seal 4-Sigs. Rarity 1 F-12 $20.00

1928-A FRN Gold Redeem F2150-B $100.00 EF-40

Assorted Old Currency

1899 Silver Cert. Large Bill F257 EF-45 $2.00 Wash

1902 National Currency 4 Sigs. Type 3 F590 Large Bill $5.00

1917 USN F39 Large BRN Note $1.00

1899 Silver Cert. Large Bill Brown F233 Blk Eagle F-12 $1.00

1899 Silver Cert. Large Bill BRN Blk Hawk $5.00 Chief Onapapa

1917 USN Large Bill BRN F-58 Red Seal $2.00

1914 USN Large Bill Blue Seal Type 1 F851A F-10 $5.00


2--2005-P 230th Anniversary UNC Silver $1.00, Commerative Set

1984-S PRF. Silver Olympic Coin in Box, Commerative Set in Metal Box

2005-P Chief Justice John Marshall PRF. 5 $1.00, Commerative Set

2007-S 5 Coin US Mint Presidental PRF. Set

1993 U.S Mint Premier Silver PRF. Set 5 Coin w/ Box

2006 - 20th Anniversary Silver Coin Set: 1-2006-W PRF. Silver, 1-2006-W UNC, 1-2006-P Reversed PRF.

2013 W. Proof $5 Gold, 5-Star General Prog

200th Anniversary 20oz Silver Coin - Reversed 13 Original Colonies

1992-P Columbus Quincentenerary Coin Silver PRF. $1.00, 1992-S PRF. .50

1986-S 2-Coin U.S Liberty Coin: 1 UNC Silver $1.00, 1- .50 cent UNC

1993- Bill of Rights Comm. Coins (6) 2-$1.00, 1-PRF. -S, 1-UNC-D; 1 PRF. W $5.00, 1-UNC W $5.00 Gold; 1 PRF. S $1.00 Silver, .50Cent 1 UNC W .50 Cent

1993 Thomas Jefferson Silver $1 P - Mint

2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection: 1-UNC Silver Dollar, 1 UNC .50

1945 WWII Victory Coin Set w/ Two JLMA Stamp

2012 Star Spangled Banner PRF $1.00

2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 PRF $1.00

150 Year Anniversary Smithsonian UNC Silver $1.00

2002 Military Academy BiCentenial Silver PRF $1.00

1994 U.S Capital Bi Centenial PRF Silver $1.00 Coin 5 Mint w/ Box

2 Coin Set PRF 1991 & 1995 Set 50th Anniversary WWII Coins w/ Box

2 Coin Set 1987 Constitution Coins, 1 Silver $1.00, 1 Gold $5.00 w/ Box

2 Coin Set 1986 Liberty Coins 1 Silver PRF $1.00, 1- .50 Cent Coin w/ Box

1986 - 3 Coin Satue of Liberty Coin Set 1 - $1.00 Silver Coin, 1 - .50 Cent Coin "S," 1- $5.00 Gold (W) w/ Box

2001 UNC $1.00 Silver American Buffalo Indian w/ Box

2--2009 Louis Brackle Bi Centenial Silver $1.00 w/ Box

2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Comm Coin - Clad PRF .50 Cent

1999 Korean War Memorial UNC Silver $1.00

2008 Bald Eagle UNC Silver $1.00

1997 National Law Enforcement Comm UNC Silver $1.00

2014 Baseball Hall of Fame PRF Silver $1.00

2--2012 Infantry Soldier PRF Set $1.00

2008 Bald Eagle PRF Silver $1.00

2015 U.S Marshalls 225th Anniversary PRF Set $1.00

2015 U.S Marshalls 225th Anniversary Clad PRF .50 Cent

2--2007 Jamestown 400th Anniversary Comm PRF Set $1.00

2013 Girls Scouts of USA Comm PRF Silver $1.00

2--1987 U.S Constitution Silver $1.00 UNC

1991 Mt. Rushmore PRF Silver $1.00

1991 Mt. Rushmore 2 Coin PRF Silver $1.00, Silver .50 Cent

2--1995 Olympic Silver UNC $1.00 Cycling

1995 Civil War Battlefield Comm 2- Coin Silver $1.00 Silver Clad .50 Cent PRF

1989 Congressional Coin Set 1-Silver $1.00, 1- .50 Cent Silver

1999 Yellow Stone National Park Comm Coin 2-UNC Silver $1.00

1999 Dolly Madison 2 Coin Set 1 PRF Silver $1.00 1-UNC Silver $1.00

1994 U.S Veterans 3 Coin Set PRF's 3 Different Designs $1.00

1982 George Washington Comm Silver PRF .50 Cent 150 Years

2010 Boy Scouts of America UNC $1.00

2009 Abe Lincoln UNC Silver $1.00 Comm

Proof and Mint Sets

1986-S PRF. Silver Liberty $1.00 (Eagle)

2-- Bi Cent. 1776-1976 3 Coin PRF. S Mint $1.00,.50,.25

1964 Mint Coin Set Unopened

1972 Mint Coin Set 2-Mints

1966 Special Mint Sets UNC

1967 Special Mint Sets UNC

3--1961 U.S Mint 5 Coin Set (Unopened) 3 Cards, 5 Coins Each

1956 5 Coin Card Mint Coin Set

2--1993-S U.S Mint PRF Sets "S" Mint

1993-S U.S Mint Silver PRF Sets

3--1995 U.S Mint Silver PRF Sets

2012 U.S Mint 14 Coin Set - Silver PRF

2013 W 5 PRF. Gold (w) 5 Star Generation Program

2011-P U.S Mint UNC Set

2011-D U.S Mint UNC Set

1954 PRF 5 Coin Set: .50, .25, .10, .05, .01, in Original Brown Envelope

1956 PRF. Set 5 Coin: .50,.25,.10,.05,.01

1959 PRF. Set Treasury Dept. 5 Coin P

1959 PRF. Set Treasury Dept. 1- 5 Coin P, 1- 5 Coin D

1989-S 7 Coin w/ Silver PRF. $1.00, 6 Different Coins PRF.

2--1999 Silver PRF Sets

2003 Silver PRF Set

2-2001 Mint PRF Set

2006 Silver PRF Set

2007 Silver PRF Set

2007 Mint PRF Set

2007 Mint President $1.00 Coin PRF Set

2009 Mint PRF Set w/ $1.00 Pred. Coin PRF, PRF Set, Silver PRF, .01 Cent ALL SMT

2010 Mint "S" PRF Set w/ $1.00 Pred. Coin PRF, PRF Set, Silver PRF, NO .01 Cent

2013 Mint "S" PRF Set w/ $1.00 Pred. Coin PRF, PRF Set, Silver PRF, NO .01 Cent

2010-W PRF Silver Coin

2--2012-W PRF Silver Coin

2003-W PRF Silver Coin

1995-P PRF Silver Coin


1964 UNC Z Card Set 5 Coins - 1 Philly, 1-Denver

3--1766-1976 B Cent Silver UNC Set

1972 Eisenhower UNC Silver $1.00

2--1973 Eisenhower UNC Silver $1.00

2--.01 Cent Sheets 1982 P and D Copper-Zinc UNC .01 Cent

Small Coinage Ungraded

1852 Silver 3 III Piece

1854-O Seated Liberty Half .10 Cent w/ Arrows

1853-O Seated Liberty w/ Arrows - Date w/ Rays .25 Cent

1860 Seated Liberty Half .10 Cent

1848-O Seated Liberty Half .10 Cent Stars on Obverse

1831 CAP Bust .25 Cent Small Letters (Motto Removed)

2--1889 Seated Liberty .10 Cent

1853 Seated Liberty w/ Arrows Half .10 Cent

1931-S Lincoln .01 Cent (Toned)

1873-S Seated Liberty Half .10 Cent (Close 3)

1853 Seated Liberty w/ Arrows and Rays .25 Cent

1844 Maiden Head Large .01 Cent

1908 Indian Head .01 Cent

1852 Large Cent (Corroded)

1921 Merc .10 Cent

1859 Indian Head .01 Cent (Copper-Nickle)

2--1858 Flying Eagle .01 Cent Large Letters

1901 Indian Head .01 Cent

1866 Shield .05 Cent w/ Rays Between Stars

1875 Indian Head Variety .01 Cent 1 Bronze

1907 Indian Head .01 Cent1863 Indian Head .01 Cent (Copper/Nickle Oak Wreath)

2--1909 VDB Lincoln .01 Cent

1864 .02 Cent Piece Large Letters

1825 CAP Bust .50 Cent Letter Edge

1894 Indian Head Penny

1884 Liberty Head .05 Cent

1851 Large .01 Cent (Possibly 51/81)

1913-S Wheat .01 Cent1858 Silver .03 Cent Piece

1902 Liberty Head .05 Cent

1922-D (WK) Lincoln .01 Cent1932-D Washington .25 Cent

1801 1/000 Drapped Bust Large .01 Cent

1800/1798 Drape Bust Large .01 Cent

2--1875-S Liberty Seated .20 Cent

1835 1/2 Cent Classic Head

1837 Large .01 Cent Matron Head Small Letters

1865 Nickel .03 Cent Piece1916 Merc. .10 Cent

1905 Indian Head .01 Cent Bronze

1834 Capped Bust .25 Cent

1996 Canadian $2.00 Piece

1821 .50 Cent Capped Bust Letterhead Edge

1909-S Lincoln .01 Cent

1926-S Merc. .10 Cent

1909-S Indian Head .01 Cent

1876 Seated Liberty .50 Cent

1856 Large .01 Cent Liberty Head

1909-S Indian Head .01 Cent

1796 Liberty Cap .01 Cent (Damaged)

1840 Braided Hair .01 Cent Large Date

1857 Seated Liberty .10 Cent Starson OBN

1865 .03 Cent Nickel

1806 1/2 C Large 6 W/Stems

1883 Liberty Head .05 Cent w/ Cents

1850 Large .01 Cent

1866 .02 Cent Large Motto

1922 Plain .01 Cent "No D" (Cleaned)

Miscellaneous Coinage, Silver, Etc

1858 Shipwreck .50 U.S.S Republic in Presentatio Wooden Box CD Book

Compete SAC Golden $1.00 w/ Historical Sheet w/ Each Coin

3--2013-S Silver Eagles: MS-69 in Box

2012-S 2-Coin Silver Eagles PRF. Set in Box

3-- 1971-S IKE #1.00 PRF. Silver $1.00 in Brown Box

2011-P Silver UNC .25 Cent, 5 oz - Coin Chicksaw Okla

2011-P Silver UNC .25 Cent, 5 oz - Vicksburg Milit. Pis.

1965 Special 5 Coin Set - Separately GradedSilver $1.00 Thomas Edison Coin w/ Box

1999 Troy Dunce Silver Indian Piece Silver Bullion

1916-2016 National Park Coin Silver Bullion

10oz .999 Sterling Silver Bullion

4--1 oz Silver Bars

2--2012 Christmas Coins 1 oz .999 Silver

1987 Silver 1oz San Fransisco

Presidental Coins Gold Set - Complete to Date

Morgan Ingot Ring

4---2000-D Sacagawea $1.00

3--2000-P Sacagawea, 1 Possibly Goodacre Presentation Finish

10 Susan B. Anthony $1.00

36--1964 Silver Washington .25 Cent

16-- Misc. Year Silver .25 Cent

3 Sheets of '42, '43, '44 Merc. .10 Cent

Album Roosevelt .10 Cent Approx. Coints UNC to PRF

16 - Rolls of Wheat Pennies

1 Roll UNC Bicentennial Quarters 1776-1976

5 Rolls UNC Bicentennial 1/2 Dollars 1776-1976

350+ Lot Coin Auction

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