The Late Karen Herbert Lifetime Indian Collection - Amazing Native American Auction

Location: 610 E. Shepherd Rd, Liberty, MO

11 a.m. Sunday, October 27th, 2019



SUN. OCTOBER 27, 11:00 A.M.



Directions: From Kansas City, take I-35N to the 69Hwy Exit (Exit 20). Immediately Turn Right (South) on Lightburne Rd (33Hwy South) to Shepherd Rd. Turn Left (East) to Auction. From Northern Missouri, take I-35S to the 69Hwy Exit (Exit 20). Stay Straight (South) thru Stop Light on Lightburne Rd to Shepherd Rd. Watch for Signs.


Seller’s Note: Karen Herbert was unique in her passions. Foremost was her love of Native American culture. This started at a very young age, never ebbed and has been passed on to her children and grandchildren. After the birth of her severely disabled son, Karen found peace in walking freshly plowed fields searching for arrowheads. Her passion grew – as did her collection. She visited museums, read countless books, and picked the minds of fellow collectors.

     Following the purchase of a pair of baby moccasins, the focus of her collection took a new direction. She wanted to educate others about a culture that merely gets touched on around Thanksgiving. She reached out to schools, scout troops, home-schooled groups and clubs. She traveled across the country in search of authentic artifacts that kids of all ages would find fascinating.

     Karen wanted to show others how Native Americans lived their daily lives without modern conveniences from birth to death. She touched on every aspect including clothing, hygiene, spiritual beliefs, tools and everyday ways of life. Karen collected items that excited your senses – the colors, textures, sights and smells all brought her presentations to life. She was an amazing, caring, passionate woman who wanted to share her knowledge with everyone to ignite their curiosity and learn from a past civilization and how they lived. She would give lectures at schools, museums and even invite people into her home to share her knowledge and incredible collection.


Auctioneer’s Note: We are beyond excited to bring you this Once in a Lifetime Native American collection. Indian enthusiasts of all types of items will enjoy this sale’s variety – truly something for everyone from Rugs to Basketry to Beadwork and Quillwork items to Jewelry to Unusual Tools, Artifacts, Clothing and Ceremonial Items!!! Don’t miss this wonderful lifetime collection – a true testament to the lifelong passion of a wonderful human being and collector.


Auction Terms: CASH, or check if approved by Auction Company. We reserve the right to withhold any and all items until check clears our bank. We do NOT accept Credit or Debit Cards. Valid Driver’s License required for registration. Security and Video Surveillance on site. All items sold “As Is” and any and all descriptions given are approximate and to the best of our ability. It is recommended that all buyers should come early to personally inspect the items of their interest. We are excited about the quality of this collection and we hope to see you at the sale!!!


If you are unable to attend the auction, absentee bids are welcome. Call us or email us with any and all bids and/or questions about any of the lots in the sale.





Lot 1: “Edward Curtis – Visions of the First Americans” Book by Don Gulbrandsen;

Lot 2: “The Pueblo Children of the Earth Mother, Vol 2” Book by Thomas E Mails;

Lot 3: “The People Called Apache” Book by Thomas E Mails;

Lot 4: Navajo Sand Painting of Corn Yei Dancer – “Traditional”, Signed Thompson;

Lot 5: Set of Ermine Pelts/Furs – representative of Indian War Trophy;

Lot 6: c1910 Hopi Carved Wood Rabbit Stick;

Lot 7: Choice Acoma Pottery Miniature Seed Pot – Evelyn Ortiz or Karen Miller;

Lot 8: Nice Kickapoo Smooth Indian Pottery Vase fired using Buffalo Chips – Signed Pahponee – Highly Regarded and Collected Artist;

Lot 9: Huge 9 inch Black Stone 3/4 Groove Axe – Scott Co, Ill – Old Hit/Crack, but Large Size;

Lot 10: Zuni Carved Stone Figural Indian Fetish with inlaid Turquoise Cabochons;

Lot 11: Southern Plains Indian Coyote Teeth and Hudson Bay Trade Bead Necklace;

Lot 12: Early Beaded Fur/Hide High Top Boots originally from the Walter Gamel Collection of Buffalo, MO;

Lot 13: Early Plains Indian Beaded Hide Bag with Floral Design – believed Apache;

Lot 14: Early Western Apache Cactus Juice or Water Storage Jug w/ Sinew Threading;

Lot 15: Older Gourd Canteen with Corn Cob Stopper;

Lot 16: Miwok Tribe “Anta” Game with Willow Rod Rackets and Buckskin Ball;

Lot 17: Miniature Apache Burden Basket with Cones;

Lot 18: Unusual Fir Ring Dreamcatcher with Cone Dangles and Horse Hair Tail;

Lot 19: Old Native American Trade Bead Necklace with Red Clay Beads;

Lot 20: Old Native American Trade Bead Necklace with Blue Clay Beads;

Lot 21: Old Native American Child’s Sled made from Sinew-wrapped Buffalo Ribs;

Lot 22: Old Native American Buffalo Stomach Cooking Pot for heating water over open fire – Complete with Log Frame and Hand Carved Wood Ladle;

Lot 23: Tall Painted Barnwood Indian Painting by Brother Matthew, OSF – Signed – Highly Collected Missouri Artist and Franciscan Friar;

Lot 24: Large Professionally Framed and Matted Charles Russell “Lost in a Snowstorm” Print after Original Painting done in 1888 – Beautiful Artwork – 35in x 50 1/2in;

Lot 25: Older Navajo Corn Yei Bi Chei Rug with (6) Yei Figures – Yellow Background and Brown Border – 33 1/2in x 50in;

Lot 26: Plains Indian Painted Hide Ceremonial Shield with Warrior Scene, Feathers;

Lot 27: Neat Sinew Wrapped Tooth/Claw Native American Necklace;

Lot 28: Stone Gorget on Shell and Trade Bead Necklace;

Lot 29: 1829 National Gazette Newspaper – belonged to the National Bank of Phoenix in what was then Indian Territory – with front page article on Great Huron Chief Kotska traveling to Quebec to go to England for Treaty signing;

Lot 30: Nice Modern Bev Doolittle Framed/Matted Print of Indian on Painted Horse – with Old Arrow Framed behind the Image;

Lot 31: Unusual 1930’s Navajo Eye Dazzler Rug with Red Comb Pattern on Sides – 22in x 49in;

Lot 32: Beautiful Framed Collection of Bird Points;

Lot 33: Nice Framed Collection of Arrowheads;

Lot 34: Small Framed Collection of Obsidian Blades and Points;

Lot 35: Small Framed Collection of Obsidian Needles;

Lot 36: Large Kachina Figure – Signed 2nd Mesa Hopi, Harry John;

Lot 37: Neat Hopi Kachina Wall Plaque Weaving – 17 1/2in Diameter;

Lot 38: Jemez Corn Storyteller Figure – Signed B. Fragua;

Lot 39: Small Jemez Corn Storyteller Figure – Signed J.R. Gachupin;

Lot 40: Large Jemez Indian Maiden Figural Pot – Signed J.R. Gachupin;

Lot 41: Large 7 1/2in Jemez Storyteller Figural Jug – Signed Leonard Tsosie;

Lot 42: Large Professionally Framed/Matted Double Navajo Sand Painting with Mirror Image Design of Corn Yei Dancers – 24in x 24in – by Rosabelle Ben;

Lot 43: Incredible Huge 36in x 36in Professionally Framed/Matted Navajo Sand Painting with Very Intricate All-over Design with Corn Yei Dancing Figures – 1 of the Best Navajo Sand Paintings I have Seen – by Herbert Ben Jr;

Lot 44: Large Acoma Pottery Vase with Geometric Design and Kokopelli Figures – Signed Stevens – 14 Inches Tall!!!

Lot 45: Huge Hopi Pottery Olla or Vase – Signed Mary Blue Jacket – with Original Hang Tag – 18 1/2in Tall!!!

Lot 46: Beautiful Large Still Life Oil on Canvas of Hopi Pottery – Signed Dusty King – was the Original Artwork used for Hopi Postcards made – (1) of the Postcards comes with the Painting – measures 41 1/2in x 30in Framed;

Lot 47: Navajo Red/Black/White Rug – 31in x 60in;

Lot 48: Northern Cheyenne Beaded Wood Spear with Blade, Delicate Beadwork, Deer Hooves, Feathers, Horse Hair, and Antler Handle – 50 inches long;

Lot 49: Northern Cheyenne Painted Hide Shield with Fur Border, Feathers and Trade Beads made by Jimmy Little Coyote – 48 inches tall!!!

Lot 50: Northern Cheyenne Ceremonial Staff with Black Fur and Hide Wrapped Handle, Feathers, Deer Hooves and Beads – 70 inches long;

Lot 51: Small Old Native American Beaded Ceremonial Dance or Medicine Wand;

Lot 52: Small Old Plains Indian (Sioux) Double Horn Dance Wand with Braided Grass over Wood Handle, with Horse Hair Accents – 19 inches tall;

Lot 53: Nice Native American Wolf Head Mittens – Unusual;

Lot 54: Older Native American Black Bear Fur/Hide Mittens;

Lot 55: Incredible Large 20in Long Navajo Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace with All-over Turquoise Nugget Design – Very Large and Heavy Squash Blossom – Signed Grace Paul, Shiprock NM, Navajo 1979;

Lot 56: Wonderful Navajo Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace with Beautiful Large Blue Turquoise Nuggets;

Lot 57: Large Native American Portrait Oil Painting Signed Caballero – 24in x 28in;

Lot 58: Large Native American Portrait Oil Painting of Warrior with Shield – 24in x 29in;

Lot 59: Life Size Native American Female Mannequin dressed with Nice Plains Indian Beaded Hide Dress and Beaded Otter Hide Tied to Hair – Sold as a package (other jewelry, clothing and items pictured on this and other mannequins will be sold separate – only clothing listed with each mannequin in the catalog sells with it);

Lot 60: Native American Leather and German Silver Belt with Large Buckle with Center Conch Design;

Lot 61: Old Native American Trade Bead Necklace w/ Yellow Venetian Beads;

Lot 62: Plains Indian Beaded Short Leggings – Believed Sioux – White/Yellow/Orange/Red and Blue Beading;

Lot 63: Plains Indian Beaded Mocassins – Blue/White/Turquoise Beading with Red Cross Design;

Lot 64: Plains Indian Beaded Buckskin Baby Cradle with Woven Basket Sun Visor;

Lot 65: Child’s Trade Bead and Venetian Bead Necklace w/ Stone Pendant;

Lot 66: Plains Indian Beaded Lizard Fetish;

Lot 67: Life Size Native American Male Mannequin dressed with Incredible Plains Indian Beaded Buckskin Coat or Long Sleeve Garment with White Beading with Black Thunderbird Design – with Leather Fringe Loin Cloth;

Lot 68: 1800’s or Early 1900’s Plains Indian (Sioux) Beaded Buckskin Full Leggings with Turquoise Beading and Brown/Yellow/Blue Diamond Design;

Lot 69: Nice Older Plains Indian (Sioux) Beaded Moccasins – White Beading with Red Beaded Deer and Multi Color Design;

Lot 70: 1845 James Polk Indian Peace Medal on Trade Bead Necklace;

Lot 71: Plains Indian Beaded Sash by Alice Lang – Blue/White/Yellow Beading;

Lot 72: Pipebone and Abalone Shell Collar;

Lot 73: Wonderful Plains Indian Full Size Beaded Feather Headdress;

Lot 74: Life Size Native American Male Mannequin with Shirt and Loin Cloth;

Lot 75: Life Size Female Mannequin with Jingle Dress – Jingle Cones made from Skoal Tobacco Cans/Lids;

Lot 76: Nice Beaded Leather and Pipe Bone Ceremonial Necklace with Fully Beaded Collar with Heart Design, and Beaded Triple Medallion Drop;

Lot 77: Wonderful Plains Indian Ceremonial Beaded Buffalo Hide/Fur Helmet with Horns and Feathers;

Lot 78: Northwest Traders Early’s Witney Point Wool Blanket/Wrap with Arms;

Lot 79: Iroquois or Cherokee Turtle Shell and Leather Canteen;

Lot 80: Small Native American Hide Medicine or Possible Bag;

Lot 81: Older Plains Indian Fully Beaded Moccasins – White Beaded Background with Fancy Multi Color Beaded Design;

Lot 82: Blackfoot Indian Chair/Back Rest made from Willow Rods;

Lot 83: Wonderful Plains Indian Beaded Bag with Cones and Heart Design;

Lot 84: Rare 1919 American Bible Society Holy Bible printed in Dakota Language for The Dakota/Wowapi/Wakan Tribes – Christmas Gift in 1932 from W Blair Roberts, Bishop, South Dakota, to Clay Yellow Eagle – Inscribed;

Lot 85: Large 8ft Oak and Glass Hibbard Spencer Bartlett “Our Very Best” Etched Glass Hardware/Country Store Display Showcase/Cabinet;

Lot 86: Nice Set of (100) 1904 Louisiana Purchase Expo Keystone Stereopticon Cards and Stereopticon Viewer – 1 of the Nicer 1904 Worlds Fair Sets I’ve Sold;

Lot 87: Nice Large Taxidermy Buffalo Head and Neck Mount;

Lot 88: Early Leather US Cavalry Saddle w/ Forged Iron Stirrups – 11 1/2in Seat;

Lot 89: Early Beaded Hide Native American Indian Saddle w/ Sinew Threading;

Lot 90: Early Hide Native American Indian Saddle w/ Sinew Threading;

Lot 91: 1930’s Beaded Elk Skin Bag with Calico Lining;

Lot 92: Old Plains Indian Polychrome Parfleche Box – Nice;

Lot 93: Early Plains Indian Polychrome Parfleche Pouch;

Lot 94: Crow Indian Beaded Leather Dress with Fringe, Matching Beaded Belt and Moccasins – Sold as a Package;

Lot 95: 1950’s Child’s Brain Tanned Doe Skin Shirt with Quillwork and Beading;

Lot 96: Old Sioux Indian Headband with Quillwork, Cones, and Horse Hair Tail;

Lot 97: Old Sioux Indian Dance Cuffs with Quillwork, Cones and Feathers;

Lot 98: Nice Ceremonial Fur, Trade Bead, and Bear Claw Necklace – Maybe Apache;

Lot 99: Great Early Sioux Indian Fur and Beaded Hide Breastplate with Quillwork and Small Round Mirrors;

Lot 100: Nice Sioux Indian Pipebone, Trade Bead and Feather Breastplate;

Lot 101: Old Native American Ceremonial Dance Rattle made with Deer Hooves;

Lot 102: Early Native American Turtle Shell and Hide Dance Rattle, Sinew Threads;

Lot 103: Seneca Indian Tribe Snapping Turtle Shell Ceremonial Rattle with Stretched Neck/Head Handle – Supposedly from Don White Estate – Engineer who worked on the building of the Gateway Arch in St Louis;

Lot 104: Cheyenne/Plains Indian Beaded Buffalo Horn Spoon;

Lot 105: Cheyenne/Plains Indian Carved Buffalo Horn Ladle;

Lot 106: Nice Old Plains Indian Beaded Hide/Fur and Hoof Bag with Cross Design;

Lot 107: Huge Hopi Coil Basket with Star Flower Geometric Design – 31 inches Diameter!!!

Lot 108: Caraja Tribe Comb made from Braided Grass and Porcupine Quills;

Lot 109: Maku Tribe Woman’s Loin Cloth and Necklace;

Lot 110: 1800’s Native American Elkhorn Hide Scraper w/ Iron Blade;

Lot 111: 1800’s Carved Wood and Steel Blade Hide Scraper;

Lot 112: Fantastic Large Early 1900’s Navajo Rug – Very Tightly Woven – Cream/Grey/Brown/Tan/Red Design – 40in x 68in;

Lot 113: Great Large Early 1900’s Navajo Rug – Cream/Red/Brown/Black Design – 42in x 73in;

Lot 114: Nice Small Southwest Indian Oil on Board Signed Vincent Fleming, 1981, with Teepee and Creek Design – Very Well Painted – 14in x 16in;

Lot 115: 1800’s Native American Buffalo Hide Mittens;

Lot 116: Fantastic Large Navajo Silver Thunderbird Squash Blossom Necklace with Inlaid Turquoise and Coral Chips – with Matching Design Cuff Bracelet and Ring;

Lot 117: Large Navajo Silver Cuff Bracelet with Large Polished Green Turquoise and Tooled Design with Carved “Good Luck” Swastikas;

Lot 118: Navajo or Zuni Cuff Bracelet with Polished Turquoise Stones;

Lot 119: Nice Older Native American Trade Bead and Coyote Teeth Necklace;

Lot 120: Nice Large Older Native American Pipebone and Bear Claw Necklace;

Lot 121: Small Older Bone Bead and Scrimshaw Tooth Necklace;

Lot 122: Incredible Large Buffalo Head and Horns Ceremonial Dance Helmet;

Lot 123: Beaded Fur/Hide Headband and Tail with Trade Beads, Pipe Bone;

Lot 124: Plains Indian (Sioux) Beaded Leather Loin Cloth or Collar/Tie with Fringe;

Lot 125: Early Possibly Sioux Indian German Silver Mounted Studded Leather Bag with Trade Beads;

Lot 126: Early Native American Beaded Hide Bag with Cones – Nice;

Lot 127: Rare c1880 to 1890 Sioux Indian Dress Head Stall for Horse, with Red Quillwork over Hide, with Trading Post Tokens, Trade Beads and Cones;

Lot 128: 1890’s Kiowa/Apache Plains Indian Hide Tobacco Pouch w/ Sinew;

Lot 129: Wonderful Large Older Unfinished Sioux Beaded Hide Medicine Bag with Quillwork, Cone Fringe, and Horse Hair Accents;

Lot 130: Nice Early Sioux/Plains Indian Beaded Doll with Fringe and Hair;

Lot 131: 1800’s Plains Indian Skull Cracker Center Grooved Double Stone War Club with Sinew Sewn Hide and Stretched Turtle Head Handle – Rare;

Lot 132: Sioux Indian Studded Wood War Club with Blade;

Lot 133: Early Knife displayed in Wonderful Sioux/Plains Indian Beaded Knife Sheath with Cone Fringe;

Lot 134: Early Knife displayed in Sioux Beaded Hide Knife Sheath;

Lot 135: Fantastic Rare Woodlands Indian Beaded Otter Hide Medicine Pouch with Fully Beaded Tail with Bells – Great Piece;

Lot 136: Incredible Pair of Professionally Framed Plateau Indian / Blackfoot Floral Beaded Hide Gauntlet Gloves – 29in x 24 1/2in Framed;

Lot 137: Nice Professionally Framed/Matted Navajo Scenic Sand Painting with Amazing Detailed Design of Indian Pot – by Jerald Sherman – 21in x 25in;

Lot 138: Showcase Display with Several Small Gorgets;

Lot 139: Wonderful Framed Display of Bird Points;

Lot 140: Wonderful Framed Display of Large Spear Points, Arrowheads, 7 1/2in Blade, and Drill;

Lot 141: Framed Display of Various Types of Drills found in Gasconade and Osage County, Missouri;

Lot 142: Framed Display of Whittled Bone Tools;

Lot 143: Small 3/4 Grooved Stone Indian Axe Head;

Lot 144: Native American Ceremonial Buffalo Horn Dance Wand with Trade Beads, Quillwork and Feathers;

Lot 145: Nice Large Professionally Framed Copy of Custer-Style Military Jacket with Beaded Shoulder Pads – Great Display Item;

Lot 146: Signed Original Indian Artwork by Tim R. Harlo, ’87 – from Nellie Stevens trading Post in Clinton, Oklahoma – from her private collection;

Lot 147: Nice Jemez Pottery Storyteller and Mesa Village Figure Signed Rose T Fragua, Jemez, Walatowa;

Lot 148: Small Fine Detail Acoma Pottery Vase Signed Chino;

Lot 149: Old Peerless Chief Hat from Iron Eyes Cody Estate – with Letter from Marsh and Marsh Ltd Estate Liquidators – came from Grandson Little Iron Cody Estate;

Lot 150: Hand Signed Artist Print of Chief Iron Eyes Cody, 1969, by Realist/Impressionist Artist Newman Myrah;

Lot 151: Large Framed Native American Indian Portrait Oil on Canvas Painting by Brother Matthew, OSF – Signed – Quality Collected Missouri Artist and Friar – 20 1/2in x 24 1/2in;

Lot 152: Navajo “Tree of Life” Pictorial Rug/Weaving – 30 1/2in x 60 in;

Lot 153: Incredible Large Hand Made, Painted, and Pieced Wood Indian Artwork;

Lot 154: Fantastic Large Indian Chief and Headdress Wall Sculpture Artwork;

Lot 155: Huge Mata Ortiz Black on Black Indian Pottery Carved Vase with Fish Design, Approx 16in x 16in, signed Israel Sandoval;

Lot 156: Large Mata Ortiz or San Ildefonso Black on Black Indian Pottery Olla/Vase with Original Gallup NM Tag, 11in x 10in, signed Jesus Pena;

Lot 157: Large Mata Ortiz Carved Rim Blackware Vase by Luis Bugarini;

Lot 158: Small Black on Black Indian Pottery Vase by Demetri Hernandez;

Lot 159: Mata Ortiz or Hopi Indian Pottery Pot w/ Geometric Design – A. Mora;

Lot 160: Wonderful 27in x 31in Native American Painting of Indians on Hilltop with Spirit in the Clouds – signed G. Bogard;

Lot 161: Pair Vintage Anna Lee Indian Dolls with Tags;

Lot 162: Very Unusual Large Double Buttocks Basket with Turned Up Rim;

Lot 163: 8 inch Pre-Columbian Pottery Vase with Carved Rim Design;

Lot 164: Choice of (2) Pre-Columbian Pottery Vases;

Lot 165: Choice of (2) Small Pre-Columbian Pottery Vases;

Lot 166: Large Native American Stretched Hide Shield with Bark Frame, Fur and Feathers;

Lot 167: c1890 Sioux Indian Quillwork Neck Tie Piece;

Lot 168: Northern Indian Shoshone Tribe Badger Paw Dance Stick with Beadwork, Feathers and Trade Beads – 21 inches long;

Lot 169: Northern Indian Shoshone Tribe Ceremonial Raccoon Skull Peace Pipe with Trade Beads and Feathers – 27 inches long;

Lot 170: Long Warrior Spear made by Two Deer – with Coyote Fur, Trade Beads and Feathers – 51 inches long;

Lot 171: Large Older Pima or Papago Indian Grain Storage Basket with Rod Design at Base and Geometric Block Pattern – 12 inches tall;

Lot 172: Iroquois Birch Bark Basket with Star Design;

Lot 173: 1930’s Hopi Hand Loomed Ascension Sash;

Lot 174: 1963 Indian Pottery Redware Fish and Butterfly Fetish Dish by Jesus Pena Sr under protective Glass Dome;

Lot 175: Old Indian Trade Bead Necklace with Elk Teeth and Venetian Beads;

Lot 176: Old Pawnee Tribe Beaded Ceremonial Youth Bow with Black/White Diamond Beading on 1 Side, Red White and Blue Beading on Reverse;

Lot 177: (3) Kiowa Tribe Boys Arrows;

Lot 178: Small Plains Indian Beaded Doll with Hair;

Lot 179: Plains Indian Beaded Lizard Fetish;

Lot 180: Older Plains Indian Beaded Lady Bug Fetish with Cone Fringe;

Lot 181: Old Sioux Plains Indian Beaded Moccasins – White with Multi Color Design;

Lot 182: Crow or Sioux Indian Youth or Lady Beaded Moccasins – Multi Color Beads;

Lot 183: Native American Beaded Moccasins – Turquoise with Red Cross Hatch Design;

Lot 184: Old Native American Beaded Baby Moccasins;

Lot 185: Native American Okra or Vegetable Dye Stained Hide Dance Rattle with Beaded Handle;

Lot 186: Early Hide and Rabbit Fur Handle Ceremonial Dance Rattle, Sinew Threads;

Lot 187: Nice Turtle Shell and Deer Hoof Handle Ceremonial Rattle with Hide Wrap and Trade Beads;

Lot 188: 1930’s Hopi Indian Mesa Ceremony Beaded Mens Dance Belt with Village Design;

Lot 189: Older Hopi Indian White and Turquoise Beaded Mens Belt w/ Diamond Design;

Lot 190: Older Plains Indian / Lakota Beaded Hide Awl Case with Cone Fringe;

Lot 191: Old Buffalo Bladder Bag for Water Storage;

Lot 192: 1800’s Bladder Bag for Storage with Quillwork – Damaged;

Lot 193: Nice Hopewell Indian Eagle or Hawk Effigy Pipe, Greene Co Ohio, Professional Restoration;

Lot 194: Wonderful 24in Red Catlanite/Pipestone Carved and Tooled Peace Pipe with Inlay;

Lot 195: Nice Red Catlanite Pipe with Beadwork and Etched Indian Chief;

Lot 196: Small Owl Hardstone Effigy Pipe, Wilson South Carolina;

Lot 197: Large Pre-Columbian Type Effigy Pot;

Lot 198: Small Pre-Columbian Type Effigy Pot;

Lot 199: Choice of (3) Small Mississippian Pottery Faces;

Lot 200: Neat Tabletop Model of Teepee with Figures inside;

Lot 201: 5in Fully Grooved Stone Axe Head;

Lot 202: Large 8in Jemez Storyteller Figure of Children in Tree Swing – Rose Fragua;

Lot 203: Large 8 1/2in Jemez Pottery Buffalo Dancer Figure – E. Fragua Tsosie;

Lot 204: Jemez Storyteller Figure with Children on Turtle – Rose Fragua;

Lot 205: Jemez Striped Storyteller Figure – Rose Fragua;

Lot 206: Unusual Large Navajo Indian Tree with Kachina Type Carved Figures – Signed A Benally for Alfred Benally;

Lot 207: Navajo Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace w/ Floral Design;

Lot 208: Navajo Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace;

Lot 209: Zuni or Navajo Silver Cuff Bracelet with MOP and Inlaid Cardinal/Red Bird Design, with Matching Ring;

Lot 210: Native American Silver Cuff Bracelet with (3) Turquoise Stones;

Lot 211: Vintage Trade Bead and Coyote Teeth Necklace with Red/White/Blue Beads;

Lot 212: Heavy Silver Nugget Ring with Turquoise and Black Onyx;

Lot 213: Pr. Hopi Sterling Silver Pierced Earrings with Kachina Design;

Lot 214: Nice Iroquois Porcupine Quill Box with Yellow Flowers;

Lot 215: Old Native American Fur Ring Dream Catcher with Feathers, Beadwork and Buffalo Nickel;

Lot 216: Nice Large Metal Art Indian Headdress/Roach Wall Sculpture with Real Hair – 22in x 48in tall!!!

Lot 217: Navajo Wedding Basket – 12in Diameter;

Lot 218: Nice Southwest Hand Carved Wood Wall Hanging Shield Art Piece with Hand Carved Bald Eagle – Signed B. Frigon ’87;

Lot 219: Framed Kachina Dancer Artwork by TJ Harper, Corbell;

Lot 220: “Homecoming” by Henri Peter Signed and #238/500 Native American Print in Frame – Nice Artwork – 26 1/2in x 26 1/2in;

Lot 221: Very Unusual Large Navajo Style Rug/Weaving – Unknown Region or Maker – with Center Flower Stalk Pattern and Bird Border – 48in x 74in;

Lot 222: Choice of (2) 52in Full Length Coyote Hides;

Lot 223: 40in Full Length Bobcat Hide;

Lot 224: Nice Navajo Sand Painting with Eagle Dancer, Corn Maiden, etc… Signed on Reverse – 20 1/2in x 21in;

Lot 225: Wonderful Native American Indian Portrait Oil Painting Signed Daniel Yazzie – Resembles Lakota Indian – 21in x 25in;

Lot 226: Ron Clayton Signed and #25/200 Buffalo Etching Artwork entitled “Dust and Thunder” – Ducks Unlimited Artist – 20in x 26 1/2in;

Lot 227: Large 31in x 72in “Bringing Hejira Home” Native American Framed/Matted Print by Carol Grigg, from Gango Gallery, Portland Oregon;

Lot 228: Large Carol Grigg Print of Indian Maiden on Horse – 32in x 40in;

Lot 229: Nice Large Double Strand Santo Domingo Turquoise Nugget Necklace;

Lot 230: Santo Domingo Multi Strand Clay Bead and Mini Pot Necklace;

Lot 231: Santo Domingo Carved Stone Fetish Necklace with Turquoise Thunderbird Pendant;

Lot 232: Santo Domingo Heishi and Turquoise Disc Necklace with Alternating Silver Beads;

Lot 233: Small Santo Domingo Turquoise Disc Bracelet;

Lot 234: Choice of (2) Turquoise Nugget Necklaces;

Lot 235: Early Excelsior Beaver Skin Top Hat;

Lot 236: Large Buffalo Hide/Pelt;

Lot 237: Large Wolf Dancer Native American Indian Portrait Painting Signed Cleveland – Believed Fred Cleveland, Collected Indian Artist – 32in x 38in;

Lot 238: Blackfoot Indian Child’s Dress with Shells and Rainbow Cloth Design;

Lot 239: Polychrome Indian Pottery Rattle for seeds;

Lot 240: Old Brass Studded Buffalo Horn Ceremonial Rattle;

Lot 241: Older Stained Hide Ceremonial Rattle;

Lot 242: Early Wood Native American Spindle Drill;

Lot 243: Choice of (2) Ceremonial Parrot Feather and Beaded Dance Fans;

Lot 244: Choice of (2) Early Native American Pipes – 6in Clay Pipe or 7 1/2in Black Stone Pipe with Tooled Design found in Georgia;

Lot 245: Neat 23in Native American Peace Pipe with Red Catlanite Figural Claw Pipe Bowl and Wood and Beaded Leather Handle;

Lot 246: Repaired Old Green Hardstone Pipe with Long Carved Wood Handle with Quillwork and Feathers;

Lot 247: Mixed Lot of Carved Bone Trade Beads and Related Objects;

Lot 248: Pre-Columbian Type Carved Redstone Figure – Minor Chip to Foot, otherwise Nice Condition;

Lot 249: Pre-Columbian Type Effigy Pot;

Lot 250: Unusual Pre-Columbian Type Pottery Standing Figure with Pot;

Lot 251: Early Forged Knife with Leather Wrapped Antler Handle and Beaded Leather Sheath;

Lot 252: Early Flint/Stone Knife with Sinew Wrapped Antler Handle;

Lot 253: Native American Indian Painted Hide Ceremonial Shield with Trade Beads, Cones, Feathers, and Carved Animals;

Lot 254: Large Sand Painted Table Lamp with Kachina Figure;

Lot 255: Early Indian Hide and Bark Tom Tom Drum;

Lot 256: Large Plains Indian Beaded Medicine Bag with Arrow and Diamond Design;

Lot 257: Native American Ceremonial Dance Shawl with Teepee Design;

Lot 258: Native American Ceremonial Floral Dance Shawl;

Lot 259: Choice of (2) Native American Ribbon Shirts;

Lot 260: Northern Indian Birch Bark Basket;

Lot 261: Unusual Indian Twig Basket;

Lot 262: Unusual Indian Basket with Abalone Shell and Feathers;

Lot 263: Unusual Painted Gourd Burden Basket with Sea Shells;

Lot 264: Jemez Striped Storyteller with Children – E. Fragua Tsosie;

Lot 265: Jemez Storyteller Figure – Bonnie Fragua;

Lot 266: Jemez Pottery Teepee Type Vase with Indian Pots – J.R. Gachupin;

Lot 267: Large 8in Jemez Storyteller Figure – L. Tsosie Cornhill;

Lot 268: Small Jemez Pottery Figure by Hut – Rose Fragua;

Lot 269: Native American Woven Grass Basket with Corn Stalk Design;

Lot 270: Unusual Indian Basket with Bark Handle and Feathers;

Lot 271: 6in x 7in Acoma Pot – M. Torivia;

Lot 272: 6in Navajo Pottery Vase – E. Begay;

Lot 273: Large 8in x 7 1/2in Mata Ortiz Red Pottery Vase with Nice Design – Amelia Mora;

Lot 274: Mata Ortiz Pot Signed Mirna Hernandez;

Lot 275: Large Mata Ortiz 8 1/2in x 10in Indian Pottery Vase – Miguel Bugarinni;

Lot 276: Navajo Wedding Basket – 12in Diameter;

Lot 277: Large Navajo Molded Leaf Cuff Bracelet with Turquoise and Coral;

Lot 278: Large Santo Domingo Red Clay or Coral Bead and Turquoise Nugget Triple Strand Necklace;

Lot 279: Nice Zuni Indian Necklace with Carved Eagles, Turquoise Beads and Carved Stone Eagle Warrior Fetish Pendant;

Lot 280: Venetian Glass Trade Bead Necklace;

Lot 281: Choice of (3) Old Trade Bead Necklaces;

Lot 282: Santo Domingo Pueblo Indian Keystone Stereopticon Card;

Lot 283: Choice of (6) Native American Stereopticon Cards;

Lot 284: Nookta/Makah Northwest Tribe Basket;

Lot 285: Native American Dreamcatcher with Fur and Beadwork;

Lot 286: Large Native American Grinding Stone;

Lot 287: Copper Cavalry Type Bugle with Emblem;

Lot 288: Neat Apache Type Small Papoose and Doll;

Lot 289: Early Pair Wood Snow Shoes;

Lot 290: Medium Size Indian Grinding Stone;

Lot 291: “Plains Indians – Dog Soldiers, Bear Men, and Buffalo Women” Book by Thomas Mails;

Lot 292: “American Indians” Book Published by National Society for American Indian Elderly;

Lot 293: Warman’s Guide to North American Indian Artifacts;

Lot 294: “Little Bighorn Remembered” Book by Herman Viola;

Lot 295: “Through Indian Eyes” Readers Digest Book;

Lot 296: “The Art of Bev Doolittle” Book by Elise Maclay;

Lot 297: Large 29in x 36in Bev Doolittle Print – Medicine Man on Rock;

Lot 298: Bev Doolittle “Escape by a Hare” Print – 18 1/2in x 18 1/2in;

Lot 299: Early Carved Wood Snake Form Dance or Walking Stick;

Lot 300: Early Carved Wood Bow or Staff;

Lot 301: Indian Blow Gun and Arrow;

Lot 302: “Morning Singer” by Don Tsinnie Jinnie Figural Carved Kachina Table Lamp;

Lot 303: Eagle Dancer Kachina Doll;

Lot 304: Bear Kachina Doll Signed T. Yazzie;

Lot 305: Hemis Kachina Doll Signed Regina Nahe;

Lot 306: Painted Hide and Fur Piece by J. Two Feathers – Signed;

Lot 307: Small Oil Painting of Buffalo Grazing – Signed Carol Gauchat;

Lot 308: Large Eagle and Indian Chief Portrait Painting Signed C. Carson – 25 1/2in x 29 1/2in;

Lot 309: 1920’s Navajo Good Luck Bead Child’s Bracelet w/ Swastikas;

Lot 310: Jemez Pottery Seed Pot – Cindy Fragua;

Lot 311: Unusual Indian Tool with Carved Tooth End;

Lot 312: Horned Owl Kachina Figure by T. Yazzie;

Lot 313: Ogre Kachina Figure by T. Yazzie;

Lot 314: Apache Dancer Kachina Figure Signed J.B.;

Lot 315: Large Kachina Type Figure Signed Randy Charging Bear;

Lot 316: Small Framed Native American Portrait Oil Painting Signed J. Greenwood;

Lot 317: Tall Native American Oil Painting of Chief’s Headdress – Signed Teresa – 16in x 40in Tall;

Lot 318: 1994 Joe Benjamin Signed and #33/500 Etching with Silhouette Indian on Horseback, Buffalo Spirit in the Sky;

Lot 319: 1994 Joe Benjamin Signed and #66/500 Etching of Indian and Wolf, Spirit Chief in the Sky;

Lot 320: Jemez Pottery Carved Redware Vase – Vancie Tafoya;

Lot 321: Sm. Jemez Pottery Carved Redware Vase – Ida Yepa;

Lot 322: Unsigned Jemez Pottery Seed Pot;

Lot 323: Large Skull and Feathers Wall Art Sculpture;

Lot 324: Bark and Woven Grass Carrier;

Lot 325: Native American Woven Grass Basket;

Lot 326: Small Papago Round Coil Basket;

Lot 327: Signed Indian Pottery Vase with Kokopelli Figure;

Lot 328: “North American Indians in Early Photographs” Book by Paula Richardson Fleming and Judith Luskey;

Lot 329: National Geographic Book “Indian Nations of North America”;

Lot 330: Beaver Tail in Glass Jar;

Lot 331: Coyote Hide/Pelt;

Lot 332: Carved Driftwood Indian Faces Art Signed Brothers of Northern Plains;

Lot 333: Large Indian Chief Spirit Feathers Artwork – Signed Dated 1985;

Lot 334: Small Early Round Indian Basket, Orange and Black Diamond Design;

Lot 335: Newer Large Navajo Wedding Vase with Deer, Butterfly, and Eagle Dancer Design;

Lot 336: St. Labre Indian School Wool Blanket;

Lot 337: Native American Beaded Leather Belt;

Lot 338: Carved Abilone Shell Necklace;

Lot 339: “First Nation, Firsthand” Book on Indians, Cameron Fleet Editor;

Lot 340: “Illustrated Atlas of Native American History” Book;


Lot 341: “The Southwest – Old and New” 1961 Book w/ Dust Jacket;



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