Coin & Collectible Estate Auction

Personal Property

Location: 801 West Grand, Gallatin, MO

From Hwy 6 turn south on Hwy 13. Go west at the 4-way stop on the town square on Grand Ave. 1/8 mile. Lions Club is on the north side of Grand Ave. Watch for Sale Signs.

9:30 a.m. Saturday, October 12th, 2019
Coins, Furniture, Household, Antiques, Collectibles
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Coins (sell @ Noon)

Pennies: 30-1943P, Rolls of Wheat Pennies, Rolls of Lincoln Pennies unc; Nickels: 40-1939P, 31-1940, 31-1940S, 26-1941, 32-1941S, 23-1942, 2 Rolls-1943P Silver Nickels, 40-1943S, 19-1944D, 36-1944S, 36-1944P, 35-1945P, 15-1945D, 28-1945S, 17-1947, 40-1947-1954, 34-1949, 32-1949D, 40-1951-1953, 40-1953-1957, 22-1960, 35-1961, 18-1962, 1 Roll-1963P Circulated Silver Nickels, 40-1964 unc, 40-1964D unc, 67-1966, 80-1967 unc, 80-1968D unc, 54-Nickels Au, 40-unc Federal Reserve, 512-misc Nickels; Dimes: 94-1916-1945, 250-1942-1943, 222-1944-1945, 50-1946P, 50-1946D, 32-1946S, 50-1946-1964D, 50-1946-1965, 30-1947S, 95-1947P, 50-1948D, 35-1948S, 44-1948P, 50-1949P-D-S, 7-1950S, 46-1950D, 37-1950P, 50-1951D, 50-1951P, 20-1951S, 50-1952D,  50-1952P, 46-1952S, 33-1953P, 50-1953S, 50-1953D, 50-1954P, 8-1954S, 50-1954D, 10-1955P-D-S, 50-1956P, 50-1956D, 50-1957P, 50-1957D, 16-1958P, 50-1958O, 50-1959D, 50-1959P, 50-1960P, 50-1960D, 50-1961P, 50-1961D, 50-1962P, 50-1962D, 50-1963D, 50-1963P, 50-1964P, 50-1964 unc, 50-1964D unc, 50-1964D, 50-1964D-P, 1965P, 1967P, 50-1965P, 100-1966P Copper, 50-1967P, 60-1968D unc, 104-various Silver Dimes; Quarters: 1038-Silver Quarters various dates, 14 Rolls-circulated Silver Quarters, 40-various Silver Quarters unc, 40-1932, 1934D, 1935S, 40-1934-1942 circulated Silver Quarters, 40-1942-1948, 40-1948-1954, 40-circulated Silver Quarters 1954-1962, 21-circulated Silver Quarters 1963-1964, 240-Silver Quarters unc 1963D, 40-Silver Quarters unc 1964D, 20-Silver Quarters unc 1964, 46-1965P unc Copper, 33-Quarters 1951-1964, 40-1968P unc, 40-Silver Quarters (no date), Misc. Quarters-various years, State Quarter Collection; Half Dollars: 72-Silver Half Dollars various dates circulated, 23-1917-1936 Liberty, 22-1936-1939 Liberty, 21-1940-1942 Liberty, 19-1948-1949-1950 Franklin, 25-1951, 24-1952-1953, 1-1953, 1-1955, 40-1954-1957, 22-1958-1959, 2-1957, 16-1960, 21-1961, 18-1962, 22-1963P, 30-1963D, 24-1964D Kennedy unc, 22-1964P Kennedy unc, 20-1964D Kennedy circulated, 2-1965, 20-1965P Kennedy unc, 4-1965P Kennedy circulated, 20-1966P Kennedy unc, 4-1966P Kennedy circulated, 20-1967P Brilliant Kennedy unc, 4-1967P Kennedy circulated, 24-1968D Kennedy circulated, 40-1969D Kennedy unc, Misc. Half Dollars-various years; Dollars: 4-Silver Dollars, 23-1879-1891 Morgan Silver Dollars, 22-1882-1921 Morgan Dollars, 22-1891-1925 Silver Dollars, 22-1921-1922 Piece, 19-1923-1926 Silver Dollars, 22-1922-1923 Piece, Presidential Commemorative Dollars, Small Franklin-likeness $100 bill

Furniture – Household – Antiques – Collectibles


Walnut China Hutch; 1950’s Chrome Kitchen Table & Chairs; 2-Curved Glass Oak Curio Cabinets; 4-Wooden Glass Front Display Cabinets; Wooden TV Cabinet; 3-Large Wooden Storage Cabinets; Hinkle Wooden Rocker; Full Size Bed & Dresser; Lamp Tables; Lamps; Desk; Metal Filing Cabinets; Metal Cabinets; Metal Shelves; Computer Equipment; Office Equipment & Supplies; Brother Printer/Copier; Antenna; Bretford Acculight, Microwave, Kitchenware & Utensils; Totes of Dishes; Large Brass Platter; Anchor Hocking Glassware; Ruby Red Dishes; Green Dishes; Assorted Pitchers, Plates & Bowls; Desert Gold Collection; 21-Daviess County Crock Dishes; Oriental Glassware; Occupied Japan, Japanese Vases & Pitchers; Oriental Floor Lamp; Oriental Stackable Tables; Oriental Decorative Cabinet; Christmas Decorations, Home Décor; Coin Rotary Phones; Polaroid, Leica & Ikon Cameras; Camera Accessories; Photo Printer; VCR Tapes; 8 Track Tapes & Player; Cassette Tapes; CD/DVD’s; Slide Projectors & Carousel Trays; Picture Slides dating back to 1960’s; Books; Old Magazines; National Geographic Magazine Collection; “Little Golden Books” Collection; Old Stamp Collection; Norman Rockwell Posters; 4-H Memorabilia; Quilts; Ertyl Collectible Banks; Precious Moments Collection; Cigar Boxes; Stuffed Animals; Advertising Yard Sticks;  Approximately 200 Westland Painted Ponies and Cow Parade Collection-new in box; 2-Bachman Casey’s Express Electric Trains; Lionel Pennsylvania Steam Locomotive; Lionel Train Set; Marx Electric Train Track; Lp Records and More!


Bob Teegarden Estate

Denny Herring – Personal Representative 660-973-2562



 CLERKS:  Local


TERMS:  Cash or check w/ proper I.D.  Not responsible for accidents, thefts or errors in advertising.  Announcements made day of auction take precedence over all advertisements.  LUNCH AVAILABLE.  RESTROOM ON SITE.

Bob Teegarden was well known throughout the area as the 4-H Youth Specialist for many years. Bob was always taking pictures and collecting throughout his life. We will be offering a collection of coins, furniture, antiques, & collectibles from his estate with many items being new in the box! Coins will sell at NOON!

Coin & Collectible Estate Auction

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