Cookie Jar Auction

Personal Property

Location: 32932 W State Highway 13, Bethany, MO

9:30 a.m. Saturday, May 22nd, 2021
Cookie Jar Collection with McCoy, Black Americana, McCoy Turnabouts, Twin Winston USA, Hull, Japan, Taiwan ROC, Shawnee, Treasure Craft, USA, and much more!
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I will hold a Public Auction to disperse my father's cookie jar collection which was collected in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Auction to be held at the American Legion Building approx. 2 miles south of Bethany, MO. on Highway 13.

Approximately 540 Cookie Jars

Cookie jars include 5 Black Americana; 8 China Starite; 53 McCoy, 5 McCoy are turnabouts and 3 turnabouts have matching salt and pepper shakers; 14 marked with hourglass cutout; 6 Twin Winston USA; 4 Hull; 42 Japan; 5 Taiwan ROC plus many marked Taiwan; 5 Shawnee USA; 14 Treasure Craft; 60 marked USA; over 160 unmarked with many thought to be McCoy, Shawnee, Hull. 


27 Car Advertising Banks:

27 advertising banks, mostly autos with a few bells; plus 4 other old truck banks by Montgomery Ward


Frankoma Political Mugs

Approx. 79 Frankoma political mugs, Democratic and Republican dating from late 60's to 2009.


Cookie Jar List

Number Notes Pottery Company Description
1   anchor hocking Cat with fish bowl lid with pink fish 
2   Taiwan Buggs Bunny with carrot
3   Taiwan Daffy Duck with baseball items
4   China World Bazaar 5  Santa bear and packets pinkish
5   Poppy Tail CA Cow Purple with butterfly 
6   Metlox Cow yellow with butterfly 
7   frankoma  Aztek 24F green/brown
8  hour glass cutout USA Owl with Graduation cap and glasses
9   Jay Import  China Christmas Manger scene with gloria star on top
10   Japan Ginger Bread house with red heart toward bottom
11   Home made Ceramic Elephant  with straw
12   unmarked Mouse with pale red jacket blue hat
13     Lemon 8499  8496 
14   Taiwan Pig pink with blue scarf 
15   Taiwan Pig pink with blue scarf Salt and Pepper
16   McCoy Pedilstal Cream with gold trim and knob on top  
17   Japan Shoe house Green
18  hour glass cutout Usa  Chick blue and white checked jacket and hat
19   USA milk can boy & girl "if mommy says no ask Grandma
20   China Marilyn Monroe
21   China woody SUV with christmas tree
22   China woody SUV with christmas tree with salt and pepper
23   unmarked Stump with owl 
24  hour glass cutout USA Chick blue and white checked jacket, black hat
25   World Bazzar little bear with christmas tree 
26   unmarked Puppy dog black and white with red scarf 
27   Loony Toon Tazmanine Devil  with foot ball helment
28   unmarked Tool stool with stool
29   unmarked Cow black and white with yellow scarf 
30   USA pinecone  with squirrel 
31   Taiwan goose with grouping of three blue dots
32   geaz lelton Basket with red flowers 3859
33   unmarked Cookie monster clear jar
34   unmarked Winter church in pear shape
35   Japan cake square with Strawberries on top
36   Chain J import manger scene and stable
37   Chain J import manger scene and stable salt and pepper
38   Japan Holiday Cookie box red bow
39   Taiwan Santa holly berry on jacket
40   World Bazzar Christmas tree with Snowman
41   CA USA Squirrel 
42   Treasure Craft Noha's Ark
43   Bico Int'l China brid house with sun flowers
44   Taiwan Cow black and white 2
45   Japan Inarco  Bowl fruit Blue  E-2374
46   unmarked basket  olive green with shingle looking design
47   china Santa with snowflakes 
48   unmarked Sheriff with orange scarf
49   unmarked Stump with Squirrel with nut
50   unmarked Safe with rabbit on top
51   unmarked Shoe house orange
52   unmarked house with cookies for trim pink, orange, green
53   unmarked Radio old fashion
54   japan Sears, roebuck chicken in nest with chick breaking out of egg
55   unmarked Snow house
56   unmarked Snow house salt and pepper 
57   McCoy Stove white
58  hour glass cutout unmarked kittens with ball of yarn
59   Chain GKA dog in Barrell with rooster
60   Taiwan white cookie bag
61   China milk jug with oreo's
62   Taiwan Panda and baby
63   unmarked bell grey  Let freedom ring
64   Taiwan small gingerbread house with cupcakes and snow
65   unmarked Teddy bear light orange brown
66   unmarked Cat with yellow hat and ball of yarn
67   McCoy Panda doing a hand stand  210
68   china Houston Harvest  Kelloggs snap crackle pop 
69   unmarked school house for smart little cookie
70   Treasure Craft cat laying down with mouse on back
71   USA fapco hen redish brown 
72   Japan Napcoware  roundish with cookies on outside pink, green brown
73   Treasure Craft trolley cream and golden 
74   Japan fredroberts San Francisco Municipal Railway  Powell & Mason sts
75   Treasure Craft House with pink heart and peach lid  HMK
76   unmarked house puffy white with blue lid
77  hour glass cutout unmarked boy with butter churn
78   Japan Log with turtle on top green mushrooms
79   McCoy dog setting up looking sad
80   Taiwan Sunshine Bear chef with spoon
81   Brazil house white with pink roof
82   China HH Campbells cilinder chef with soup 
83   China Mercuries Post office 
84   China starite  Antique
85   Brazil house round room area with redish brown roof
86   China starite  Bakery 
87   China starite  Bakery cake and bread basket  salt and peper
88   Treasure Craft House peach and pale blue
89   China CKA House white and royal blue cookie
90   China CKA House white and royal blue cookie salt and pepper
91   China starite  Bank building
92   China starite  house green trim redish brown roof 
93   China starite  house green trim redish brown roof salt & pepper table & pink umbrella
94   China house candy canes and heart and snow
95   unmarked fruit on tea pot with tea pot on top, olive color 
96   unmarked doll with dark blue dress lighter apron
97   unmarked chicken with basket and bonnet
98   McCoy yellow pepper  157
99   Taiwan Pillsbury dough boy 
100   Taiwan Pillsbury dough boy salt and pepper
101   Japan Raccon
102   Japan red headed dolls with yellow hat 
103   Japan Alice and wonderland 
104   Hull oval with yellow flowers and lid No 48
105   McCoy White with Lolly Pops
106   unmarked guy with sombreo
107   Treasure Craft Adobe with catus on top
108   unmarked Catus with pink flower
109   unmarked Catus with pink flower salt and pepper
110   USA Nurse   CJ 131
111   unmarked bear Light colored ball of brances, green leaves
112   USA Muppets Cookie chef Monster blue
113   Turnabouts Mickey and Minnie
114   Turnabouts Dumbo
115     Dumbo salt and pepper
116   Turnabouts Donald Duck and Joe Carrioca
117   Turnabouts Papen TA Pplicu  
118     Papen TA Pplicu  salt and pepper
119   Turnabouts Bear boy and girl
120     bears salt and pepper
121   unmarked Egg plant
122   Treasure Craft White money with pink inside ear
123   McCoy yellow mouse
124   McCoy Blue windmill
125   unmarked Planters with blue peanut man
126   SGT Red Apple
127   Japan Clown with orange flower
128   Taiwan Ernie the Keebler Elf 
129   USA 143 bear brown wraped around bee hive
130   CA Torrance cain red, tall, with gold grapes and trim
131   A5286L cookie castle with guard at door 
132   Taiwan Pig with drak blue overhauls, red apple
133   unmarked pig with white jacket and yellow shirt
134   unmarked Pig with pink scarf and hat
135   Japan Toront Dog Sad yellow
136   unmarked Milk can withbarn and cows and wheat
137   unmarked Coffee grainer Red
138   unmarked Dog Sad dark brown 
139   Taiwan ROC Cat grey with pink bow
140   Taiwan Money with hat with leaf 
141   R.R.P. CO. Roseville  ballish shape with fruit and gold trim
142   unmarked clowns with blue white tent lid
143   Taiwan house brown with red and blue trim peach roof
144   unmarked gold depression ware
145   unmarked golden colored with fruit on front
146   unmarked light yellow colored with fruit on front 
147   McCoy milk can with strawberries on top
148   USA 118 CJ doranne RV in brownish tones 
149   unmarked Cow standing with blue bow and bell
150   unmarked Bear light brown with brown bow and hat brown bill
151   unmarked Pig light brown with purple flower
152   McCoy teal tea pot with dutch flower
153   unmarked chicken puffy 
154   Taiwan Squirrel puffy
155   unmarked bear puffy
156   unmarked Dear puffy
157   unmarked Bunny puffy
158   unmarked goose puffy
159   Republic of China duck with yellow jacket
160   unmarked rooster white brown
161  hour glass cutout unmarked golden yellow ribbed sides
162   USA Puss and Boot 
163   USA Puss and Boot creamer and sugar
164   unmarked Tea Pot with fruit and a tea pot on top
165   USA Trush Can
166   E-611 small jar with clock, chair coffee griner in brown
167   unknow Thimble with gold trim
168   unmarked Libery bell clear gold 1776-1976
169   Mexico Tomatoe
170   Japan Owl with ABC book
171   McCoy Green Pepper
172   unmarked Big Bird
173   unmarked Goose with blue bow
174   Taiwan ROC goose with brown cloth bow
175   USA Fireplace black pot with cat
176   Taiwan Mother Goose Shafford  Bear with pink dress and toys
177   unmarked Cat with pinkish peach dress
178   unmarked Bear with red sweater 
179   unmarked White bear with yellow sweater 
180   Taiwan light brown bear with cookie jar
181  Black America Tainwan  EX Black chef with royal blue and white
182  Black America   Black chef with royal blue and white  salt and pepper
183  Black America unmarked Black chef with black pants with jacket and red bow 
184  Black America unmarked black lady with white apron and red dress 
185  Black America unmarked black lady with white apron & red dress salt, pepper & tooth pick holder 
186  Black America McCoy Black lady with green check sash
187   USA 159 Grandma with red skirt and yellow blouse
188   unmarked Granny with rolling pin and plate of cookie
189   unmarked Green jar with fan swirl 
190   Taiwan RM 2 Pink pig
191   unmarked Bakery red lid
192   King Pong Pottery Corp Dalmation with bone
193   unmarked Pixie with red hat
194   CJ-6 Pfaltzgraff USA Train Brown
195   Japan Green Frog Pink tie
196   McCoy 342 White with small handles and veggy on front
197   unmarked square blue 1815, different sence on each side 
198   Japan Water wheel square with blue roof and wicker handle
199   Japan Green cat with straw hat
200   Red wing dutch girl golden yellow
201   Red wing Monk golden yellow
202   Brazil Elephant with brown hat
203   Hull USA Ginger bread man
204   Japan GG Bear with oreo cookie
205   Japan Granny ligh brown with heart flower and hat
206   unknow School house with moving bell
207   USA twin winton 60 Bear brown green trim on tie
208   unmarked Pink candy round house
209   USA 357 Lunch box
210   USA cat Golden color with tulips 
211   unmarked dog in basket cream red bow 
212   unmarked Cat in basket cream blue bow
213   unmarked bunny in basket cream pink bow
214   usa monmeutn maple leaf design cookie crock with medal handle
215   McCoy Black Stove
216   McCoy Fortune Cookies dark brown lid with pinkish oranges lines
217   ? USA Monkey Dark Olive Green
218   unmarked Cat brownish red with lighter color face
219   Sierra Vista Pasadena CA USA telphone old fashion Pat 44859
220   Royal margid R1657 USA Brown Barrell 
221   unmarked Clear Mr Peanut
222   unmarked crock with small handles green flowers
223   Royal Ware Bear cream colored red drap and brown cookie
224   Hull Duck shy red brown details
225   McCoy Clown red nose, big ruffle
226  hour glass cutout   Cat blackish with yellow and red bow
227   Japan brown textured crock with roster on weather vain
228   Treasure Craft tree stump with two owls with hats on
229   unmarked Owl cream colored red details
230   Treasure Craft bear brown woodgrain and hat
231   Apco Sheep white bibs with blue flowers some black trim
232   Apco Sheep white bibs salt and pepper 
233   Twin Winton USA Mouse brown flat house blue trim
234   McCoy Crock with small handles red flowers loop on lid
235  hour glass cutout   roster on front Iron for lid
236   Havrige CA USA Dog with love me tag
237  hour glass cutout   bear with beehive changing eye direction, corner jar
238   unmarked glass looks like speckled tin
239   unmarked Fish with scale golden green color
240   USA J54 Cupcake brown with cherry on top
241   Maurice CA USA Bear brown with drum 
242   McCoy Wishing well brown and green 
243   McCoy White bear with bow missing red color
244   unmarked Bear Dark Brown pink pads
245  hour glass cutout   Asparagus dark green
246   Twin Winton USA Dinosaur brown green dots
247   Unmarked 2887 dark olive green cylinder 
248   Poppy Tail CA ball of daisies
249   Japan milk can with eagle dull orange
250   unmarked J2 olive green cow on the moon
251  hour glass cutout unmarked pig in a bag with pink tie
252   unmarked brown with cowboy touching cookies
253   McCoy 260 Dark yellow with medallion like on front with cookies
254   Japan Chipmonk brown little hat, cookie in hand and mouth
255   Norleans Italy Owl red flower on tummy, yellow wings 
256   USA Pig white  neck scarf brown trim 
257   McCoy Strawberry deep red 
258   Japan Hambuger with all the fixing
259  hour glass cutout   Pig yellow in bag with black tie
260   Twin Winton USA Bear police
261   Twin Winton USA Bear park ranger
262   Twin Winton USA Bear park ranger salt and peper
263   ? B…. Lion with orange little hat
264   unmarked opaque with brown design on gingerbread house and kids
265   unmarked white bear red bow and red in ears 
266   Treasure Craft brown teapot large
267   Treasure Craft white teapot large peach flower with green leaves
268   unmarked ginger breadman around the jar with cookie between
269   McCoy 0272 dog with rear in air
270   McCoy Sheep yellow bow in basket 
271   USA light tan rectangle box with green trim  
272   Italy  drum with band members and insturments
273   McCoy Bugs Bunny darker brown outlines
274   McCoy Bugs Bunny light brown outlines
275   R R P Rossville OH # 317 Moon with cow on top and dish running away with the spoon
276   Unmarked jug with pink lid
277   Taiwin Cat and kittens in basket
278   Japan Wales salior boy blue clothes
279   Sierra Vista Pasadena CA USA  Poodle sitting up pink bow 
280   unmarked old women with long nose
281   unmarked old women with long nose, salt, pepper & tooth pick holder
282   USA  J-114 Tomatoe
283   Atlantic Mold Rooster big green tail
284  hour glass cutout   Coffee pot with cup and cookies in front wire handle
285   McCoy Covered Wagen cream and brown colored
286   Shawnce USA Covered Fruit bowl 83
287   Shawnce USA Covered Fruit bowl 82 salt and pepper to match
288   Shawnce USA covered fruit bowl small 81
289   Shawnce USA Coverd Fruit bowl/cookie jar 84
290   Shawnce USA Coverd Fruit bowl/cookie jar 8 salt and pepper to match
291   Usa Raggie Andy green top with black dot
292   Disney Dalmation puppy red coller
293   Aineis bee hive with bee's around and on top 
294   Japan Penguin little light blue hat 
295   Japan Monkey Orangie brown with sailer hat
296   Treasure Craft bunny white with straw hat and patch
297   unmarked milk can red flowers and yellow trim
298   unmarked apple red with tomatoe type stem 
299   unmarked dog brown sitting pink tounge lot of texture
300   unmarked bear baseball paint red, blue and white striped shirt
301   USA 0236 Potbelly stove black gold trim
302   McCoy  Churn brown
303   Unmarked doll brown, yellow twisted hair
304     Apple green with red blush spots
305   NAG USA Mouse dark brown      1985
306   unmarked turtle with rabbit on back with cookies
307   USC CA   40 Chicken on nest olive green bigger like a covered bowl
308   unmarked tree stump with rabbit and Gnome sleeping on top
309   unmarked Depression green glass clear ribbs
310   unmarked white flowers with butterflies
311   unmarked brown house people in door and windows
312   unmarked Dog lid Clear bowl
313   USA black pot with small handles tiger lily
314   unmarked turtle with rabbit on back sleeping
315   USA Calif CJ15 Hippoptamus yellow
316   USA Calif CJ15 Elephant
317  hour glass cutout   cup of coffee with cups and cookies around in brown tones
318   unmarked cat black and white and small white cat on back
319   unmarked depression clear glass in glass flower and design
320   unmarked Lunch bag darker cream color
321   USA Ranch House Barrell Green 
322   Taiwin Cat Black with white tummy and paws
323   Japan Old woman in a shoe green
324   unmarked square white with different colored cookies
325   Japan Teapot olive green fruit on front
326   USA Burgundy painted boy at table 
327   USA 204 Owl brown wing up and down
328   unmarked Duck on a basket
329   Japan Bear white with black stiching red bow to side
330  hour glass cutout   barrell brown copper handle
331   unmarked clock with mouse open mouth
332   Treasure Craft Mushroom house with butterfly on top
333   McCoy  Bunny grey
334   USA J1 Dog sad yellow
335   USA  Churn dark brown
336   McCoy  257 Orange big green leaf
337   Mar-crest crock deep brown with cookies written on it.
338   McCoy potbell stove fire in window gold trim
339   McCoy coffee grinder brown cookies written in red
340   Unmarked crock odd green with yellow flowers and lid
341   Unmarked mushroom house with orange lid
342   Unmarked bag yellow with coffee, eggs, corn, milk
343  hour glass cutout   chipmonk light blue base
344   Unmarked squirrel brown with lighter tummy and nut in hands
345   Unmarked square angled up, white with flower, fruit and bird
346   Taiwan walmart dog white and brown with grey sack
347   Unmarked orange apple
348   Unmarked drum with dog on top white bow
349   Unmarked crock big painted women cooking in the fireplace
350   Unmarked Shoe house with mice and house details
351   Maurice USA ER 211 barrell dimond shape pattern with fruit on top
352   Japan different 2 D pictures in cream, brown, blue back ground
353   Japan jug Olive green with Cookies writing
354   Japan bear with yellow pants Mountian climber 
355   Japan pig with blue paints Cook
356   Japan Dog green pants hunter
357   Japan Hippoptamus brown pants Fisherman 
358   Japan Horses orange strip pants Doctor
359   Japan Cow  blue pants farmer
360   Poppy Trail Koala with bamboo leaves
361   McCoy 235 Happy face yellow 
362   Enesco Japan Tree stump with squirrel on top
363   Taiwan R O C  Chef with mustache red scarf 
364   Unmarked Cookie Monster with cookie sign
365   McCoy 183 Bob the baker red spoon
366   USA J 111 Apple Green  
367   Unmarked bunny with yellow dress and hat holding basket
368   Unmarked opaque oval shape with purple, red, pear
369   Treasure Craft House yellow with brown roof 
370   Japan Castle with princess in window blue door
371   unmarked 1174 Doll with yellow dress holding basket of flowers
372   McCoy happy face yellow with black writing
373   unmarked Winnie the Pooh with bee on head 
374   Reilly Chicken redish with green and red spots
375   Taiwan R O C RM9 Goose with blue ribbon dark orange feet
376   unmarked Blue Jeans
377   unmarked bear with santa hat and jacket, bag of presents
378   unMarked Brown boy orange shirt and hat with baseball glove
379   unmarked house elfs in windows red roof
380   unmarked clear glass with grapes etched on side and red trim
381   USA 2034 Orange yellow with fruit on side and apple on top
382   unmarked  sitting up cat, pink bow 
383   USA CJ-54 Wide mouth Jar 
384   Unmarked green clear glass with etched grapes around it 
385   USA CA CJ15 Golden yellow Elephant
386   Unmarked Dutch girl Orange hair
387   USA   Dutch boy orange hair
388   USA 12857 Dutch girl yellow hair blue trim
389   Unmarked Dutch boy yellow hair
390   unmarked Pear thin
391   Taiwan Cat white with pink dress holding basket pink, purple flowers
392   unmarked pineapple large
393   unmarked tree stump dog on top, mushroom, orange flower
394   unmarked cat soild olive green pants and jacket with bow tie 
395   unmarked Scarecrow yellow jacket
396   Royal Sealy Japan  Scarecrow green jacket
397   Unmarked Owl brown winking orange trimed overhauls
398   USA buyh W-31 House Green roof and grey sides with a lot of white showing through
399   unmarked cat white climbing a green ball of yarn
400   unmarked coffee grinder brown cookies written in yellow
401   unmarked gnome brown
402   Japan Shoe house yellow, pink roof
403   McCoy 254 Crock brown top cream bottom with grape and nuts painted on
404   unmarked Baseball player, brown &white striped shirt red trim 9 1/2 on back
405   China starite Industries house cream sides brown roof with Christmas tree and snow
406   unmarked Cat white Yellow book in front pink ears
407   Taiwan R O C bear cream, red hat and santa jacket with doll in green dress
408   Japan jar square with blue cloth looking top tied with rope
409   unmarked shoe brown, pink tulips, red scallop roof 
410   china design pack cow white & Black blue striped overhauls pink scarf and bow
411   Taiwan Hoan Guan Ceramic cat with black strips, santa hat and jacket with present in hands
412   China GHA Santa & green sleigh, deer, Christmas tree, gold balls trim 
413  Has orginal sticker Japan Westwood Import #3154 Lion Brown with green hat wuth leaf on it.
414   China Alco Industries Jute box cranberry and green color
415   China starite Industries Bakery, bakery goodies in window, english tutor style
416   unmarked Clear glass pumpkin
417   unmarked tomatoe Red pearlized with gold trim
418   unmarked tomatoe green pearlized with gold trim
419   Atlantic mold Treasure chest black strapes and dark brown colors
420   Douglas Studio Pasadena 3 CA Square with painted girl, house, pink flowers, child like painting Wooden lid
421   USA Holiday Designs H1047 Pepper Red 8950
422   Unmarked Pear with slice out and painted fruit in the slice
423   Unmarked apple yellow with red blush
424   Japan Hefton's  621 fruit group with pear on top of fruit
425   54/34 fruit group with apple on top of fruit
426   R R P co Rossville OH 359 Bird with book and yellow hat and black glasses
427   Unmarked Owl Puffy with pink bow
428   Unmarked Bear Puffy with blue overhauls red bow
429   taiwan tree stump white, racoon coming out top 
430   unmarked Turtle sitting up brown with olive green trim
431   unmarked Porky Pig in chair
432   Japan TMJ Globe
433   Ialt 2619 HH Soldier with tall hat golden colored face
434   Welcome Ind 1988 basket with two white kittens pink yarn
435   Taiwan Snowman green vest, red mittens, blue bow tie
436   unmarked bear brown, red jacket and hat, blue pants
437   McCoy Nelson  Roseville, OH 0274 basket yellow with eggs
438   McCoy Teapot Black wire handle with curly wire on it
439   unmarked  Tree stump rabbit on top holding carrott
440   USA 132 Clown on white rectangle 
441   Enesco Japan Owl on book with grad hat
442   unmarked Fire Hydrant pink speckled
443   Thailand Boston Warehouse  wash tub dark bule with sunflowers
444   China Dolomite Rosegraden Snowman pipe black gloves, broom, black hat
445   Taiwan pig on white cyclinder blue lid
446   Taiwan rabbit on white cyclinder blue lid
447   Taiwan sheep on white cyclinder blue lid
448   China Coco Dowley cow white & black, yellow bell, rooster on top
449   Taiwan House of Webster basket square with strawberries
450   Taiwan House of Webster Telephone small white, gold trim 1876 on it
451   McCoy Panda handstand
452   Japan Milk Jug with ships painted on front
453   Japan Boy with chef hat and cookie tray on top (music box)
454   McCoy Peguine two kissing 
455   unmarked crock grey tan color with cookies wrote on it
456   USA 354 Tug boat
457   Japan Basket squarae with pink sides, pink & yellow flowers wicker handle 
458   USA Hall's 045CL Blue oval shape with handles gold daises & trim  
459   unmarked Dutch girl brown hair
460   Taiwan chicken black with white spots 
461   unmarked car old with little boy and cookies
462   unmarked Apple yellow with red rop 
463   unmarked chef brown hair, mustache, & apron holding spoon 
464   Taiwan swan with pink bow and flowers
465   USA CA 1233 egg brown with three baby birds on top
466   unmarked house tan with brown roof, pink flowers split apart 
467   McCoy 271 Turtle brown circle flower with butterfly on top
468   Terracs 4257  Pig pink head shirt, scarf white pants
469   unmarked Dutch treat barn brown yellow details
470   Japan Humpty Dumbty Brown and cream with brown hat
471   unmarked Mushroom with orange, brown, pink mushroom
472   Unmarked native american style decorations
473   USA 158 Gunny sack brown with red bird on top
474   Japan Turtle on a log orange book 
475  hour glass cutout   jug light brown cookie design and darker brown on lid
476   macrio Train engine orange with three window 
477   McCoy Stove white gold trim duplicate
478   McCoy Stove black gold trim duplicate 
479   unmarked Bear little red dress and scarf white apron
480   Unmarked Bear little red dress and scarf white apron salt and Pepper
481   unmarked potbell stove black pipe coming out of side of lid
482   Muppets inc 971 Big Bird
483   USA Black cyclinder with Sihouette of lady and gent
484   Siesta Ware 8 Blue cyclinder with wooden handle sides and lid
485  hour glass cutout   Bell shape ring for cookies in different color writing
486   unmarked solider with black tall hat
487   unmarked Pelican with a baby pelican on top of beek
488  hour glass cutout   jug with red writing and brown lid
489   USA W32 Pumpkin with mice on top
490   USA Sears Strawberry red and white 
491   USA Sears Stawberry red and white salt and pepper
492   unmarked tree stump oval bakery with gnomes
493   Japan chipmonk brown with orange strip in house
494   unmarked horse sitting down pulling cart
495   USA  W-29 Humpty Dumbty Brown and cream with light brown hat
496  hour glass cutout   churn with red flowers
497   Japan grapes hanging off rope looking around bottom and top
498   McCoy 136 log cabin
499   unmarked oreo stack of cookies
500   USA Hindwnoh 771 crock with brown strip in lid
501   McCoy cyclinder cream small flat handles and loop lid
502   Tamaco Ear of corn with green shucks
503   Japan Lion yellow gold with red & white hat
504   Hall's  USA 13 Red pitcher with handle
505  hour glass cutout   barrel brown with tan area cookie barrel writen on it
506   McCoy 7024 crock yellow with cookie jar in white
507   unmarked Bucket brown wooden looking with pink flowers
508   Usa  Grapes bunch dark purple
509   USA Grapes bunch dark purple salt and pepper
510   Taiwan Bull Dog blue collar
511   USA Hull crock  dark brown with creamish coloring on top of jar
512   Enesco Japan E-2256 nut light brown with white squirrel 
513   unmarked crock white cross stiching red, blue, green 
514   Frankoma crock tall tan sprayed cream loop handle
515   unmarked apple yellow, with red going from top green leaf
516   McCoy crock brown little yellow handles 
517   unmarked Poodle head white, with kelly green bows
518  hour glass cutout   cooking outside raised, brown detailing  cream coloring
519   Kamenstein Portugal suitcase brown, dark brown straps
520   unmarked crock bubbled out cream, basket of cookied painted on
521   MonMouth IL Crock olive green with scroll design
522   unmarked glass yellow with painted flower and fruit
523   unmarked tree stumps leaves in yellow and orange
524   Frankoma crock tall tan sprayed more dark brown spoting loop handle
525   USA Treasure Craft Happy trails with horses red, green purple
526   unmarked glass opaque dark blue lid and writing
527   MonMouth IL crock dark brown with cream color dip movement of glaze
528   Taiwan Black telephonesquare paper circle numbers 
529  hour glass cutout   jug cream bottom, brown top and writing
530   unmarked clear, orange, pink, yellow flowers
531   Kathy Kale USA crock brown with cream glazing runs
532   Japan Country Hen hen on nest little blue flower and gold dots, blue lid
533   Geo Z Lefton cyclinder yellow green color with apple, pear and grapes
534   unmarked clear bubbled out stars and cookie 
535  hour glass cutout   country blue with painted fruit yellow and red
536   unmarked Elephant grey with black shirt writing in white
537  hour glass cutout   barrel brown grain ball lid yellow writing
538   USA 8 Milk can with little girl & boy mixing and baking cookies
539   USA Fapco Chicken redish brown baby chick on back
540   unmarked teapot large brown with sunflower 
541   McCoy bean pot shape brown with sticks and leaves 
542  mapel leaf Western  0608 bean pot shape large sponge ware
543   McCoy bean pot shape cream green writing wire handle with twist
544   unmarked bean pot shape black gold writing wire handle with twist
545   McCoy bean pot shape black gold writing wire handle with twist
546   unmarked bean pot shape green white glaze drips  wire handle
547   unmarked bean pot shape yelllow white glaze drips wire handle
548   unmarked bean pot shape dark blue with white glaze drips wire handle
549   USA bean pot shape olive green with white glaze drips wire handle
550   unmarked bean pot shape green less white glaze drips wire handle duplicate
551   McCoy bean pot shape red wire handle


Inez (Polley) Stevens



Madison Auction and Associates

Bethany, Mo 660-425-2157


Leo Madison



Rod Dollars 



Leon Messner



Terms:Cash, nothing removed until settled for. Statements made day of sale take precedence over all printed material. 

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Cookie Jar Auction

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