Coin Collection of Jeremy Wilson Auction

Personal Property

Location: 308 S. Broadway Street 64648, Jamesport, MO

5 p.m. Saturday, June 12th, 2021
A very nice lineup of silver coins, collectible currency, Beer & Gas Advertising Memorabilia, Knives & More.
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Binion set of 3, 1921 Morgan Dollars P,D,S.  1879 / 1881 / 1901  O Morgan Dollars, 1878 CC Morgan Dollar, 1880 S Morgan Dollar 1882 Plain Morgan Dollar. 

several seated dimes ( years 1853-1887). walking liberty Half P, 1877 CC Silver Quarter, 1865 Copper Nickle 3cent piece, 1838 & 1856 large cent, 1945 US coin Philippine occupation (Silver 20 centevos), 1922 Peace Dollar S, 1910 V Nickle (40%), 1976 Bicentennial 65% Silver Proof (Fantastic), handful of Barber Dimes (years 1875-1912), 1941 walking Liberty (on money clip), Handful of Standing Liberties (years 1925-1929), 1955' Franklin half (Graded- MS 66), 53+ Indian head pennies (to include 4x1865' 3x1875, 2x1879'), 3 copper mickle Indian heads (years 62' 64' 64'),

Proof & Mint sets: 

1776' Bicentennial Silver Mint set, proof Sets (years 60' 64' 71' 75' 87' 96' 03' 06' ), Mint Sets (years 65' 69' 74' 2x 87' 00'  05' 06' D & P,

25 rolls wheat pennies ( numerous wheat pennies being found in assorted lots as well) set of Silver war time nickels , large collection of Jefferson nickels, Several Buffalo Nickels ,64' to 94' Kennedy Half Dollars 64' - 77' Kennedy half dollar set(missing 1970 D).  1st year issue Dollar Collection proof Silver Platinum coated, 1909 Lincoln penny, Lincoln Head set, Americana Series Yester year collection. 23x Ike Dollars (Numerous years) 4oz. Eagle Washington mint. 1943' Steel Pennies 4 rolls, 5x 1lb copper bars. 



Uncut Sheet of Dollar Bills (03 G), 1899 Large Black Eagle Note (rough condition in plastic) 2x $2 star notes (1 graded) Joseph W. Barr Note, Several Star Notes uncirculated, 15x consecutive $1 Star Notes, 1917 Large $1 Note, 1928' 1937' 1957' Silver Certificate $1 Notes, 1914 Large $1 note. 


Beer & Gas Collectibles:

Several Beer tap handles including Miller Lite, Miller 64, Budweiser Ice, Coors Light, Coors Artic Ice, Gulf Supreme Oil, Bullet tap, & tire pressure tap, Michelob Light wall mirror, Pabst Blue Ribbon mirror, Coors extra cold mirror, Beerwolf mirror, O'Doul's mirror, 7up can,  Budweiser Portrait ad., Budweiser Lager Beer portrait ad., Snap-on Clocks, Riley Bros Oil can, 2 gas nozzles, scale, Bump sign, Seidlitz Paints ( Trenton Hardware) sign, Mobile Gas Neon Clock, Schlitz wall hanger, Black Label beer Light,  Budweiser Thermometer, Whitey Popcorn (Trenton MO), 



Several wartime maps, reproduction automobile signs & soda signs, several collectible banks Including a Blue Valley Federal bank, Texaco Airplane bank, Coca- Cola Bank, John Deere bank. Several Knives, A Tote full of Elvis Presley Collectible Cards, & A handful of miscelaneous items too numerous to list.


Auctioneers Notes: This is a very well rounded collection of coins, currency, Beer Gas & Soda Advertising memorabilia, Most all coins , & currency will be loted & cataloged prior to sale time. a Printed Catalog will be available for buyer convenience during the Auction. Meal & Seating will be available. 


Terms & Conditions, All Items must be settled up for prior to them being removed from the site, Payment in the form of Cash , Check or Credit Card( 3.5% Sur Charge on all Card) Photo ID will be required at registration. Announcements made day of sale take prescidence over any & all written & advertised material. Auctioneer is not responsible for errors or omissions. 

This is a very nice coin & collectible auction featuring hundreds of silver coins, collectible currency, Beer & Gas advertising Memorabilia & much More.

Coin Collection of Jeremy Wilson Auction

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