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Farm Machinery

Location: 23101 Highway 24, Paris, MO

9 a.m. Saturday, January 28th, 2023
2500+ Pieces Of Farm Machinery From Local Dealers And Area Farmers Auction Will Be Offering Both Onsite And Online Bidding Option

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Live On-Site Auction with Online Bidding! 

5 Auction Rings will Run, Please Be Prepared
3 Rings will sell machinery and vehicles
2 Rings will sell Livestock and Miscellaneous Items
• Miscellaneous and Livestock Items will not be sold on Proxibid or EquipmentFact. Sold on sale site only.

Internet Bidding Available thru and

Contact Lucas 573-591-0001.

2018 JD S780 Combine, 4WD, Pro Drive Transmission, 5 Speed Feeder House, Power Hopper, Dual Tilt Feederhouse, 26’ Unload Auger, Ext Wear, Powertrain Warranty Until June 2023 Or 2,000 Hrs, SN 1H0S780SKJ0801448, 1902/1449
2017 JD S680 Combine, 4WD, Pro Drive Transmission, 5 Speed Feeder House, Power Hopper, Powercast Tailboard, Dual Tilt Feederhouse, 28.5’ Unload Auger, LED Lights, SN 1H0S680SEH0795416, 1422/1026 Hrs
2022 Kinze 3705 Planter, 24R20, Central Fill, Hydraulic Variable Rate, Pneumatic Downforce. Spoked Gauge Wheels, Poly Spike Closing Wheels, Comes With Ag Leader Monitor For Row Clutches, Soybean Disks Only, SN 117331, 2200 Acres
2019 JD 1775NT Exact Emerge Planter, 24R30”, Individual Row Hyd Down Force, Pneumatic Closers, Pneumatic Row Cleaners, Markers, SN 1A01775HTKM780462
2019 Kinze 4900 Planter Planter, 24R30”, Vacuum Metering, Clutches, Electric Drive, Independent Hydraulic Downforce, Yetter Row Cleaners, Pto Pump, Blue Advantage Monitor, Scales, SN 107513
2009 JD 7230 Premium Tractor, 741 Loader, MFWD, Powerquad Transmission, 540,1000 Pto, 3 Hyd Outlets, SN RW7230H012421, 15,599 Hrs
1993 JD 4760 Tractor, 2WD, Powershift Transmission, SN RW4760P003940, 9612 Hrs
Deutz D4506 Tractor, SN 75481041
1995 Massey Ferguson 261, Loader, SN D05004
2013 Case IH Tigermate 200 Field Cultivator, 42’, 4 Bar Coil Tine Harrow, Rear Hitch With Hydraulics, SN JFH0044679
2002 NH 688 Baler, 540 PTO, Twine Only, Approx 10,000 Bales, SN 14364

The following equipment comes from one JD Dealer Contact Kirby 217-248-2906 with equipment questions

2021 JD 8R340 Tractor,  MFWD, ILS with Front Brakes, IVT Transmission (50K), Dual Hyd Pump (85CC +35CC), 5 hyd outlets, 4600 Command Center with 3.0 Activations, Select Comfort Package-Premium Visibility Package, Dual Trailer Brakes, 1000 PTO, 20,000 LB 3PT Lift Capacity, 650/85R38 Rear Tires, 480/70R34 Front Tires, Basic Warranty Until Aug 2023 or 2000 Hrs, Ext Powertrain Warranty until Aug 2024 or 3500 Hrs, 1RW8340DVMC184889, 971 Hrs
2021 JD 8R340, MFWD, ILS with Front Brakes, IVT Transmission (50K), Dual Hyd Pump (85CC +35CC), 5 hyd outlets, 4600 Command Center with 3.0 Activations, Select Comfort Package-Premium Visibility Package, Dual Trailer Brakes, 1000 PTO, 20,000 LB 3PT Lift Capacity, 650/85R38 Rear Tires, 4870R34 Front Tires, Basic Warranty Until Aug 2023 or 2000 Hrs, Ext Powertrain Warranty until Aug 2024 or 3500 Hrs, SN 1RW8340DAMC18497,1163 Hrs
2019 JD 9570RX, Powershift Transmission, 30” Tracks, Bareback, 59 GPM Hyd Pump, 4 hyd outlets, 3500 Duradrive Tracks, Std Mid Rollers, 4600 Command Center with 3.0 Activations, Cab Suspension, Prem Lighting, Ext Powertrain Warranty Until November 2025 or 3038 Hrs, SN 1RW9570REKP807791, 1183 Hrs
2019 JD 9570RX, Powershift Transmission, 30” Tracks, Bareback, 59 GPM Hyd Pump, 4 hyd outlets, 3500 Duradrive Tracks, Std Mid Rollers, 4600 Command Center with 3.0 Activations, Cab Suspension, Prem Lighting, Ext Powertrain Warranty Until Oct 2024 or 4,000 Hrs, SN 1RW9570RAKP807785, 1153 Hrs
2019 JD 6215R, JD 680R Loader, MFWD with TLS Front End, 20 Speed Auto Quad Transmission (50K),Left Hand Reverser, 60CCM Hyd Pump, 4 hyd outlets, 540/1000 pto, 4200 Screen, Prem Cab, 710/70R38 Rear Tires, 600/65R28 Front Tires, Powertrain Warranty Until June 2023 or 4,000 Hrs, SN 1RW6215RTKA036837, 3178 Hrs
2019 JD 6215R, JD 680R Loader, MFWD with TLS Front End, 20 Speed Auto Quad Transmission (50K),Left Hand Reverser, 60CCM Hyd Pump, 4 hyd outlets, 540/1000 pto, 4200 Screen, Prem Cab, 710/70R38 Rear Tires, 600/65R28 Front Tires, Powertrain Warranty Until June 2023 or 4,000 Hrs, SN 1RW6215RKKA036811, 3267 Hrs
2021 Kuhn Knight PS260 Manure Spreader

Jenner Ag
Contact Clint at 217-448-2031

2014 Case IH 8230 Combine, 4WD, Lateral Tilt Feederhouse, Power Hopper, Chopper, Leather Trim, Guidance Complete, SN YEG223202, 2,576/1,914 Hrs
2013 Case IH 2240 Sprayer, 80 FT Boom’s, 650 Gal Tank, 15” Spacing, Viper 4 Monitor, AutoBoom, 3 new wheel motors, YCT033895, 4500 Hrs
2013 JD 1790 Planter, CCS, 16/31, Ground Drive, Pnuematic Down Pressure, Markers, No-til coulters, SN 1A1790CPCA750325

Heritage Tractor
Contact Steve Spohn 417-340-5743

2021 John Deere 9620RX, Powershift Transmission,1000 PTO, 120” Spacing, Dual Hyd Pump-Hi-Flow Hyd System, 6 Hyd Outlets, 36” Track-Camso 6500, Poly Mid Rollers, HD Gudgeon Bearing, 4600 Command Center with 3.0 Act., Premium Lighting, Premium cab with suspension, Basic Warranty Until Jul 2023 or 2,000 hours-Ext Powertrain Warranty until July 2025 or 1500 hours, SN 1RW9620RKMP811574, 450 hours
2019 John Deere 9520RX, Powershift Transmission, 1000 PTO, 120” Spacing, 59 GPM Hyd Pump, 5 Hyd Outlets, 24” Tracks-Duradrive-6500, Poly Mid rollers, 4600 Command Center with 3.0 Act, Premium Lighting, Premium Cab with suspension, Ext Powertrain warranty until May 2025 or 2,000 hours, 1RW9520RPJP807165, 1692 hours
2012 John Deere 7280R, MFWD with Triple Link Suspension, IVT Transmission, 59 GPM Hyd Pump, 4 Hyd Outlets, 1000 PTO, 480/80R50 Rear Tires, 420/85R34 Fronts, SN 1RW7280RLCD008454, 4175 hours
2018 John Deere 5065E, with JD Loader, MFWD,  LHR, 2 hyd outlets, SN 1PY5065EAJJ104641, 140 hours
2012 John Deere 7130 Premium, MFWD, 24 Speed PowerQuad Transmission, Loader Ready, 540/1000 PTO, Cold Start Package, 480/80R42 Rear Tires, 380/85R30 Fronts, SN RW7130K031256, 6684 hours
2008 John Deere 5603, with JD Loader, MFWD, Cab, Left Hand Reverser, SN LV5603R270094, 2025 hours.
2009 John Deere 635F, SN H00635F7311455
2011 New Holland H7330, Flail, SN YAN086639X

RDO John Deere
Contact Justin 701-715-5196

2019 JD L341 Large Square Baler, 29,614 Bales, SN 1E0L341NAKK451825
2018 JD L341 Large Square Baler, 30,985 Bales, SN 1E0L341NJJJ440632

Keating Tractor
Contact Alex-620-626-9421

2018 John Deere S780 Combine-2WD, Pro Drive Transmission, 5 Speed Command Touch Feeder House, Dual Tilt (hyd fore/aft), 26’ Unload Auger, Power Hopper, Powercast Tailboard, Gen 4 Command Center-Prem Activation, Custom Cutter Ext Wear, 1H0S780SCJ0800473, 1770/1265 hours

The following items have been consigned by Henderson Implement and Outdoor Power Co.
For more information or financing please call 573-442-1252 Columbia Location or 573-642-5777 Fulton Location

Bush Hog 2715 Rotary Cutter
Durabilt TCI-110 10 Wheel Hay Rake
J&M 385SD Gravity Wagon, Auger, Tarp, 385 Bushel
J&M 440SD Gravity Wagon, Auger, Tarp
Geringhoff Truflex Razor, 40’ Proper, JD Hookup
John Deere HX20 Flex Wing Cutter, 1000 PTO, 20’cutter, 8 Lam Tires, Chains Front & Rear
Landpride 2572 Finish Mower, 3pt, 72”
M&W 531 Flare Box Wagon
NH 617 Disc Mower, 9’2″, Bar New Curtain, Lower Unit Out
NH 644 Baler, Twine Only, Auto Wrap
NH BR7090 Baler 5×6, Specialty Crop
NH BR7090 Baler, Net/Twine, 5×6
NH BR740 Baler, 4×5, Auto Wrap
NH H6750 Disc Mower
NH H6830 Disc Mower
NH T6030 Tractor, CAH, 4wd, Clutch Pack Out
Vermeer 605K Baler, Net/Twine
Woods 121 Rotary Cutter

The following consignments are consigned from a farm estate from Shelbina, MO.
Contact Clint Youse at 660-651-4779.

JD 4450 Tractor, MFWD, PS, 2 SCV, Duals, 3630 Hrs
JD 4440 Tractor, Clamp On Duals, QR, 2 SCVs
NH Grinder Mixer
Bush Hog Disk, 18’, Hyd Fold
IH 315 Mulcher, 15’
JD 694 Planter, 6 Row
Donahue Trailer
2 – Hog Feeders
1000 Gallon Poly Tank
Pig Creep Feeder
Seeder, 3pt
Flare Bed Wagon
Carry-all, 3pt
NH 616 Silage Chopper
Dearborn Post Hole Digger
JD R Manure Spreader
Chevy C60
AC 5 Bottom Plow
JD 5 Bottom Plow
NH 492 Hay Bine
Tonutti RCS10 Wheel Rake, 10 Wheel
JD 535 Baler, Net & Twine, 540 PTO
JD 68 Auger Wagon
Drill Harrow Attachment

The following consignments are consigned from one farm.
Contact Clint Youse at 660-651-4779. All hours are actual.

2000 JD 7810 Tractor, PQ, 20 Spd., 3 SCV, QH, MFWD, 18.4×42 Duals, 1552 Hrs.
1994 JD 7800 Tractor, PQ, 16 Spd., 2 SCV, MFWD, 18.4×38 Duals, 2521 Hrs
1994 JD 4960 Tractor, 3 SCV, MFWD, QH, PS, CAH, 18.4×46 Duals, 4938 Hrs
1992 JD 4960 Tractor, 3 SCV, MFWD, QH, PS, CAH, 18.4×46 Duals, 4985 Hrs
2 – JD 726 Mulch Finisher, 22’

M.L. McCurdy Excavating LLC, Middletown, MO
Equipment Questions: 573-473-2021 or 573-549-2380

Cat 320 C L Track-Hoe, Mechanical Thumb, New Crate Motor, Less Than 500 Hours On Radiator, 10,000 Hours, Good Under Carriage
Cat D6R XL Dozer, Full Cab, 10′ Semi U-Blade, 30″ Tracks, Good Under Carriage, 17,000 Hours
Reynolds 14-Yard Flex Scraper
Trailerman 24′ Flat Bed Trailer, Gooseneck, Tandem, Dually, 4′ Dove Tail & Ramps
1991 Ford L 9000 Dump Truck, Cat. Diesel, 9 Speed Trans., Air Brakes, Tandem Twin Screw, Royer 15′ Bed, Spring Side
2007 Ford F-350 Pickup, Extended Cab, 4WD, 6.0 Power Stroke, Auto. Trans., 8′ Utility Bed, 224,000 Miles
2006 Ford F-450 Truck, Dually, Crew Cab, 6.0 Power Stroke, 4WD, Auto. Trans., 9′ Steel Flat Bed, 254,000 Miles

Items below are Consigned by AREA FARMERS and DEALERS

2020 JD 5090E Tractor, MFWD, CAH, Loader Ready, 110 Hrs
2018 McCormick X7.650 Tractor, MFWD, CAH, Duals, Clean w/ Only 850hrs
2018 JD 6175R Tractor, MFWD, 16 Speed PQ Transmission, 3 Hyd Outlets, 4401 Hrs, Warranty Remaining
2018 Case IH 340 Magnum, Powershift Transmission, MFWD w/suspension, Hi-Capacity Hyd Pump,  Hyd Outlets, 1000 PTO, Nav III w/Pro 700 &372 Receiver, SN JJAM0340AJRF03244, 376 hours, 1 owner
2017 LS XR 4140 Tractor w/ LS LL Loader, Diesel, MFWD, Dual Remotes, One Owner, 582 Hrs
2017 JD 6155M, MFWD,20 Speed PQ Transmission, 3 Hyd Outlets, 3234 Hrs
2017 Case IH 580S Quadtrac, Bareback, 6 Hyd Outlets, 30” Belts, No Guidance, HID Lights, Complete With Scraper Hitch, 5200 Hrs
2014 Case IH 620 Quadtrac, PTO, 6 Hyd Outlets, 36” Belts, Nav III W/ Pro 700 & 372 Receiver, HID Lights, SN ZEF300397, 3100 Hrs
2013 NH T8390 Tractor, 2600 Hrs
2013 Case IH 400 Rowtrac, PTO, 3PT, 6 Hyd Outlets, 18” Belts, Narrow Spacing, Leather Trim, SN ZDF135673, 5966 Hrs
2013 JD 8360R Tractor, ILS, IVT,480/80R50 Mitas, Rear 420/85R34 Firestone Front, 2616 Hrs
2012 JD 9560R, Powershift Transmission,5 Hyd Outlets, Std Hyd Pump, HID Lighting, 800/70R38 Tires, SN 1RW9560RCCP005049, 8224 Hrs,
2012 JD 9360R, Powershift Transmission, 3pt, 4 Hyd Outlets, 520/85R42, 3900 On New Engine, 9400 Hrs
2012 JD 7230 Tractor w/ H360 Loader, MFWD, Joystick, Triple Remotes, 24 Spd, PQ Trans, Left Head Reverser, 1006 Hrs
2012 Cat-Challenger 755D, PS Transmission, 1000 PTO, 3pt, 18” Belts, SN AGCO755LDNBD1130, 2636 Hrs
2011 Kubota M100X Tractor w/ Loader, MFWD, Joystick, 1736 Hrs
2011 JD 8235R, 235 HP, MFWD, 16 Spd PS, Pre-DEF, 10 Front Weights, 4 Hydraulic Outlets, Firestone 480/80 R46 Rear 90-95%, 420/90 R30 Front 90-95%, Oil Just Changed & Ready To Go, 4293 Hrs
2010 JD 9330 Tactor, Second Owner, 50” Duals, 3pt, PTO, 3400 Hrs
2010 Case IH 305 Magnum, 480/80R50 Rear Duals, 380/80R38 Frt Duals, 1000lb Rear Weights, Twin Flow Hyd, 5 Remotes
2009 Case IH Maxxum 125, w/ L755 CIH Loader, CAH, 3pt, 3 SCVS, 2490 Hrs,
2008 JD 8330 Tractor, PS, MFWD, 4 SCV, 18.4×46 Duals, 5400 Hrs
2008 JD 7430 Tractor, Diesel, MFWD, Loader Ready, 4 SCV’s, 7950 Hrs
2007 MF 573 Tractor, CAH, 1415 Hrs
2007 Agco RT120A Tractor, MFWD, Triple Remotes, LH Reverser, 540/1000 PTO, 1882 Hrs
2006 John Deere 9620 4WD, Powershift Transmission, Autotrac Ready, Differential Lock, 48 GPM Hyd Pump-5 hyd outlets, HD Grugeon Bearing, 4925 hours, 800/70R38, SN RW9620P042956, 4910 hours- 2 Owner Hancock Illinois Tractor-Exceptionally Nice
2005 New Holland TJ330 Tractor, 4wd, CAH, Bare Back, Standard Transmission W/ Push Button High Low, 3926 Hrs
2005 MF 8480 Tractor, CAH, Dynastep Trans, 380/85R34 Front w/ Duals (40%), 480/80R46 Rear w/ Duals (85%), QH, 4 SCVs, 1000 PTO, Spring Suspension Cab, Front Weights, Buddy Seat, 2 Owner Tractor, 2280 Hrs
2004 Case IH STX 325 Tractor, 4wd, Ag Leader, Auto Steer, 3000 Hrs
2002 JD 7410 Tractor w/ Loader, MFWD, One Owner, 8000 Hrs
1996 JD 8300 Tractor, MFWD, 3 SCV, Goodyear 18.4×46 Duals, QH Powershift, 8592 Hrs
1996 85C Cat Challenger, 6500 Hrs
1996 JD 7800 Tractor, MFWD, CAH, New Tires, Duals, 5900 Hrs
1994 JD 6125 Tractor, Clamp-On Duals, 3693 Hrs
1992 JD 5200 Tractor w/ 520 Loader, 61” Bucket, Block Heat, Heat Houser, Rear Wheel Weights, One Owner, 1800 Hrs
1989 JD 4055 Tractor, 15 Spd PS, CAH, MFWD, 2 Remotes, New Bearing on Engine at 9500 Hrs, Power Shift Rebuilt at 7500 Hrs, 9905 Hrs
1983 IH 5288 Tractor, 2 SCV’s, 1800 Hrs
1981 JD 4440 Tractor, CAH, PS, Second Owner
1979 JD 4640 Tractor, 20.8 Rear Tires w/ Duals, 2 Remotes, Been Converted to Pioneer, W/in Last 100 Hours 50 Series Turbo, New Alt & Batteries, AC Compressor Hyd Pump Rebuilt by John Deere, QH, LED Lights, Good Paint
1977 JD 4430 Tractor, PS, CAH
1977 AC 7040 Tractor, Diesel, CAH, Frt. & Wheel Weights, 2 Hyds, Firestone 20.8 x 38 Tires, 540/1000 PTO, Tires Like New, New Batteries & Just Serviced, Bought New, 5553 Hrs
1972 Oliver 1755 Tractor, Diesel
1972 JD 4320 Tractor, Not Running, Hole in Block, w/ Fenders, w/ Good Original Block
1970 JD 4020 Tractor, New Rear Rims, Seat and Batteries
1970 JD 4020 Tractor, Diesel, 2300 Hrs
3 – 2020 JD 5065E Tractor, Less than 10 Hrs, MFWD, 12 Spd, LH Reverser, Loader Ready
Agco 6690 Tractor w/ Quickie Loader & Bucket, MFWA, CAH
Agco Allis 6690 Tractor, 3170 Hrs
Case 1594 Tractor, 2 SCV, 540 PTO, 2010 Hrs
Case 730 Tractor, WF, Gas
Case 930 Tractor w/ Loader, Diesel, 3pt
Case IH 8940 4347 hrs. 420/90/30 fronts 90% 520/85/42 rears 95% Full set of front weights 4 remotes quick hitch. Owned for 12 years 2nd owner Sold new in Iowa
Case IH 885 Tractor, MFWA, 2 Outlet, 5068 Hrs
Case IH 9170 Tractor, 4 SCV, 7838 Hrs, 20.8×38 Duals
Case IH MX100 Tractor, 4wd, Canopy, Row Crop Tires, Approx. 15000 Hrs
Cat Challenger 95E Tractor, 1000 PTO, 4 Remotes, PS, Frt Weights, Outback Guidance, 1000 Hrs on New Tracks
Cat Challenger Tractor, Tracks, Scraper Hitch
Challenger MT325B Tractor, MFWD, Cab, Heat, AC, Loader Ready, 909 Hrs
Challenger MT55D w/ ML78 Loader, 4wd, 4220 Hrs
Ford 2110 Tractor w/ Loader, MFWD, 2702 Hrs
Ford 3415 Tractor, 3pt, Diesel
IH 1466 Tractor, 2 SCV, Duals, CAH
IH 656 Tractor, WF, Gas, Repainted
IH 674 Tractor w/ 2250 Loader, Diesel
IH 684 Tractor w/ 2250 Loader
IH 856 DSL Tractor, Motor Rebuilt in 2019
IH 674 Tractor w/ Loader, New $500.00 Starter; SN 2430028U109420
JD 2010 Tractor
JD 2010 Tractor, Gas, 3pt, 1 SCV, 4900 Hrs
JD 2510 Tractor, Gas, Swartz WF
JD 2555 Tractor w/ 146 Loader, CAH, 2wd, 2 SCV
JD 4455 Tractor, MFWD, CAH, PS, 10000+ Hrs
JD 4560 Tractor, MFWD, Duals, 3 Remotes
JD 4850 Tractor, MFWD, CAH, 70% Rubber w/ Duals, 4670 Actual Hrs, Very Sharp
JD 4995 Tractor, MFWD, CAH, Duals, Sound Tractor, 7600 Hrs
JD 6105M, With Boom Mower, 20 Speed Transmission, 5240 Hrs
JD 4650, PS Transmission, NON RUNNER
JD 6155M Tractor, 4wd, 3670 Hrs
JD 6155R Tractor w/ 640 Loader, MFWD, Auto Trac Ready, Cast Rear Wheels, 480/80/42 Rear Tires, 420/85/28 Front Tires, 3 Function, 875 Hrs
JD 6155R Tractor w/ 640 Loader, MFWD, Auto Trac Ready, Cast Rear Wheels, 480/80/42 Rear Tires, 420/85/28 Front Tires, 3 Function, 925 Hrs
JD 6200 Tractor, CAH, 2wd, 4 SCV, 8800 Hrs
JD 6330 Tractor w/ JD Loader, CAH, 2wd
JD 6400 Tractor, CAH, MFWD, PQ Trans, 4920 Hrs
JD 6615 Tractor, 2wd, 3450 Hrs
JD 7810 Tractor w/ 72S, Duals, 2wd, 8200 Hrs
JD 7600 Tractor, CAH, MFWD, New Tires, Trans Problem
JD 8230 Tractor, CAH, Rear Duals, Nice Tractor, 4714 Actual Hrs
JD 9570RX Scraper Special Tractor, CAH, 30” Tracks, 1646 Hrs
JI Case 870 Tractor w/ Great Bend Loader, Factory Rops/Canopy
JD 6215 Tractor w/ H310 Loader, Rear Wheel Weights, 3pt, 3rd Function on Loader, 4336 Hrs
Kubota B2710 Tractor, 72” Deck, 3pt
Kubota B2620HSD Tractor w/ Loader, 60” belly mower, 751 Hrs
Kubota BX2660 Tractor, 4wd, Orops, 60in Belly Mower, 550 Hrs
Kubota L3901D W/Quick Attach Front Loader LA901D, 134 Hrs
MF 135 Tractor, Gas, 3pt, 1 SCV
MM G6, Does Not Run
New Holland TT60A w/ Westendorf TA25 Loader, 2wd, 4556 Hrs

2011 JD 4830 Sprayer, 100’ Boom, SS Tank, Auto Boom Trac-5 Sensor, Hyd Tread Adjust, 2630 Screen W/Swath Control And Autotrac, Halogen Lighting, SN 1NO4830XTA0013326, 2710 Hrs, 1 Owner-Gold Key
2000 Spra Coupe 4440, Perkins Diesel, 5 Spd Manual Trans, 60-80’ Booms, 5 Sec Shut Offs, Raven 440 Control, Ag Leader Ready, 1931 Hrs
1996 Int. Silver Wheel Lime Truck, 2020 New Leader SS Bed w/ Belt & SS Drag, 466 Diesel, Allison Auto Trans, Approx. 30000 Miles
2 – DMI Anhydrous Applicators, 17 Knife, Raven Cold Flow
BluJet NH3 Applicator, 13 Knives
BluJet NH3 Applicator, 15 Shank, Raven Super Cooler, Raven 440 Monitor
Dalton Anhydrous Applicator, 3 Section Controls, Raven Controller, 3pt, Rebuilt in Fall of 2022
Dou Lift Sprayer Trailer, Pintle Hitch, 16” Tires
Fast 9613 Sprayer, 1100 Gal. Tank, 90’ Booms, Raven Monitor, Inductor, Rinse Tank
Hardi Navigator 1000 Sprayer, 60’ Booms
Hardi Navigator Sprayer, 1000 Gal, 60’ Booms
Hardi Sprayer, 45’ Booms
JD 2510 Applicator, N/T, 13 Shank, 30’, Raven 440 Monitor, Newer Hoses
JD 4700 Sprayer, Wired Ag Leader, 90’ Booms, Row Shutoffs, 3803 Hrs
JD 4730 Sprayer, 90’ Booms, SS Tank, Foam Marks, Row Crop, Floater Tires, 4300 Hrs
JD R4038 Sprayer, 4 Floater Tires
Rogator 664 Sprayer, 60’ Booms, 750 Gal
1992 Willmar 750 Sprayer, 60’ Booms, 500 Gal, JD Engine

2020 John Deere S780 Combine, 2WD, Pro Drive Transmission, 5 Speed Feeder House, Power Hopper,
Dual Tilt Feederhouse, Combine Advisor Package, 26’ Unload Auger, Ext Wear Grain Handling, Deep
Tooth Shoe, LED Lights, Leather Trim, 580/85R42 Front Tires, 750/65R26 Rears Tires, Powertrain
Warranty Until Jun 2024 or 2000 hours, SN 1H0S780SELT810985, 1250/966 hours
2018 John Deere S780 Combine, 4WD, Pro Drive Transmission, 5 Speed Feeder House, Power Hopper,
Powercast Tailboard, Dual Tilt Feederhouse, Combine Advisor Package, 28.5’ Unload Auger, Ext Wear
Rotor and Grain Handling, 650/85R38 Front Tires, 750/65R26 Rear Tires, Powertrain Warranty Until May
2024 or 2,000 hours, SN 1H0S780STJ0800829, 1548/1187 hours
2017 JD S680 Combine, 4wd, Pro Drive Transmission, 5 Speed Feederhouse, Dual Tilt-Hyd Tilt Feederhouse, 28.5’ Unload Auger, Extended Wear, PowerFold Hopper, 2630 on Armrest, 520/85R42 Front tires, 750/65R26 Rear Tires, SN 1H0S680SJH0796069, 2238/1376 Hrs
2014 S660 Combine, 2600/1600 Hrs, One Owner, 4wd, CM, Chopper
2012 JD S670 Combine, PRWD, Chopper, Duals, Power Ext, 2420/1629 Hrs, SN 1H0S670SHC0747528
2009 575R Claas Lexion, Tracks, 4wd, Ag Leader Ready, Sunnybrook Impeller, Threshing Elements Have All Been Replaced, Needs Clean Grain Auger In The Tank Replaced,  3610/2132 Hrs
2008 JD 9670 Combine, New Feeder House Chain, New Vertical Auger, Sieve Frame, Ready to Go, 4430/3700 Hrs
2008 JD 9670 Combine, 3705/2438 Hrs
2005 JD 9760 Combine, 4wd, Var Spd, CM, Duals, 3440/2790 Hrs, SN H09760S712296
2002 JD 9550 Combine, New Concaves & Beater Grate, 3 Years on Chrome Cylinder Bars, Ag Leader Ready, CM Feed House, New Hyd Pumps, Hopper Ext. 4584/2482 Hrs
1996 JD 9600 Combine, 4wd, CM, 4255/2553 Hrs
1994 Gleaner R62 Combine, 4wd, 3 New Batteries, 2500/3200 Hrs
Gleaner R62 Combine
JD 9770 Combine, 4wd
JD 9560 Combine, 4wd, CM, 4500/3000 Hrs
JD S670 2014 Combine, Pro-drive, Power Hopper, Power Tailboard 3000/2400 Hrs, SN 1HOS67OSPEO767237
JD S690 Combine, Major Repairs Done in the Last 2 Years, 4wd, Field Ready, 3400/2200 Hrs, SN 690745151
JD S660 Combine, New Leader House, Chain and Sprockets, New Grain Chain and Sprockets, New Batteries in Sept. 22, One Owner, Combine Was Not Used in 2022 Fall

2020 JD 735FD, Flip over reels, SN 1H0735FDPL0810161
2020 JD 735FD, Flip over reel, SN 1H07335FDL0810098
2019 Geringhoff Draper Head, 35’
2018 Macdon FD140, 40’, JD Hookup, SN 327192-18
2015 JD FD640 Flex Draper
2009 Case IH 1020 Grain Head, 30’, Full Finger, Field Tracker
2004 Gleaner 8000 Platform, 30’, Air Reel
Geringhoff 1200, 12R20”
Case IH 2412. 12R30”
Case IH 1020 Grain Platform, 30’, Field Tracker, Double Drives, Good Poly Skid Plates
Case IH 2208 Cornhead, Set Up for Flagship Combine
Case IH 8210 Swather, 21’
Header Cart, 30’
Homemade 20′ Header Trailer
J&M Header Trailer, 25’, 14” Tires
J&M Header Trailer, 40’, 2 Axle, Front Dolly, Tenders, Telescoping Hitch
2014 JD 608C Corn Head, Hyd Deck Plates, Row Guidance, 8 Stalk Stompers, End Augers, SN 1H00608CPEX766348
JD 643 Cornhead w/ Header Trailer, 6 Row, 30”, Reel
JD 893 Cornhead, 6 Row
JD 893 Cornhead, CM, Hyd. Deck Plates, SN 893X696645
JD 918 Flex Head
JD 925F Grain Platform
JD 612C Stalk Master, 500 Acres on New Snap Rolls, 1000 Acres on New Chopper Blade, SN H0612CC730426
NH 74C Flex Head, 30’, SN YA2L26205

2015 Great Plains 5321 Turbo Chisel, 27’
2011 Great Plains 2400 Turbo Chopper, 24’
2011 Case 330 Turbo Till, 34’
2008 Case IH Tigermate II Field Cultivator, 30’
2 – JD Rm Cultivator (1 Tine & Shovel Style)
Aerway AMV3B 4ft Pull Type Aerator
Bannerman Diamond Master Field Groomer, 6 Tools in One
Case IH 2500 In-Line Ripper, 5 Shank
Case IH 330 Turbo Till, 25’
Case IH 3950 Disc, 9” Spacing, 26.5’, One Owner
Case IH 6500 Disk Ripper
Case IH Coil Tine Harrow Attachment, 3 Bar, 24’
DMI Crumbler, Rolling Basket
Ferguson Tiller, 3pt, PTO Drive, 15’
Ford Disk, 6’, 3pt
Harrow Gator, 15’, Hyd Lift
Hiniker 6000 Hi-Residue Cultivator, 8/30
IH 496 Disc, 24’
IH 496 Disk, 25’
JD 515 Disk w/ Yetter Cart, Markers, 8” Spacing, 15’
JD 724 Mulch Finisher, 24’
JD 726 Mulch Finisher, 30’
JD 637 Disk, 26.5’
JD 980 Field Cultivator, 34’ Wide, Updated for Knock Sweeps
JD 960 Field Cultivator, 19.5’, 3 Bar Coil Tine Harrow
JD Roll Up Harrow, 4 Sections
Kewanee 1175 Disc, 21’ Wide, 9” Spacing, 20” Disc, Remlinger 3 Bar Spike Tooth Harrow, Piggyback Caddy Hitch
Kewanee Rotary Hoe, 15’
Landpride SP3084 Soil Pulverizer
M&W Ripper
M&W Rotary Hoe, 30’
Mower King Tiller, 50”, 3pt, New
Oliver 548 5 Bottom Plow, 16″-18″ Bottoms, Concave Coulters, Always Kept in Shed, Field Ready, Nice Plow
Phoenix H-17 Harrow, 50’
Rome 29’ Disk
Salford 570 Vertical Till, 27’, Rolling Basket
Sunflower 1231 Disk, 24’, Front Disk 18’, Rear Disk 19 ¼’ SN 3524-830
Sunflower 4211-24 Disk Chisel
Sunflower Disk, 16’, One Way
Unverferth 1235 Harrow, 46’ Wide

2022 JD 1795 Planter, 32 Row, 15”, Brand New, No Acres, Electric Drive, Active Pneumatic Down Pressure, MaxEmerge 5e Package
2022 Case IH 2160 Precision Planter, V-Set Meters, Wave Vision Seed Tubes, Delta Force, Clean Sweep, HD Air Compressor
2012 JD 1790 Planter, 12/23, N/T, Pneumatic Down Presser, Markers, Corn, Soybean, One Owner, $15900 Spent in April of 2022, Approx. 12000 Acres
2011 3600 Kinze 16/31 Planter, Bean Plates, KPM3 Monitor Included, HD Spring Downforce, Ground Contact Drive, N/T Coulters, Spike Closing Wheels, Year Over Year Well Maintained & Field Ready, SN 624273
2009 Kinze 3500 Planter, 8/15, N/T, Always Kept in Shed
2009 JD 1770NT, 24R30”, Markers, Pnuematic Row Cleaners, Pnuematic Down Pressure, ESet Row Meters, 20/20 Rowsense, seed firmers, SN A01770E730234
1998 JD 455 Grain Drill, 25’, 7.5” Spacing, Clean
1995 John Drill 455, 30’, 7.5” Spacing, SN N00455H000261
1992 JD 455, 30’, 7.5” Spacing, SN N0455H002560
Great Plain SS15 Drill, 15’, Markers, 3pt
Great Plains Drill Caddy
IH 510 Drill, 13’
IH 510 Drill, Double Disk, 8’
IH 5100 End Wheel Grain Drill, 21×7, Heavy Duty Springs
IH 5100 Grain Drill, 21 Hole, Gauge Wheels, Kept in Shed
IH 800 Planter, 6 Row
JD 1590 Drill, 20’, 10” Centers
JD 1770 Planter, 16/30, Liquid Fertilizer, Single Disc Opener, N/T, Corn Meters Only, 350 Monitor, Planter Fold Box, Sn H01770A675381
JD 1770 Planter, N/T, 24 Row, 2pt Hitch, Precision Planting Seed Meters, True Count Air Clutches, Hyd Drive Run by Ag Leader, Monitor Not Included
JD 294 Planter, Electric Lift
JD 750 Drill, Dolly Wheels, N/T
JD 750 Drill, N/T, 15’
JD 8200 Drill, 13’, Double Disk, Press Wheels, Grass Seed
Kinze 2500 Planter, 8/30, N/T, Corn & Bean Meters, One Owner
Kinze 3600 Planter, KM3 Monitor, 16/32, 17752 Acres, Rebuilt on 14500 Acres, SN 624517
Kinze 3600 Planter, N/T, 32 Row, Splitter
Kinze 3500 Planter, 8 Row, N/T, Yetter Trash Whips, Markers
Deutz Planter, 6 Row

Bush Hog 1660 RMB, 3pt, Side Arm
Bush Hog Cutter, Pull Type, 5’
Howse 15′ Batwing Rotary Cutter, Laminated Wheels
JD 1508 15′ Batwing Rotary Cutter
JD HX15 Cutter, 1000 PTO
Landpride 2510 Cutter, 3pt
Landpride RCRM 3598 Cutter, 8’, 3pt, 1000 PTO

2021 Teagle Hay Processor, Less Than 200 Bales Processed
2016 Tubeline TL 5500 AXII Bale Wrapper, 4000 Bales, w/ Remote
2016 Frontier DM5070 Disc Mower
2009 NH BR 7090 Baler, 6629 Bales, 1080 Bales This Year
2009 JD 835 MoCo, PTO 1000, Flail Type, 11’6” Cut
2008 Kuhn GMD700GII Disc Mower
2009 Krone Easy Cut 400 Disc Mower, 13.5’, Rear Fold, Quick Change Blades, 540 PTO, Cat 2/3, 3pt
2007 JD 468 Baler, Net/Twine, 540 PTO
2001 Miller Pro 7914 Hay Merger, 14’ Belt
5 JM Bale Stabbers, Unused, QA
Bale Unroller, 3pt
Befco Rotary Rake
Bush Hog 2650 Mower
Case IH 8420 Round Baler, 4×4, Little Use, Stored in Shed
Case IH MD92 Disk Mower, 9’, 3pt, 540 PTO
Enrossi 4 Basket Tedder
Enrossi Dominator V12 Hay Rake, 12 Wheel
Hesston 12 Wheel Hay Rake
Hesston 856A Round Baler, Net Wrap, Twine, Kicker
Hesston BP20 Hay Processor
IH 445W Square Baler, Wire Tie, Baled 3,000 Bales W/ It In Summer Of 2021
JD 1360 MoCo
JD 350 Sickle Bar Mower, 9’ Bar, Non-Clog Guards, Always Kept in Shed
JD 350 Sickle Mower
JD 530 Baler
JD 560M Baler
JD 567 Round Baler, Mega Wide Pickup, Cover Edge, Net Wrap
JD 568 Baler, Net/Twine Wrap, Big Tires
JD 702 10 Wheel Hay Rake
JD 926 MoCo
JF 2700 Disk Mower
Kuhn FC 320R MoCo
MF 1745 Baler, 540 PTO, Net/Twine, Less Than 900 Bales
New Idea 3750 Rotary Rake/Tedder, 2 Basket
NH 474 MoCo, 7’ Cut
NH H7450 MoCo, Steel Conditioning Rolls
NH HT154 Wheel Rake, 14 Wheel
Pasture Renovator, 7’
Reese 2400 Drum Mower, 8’
Vermeer 605 Super F Round Baler, Wide Belts, 6×5, Twine Only, Always Kept in Shed
Vermeer 605K Round Baler, Twine Only, Always Kept in Shed
Inline Gooseneck Hay Trailer, 36’, New Tires

2006 KongSkilde SVC 1000TR Grain Vac, Blower Vac, 1000 PTO
2016 J&M 875 Graincart
2016 Roto Grind 760 Tub Grinder
2017 Brent 882 Graincart
2017 Mas Silage Trailer, 42’, Semi Hookup
Ac Pull Type Combine, Canvus Top, Shed Kept
Batco 1375 Belt Conveyor, 540 PTO, 75’ Hyd Raise & Lower
Bradford 500 Bushel Grain Cart, 400 Acres on New Gearbox and Flighting
Brant 10-70XL Auger
Convey-All BTS 290 Seed Tender, Scales
DMI Gravity Flow Wagon, 280 Bushel, Twin Compartments, Hydro Seed Augers
DKS Roller Mill, Dual 52” Rollers, Milo Knives, Big/Small 1000 PTO, 22’ Discharge Conveyor
EZ Flow 1074 Seed Wagon, Hyd Auger, Tarp
Feteral Drive Over Dump Pit, 10” Auger, 7.5 HP 220V Motor
Finklin 9500 Grain Cart
Friessen 110 Seed Tender, Brush Auger, Honda Motor
Gehl 125 Grinder/Mixer, One Owner, Always Kept in Shed
Herd Seeder, 3pt, PTO
IH 100 Manure Spreader
IH 580 Manure Spreader, Tandem Axle
JD 4930 Dry Box Spreader, Traction Control, Guidance Ready, 380×50 Tires Floaters Sell Separate, Farmer Owned Just Updated, 4617 Hrs
JD 158 Loader w/ No Bucket
JD 400 Grinder Mixer, Used this Year, Multiple Screens
JD 840 Loader
JD 68 Auger Wagon
J&M SpeedTender 250, 13 HP Honda Electric Motor, All Hyd lift will load 16 row planter without moving this,like new unit has only unloaded 2 boxes
J&M Speedtender 250, Been Used One Season, Only 2 Boxes of Seed Ran Through it
Kelly Ryan 4×8 Feed Wagon
Killbros 590 Grain Cart, Small 1000 PTO, Lights
Meriden 240RT Seed Tender, Conveyor Unload, Honda Motor
MF 110 Manure Spreader
NH 352 Feed Grinder, 4 Screens, Always Kept in Shed
NH 355 Grinder Mixer
N-Tech 323 Manure Spreader, 250 Gal, Frt. Pump, Rear Discharge
Parker 4000 Gravity Wagon, Double Door
Parker Gravity Wagon on JD 1075, 12 Ton Running Gear
Parker Weigh Wagon, Scales
Quality Plus Conveyor, 30’, Hyd Drive
Schuler 7010 Vertical Mixer, Scales
Seed Tender, 300 Units, Bumper Hitch
Strobel Seed Tender, Honda Eng., Double Pro Box, New Battery Electric Start
Westfield 71-10 Grain Auger
Westfield 80-51 Auger, Gas Motor

2019 Dorsey Walking Floor, 10’ Sides, 53’ Long, Hauled Under 100 Loads
2018 Stealth Enclosed Trailer, 26’
2016 Trailerman 25+9 Hyd. Dovetail, Gooseneck, 2 – 12000lb Axles, One Owner
2014 Ford F550 Powerstroke Truck, Flatbed, Motor and Turbo were Replaced at 141000 Miles, Super Clean,153000 Miles
2011 Dodge 3500 Truck, Longhorn Edition, Cummins Diesel, Crew Cab, 4×4, Dually, Very Nice, 211000 Miles
2010 Timpte Hooper Bottom, 34’, Ag Hoppers, New Brake Chamber & Slack Adjusters, New Bearings on Door
2010 IH Prostar Daycab, Cummins ISX435, Eaton 10 Spd, 40000lb Rears, Air Ride, 775000 Miles
2009 F150 XLT Truck, V8, Triton 4.6L, 106192 Miles, VIN 1FTRX14819FA91458VIN
2008 Trailerman Trailer, Tandem Axle, 30’
2006 Peterbilt 379 EXHD, MXS C15 Acert CAT 625, Single Turbo Conversion, 200k On Motor, 1,038,000 Miles And Will Continue To Go Up Until Sale, 3:36 Rears, Both Replaced
2006 Chevy Colorado, 4wd, Crew Cab, Loaded, 150000 Miles
2005 Sterling Road Tractor, Single Axle, Cat C7, 7 Spd. Manual, 24.5 Tires, Approx. 244000 Miles
2005 Honda CRV LX, 215000 Miles
2005 Chevy Equinox LT, AWD, Power Everything, New Brakes, New Struts, New Tires, Moonroof
2005 Chevy 3500 Truck, Aluminum Flatbed, 187960 Miles
2005 Wilson Hopper Trailer, Electric Tarp
2004 Mack Road Tractor, Conv. Day Cab, Mack 475 Hp. Engine, Mack 13 Spd. Trans., Jake Brake
2003 GMC 2500HD Truck, 6.0, 4×4, Boss Snow Plow & A Salt Spreader, Ball In Bed, Replaced Power Steering Pump, Ball Joints, Wheel Bearings, Battery, Rebuilt Transmission 50000 Miles Ago, 199000 Miles
2003 F150 XLT Truck, V8 Triton 5.4L, 136512 Miles, VIN 2FTRX19L23CA07164
2002 Dodge Cummins 6 speed 4×4, Alarm, Auto Start, Sound System, B&W Hitch, Tons of Upgrades, 119,000 miles. Super Nice
2001 Western Star Road Tractor, Daycab, 18 Spd. Auto, 530000 Miles
2001 Timpte Super Hopper, 41’, Good Tires & Brakes, New Electric Tarp, Spring Ride
2001 Merritt Hopper Bottom, Tarp Has Hole
2000 Dodge Dakota, Quad Cab, V8, 215000 Miles
1999 Blair 6’8″ X 22′ Stock Trailer, Fiberglass Top & Bottom Sides, 14 Ply Tires
1999 Westwind Dropdeck Trailer, Triple Axel, 45’, 9000lb Axles, 9’ Top Deck, 36’ Bottom
1999 Chevy 3500 Truck, 4×4, 4 Door, Auto, Fiberglass Utility Bed
1998 Dodge 2500 Cummins, Auto Trans 4×4, Aftermarket LED Headlights, Brand New Fass Fuel System Installed 11/2022, 300000 Miles
1997 Tilt Bed Trailer, 18’
1997 MCM Steel Hopper Bottom T33 White 102” Wide 38’ Long
1997 Dodge 2500 Truck, Diesel 5.9L, 4×4 Club Cab, Auto, New Tires, 208000 Miles
1995 Freightliner FL80 Tandem Grain Truck, 8.3L Cummins, 285 HP, 9 Speed Eaton Trans, Twin Screw w/ Power Divider Lock, 20’ Cherokee Stakeless Bed Twin Cylinder Cherokee Hoist w/ Steel Bed, Shur-loc Tarp
1994 Ford L 9000, Tandem Axle Dump Truck, 350 Cat Engine, 8 Spd. LL Trans. 40,000# Axles, 16′ Hi-Bill Dump Bed
1994 Ford Ranger, Second Owner
1994 Wilson Hopper Bottom Trailer
1993 Wilson Move All Machinery Trailer, 40’, Double Drop Hyd Tail
1992 Int Road Tractor, Cat Eng, 9 Spd. Trans, 176000 Miles
1991 Dodge 2500 Truck, Reg Cab, Cummins Diesel, 4×4, Super Nice, 208000 Miles
1986 IH S2300 Truck, 10 Wheels, L10 Cummins, 9 Spd Eaton, 18’ Steel Bed with Tarp, Air Tag 22.5 Tires, Rear Pintle Hitch, 887032 Miles
1976 Ford L750 Grain Truck, Tilt Hoist, Roll Tarp, Auger
1974 Chevy C60 Grain Truck, Knapheide 16’ Bed, w/ Westfield Auger
1972 Lowboy Trailer
1971 Ford F600 Grain Truck, 16’ Bed w/ Westfield Seed Auger
1969 Int Loadstar 1600, Single Axle, Hyd Auger on Back
1968 Mack M123A1 Truck, Cummins, V8, 300/785 Cu In, 12.9 Liter, 300 HP, Eng Run Clutch is Stuck
16’ Car Trailer, Tandem Axle
4 – Freightliner MT45 Chassis Truck, Cummins Motor, Allison Auto Trans
Donahue Trailer, 30’
Roadrunner Fertilizer Tender, Kohler 18 HP Motor, Surlock Tarp, SS Brackets, 11R22 Tires
Trailer Equipment Hauler, 18’ w/ 2’ Dovetail
Trailerman Flatbed Trailer, 20’, w/ Ramps
Wilson Hopper Bottom Trailer, New Doors & Tarp, Aluminum Wheels, Air Ride, Electric Rollover Tarp

2000 Dodge Ram 3500 Chassis Cab 4×4 Truck, w/ Truck Mounted B-47 Drill Rig, 5.9L I6 Cummins 24V Diesel, 5 Spd HD Manual, 107225 Miles, Auger Tooling Included, Drill Rod Tooling Included (10’&5’ AWJ Drill Rod, Side Port Water Swivel, Hoisting Bail, Moyno Pump Hoses), Packing Testing Equipment (5’ Packer w/ 10’ Ext, Control Gauges, HP Nylon Tubing, Etc), Including Misc Tooling for Drill Rig.

2 – Humdinger H619 Scraper
3 ½ Yard Bucket
80” Brush Grapple Bucket for Skid Steer
2020 JD 324G Skid Steer, 25 Hrs, SN 1T0324GKHLI384079
2016 Takeuchi TL8 Skidsteer, Hyd Quick Attach, CAH, New Tracks, 1198 Hrs
2010 JD 329D, Skid-Steer Loader, Track Machine, CAH, New Front Door &Seal, 2 Spd. Trans. Aux. Hyds. 2866 Hours, W/ 500 Hours On A New JD Factory Crate Engine, Installed By Zimmermann Track And Diesel At Versailles, New High Pressure Hoses To Final Drive, New Seals On Final Drives, The Bushings In The Bucket Have All Be Re-Done, Sells W/ 84” Work Saver Toothed Bucket, Serviced, Runs And Works Great
2007 JD 317 Skid Steer, 1946 Hrs
2007 NH L-185 Wheel Loader, CAH, 3200 Hrs
2006 Bobcat 430 Mini Excavator, New Tracks, Hyrdo Thumbs, 24” Bucket, 3188,5 Hrs
2006 Bobcat 430 Mini Excavator, New Tracks, Hyrdo Thumbs, 24” Bucket, 3188,5 Hrs
2005 Komatsu WA320-5 Wheel Loader, Good Tires, 21000 Hrs
1985 D3B Dozer, Recent Overhaul & Undercarriage
1980 JD 690 JD Trackhoe, Extra Bucket, Rebuilt Motor
Bobcat 873 Skid Steer, 3500 Hrs
Bobcat 843 Skid Steer
Bobcat Backhoe 709 Attachment, Came off Bobcat T190
Case 580 Backhoe Super E, 18” Smooth Bucket w/ Clam
Duzall Dozer Blade, 9’
Grapple Bucket
JD 480 Forklift, Gas
JD 850C-Series 2 Dozer, CAH, Semi U Blade, Vail Ripper, Brush Sweep
Komatsu PC78US Excavator, Erops, CAH
Landpride BB1572 Box Blade, 3 pt, 6’
NH LW50 Wheel Loader, 6800 Hrs
Pettibone Forklift 3 Stage Lift, LP
Skid Steer Tree Puller
Torque 13000 Scraper
Unused Skid steer Post Augers, QA

2019 JD Gator 835m, CAH, Start Drive, issues major fronted damage radiator will not hold coolant replaced half Axle part number auc791 and part rack number auc19350 work completed by SN Partners, Insurance Company deem total loss, 1643 Hrs
2017 Gator 825i Gator, Bench Seat, 151 Hrs
2014 Can AM Outlander 1000 ATV, 600 Hrs
2020 JD XUV 825 Gator, Gas, CAH, 4WD, Manual Dump, One Owner, 1385 Act. Hrs
2021 Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn, FTV 30 EFI, 61” Deck, Kawasaki Engine, 535 Hrs
Kubota 2D28 Mower, 60” Deck, Diesel
Scag 61 Tiger Cat Mower
Scag FX 600V 36″ V-Ride, Kawasaki Motor, 19.0 HP, 415.9 Hrs, SN K6201938
Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Mower, 29 HP Kohler Engine, 61”, 800 Hrs

JD Starfire 3000 Receiver, SF1
JD 2600 Screen, SF1 Auto Trac
Trimble Autopilot Nav II Auto-Steer Controller for Trimble Systems
Trimble AgGPS 432 RTK GPS, RTK Unlocked, 900 Mhz Radio, Includes Radio and GPS antenna.

60 Free Standing Cattle Panels, 24’
Behlen Creep Feeder, 550lb
Big 0 Hog Feeders
Cattle Chute, Hyd w/ Pump Unit
Foremost Hyd Cattle Chute
Farrowing Hut
Hog Farrowing Huts, 60 & 80 Bu. Hog
Hog Feeders
Mighty Handy Working Squeeze Chute, Palpation Gates, Self Catch Head Catch on Front
Portable Hyd. Alley Way, 40’

100 Gallon Fuel Transfer Tank w/ 12V Pump
16’ Reichers Truck Bed, 2’ Sides
2 – 10,000lb Axles w/ Wheels & Tires, Air Over Hydraulic Disk Brakes, Includes Master Cylinder
2 Set of 18.4×34 Tractor Duals
2 -Tuff Ox Tree Pullers, Unused
24’ Truck Box, Fiberglass Roof, Roll Up Door
3 – 1000 Gallon Propane Tanks
500 Gallon Fuel Barrel Mounted on A Gooseneck Hitch w/110V Electric Pump
500 Gallon Poly Tank on Running Gear
5 Sets of Hydraulics
Aermotor Windmill, 6’ Fan w/ 27’ Tower
Badger BN735 Snow Blower, PTO Driven
Big Ox Rear Mounted Blade
Box Blade, 14’
Carryall, 3pt
Case 4 in 1 Loader Bucket
Case IH Duals 480/80R38 Tires w/ 10 Bolt Hubs, Off 8910
Danuser Post Driver
Danuser Post Hole Digger, No Auger
Demco 500 Gal. Spray Tank w/ Controls, 3pt
Goodyear 23.1×26 Tires on Wheels
Husqvarna ST224 Snow Blower, 24”, 208CC Motor
Husqvarna ST330T Snow Blower, Tracks, 30”, 414CC Motor ST330T
JD Auxiliary Fuel Tank, For 30-40 Series
JD 80 Blade, 3pt, 6’
JD 9510 Combine Concaves, New
Knapheide Grain Bed, 3 Doors, Roll Over Tarp, Wooden Floor in Poor Condition, No Hoist
Landpride RB3596 Blade, 3pt, 8’
Loegering Skid Steer Tracks for 12” Tires
Pallet Forks Land Pride PFL2042 Quick Attach
Planter Attachments, Martin Trash Whips for Kinze/JD, N/T Coulters
Pull Type PTO Generator
Rock Dump Bed w/ Hoist
Ryan Stand On Plug Aerator
Set of 18.4×42 Tires, Like New
Shaver Post Driver
Wittle Cylinder, Fly Wheel, Hit and Miss Motors, 2 HP
Economy Single Cylinder Fly Wheel, Hit and Miss Motor, 2 HP
Thompson Water Pump, 4”. 3 Cyl, Deutz Eng


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