Elliott Jewelry Auction

Real Estate, Personal Property

Location: 120 E Wood St, Brookfield, MO

9:30 a.m. Saturday, May 27th, 2023
Real Estate, Jewelry, Watches,clocks, And Precious Metals, Music, Gifts & Misc
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Saturday, May 27th, 2023 at 9:30am To be held at two locations: 120 E Wood St. Brookfield,MO(Elks Lodge) to auction all Jewelry and Merchandise, then move over to 209 N. Main St. Brookfield,MO(Jewelry Store) for Real Estate.  

REAL ESTATE: In the heart of Downtown Brookfield, this 2-story, 4483 Sq Ft. building features the original maintenance free brick. The main level at a total of 2025 Sq. Ft. has served as a jewelry store (1215sq ft) and real estate office (810sq ft) for a number of years with 2 pedestrian doors located off of N. Main Street. Adequate maintenance has been done as general upkeep for the building. The flooring and paint have been redone in the last 5 years. The roof has been resealed in the last year. The 2nd story is still in its original and not “finished” state. On the main street, the building also has a 270sq ft canopy. There is a pedestrian door on the west side of the subject building off the parking area and a staircase on the north side of the building that provides access to the second story. Within the Jewelry store there are stairs to also access the second story from inside. There are 3 bathrooms total located in the subject building. 1 half bathroom in the jewelry store, 1 half bathroom in the real estate office, and 1 bathroom on the 2nd level. There is 1 furnace located on the main level that serves both sides of the building. Turn this building into the business of your dreams! To view the property contact Shawn Sayre. 10% down with signed contract day of sale, balance at closing at Professional Land and Title. 

JEWELRY, WATCHES,CLOCKS, AND PRECIOUS METALS: X-line 10K Gold, X-line .53 diamond, 14k 4 leaf diamond ring, GoJ 14k .10ct INM, 1/3 ct 10Kw, SS Mens wedding Band .06ct, wgz 10k .12ct, Wai .20ct 10k Go J, WGI Semi .08ct 10k, .05tw 10k VI, wti .15tw 10k, UGZ .15tw 10K, GoJ .08tw 10k,GoJ .03tw 10k, .14kw 1ct sapphire, .38ct Blue dia, 14rt 10ct cz, Mens gold band GoJ, Loop Earrings, 3 line Necklace, Single Dimond Necklace,Small hoop earrings,.33 diamond hoop earrings,SS 1/10 TW SS diamond necklace, Heart Necklace, cross necklace, blue sapphire necklace,teardrop diamond necklace,cross necklace, Pearl necklace,Ruby heart necklace,teardrop diamond necklace,silver diamond necklace with bar design,diamond earrings,gold diamond necklace with bar design,14k fashion pendant necklace,Gold hoop diamond necklace,10k hoop earrings,- diamond cross necklace,Loopy gold diamond necklace,gold tree necklace 10k,gold bar diamond necklace, 10k gold 1/8 ct. flower pendant necklace,.15 ct 10k diamond pendant necklace,silver hoop diamond necklace, silver necklace with diamond pendant,single stone necklace,silver bar single diamond necklace,14 kt. .20ct purple pendant necklace,Gold horizontal bar diamond necklace,10 kt. Gold diamond design earrings w/diamonds,10 kt. rose gold necklace/earring,Silver horizontal bar necklace,.23 ct gold diamond pendant necklace,14 kt. Emerald .5 ct. baguettes .7 ct. ,14 kt Gold tear drop diamond necklace,silver horizontal bar necklace,10 kt rose gold horizontal bar necklace w/diamond,10 kt emerald silver necklace ,10 kt vertical bar necklace,silver diamond necklace,.15 ct studded earrings,.20 ct studded earrings,.25 ct studded earrings,.33 ct studded earrings,.375 ct studded earrings,.62 ct studded earrings, Multiple different 10k chains of different sizes, rose gold necklace with purple pendant,blue topaz 14kt clasp,vertical bar 10 kt necklace,14 kt rose gold necklace with red stone pendant,Silver tennis bracelet ,14 kt heart necklace with diamonds,rose gold necklace with diamonds ,10 kt gold necklace with 3 diamond pendant,10 kt gold necklace with ruby pendant, 14 kt yellow gold necklace with blue/white stones,10 kt yellow gold circle earrings no stones,10 kt white gold hoop diamond earrings,.21 ct pendant white gold necklace,white gold necklace diamond in half of oval,10 kt yellow gold necklace with aqua pendant ,10 kt yellow gold vertical bar necklace w/diamonds,10 kt white gold tear drop pendant w/diamonds,10 kt white gold necklace w/pendant 3 diamonds,10 kt white gold necklace w/diamond pendant,10 kt white gold necklace w/horizontal bar 1 diamond,10 kt white gold earrings with diamonds,10 kt rose gold circle pendant with diamonds ,10 kt yellow gold necklace with ruby pendant,10 kt white gold necklace with diamond shape pendant,10 kt white gold necklace with ruby necklace,10 kt white gold cross design necklace w/single diamond,10 kt gold circle ball earrings,10 kt gold circle ball earrings,10 kt gold chocolate diamond hoop earrings ,10 kt yellow gold necklace with heart pendant & pearls,10 kt white gold necklace w/ heart pendant & 1/2 ct diam.,14 kt white gold earrings w/blue stones, 10 kt white gold necklace w/3 diamond pendant,10 kt yellow gold necklace w/ circle diamond pendant,10 kt white gold necklace w/diamond shaped pendant,10 kt rose gold necklace w/diamond heart pendant ,10 kt rose golf necklace w/diamond heart pendant,necklace with white gold diamond hershey kiss pendant,14 kt gold stud earings heart shaped,sterling silver hoop bracelet ,sterling silver earrings heart shaped ,sterling silver necklace with pendant,Multiple sterling silver necklace,sterling silver bar necklace,22” fake gold chain ,1/4 ct silver hoop earrings ,1/10 ct silver hoop earrings, sterling silver ball earrings ,sterling silver necklace with ball pendant,sterling silver hoop earrings ,fake pearl necklace and earring set,high school class ring SS,10kt 0.08 DTW Tanz,SS 3 SET Ring ,10 KT CZ,Purple Ring 10k 60,SS earrings CJD ,Ring 10kt .30tgw 60J, DiA 10K B Topaz,Purple Ring 10k 60,10 kt yellow gold Ruby Ring, s.s. tanz DiA Purple Ring ,Green 60j 10K ring ,Green 14KT White gold Emer. Dia ,10KT Peral Ring,Blue Ring SS Blue Topaz,14kt Topaz Brown Ring , Purple Stone Metal wrist Band, Bracelet Chain SS,Purple Stone Chain Bracelet SS,Green Stone Chain Bracelet SS, 10KT gold chain Bracelet ,Black Stone Necklace SS ,1.6 Tanzl. CL85 ss,FW Peral Necklace, Dancing Birthstone Necklaces Feb ,Dancing Birthstone Necklaces Mar,Dancing Birthstone Necklaces April,Dancing Birthstone Necklaces June, Dancing Birthstone Necklaces July,Dancing Birthstone Necklaces Aug,Dancing Birthstone Necklaces Sept,Dancing Birthstone Necklaces Oct,Genuine Birthstone Earrings May 14kt ,Genuine Birthstone Earrings Feb 14kt ,Genuine Birthstone Earrings Mar 14kt ,Genuine Birthstone Earrings June 14kt, Genuine Birthstone Earrings July 14kt, Genuine Birthstone Earrings Aug 14kt ,Genuine Birthstone Earrings Sept 14kt, Genuine Birthstone Earrings Dec 14kt ,Gold Chain 30” GP,Gold Chain GP,4X SS chain ,SS Chain ,Rose gold chain, Birthstone Necklace Jan, Birthstone Earrings Feb, Birthstone Earrings March,Birthstone Necklace Feb, Birthstone Necklace April, Birthstone July Earrings, Birthstone June Earrings ,Birthstone Necklace May ,Birthstone Necklace Dec,Birthstone Earrings Dec, 14k Gold Earrings, Confirmation Necklace ,14Kt Gold Earrings, Cross Necklace CZ SS, Multiple different Birthstone Collection Rings, 18” Fresh water pearl, Pink Pearl 14” necklace, FW Peral Necklace, SS Baby Necklace,SS 18” Necklace, SS CZ Necklace, signal stone necklace, earrings circles, small stone earrings, single stone necklace with small stones around it, SS fashion pendent cubic, Cross Necklace, Pick stone necklace, SS CZ Double Necklace, Shimmering diamond necklace, Gold Plated Bracelet Kelly Bracelet, SS Bracelet Kelly Bracelet, Chisel Bracelet ss ,SS bracelet Heart charm, SS CZ Necklace, Earring necklace set SS, Earring CZ SS,SS CZ Baize, Baby Ring White Gold 10k,Baby Ring Gold 10k,SS CZ heresy Necklace, Purple Stone heart shaped set, Peral Earrings hanging, Circle Necklaces SS Dia, SS CZ stone necklace, SS Creative Design Love Shimming Stone, SS CZ Hanging earrings with pearls, Cross Earrings SS CZ, SS engraving necklace, SS bulldog ring no stone,SS Dia single stone necklace, C j5815 r ss ball earrings, SS small bracelet, SS Dia Heart necklace, SS Topaz set, Blue Stone Necklace SS CZ,cz ss shimmering stone Baize MO7103N,Baptism necklace, Bethlehem Necklace SS CZ,Heart necklace, Baize SS CZ earrings, baby pearl bracelet 5.5”, baby pearl bracelet 6.5”, CZ SS square small stone necklace ,3 BRACLET SET and earrings ,Chisel men’s cross, Ball necklace ss, ss CZ set, Leaf earrings Memo,Baize green white and purple stone, Infinity rose gold bracelet, SS earrings, .925 SS circle necklace, 3 set pearl bracelet and earrings, CZ SS necklace earring set, St. Christopher Necklace, SS necklace, SS green stone set, Tiger head necklace SS,Multiple lengths SS Necklace Chains, CZ SS Brown stone Necklace, Blaze .925 ss CZ,ss Dia Superman symbol necklace, Blaze .925 ss CZ, Silver Princess CZ Necklace, Necklace Set Gold overlay on SS, 6k Gold necklace wrap, Fresh Water Pearl Necklace, Childrens Earrings, Fresh water pearl Bracelets, Tons of Different Seiko Watches and Wall Clocks, Pulsar Watches, Men’s Wedding Bands, Women’s Fashion Wedding Bands, Money Clips, Watch Bands, Tie Tachs, and much, much more.

MUSIC, GIFTS & MISC: Candles, Decor on Wall, Anniversary Gifts, Picture Frames, different types of Glassware, Plaques, Music Books, Tons of Different types of Guitar Strings, Instruments, Music Cleaning stuff, Speakers and Guitars, Microphones, Tuning Machine, String Winders, Tone Finger Ease,Martin & Co Polish/Cleaner,Blemon’ce Key Oil, Blue Juice Valve Oil, Holton Trombone Oil, Holton Valve Oil, Roche’ Thomas Mi-T-Mist,Super Slick Slider Spr., Core Reg Compound AC781,Dunlop Cymbal 65 Polish/Cleaner,Herco Guitar Humidifer ,Venture Cork Grease, Vandoren Cork Grease,Herco Instrument Clean Swab HE50P,Super Slick Trombone Cream,Super Slick Tuning Slide Grease, Super Slick Tiger Rag Clarinet, Micro Mouth Piece Brush, Intellitouch Tuner, Thum-EE z Clarinet, Thum-EE Sax, Micro Thermo Flex Cleaner, Conn & Selmer Lacquered Fishish Polishing Cloth,Shark H2 Guitar Tuner Clip On,Shark Super Tight Guitar Tuner, Guitar Tuner Chromatic Clipon,Tiger Rag Clarinet Swab,Quick Tune, Cannon Percussion, Musical Intrument Cleaning Brush, Player Saxophone,Music Holders -Short, Music Holders- Long, Clarinet Music Holder, Sax & Clarinet Lijatures Silver, Sax & Clarinet Lijatures Gold, Sax Music Holder, Flip Out Brushes, Drum Sticks -Vater, Drum Sticks -Promark, Plastic Music Protectors, Conductor Stick, All Purpose Lyre,Adapter GMP112,Replacement Part,- Connector, 41 Jax,The Champion Key Banjo No 25B,Dunlop Strap Buttons, Mouth Pieces, Delux Bridge Pins 25+, Microphone replacement,Switchcraft Coupler, Bandjo Bridge, Microphone Adapter., Siberian Bow Hair, Enforcer Percussion Hardware, Bridge White, Bridge Black, Adaptor, Cable, Bridge Black, Rosin Violin/Viola/cello, Trumpet Oil, Wooden, Clarinet Kit, Tons of different types of Picks, Jim Dunlop Pick Holder,Dunlop Nickle Silver Finger Pick,Fender Classic Celluloid Picks Med., Microphone Cables, Saxophone Strap Flutist Lyre,Trumpet Clampon Lyre, Guitar Cable, PV ‘10 High z Mic Cable, Instrument Cable, String Swing Guitar Hanger, Picks and Muisc Gear, 1/2’ Instrument Cable, Internal / Tone Control, Defense Spray, Instrument Cable 10ft,Daddario Woven Strap, ¾ Classic Guitar Bag, 5150 Baritone Guitar Bag

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