Junior Sandy Gun Collection Part 2 Auction

Location: 312 Clark St, Richmond, MO

11 a.m. Saturday, June 17th, 2023
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SAT. JUNE 17, 11:00 A.M.



Directions: From the Junction of 13hwy and Business 10hwy in Richmond, MO, go East on E. Main St to Clark St. Turn Right (South) to Auction. From Liberty/Kansas City/Independence Area, take 291Hwy to 210Hwy, and go East on 210Hwy to 13Hwy in Richmond. Go North to the Junction of Business 10 and 13Hwy and turn Right (East) on E. Main St to Clark St. Watch for Signs.

Auctioneer’s Note: We are excited to bring you Session 2 of Junior Sandy’s Gun Collection. Junior had an eye and a passion for quality firearms. This 2nd auction for the remainder of Junior’s collection will have something for everyone!!! Highlights include Many High Grade and Engraved Over/Under Shotguns including Berretta, Weatherby, and Several Belgium Browning Superposed and Browning Citori Over/Under Shotguns including Grade 2 and Grade 3 Engraved Browning Citori Over/Unders, Rare Winchester Shotguns including Winchester Model 50 Deluxe Engraved and Silver Inlaid 12ga made in 1957, Winchester Model 42 Pump .410, Winchester Model 12’s including Model 12 Trap with Factory Vent Rib, Winchester Rifles incl Model 61 Pump .22 in Original Box, Winchester Lever Action Rifles including Rare Model 1886 .40-82 with Feathered Walnut and Custom Order 32in Octagon Bbl and Model 1886 Lightweight .33 WCF Takedown, a Model 1892 .32 WCF, a Pre-64 Model 94 .30-30, Nice Ruger M77 Mark II Bolt Action .25-06 Rem with Leupold Scope, Browning Safari Bolt Action Rifles, Browning Lever Action Rifles, Remington Shotguns including Model 3200 Over/Under 12ga and Rare Model 1100 Skeet 28ga, SKB Over/Under 28ga NIB, Gallagher .58 Cal 1860 Civil War Carbine, Old Flintlock and Percussion Weapons, Rare 1970’s Hatfield Squirrel Rifle with Missouri Black Walnut Stock (1 of only 6 made in Black Walnut), Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy Cartridge Conversion Revolver in .38 RF, Colt Model 1860 Army .44 Cal Revolver, Other Colts incl Model 1877 Lighting .38 Revolver and Colt Navy .36 Cal Robert E Lee Commemorative Revolver in Case, Semi Auto Rifles including EA Arms AR-15 Style .223 and Ruger Mini 14 Semi Auto .223 Stainless with Wood Stock, and Many More, as well as Lots of Ammo!!! Don’t miss this Fantastic Sale for the Remainder of Junior’s Collection!!!


Terms: Cash or Check w/ Current Valid Driver’s License. We do NOT accept credit or debit cards - Driver’s License required for registration, No exceptions. All Items sold “As-Is”. Security and Video Surveillance on site. Absentee bids accepted (rules apply). Great chance to purchase some Quality Firearms from this Lifetime Collection! All statements day of sale takes precedents over any printed or early advertising.

Out of State Residents WITHOUT an FFL, modern guns will be held in owner’s possession and will be shipped thru a local FFL Dealer to a Dealer in your State. A Transfer Fee will be charged for each Gun purchased by an Out-of-State Resident (note: some states may require extra cost or may not be available to ship to).

Dealers, please bring a copy of your current FFL for our records.

Missouri Residents (Transfer Fee Does Not Apply), please bring a valid driver’s license.








Lot 1: Marlin Model 39 TDS Takedown Lever Action .22 S,L,LR Rifle, Micro Grooved Barrel, with Scope, and Canvas Soft Case, Ser# 10251328

Lot 2: Remington Model 552 Speed Master Semi Auto .22 LR with K4 Weaver Scope, Ser# A 1563726

Lot 3: Remington Model 572 Field Master Pump .22 Rifle, Custom Order Tiger Curly Maple Stock and Forearm, NIB, Rare, Ser# B 1451456

Lot 4: Browning Model 52 Sporter Bolt Action .22 Long Rifle, NIB, Ser# 04719 NZ496

Lot 5: Browning Model 42 Pump .410ga, Limited Edition, NIB, Ser# 00037 NZ882

Lot 6: Browning Model BL-22 Lever Action .22 Rifle, 1987 Special Edition, 30th Anniversary Missouri Department of Conservation #1 of 105, Ser# 03284 PV126

Lot 7: Smith and Wesson Model 586 Special Edition .357 Mag Revolver in Wood Case, 30th Anniversary Missouri Department of Conservation 1957 – 1987, 1 of 250, Ser # AJD9724

Lot 8: EA Co Model J-15 Semi Auto .223 Cal Rifle, AR Style, Ser# 032784

Lot 9: Ruger Mini 14 Stainless Semi Auto .223 Cal Rifle, Wood Stock, Ser# 184-89131

Lot 10: SKB Over/Under 28ga, Engraved Pheasant on Nickel Receiver, NIB, Ser# NS 79036

Lot 11: Berretta Model S686 Special Over/Under Lightweight 20ga, Engraved Nickel Receiver, 26in Vent Rib Bbl’s, Ser# D 77355 B

Lot 12: Berretta Model S680 Trap Over/Under 12ga, 2 Barrel Trap Set, with 32in and 34in Vent Rib Bbl’s, Ser# 74372

Lot 13: Browning Belgium Auto 5 16ga, Grade 1, Like New in Original Box, Early Model, Ser# 86282

Lot 14: Browning Belgium Superposed Over/Under 20ga, 26in Vent Rib Bbl, Ser# 10766

Lot 15: Ruger M77 Mark II Bolt Action .25-06 Rem, Fancy Checkered Walnut, with Leupold Rifleman 4-12x40 Variable Scope - Like New with Original Box

Lot 16: Browning Model BLR Lever Action .243 Rifle w/ Scope, Ser# 06154 NX227

Lot 17: Browning Belgium Semi Auto .22 Rifle, Checkered Walnut, Like New, Ser# 7T 69472

Lot 18: Browning Safari Bolt Action .243 Rifle, Made in Finland (Sako Action), Outstanding Tiger Stripe Walnut Stock with Rosewood Forearm Tip, Ser# 6878Z7

Lot 19: Browning Safari Bolt Action .300 Win Mag Rifle, Ser# 8L46986

Lot 20: Browning Model 325 Citori Over/Under 12ga, Mag Ported, Ser# 07490 NWC13

Lot 21: Browning Citori Grade 3 Over/Under 12ga, Fancy Engraved Flying Ducks Scene on Receiver, High Grade Wood, Ser# 15292

Lot 22: Browning Citori Grade 2 Over/Under 20ga, Fancy Engraved Pheasants and Geese, Ser# 06950 PZ163

Lot 23: H&R Model 676 “Buntline” .22 LR Revolver with Interchangeable .22 Mag Cylinder, 11.5in Bbl, in Wood Case with Tooled Leather Holster and Belt

Lot 24: Colt Navy “Robert E Lee Commemorative, 1971” .36 Cal Pistol in Wood Case with Flask, Bullet Mold, Caps, Ser# 4319

Lot 25: Colt Model 1877 Lightning .38 Colt Revolver, Nice Condition, Ser# 34195

Lot 26: Browning Superposed Lightning Over/Under 20ga, 26in Vent Rib Bbl, Ser# 32461 V4

Lot 27: Browning Citori Over/Under 28ga, 26in Vent Rib Bbl, Ser# 21481 NZA73

Lot 28: Browning Citori Skeet Over/Under 20ga with .410 Tubes Inserts, Will Shoot Either 20ga or .410 Depending on Setup, 26in Bbls, Ser# 11674 PM1C3

Lot 29: Browning Citori Over/Under 12ga, NIB, Ser# 01655

Lot 30: LC Smith SxS Dbl Bbl 20ga Shotgun, 2 Barrel Set with both 26in and 28in Interchangeable Barrels, in Fitted Case, Ser# S 50244

Lot 31: Remington Model 3200 Over/Under 12ga, Fancy Wood, Ser# 7074

Lot 32: Remington Model 1100 Skeet Semi Auto 28ga, 26in Vent Rib Bbl, Ser# R011014J

Lot 33: Winchester Model 50 Deluxe Grade Fully Engraved Semi Auto 12ga, 2 3/4in Chamber, Beautiful Blueing and Fully Engraved Receiver with Silver Inlaid Bird Dog and Quail, Jeweled Bolt and Lifter, Fancy Walnut Stock with 3 Diamond Forearm, Simmons Vent Rib 30in Bbl, Ser# 81469 (Mfd in 1957)

Lot 34: Winchester Model 42 Pump .410, Full, 3in, Ser# 156,567 (Mfd in 1963)

Lot 35: Winchester Model 12 Trap Pump 12ga, Factory Vent Rib, Ser# 1557108 (Mfd in 1956)

Lot 36: Winchester Model 12 Pump 16ga, Solid Rib, 2 3/4in, Full, Ser# 717627 (Mfd in 1936)

Lot 37: Winchester Model 12 Pump 20ga, 28in Mod Bbl, Ser# 1207509 (Mfd in 1949)

Lot 38: Browning Belgium Superposed Over/Under 12ga, Ser# 22480S4

Lot 39: Browning Belgium Superposed Lightning Over/Under 20ga, Vent Rib, Ser# 57917 V69

Lot 40: Browning Belgium Superposed Lightning Over/Under 20ga, Vent Rib, Ser# 37332 V5

Lot 41: Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy Cartridge Conversion Revolver in .38 RF Cal, 4 1/2in Octagon Bbl, Engraved Pocket Navy Cylinder, all Matching Serial Numbers, Very Original Beautiful Condition, Initials C.C.W. stamped on one side of barrel frame, Ser# 4680 (1 of only Approx 2,000 Cartridge Conversion 4 1/2in Octagon Barrel Revolvers Made by Colt between 1873 and 1875)

Lot 42: Colt Model 1860 Army .44 Cal Revolver, Notched Grips, Ser# 187736

Lot 43: Winchester Model 61 Pump .22 Cal Rifle, Like New in Original Box, Ser# 133991 (Mfd in 1950)

Lot 44: Winchester Model 1886 Lever Action .40-82 WCF Rifle, Fancy Feathered Walnut, Custom Order 32in Octagon Bbl, Rare, Ser# 15261 (Mfd in 1888, only 3rd Year of Production)

Lot 45: Winchester Model 1886 Lightweight Lever Action .33 WCF, Tapered Round Barrel, Takedown, Nice Condition, Side Plate Drilled for Scope, Ser# 136702 (Mfd in 1905)

Lot 46: Winchester Model 1892 Lever Action .32 WCF Rifle, Octagon Bbl, Ser# 826861 (Mfd in 1916)

Lot 47: Winchester Model 94 (Pre-64) Lever Action .30-30 Cal Rifle, Ser# 2187666 (Mfd in 1956)

Lot 48: Gallagher Model 1860 .58 Cal Civil War Carbine, Ser# 5253

Lot 49: 1800’s Black Powder Percussion SxS Dbl Bbl Rifle, Heavily Engraved Sideplates and Hammers, Fancy Carved Stock with Stag and Antler Design

Lot 50: Allen and Wheelock 1845 Pepperbox Percussion Pistol

Lot 51: Hatfield Flintlock .36 Cal Black Powder Squirrel Rifle in Missouri Black Walnut, with Factory Letter from Hatfield Gun Company in St Joseph – part of an experimental run of High Grade Black Walnut Stock Rifles made by Hatfield in the 1970’s – 1 of only 6 rifles made in Black Walnut before abandoning the idea due to high cost, VERY RARE

Lot 52: Berretta Model 686 Silver Pigeon Over/Under 20ga, Engraved Nickel Receiver, Ser# M14251B

Lot 53: Weatherby Orion Over/Under 12ga, Field Grade, NIB

Lot 54: Weatherby Orion Over/Under 20ga, Field Grade, NIB

Lot 55: Remington Model 1100 Ducks Unlimited 12ga, 1986, NIB, Ser# 3717

Lot 56: Heckler and Koch (Benelli) M1 Super 90 Semi Auto 12ga Shotgun

Lot 57: Mossberg Model 500C Home Defense Pump 20ga, Camo, with Case, Ser# JB12636

Lot 58: Winchester Model 1886 (New Model / Miroku) Lever Action .45-90, Like New, Ser# 00120 MW86B

Lot 59: Winchester Model 101 Over/Under 20ga, 2 Barrel Set, Field Grade, Miroku (Japan), Ser# 200020

Lot 60: Browning Citori Sporter Over/Under 20ga, Ser# 18422 PPB33

Lot 61: Browning GTI Over/Under 12ga, 28in Vent Rib, Ser# 37786 NMP13

Lot 62: Colt Model 1861 Navy Style .36 Cal Revolver, Looks Old, No Serial Number Markings

Lot 63: Colt Repro Percussion Revolver in Wood Case with Flask

Lot 64: 1800’s Folding Spur Trigger Pinfire Revolver

Lot 65: Smith and Wesson Model 1917 WW1 British Proof Marked .455 Webley Revolver, Ser# 56677

Lot 66: Italian Military Training Rifle with Bayonet

Lot 67: El Tigre Spanish Lever Action .44 Cal Saddle Ring Carbine, Nice Condition (Spanish Version of a Winchester Model 1892, was manufactured by Garate Anitua y Cia in Eibar Spain between 1915 and 1938)

Lot 68: Winchester Model 12 Pump 12ga, Trap Build-up with Super Trap Grade Wood, Simmons Vent Rib 30in Full Bbl, Ser# 1867405 (Mfd in 1961)

Lot 69: Winchester Model 12 Pump 16ga, 28in Mod Bbl, Ser# 1101492 (Mfd in 1948)

Lot 70: Winchester Model 12 Pump 16ga, 2 3/4in, Full, Ser# 679632 (Mfd in 1935)

Lot 71: Winchester Model 1893 Pump 12ga, Ser# 30452 (Mfd in 1897)

Lot 72: Winchester Model 1897 Pump 12ga, Ser# 445464 (Mfd in 1910)

Lot 73: Lefever Model 1887 SxS Dbl Bbl 12ga, Hammerless, Ser# 49721

Lot 74: Savage Model 330 Over/Under 20ga, Ser# 464

Lot 75: Kittredge Arms Co “Wells Fargo Coach Gun” SxS Dbl Bbl 12ga

Lot 76: Old Flintlock SxS 32ga Shotgun

Lot 77: Stevens Model 58 Bolt Action 20ga





- Lots of Ammo!!!









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