Monthly Farm and Industrial Machinery Consignment Auction

Farm Machinery

Location: 203 NW 160 Rd, Clinton, MO

9 a.m. Monday, May 8th, 2023
Tractors, Industrial Equipment, Trailers, Hay Tools, Rotary Cutters, Loaders, Discs, Cultivators, Rippers, Plows, Planters, Drills, Grinder Mixers, Combines, Manure Spreaders, Grain Tables, & More!
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Live On-Site Auction

Pre-auction WEEKEND HOURS - Sat. May 6, 8am-4pm • Sun. May 7, 12pm-4pm

John Deere

2012 9410R C/H/A 4wd 24-Spd w/Duals 4673 Hrs

1997 9200 C/H/A 4wd 24- Spd w/Duals 6235 Hrs 

2006 7820 C/H/A MFWD IVT w/Duals 5455 Hrs

1987 4250 C/H/A 2wd QR 6419 Hrs

1978 4040 C/H/A 2wd QR 1363 Hrs

2014 8345R C/H/A MFWD IVT w/F&R Duals 4808 Hrs

2013 8310R C/H/A MFWD ILS P.Shift w/F&R Duals 2811 Hrs 

2004 8220 C/H/A MFWD P.Shift w/Duals 3842 Hrs 

1983 8450 C/H/A 4wd QR w/Duals

1996 8300 C/H/A MFWD P.Shift w/Duals

2007 7630 C/H/A MFWD 16-Spd P.Quad w/Duals 4212 Hrs 

2007 7830 C/H/A MFWD 16-Spd P.Quad w/Duals 7583 Hrs 
2004 7920 C/H/A MFWD IVT w/Duals 8770 Hrs

7520 C/H/A MFWD IVT w/Duals 6161 Hrs

1997 7210 C/H/A 2wd 16-Spd P.Quad 4192 Hrs 7

210 C/H/A MFWD 16-Spd P.Quad 2218 Hrs

7200 C/H/A 2wd 16-Spd P.Quad w/Koyker Loader & Duals 8323 Hrs 

2016 6155M C/H/A MFWD 20-Spd P.Quad w/640R Loader 2637 Hrs 

2015 6175R C/H/A MFWD IVT TLS w/H360 Loader 1191 Hrs 

2013 6140M C/H/A MFWD 24-Spd P.Quad w/H340 Loader 2885 Hrs

2010 6140D C/H/A MFWD 9-Spd P.Reverser w/673 Loader 2942 Hrs

2021 6120M C/H/A MFWD 24-Spd P.Quad w/620R Loader 592 Hrs 

2003 6715 C/H/A MFWD Syncro w/673 Loader 3031 Hrs

6615 C/H/A MFWD 16-Spd P.Quad w/740 Loader 

1995 6300 C/H/A 2wd 

2018 5075E C/H/A MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser w/520M Loader 367 Hrs 

2018 5075E Rollbar MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser w/520M Loader 278 Hrs 

2014 5055E 2008 5603 C/H/A MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser w/542 Loader 1191 Hrs

2955 C/H/A 2wd 

1989 2155 Canopy 2wd 

1990 4555 C/H/A 2wd P.Shift 3757 Hrs 

1984 4650 C/H/A MFWD P.Shift w/Duals 5555 Hrs


Case IH/Case/International

2012 Case IH Magnum 290 C/H/A MFWD 18-Spd P.Shift w/Duals 3257 Hrs 

2011 Case IH Magnum 225 C/H/A MFWD CVT w/Duals 5958 Hrs

Case IH 9130 C/H/A 4wd P.Shift 3pt 1000 Pto w/Duals 

2001 Case IH MX240 C/H/A MFWD P.Shift w/Duals 4816 Hrs 

2002 Case IH MX200 C/H/A MFWD w/Duals

2022 Case IH Farmall 115A C/H/A MFWD w/L575 Loader 50 Hrs 

2009 Case IH Maxxum 110 C/H/A MFWD 4850 Hrs

2015 Case IH Farmall 70A Rollbar MFWD Loader Ready 261 Hrs

New Holland/Ford

New Holland T6.155 C/H/A MFWD 16-Spd P.Shift 1114 Hrs 

New Holland T6010 C/H/A MFWD P.Shift w/56LB Loader 5094 Hrs

New Holland T6050 C/H/A MFWD 16-Spd P.Shift 3280 Hrs 

New Holland T5040 C/H/A 2wd w/Loader


Kubota M7-152 Deluxe C/H/A MFWD P.Shift 1015 Hrs

2017 Kubota M7-151 C/H/A MFWD P.Shift w/LM2605 Loader 3692 Hrs

2019 Kubota M7-171 C/H/A MFWD w/LM2605 Loader & Duals 1373 Hrs 

2019 Kubota M7-151 C/H/A MFWD P.Shift 1402 Hrs 

Kubota M9960 C/H/A MFWD 2682 Hrs

2001 Kubota M5700 C/H/A MFWD w/LA1002 Loader 1091 Hrs 

Kubota RTV500 Utv 

Misc Tractors

2021 Mccormick X6.55 C/H/A MFWD 36-Spd P.Shift w/L46 Loader 154 Hrs

2014 Massey Ferguson 4609 C/H/A MFWD w/936X Loader 1209 Hrs

1996 Agco Allis 9675 C/H/A 2wd w/Duals 4657 Hrs

2003 Challenger MT765 5850 Hrs

1996 Massey Ferguson 283 Canopy 2wd w/2425QT Loader 966 Hrs

Massey Ferguson 461

White 2-70 Rollbar 2wd

2019 Hustler Super Z Lawn Mower

72in Grasshopper 618 Zero Turn Mower


2020 Case TV450B Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 

2021 New Holland C345 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 487 Hrs

2021 Kubota SVL97-2 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 837 Hrs

2018 John Deere 331G Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1571 Hrs

2017 John Deere 333G Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 2341 Hrs

John Deere 325 Skid Steer 1415 Hrs

2021 Case TR340B Track Skid Steer C/H/A 558 Hrs

2017 Case TV380 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 981 Hrs

2014 Case TV380 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1973 Hrs

(2) Case 1840 Skid Steer

2015 New Holland C232 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1675 Hrs

2018 New Holland C237 Skid Steer C/H/A 765 Hrs

2021 Kubota SVL97-2 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 678 Hrs

2018 Kubota SVL95-2S Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1430 Hrs

2018 Kubota SVL95-2S Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1502 Hrs

Kubota SVL95-2S Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 2254 Hrs

2021 Bobcat T76 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 862 Hrs

Jcb 3TS-8W Skid Steer Teleskid C/H/A 2-Spd 1523 Hrs

2014 Takeuchi TL12 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 790 Hrs

2015 Caterpillar 313FLGC Excavator C/H/A 2832 Hrs

2012 Case 580SN Backhoe C/H/A 4wd Extendahoe 2237 Hrs

2018 Bobcat T870 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1981 Hrs

2019 Bobcat T770 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1274 Hrs

2018 Bobcat T770 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 2463 Hrs

2021 Bobcat T76 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 756 Hrs

2020 Bobcat T66 Track Skid Steer OROPS 751 Hrs

1996 Bobcat 753 Skid Steer OROPS 1225 Hrs

Bobcat 853 Skid Steer OROPS 1247 Hrs

2020 Caterpillar 299D3 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1732 Hrs

2015 Caterpillar 299DXPH Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 3086 Hrs

2008 Caterpillar 277C Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 3567 Hrs

2017 Gehl V330 Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1656 Hrs

2015 Takeuchi TL12 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1603 Hrs

2013 John Deere 350G LC Excavator C/H/A 3rd & 4th Valve 6738 Hrs

2015 Case CX75CSR Excavator C/H/A 2-Spd 5058 Hrs

2000 Bobcat 325 Excavator OROPS Hyd Thumb 2413 Hrs

2015 Caterpillar 303.5E CR Excavator C/H/A 2-Spd 3535 Hrs

2012 Doosan DX225LC Excavator C/H/A 2-Spd 1877 Hrs

2012 Hyundai 235LCR-9 Excavator Robex C/H/A 2-Spd 3927 Hrs

Wacker Neuson EZ53 Excavator OROPS 2-Spd 489 Hrs

2008 New Holland B95B Backhoe C/H/A 2wd Extendahoe 2285 Hrs

2009 Kubota M59 Backhoe OROPS 4wd 2205 Hrs

2012 Caterpillar 430E Backhoe C/H/A 4wd 2565 Hrs

1993 Ford 445D Skip Loader Rollbar MFWD P.Shuttle w/Loader 81 Hrs

2012 Case 586H Forklift OROPS 2wd 22ft Side Shift 4489 Hrs

2004 Case 586G Forklift OROPS 2wd 22ft Sid Shift 5114 Hrs

2012 Harlo HP8500 Forklift OROPS 4wd 3 Stage Mast 4673 Hrs

2006 Linde H160-02 Forklift C/H/A 32,000 lbs 15,704 Hrs *Recent Complete Engine Overhaul*

2000 John Deere TC44H Wheel Loader C/H/A 10,000 Hrs

Case W-14 Wheel Loader

2008 Caterpillar D6TLGP Dozer C/H/A 13ft Blade 16,158 Hrs

Hancock Paddle Wheel Scraper w/Dolly 7ft Wide

Bil Jax Falcon 125 Man Lift

Bobcat Forestry Cutter

2014 Bradco GSS60 Brush Cutter 5ft SS Attachment

Land Pride SC2672 Rotary Cutter 6ft SS Attachment

New Roller 10ft x 42in 5/8in Thick Folding Tongue

Used Econ-grader Blade 7ft SS Attachment

Rotary Cutters

 2019 John Deere M20 Rotary Cutter 20ft

2020 John Deere R15 Rotary Cutter 15ft

(2) John Deere M15 Rotary Cutter 15ft

2011 John Deere HX15 Rotary Cutter 15ft

John Deere HX15 Rotary Cutter 15ft

John Deere E12 Rotary Cutter 12ft

John Deere 717 Rotary Cutter 3pt 7ft

John Deere 606 Rotarty Cutter 3pt 6ft

Bush Hog 2620 Rotary Cutter 20ft

Bushhog 2720 Rotary Cutter 20ft

Bush Hog 2615L Rotary Cutter 15ft

Bushhog 2012 Rotary Cutter 12ft

Bush Hog SQ600 Rotary Cutter 6f

t Landpride RCR1860 Rotary Cutter 3pt 5ft

Rhino TS12 Rotary Cutter 12ft

Rhino 172 Rotary Cutter

Hesston 700 Rotary Cutter

Balzer Rotary Cutter 3pt 20ft

Hay Tools

2013 John Deere 469 Baler Mega Wide Plus Net Wrap 5,000

2016 John Deere 459 Baler Silage Special Net Wrap 6,744 Bales

2015 New Holland Roll Belt 460 Baler Net Wrap 3910 Bales

2013 New Holland BC5070 Square Baler Twine

2019 John Deere 560M Baler Mega Wide Net Wrap 1,590 Bales

(3) John Deere 568 Baler Net Wrap

(2) John Deere 567 Baler

2011 John Deere 854 Baler Silage Special Net Wrap 16,472 Bales

1995 John Deere 535 Baler Net Wrap 2000

John Deere 466 Baler Net Wrap 10,000 Bales

John Deere 435 Baler

2006 John Deere 328 Square Baler Twine Hyd Tongue

(2) John Deere 338 Square Baler

(2) New Holland BR7090 Baler Net Wrap

New Holland BR7070 Baler Net Wrap

(2) New Holland 688 Baler Auto Wrap

2011 New Holland BC5070 Square Baler Twine

New Holland 575 Square Baler Wire

New Holland 570 Square Baler Twine

2006 Gehl 2780 Baler

2021 McHale V6750 Baler 4800 Bales

Vermeer 505 Super I Baler

John Deere 1327 Moco 9ft Flail

New Holland 1431 Discbine 13ft

2015 New Holland 313FDB Discbine 13ft Flail

2015 New Holland H7330 Discbine 11ft Flail

New Holland 1411 Discbine 10ft

Kuhn FC353GC Discbine 3pt

New Holland 489 Haybine

New Holland 479 Haybine

New Holland 474 Haybine

New Holland 472 Haybine

Vicon KM4000 Disc Mower 12ft

2014 New Holland H6750 Disc Mower 3pt 9ft

2011 Vicon Extra 228 Disc Mower 3pt 9ft

Kuhn GMD700 Disc Mower 3pt 8ft

Rhino DM-5 Disc Mower 3pt 6ft

Sitrex DM-5 Disc Mower 3pt 6ft

2020 Claas 3600DISCO Flailmower *Missing Cutter Bar

Case IH Sickle Mower 3pt 7ft

(2) Enorossi G6V 740PTH Tedder 6-Basket

New Idea 4277 Tedder 4-Basket

H & S X15 Wheel Rake 15-Wheel

2019 Enorossi ER12 Wheel Rake 12-Wheel w/2 Kickers

Sitrex MX10 Wheel Rake 10-Wheel

H & S AR2108 Wheel Rake 8-Wheel Action Rake

John Deere 672 Rake 5 Bar w/Dolly

John Deere 74 Rake 5 Bar w/Dolly

New Holland 256 Rake 5 Bar

Vermeer R23 Twin Rake

2005 John Deere 520 Shredder Econo EW450A Bale Wrapper 3pt

2019 Farm King BW200 Bale Wrapper

John Deere 22 Hay Crimper

New Holland H7330 Discbine 11ft Flail


John Deere 840SL Loader

John Deere 175 Loader

International 2250 Loader

Westendorf 570 Loader w/Grapple

Woods 355 Loader


2014 Horsch Joker RT330 Disk 30ft High Speed

2012 Kuhn Krause 8200-25W Disk 25ft Rock Flex w/Rolling Harrow

2019 Case IH 335 Turbo Till Disk Barracuda 28ft Rock Flex w/Rolling Harrow

Case IH 330 Turbo Till Disk 42ft w/Rolling Basket

Case IH 3900 Disk 18ft

International 37 Disk 14ft

2014 Great Plains 3000TM Vert Till 30ft w/Rolling Harrow

John Deere 630 Disk 25ft

(2) John Deere 1630 Cutting Disk 14ft

2016 Sunflower 6630 Vert Till Disk

Kuhn Krause 8000 Excellerator VT 25ft Rock Flex w/Rolling Harrow

Krause Disk 20ft

Krause 207 Disk 8ft

Massey Ferguson 820 Disk 22ft


2014 John Deere 2210 Cultivator 41ft w/Harrow

Dmi Tigermate Cultivator 19ft w/Spring Harrow

John Deere 980 Cultivator 44ft w/Spring Harrow

1995 John Deere 980 Cultivator 36ft w/Harrow

John Deere 960 Cultivator 24ft w/Spring Harrow

John Deere 960 Cultivator 20ft w/Spring Harrow

John Deere 1010 Cultivator 23ft w/Spring Harrow

John Deere 1010 Cultivator 3pt 22ft w/Spring Harrow

John Deere 1100 Cultivator 3pt 22ft

John Deere Cultivator 12-Row Danish

2014 Case IH Tigermate 200 Cultivator 21ft w/Harrow

Case IH 4300 Cultivator 22ft w/Harrow

Case IH 4800 Cultivator 28ft w/Harrow

Case IH 4800 Cultivator 26ft w/Harrow

Case IH 4800 Cultivator 24ft w/Spring Harrow

Hesston 2240 Cultivator 20ft w/Harrow I

nternational 183 Cultivator 3pt 12-Row

Wetherell Cultivator 3pt 12-Row No Till

Wil-rich Cultivator 17ft w/Spring Harrow


Case IH 10 Ripper 3pt 6-Shank

John Deere Chisel Rig 3pt 16ft

John Deere Chisel 3pt 13ft 14-Shank

White 435 Disk Chisel

John Deere Plow 3pt 3-Btm


John Deere 1790 Planter 2pt 16/31 Row CCS Delivery

John Deere 7200 Planter 12-Row

(2) John Deere Planter 3pt 2-Row

Case IH 1200 Planter 16-Row

2011 Kinze 3600 Planter 16-Row 30in Row Cleaners Liquid Fert

1993 Kinze 2200 Planter 12-Row No-Till

2002 John Deere 1590 Drill 15ft No-Till 

(2) John Deere 750 Drill 15ft No-Till

Case IH 5100 Drill w/Grass Seed

Great Plains Solid Stand 30 Drill 30ft

Great Plains Solid Stand 10 Drill 10ft No-Till

Great Plains NTS607 Seeder 3pt 7ft No-Till w/Grass Seed

Wild Seed Grain Drill

2009 Frontier BD1307 Drill 7ft w/Grass Seed

Grinder Mixers

Penta 6720HD Vertical TMR Twin Screw w/Scale

Gehl 8285 Horizontal TMR w/Scale

Knight 3375 Horizontal TMR Reel Auggie

John Deere 700 Grinder

(2) Kelly Ryan Feed Wagon w/Scales

Schuler 125M Feed Wagon

Vermeer BP5000 Processor Rebel

Peerless Roller Mill

Manure Spreaders

Gehl 309 Manure Spreader

John Deere 54 Manure Spreader

Kuhn Knight 8124 Manure Spreader

Pro Twin Slinger Meyer 3245 Manure Spreader

V-Max New Holland 514 Manure Spreader

New Idea 213 Manure Spreader

N Tech Honey Wagon 3350 Gallon


2013 John Deere S670 Combine CM 4wd Chopper w/Duals 3439/2259 Hrs

2003 John Deere 930F Grain Table CM

2020 John Deere 9900 Harvester C/H/A 2wd Harvest Lab 3000 1623/1100 Hrs

Case IH 1020 Grain Table 25ft

2004 John Deere 9560 Combine 2724 Hrs

2013 Claas Lexion 750 Combine 4wd Chopper Lateral Tilt Tracks 2051/1337 Hrs

2012 Claas Lexion 740 Combine 2wd Chopper Lateral Tilt w/Duals 1529/1061 Hrs

2013 Gleaner 9250-35 Flex Draper 35ft

2009 John Deere 635F Grain Table

John Deere 630F Grain Table

1999 John Deere 930F Grain Table CM

John Deere 925 Grain Table

(4) John Deere 920 Grain Table LL

Case IH 1020 Grain Table 25ft

Case IH 1020 Grain Table 20ft

Case IH 1020 Grain Table 17.5ft

Large Selection of Gravity Wagons

John Deere 612C Corn Head CM

Case IH 1083 Corn Head 8-Row J

ohn Deere 444 Corn Head LL 4-Row 36in

2007 John Deere 1293 Corn Head Hyd Deck Plates

2003 John Deere 912 Pickup Head 6-Belt

1999 Case IH 1015 Pickup Head 7-Belt

Case IH 2015 Pickup Head 8-Belt

Brent 782 Grain Cart w/Tarp

A & L 450 Grain Cart

Unverferth 7250 Grain Cart w/Tarp


Hardi CM1200 Sprayer 1200 Gallon 80ft Booms

Friesen 375 Seed Tender w/Gas Motor & Tarp

Easy Rider 1600-C Spreader Truck Diesel 32,488 Miles No Title

2009 John Deere 4730 Sprayer C/H/A 4wd 800 Gallon 90ft Booms 3233 Hrs

AG Chem Rogator 1254 Sprayer C/H/A 4wd 1250 Gallon Stainless 80ft Booms 4355 Hrs

2005 Miller Nitro 2200HT Sprayer 100ft Booms 5450 Hrs

Kindle PT Sprayer 500 Gallon 37ft Booms

Demco HP500 Sprayer 500 Gallon

Demco Sprayer w/Saddle Tanks

2022 Industrials America FDT7014 Dump Trailer

Simonsen N-64J Fert Cart 8-Ton

Friesen 220 Seed Tender w/Gas Motor

Patriot 220 Seed Tender w/Gas Motor

2013 Speed King 240 Seed Tender Triple Axle w/Tarp & Gas Motor 

2004 Sunflower 6333 Soil Finisher 37ft w/Harrow

Unverferth 75 Rolling Reel 17ft

Unverferth 2750 Seed Tender w/Gas Motor & Tarp

Unverferth 1225 Rolling Harrow 37ft

Case IH Crumbler 30ft Dmi Crumbler 28ft

(2) John Deere 200 Crumbler

2014 Great Plains FH6851HD Harrow 51ft

Aerway AW1600 Aerator 16f

t Brown Aerator 9ft

Brillion SST-1201 Seeder 12ft

Valmetal 5600 Agri Chopper

2005 John Deere 3975 Chopper w/JD 6ft Pickup Head

John Deere 40 Chopper

Meyer 4120 Silage Wagon 20ft

Meyer 4218 Silage Wagon 18ft

Parker 1500 Weigh Wagon

Rem 2100 Grain Vac


2013 John Deere 5085E Canopy MFWD P.Reverser 3905 Hrs

2015 Massey Ferguson 4609 C/H/A MFWD P.Shuttle w/931X Loader 2767 Hrs

2019 Kubota SVL95-2S Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 996 Hrs

2012 Bobcat T770 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 2949 Hrs

1996 John Deere 7800 C/H/A MFWD P.Shift *Needs MFWD Work*

John Deere 5065E Rollbar 2wd

Kubota M9540 C/H/A 2wd 1889 Hrs

Kubota M5700 Canopy MFWD 3418 Hrs

Kubota L2501 2015

Massey Ferguson 4608 Canopy MFWD P.Shuttle w/DL250 Loader 1271 Hrs

Mahindra 4035 Rollbar MFWD w/ML120 Loader 402 Hrs

Minne-moline M-670 Propane

John Deere Z950M Zero Turn 60in Deck 1320 Hrs

2019 Bad Boy Rouge Zero Turn 61in Deck 885 Hrs

2018 Bad Boy Outlaw XP Zero Turn 54in Deck 529 Hrs

2017 Bad Boy Outlaw XP Zero Turn *Needs Engine Work*

Encore Zero Turn 52in Deck

Kubota RTVX900 Utv 3857 Hrs AS IS

John Deere 317 Skid Steer OROPS 1279 Hrs

2003 New Holland LS180 Track Skid Steer C/H/A w/Grouser Tracks 3560 Hrs

2008 Asv PT100 Track Skid Steer C/H/A No Door 2258 Hrs

2016 Gehl V400 Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd

2015 Takeuchi TL10 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd

1995 John Deere 9500 Combine LL 4wd Chopper 7216/4594 Hrs

John Deere 535 Baler

Case IH RBX562 Baler Net Wrap

2009 New Holland H7230 Discbine

Hesston 1040 Discbine

Rhino DM112 Disc Mower 9ft

John Deere 350 Sickle Mower 3pt 7ft

John Deere Hay Crimper 6ft

(2) Farmhand Bale Accumulator

Farmhand Bale Claw H

oelscher 100 Bale Claw

Used Hay Grapple

Kubota L45 Backhoe Canopy 4wd HST 1708 Hrs

2014 New Holland Roll Belt 560 Baler Specialty Crop Net Wrap

L & D Land Pro Sprayer 1600 Gallon 90ft Booms

Ditch Witch 2300 Trencher OROPS 4wd 4ft Trencher 1276 Hrs

Caldwell Grain Cart

John Deere 520M Loader

2018 First Products UA60T Aerator 5ft Gas Motor

Hiniker 1000 Cultivator 3pt 12-Row No-Till

John Deere 3945 Plow 3pt 4-Btm

Oliver Disk 11ft Used Disk 10ft

Case IH 900 Planter 6-Row

1995 Road Boss Gooseneck Trailer 20ft w/4ft Dove Tail w/Title

Kubota 60in Rear Discharge Mower Deck


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