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Van Houten Real Estate, Storage Facilities & Historic Petroliana Auction

Real Estate, Personal Property

Location: 105 E Chestnut St, Clarence, MO

Intersection of Highway 151 and Old US 36. From US Highway 36 East at Clarence, exit and turn East on Old 36 to the auction location. From US Highway 36 West at Clarence, exit and turn South to the auction location.

4 p.m. Thursday, August 31st, 2023
Real Estate, Sold In 3 Tracts Vehicles, Petroliana Accessories, Collectible Signs, Antiques and Other Collectibles and Station Equipment

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Live Onsite Auction

Real Estate: We will be selling in 3 tracts a historic gas station and 2 sets of storage facilities in Clarence, Missouri.

Tract 1: Gas station includes a 14′ x 18′ office area, 2 bathrooms, 2 bays totaling 26′ x 28 1/2′, two 10′ x 10′ glass front overhead doors with openers. The building is in excellent condition and is mainly original. It has ductwork but no current furnace or air conditioning in the building. The underground gas tanks have been removed and soil has been tested. The sellers have documentation to this effect.

Tract 2: North side storage building were built starting in 2000. They consist of one 10′ x 20′ storage unit and twenty-five 10′ x 12′ storage units. The units are always occupied with a waiting list.

Tract 3: South side storage units built in 1998. They consist of eight 10′ x 12′ storage units and two 5′ x 10′ storage units. The units are always occupied with a waiting list.

Please call Scotty for more information and to schedule your personal showing at 573-356-4405.


Vehicles: 1953 Ford Fairlane Custom Clarence Police Department; 1977-78? Honda Gold Wing with trailer; 1977 Mercury Grand Marquis; 1965 Ford Galaxie 500, bought new in Macon by Mr. Klinginsmith; 1954 Chevy Ford Fordomatic Custom; 1970 Apple tent trailer; 1974 Ford Maverick; 1977 Ford LTD; 1956 Buick Special pot metal grill; miscellaneous truck grills and pickup bed trim; 1949 – 1950 Ford fender skirts

Petroliana Accessories: 2 gas station light poles; 2 Tokheim pumps with MFA gas globes; 1919 National Pumps Corporation gas pump with D-X plastic repo globe and brass gas nozzle SN 1905045; 2 – Whitaker automotive wire and cable products cabinets 32″ x 21″ Original to station; 2 – NAPA spark plug cabinets 34″ x 15″ original to station; Wagner Lighting bulb cabinet 19″ x 27″; Hose display metal rack 22″ x 22″; 1935 Car display photos; 1940 Chevy framed photo; Mars Gas Oil glass globe; Ford F Series 1948-1998 framed print; D-X glass globe; Chevrolet leadership awards Weems Chevrolet 1971-1975; Howard & Harry DX vintage jacket size 40 regular; Van Houten Oil original glass globe; Mid Continent Petroleum corporation display; D-X Lubricating Gasoline glass globe

Collectible Signs: 50″ x 33 5/8″ MFA oil plastic sign; 94″ x 16″ Good Year tire porcelain sign; Firestone porcelain sign 8′ x 17 3/4″; Milton Oil Co. Dixcel porcelain sign 41 3/4″ diameter; Red Crown Gasoline; Hudson Papaline; DX; Champlin Gasoline; Golden Shell Motor Oil porcelain sign 3′ x 3′; Cosden Oils porcelain sign 42″ diameter; Shell plastic letters on wood; Air 11″ x 9″; Miller Tires “Renner’s Service Station Clarence, MO” porcelain sign 71 1/2″ x 36″; Gillette Tires metal sign 29″ x 47″; Mobil flying Pegasus porcelain sign 31″ x 60″; Auto Repairs porcelain sign 12″ x 110″; Sky Chief porcelain sign; Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil porcelain sign 60″ x 15″; DX metal 3D sign 48″ x 86″; Pennzoil oval plastic sign; Shellubrication porcelain sign 12″ x 106″; Sinclair H-C Gasoline sign 48″ diameter; Sinclair H-C Gasoline sign 72″ diameter; Richardson’s porcelain sign 12″ x 111″; Sound Your Z Pennzoil porcelain sign; Red Crown Gasoline porcelain sign 60″ x 28″; Gulf porcelain sign 43″ x 45″; Kendall Motor Oil; Highway 66 road sign; Texaco Motor Oil sign with post and frame sign is 31″ x 31″ with 24″ post; Woco Pep porcelain sign 30″ x 59″; Tydol Gasoline porcelain sign 42″ diameter; Star Tires porcelain sign 10″ x 44″; Grant Extra duty wall mounted sign; Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp 12″ x 144″; DX Sunray Oil Company 12″ x 144″; DX Sunray Oil Company 12″ x 128″; Sky Chief Texaco sign; Firestone Tires wall mount sign 22″ x 16″; Older Stop sign; MFA Oil print; Tires, Rootbeer sign; Lubri-Gas sign; Sunoco sign; 2 -Good Year metal signs; Prestone Antifreeze thermometer; Kendall 2000 Mile Oil thermometer; Studebaker Sales Parts Service; Veedol Motor Oil Greases porcelain sign; Marland Oils porcelain V sign 72″ x 43″; Shell Gasoline wall mount sign 22″ x 17 1/2″; Mobilgas flying Pegasus sign 48: x 58″; DX 3D plastic sign 57″ x 32″; DX Marine Gasoline sign; Coca-Cola metal sign 23″ diameter; DX Porcelain sign; FFA Future Farmer Lives Here sign; Standard Oil Products sign 120″ x 12″; Sunco plastic sign 4′ x 26″; Sunco plastic sign 51″ x 32″; Col-Tex Gasoline porcelain sign 30″ diameter; Sinclair Gasoline porcelain sign 37″ diameter; Delco Packard battery cables sign; Borg Warner metal locking parts cabinet 29″ x 69″; Good Year Tires diamond Porcelain 68″ x 38 3/4″; Polarine The Perfect Motor Oils porcelain sign 61″ x 38″; Conoco V lighted double sided sign 53″ x 48″; Authorized porcelain sign 30″ diameter; Shell 3D steel symbol; Conoco Lube Shop sign 16 1/2″ x 71″; HaDees Hot Water Car Heaters thermometer; Firestone Factory Method framed sign 22″ x 30″; Interstate Batteries Dale Jarret #18; Kendall The 2000 Mile Oil metal sign 70″ x 36″; Royal Triton Motor Oil porcelain sign; Lion porcelain double sided sign 60″; Hudson porcelain sign 47″ x 18″; Country Inn Truck Stop metal sign; JCT road sign; Missouri Highway 151 road sign; Highway 36 road sign; It’s Gott To Be Good metal sign; Monroe Shock America Rides wall mount sign with hanging bracket; Grant Batteries wall mount sign; Mobiloil sign with frame and post bracket 37″ x 18″; Mobilgas flying pegasus sign 74″ x 72″; Texaco homemade porcelain letters on wood 68″ x 11 1/2″; Pontiac Service porcelain sign 42″ diameter; Barnsdall Products sign; Pedrick Piston Ring sign; Speed Limit 15 sign; Speed Limit 25 sign; Speed Limit 30 sign; Quaker State Motor Oil sign 26 1/2″ x 29″; A.O. Hauge Farm Loans metal sign 24″ x 30″; Sonic Tires sign 60″ x 16″; Pennzoil plastic sign; 2 – Continental Oil Company framed signs 108″ x 10″; Conoco metal letters on metal frame; Hummer Implement Company Clarence, MO metal sign with wooden frame 115″ x 29″; Zephyr Motor Oil Gasoline porcelain sign 45″ x 30″; Polarine The Perfect Motor Oil metal double sided sign 30″ diameter; Conoco lighted double sided plastic and metal sign 66″ x 22″; Firestone Spark Plugs metal sign; D-X metal sign 108″ x 48″; Hy-Vis Motor Oil metal double sided sign 24″ x 17″; Firestone Free Car metal sign; General Tire metal double sided sign 36″ x 23″; Sunoco Motor Oils double sided porcelain sign; Lubri Loy Oil metal sign; Pennzoil Sound Your Z metal double sided sign 22″ x 31″; Sinclair Oils metal sign 48″ x 20″; Skelly Aromax porcelain double sided sign 30″ diameter; Star Cars Authorized; Service double sided porcelain sign 36″ x 24″; Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp; Quaker State Thermometer; Red Dry Battery Seal thermometer; MFA Oil Company framed; Kayo metal sign with chalk board; Universal Batteries thermometer; James Supply Company Quincy IL thermometer; Zypher Motor Oil small metal sign; Champlin Gasoline sign 33″ x 36″; DX 3D plastic sign 50″ x 32″; Hudson Authorized Service with Airplane sign 40″ diameter; Red Crown Gasoline sign 40″ diameter; 8 Highway cast iron sign (Highway name before US Highway 36); Mobil 3D metal flying Pegasus 37″ x 53″; Sinclair Gasoline porcelain sign on lollipop bracket 28″ x 56″ with stand; Chevrolet Clarence Auto Co sign; Taxi Service, City Cab Service, Inc. thermometer; Conoco V small porcelain sign; Stop sign metal with raised letters; MFA Oil thermometer; Seiberling Repair Manuals metal clock; MFA metal sign on pole; Ford porcelain sign on pole; glass MFA Oil Company sign; D-X Ethyl plastic sign; Bueter’s ButterKrust Bread thermometer; Universal Batteries thermometer; AAA Auto Club Missouri small metal cutout sign; 2 – Greening Funeral Home thermometers

Antiques and Other Collectibles: 1890’s McMurry Sulky Company of Marion, Ohio, horse-drawn racing sulky; Coca-Cola cooler 35 cent; Clarence Telephone Co. pay phone; 2 circus monkeys; plastic Holstein cow; Siegler Enamel Range Company, Centralia, IL wood stove; Visible Mail glass container; service desk; metal desk; National Cash Register Co, Dayton Ohio antique cash register; Antique adding machine; antique phones; Dremel shoe buffer; Crosley Select O-Matic Collector’s Edition Radio; DAK bubble gum machine; shell mantle clock; antique radio; Panasonic old school black & white television; miscellaneous car display pictures; depot bench; various mannequins; Radio Rancher antique wagon; Pepsi cooler chest type; Clarence Telephone Co reproduction phone station; Cherry Box Switchboard reproduction phone station

Station Equipment: GBC 5 HP 80 gallon, 220 amp, air compressor; 1997 Challenger 9,000 pound lift 131″ x 141″

There will be many more items at this auction too numerous to mention.

Please visit the auctioneers website for more photos and full Terms and Conditions. 

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