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Monthly Farm and Industrial Machinery Consignment Auction

Farm Machinery

Location: 203 NW 160 Rd, Clinton, MO

9 a.m. Monday, April 8th, 2024
Tractors, Industrial Equipment, Trailers, Hay Tools, Rotary Cutters, Loaders, Discs, Cultivators, Rippers, Plows, Planters, Drills, Grinder Mixers, Combines, Manure Spreaders, Grain Tables, & More!

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2012 7200R C/H/A MFWD 20-Spd P.Quad w/Duals 3383 Hrs

2011 6430 Premium C/H/A IVT w/H310 Loader 3722 Hrs

2014 6210R C/H/A MFWD 20-Spd P.Quad w/Duals 2594 Hrs

2022 6135E C/H/A MFWD 24-Spd P.Reverser w/H310 Loader 261 Hrs w/Warranty

2022 6120M C/H/A MFWD 24-Spd P.Quad Loader Ready 464 Hrs

2014 6115M C/H/A MFWD 24-Spd P.Quad 828 Hrs

1993 4560 C/H/A 2wd Quad Range w/Duals 8125 Hrs

2016 9570R C/H/A 4wd P.Shift Auto Load Scraper Special w/Duals 8170 Hrs

2001 9300 C/H/A 4wd 12-Spd 5725 Hrs

8520 C/H/A MFWD ILS P.Shift w/F&R Duals 6242 Hrs

2002 8120 C/H/A MFWD P.Shift w/Duals 5721 Hrs

2004 7820 C/H/A MFWD 20-Spd P.Quad w/Duals 6676 Hrs

7800 C/H/A 2wd 16-Spd P.Quad w/Duals 5287 Hrs

1996 7400 C/H/A 2wd 16-Spd P.Quad 3602 Hrs

2003 7220 C/H/A MFWD P.Quad w/740 Classic Loader

2011 7130 C/H/A MFWD 16-Spd P.Quad 2960 Hrs

2010 6430 C/H/A MFWD 16-Spd P.Quad w/563 Loader 4696 Hrs

2003 6420 C/H/A MFWD 16-Spd P.Quad 4464 Hrs

2013 6210R C/H/A MFWD 16-Spd P.Quad w/Duals 4573 Hrs

2019 6175R C/H/A MFWD 20-Spd P.Quad w/680R Loader 3406 Hrs

2019 6175R C/H/A MFWD 20-Spd P.Quad w/680R SL Loader 3812 Hrs

2016 6145R C/H/A MFWD 16-Spd P.Quad w/640R Loader 1744 Hrs

2022 6130M C/H/A MFWD 24-Spd P.Quad w/620R Loader 186 Hrs

2021 6135E C/H/A MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser 2850 Hrs

2021 6135E C/H/A MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser 2504 Hrs

2021 6135E C/H/A MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser 2275 Hrs

2022 6120E C/H/A MFWD 24-Spd P.Reverser 867 Hrs

2015 6115M C/H/A MFWD 24-Spd P.Quad w/H310 Loader 3806 Hrs

2017 6105E Canopy MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser 2994 Hrs

2006 5425 C/H/A MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser 2608 Hrs

2004 5220 2wd 9-Spd Sync Shuttle 1861 Hrs

2006 5103 Canopy 2wd 9-Spd Sync Shuttle 3069 Hrs

2021 5090R C/H/A MFWD 16-Spd w/540R Loader 93 Hrs

2022 5090E C/H/A MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser w/520M Loader 490 Hrs

2021 5090E C/H/A MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser w/540M Loader 322 Hrs

2020 5090E Rollbar MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser w/540M Loader 826 Hrs

2018 5085E Low Profile Rollbar MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser w/520M Loader 337 Hrs

1987 4850 C/H/A MFWD P.Shift 13,227 Hrs

2000 4700 Rollbar MFWD Hydro 3245 Hrs

1976 4630 C/H/A 2wd Quad Range w/Duals 3851 Hrs

1976 4430 C/H/A 2wd Quad Range w/645 Loader 11,252 Hrs

2023 4044M Rollbar MFWD Hydro w/400E Loader 8 Hrs

2040 Rollbar w/521 Loader

1974 830 2wd Diesel

2020 XUV835M Gator C/H/A 4wd 550 Hrs


2014 CIH Magnum 310 C/H/A MFWD Front Susp. CVT w/F&R Duals 3255 Hrs 

2020 CIH Farmall 115A Rollbar MFWD w/L575 Loader 978 Hrs

2009 CIH Puma 195 C/H/A 2wd 17-Spd P.Shift 5040 Hrs

2015 CIH Maxxum 145 C/H/A MFWD P.Shift w/L755 Loader 3832 Hrs

2014 CIH Farmall 125A C/H/A MFWD 4410 Hrs

2013 CIH Farmall 110A C/H/A MFWD 4746 Hrs

2008 CIH Farmall 95C C/H/A MFWD 1718 Hrs


2020 NH Workmaster 105 C/H/A MFWD w/632TL Loader 331 Hrs

1992 Ford 846 C/H/A 4wd 24-Spd w/Duals 5006 Hrs

2015 NH TS6.120 C/H/A 2wd P.Shuttle 1669 Hrs

2014 NH T5.115 C/H/A MFWD Electro Command w/825TL Loader 346 Hrs

2020 NH Workmaster 105 Rollbar MFWD w/632TL Loader 979 Hrs

Ford TW15 C/H/A 2wd 7085 Hrs Ford 6600 Rollbar 2wd 4802 Hrs


2009 Kubota M126X C/H/A MFWD w/ LA2253 Loader Tracks 1730 Hrs

2021 Kubota L3560 C/H/A MFWD HST w/LA805 Loader 117 Hrs

2015 Kubota M6-141 C/H/A MFWD w/LA2255 Loader 2170 Hrs

Kubota M6S-111 C/H/A MFWD Hyd Shuttle w/LA1944 Loader 3228 Hrs

2019 Kubota M4-071 C/H/A MFWD Hyd Shuttle w/LA1154 Loader 274 Hrs

2020 Kubota M7060 C/H/A 2wd Hyd Shuttle 1064 Hrs


1994 Agco Allis 9455 C/H/A 2wd P.Shift w/Duals 2793 Hrs

AC 6060 2wd 4713 Hrs

2018 Challenger MT525E C/H/A MFWD 1995 Hrs

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower 60in Deck 460 Hrs

Deutz 5080D C/H/A MFWD 772 Hrs

2022 Kawasaki Mule Pro MX Utv OROPS 4wd 126 Hrs

2022 Kioti RX7320 C/H/A MFWD w/KL7320 Loader 90 Hrs

Mahindra MPower 85P C/H/A MFWD w/Loader 1499 Hrs

2014 MF 7626 C/H/A 14,932 Hrs

2016 MF 5611 C/H/A MFWD Dyna-4 w/941 Loader 1822 Hrs

1998 MF 4225 C/H/A MFWD w/1038 Loader 3216 Hrs

MF TO20 2wd Gas

2013 Versatile 310 C/H/A MFWD P.Shift w/F&R Duals 2110 Hrs

1994 White 6144 C/H/A MFWD w/Duals 4795 Hrs

1976 White 2-85 Umbrella 2wd 4792 Hrs

Zetor 4320 Cab 2wd


2019 JD 317G Track Skid Steer C/H/A 838 Hrs

2015 Bobcat T550 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 1746 Hrs

2010 JD 332D Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1490 Hrs

2017 JD 333G Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 3296 Hrs

2019 JD 331G Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 2670 Hrs

2018 Case TV450 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 1449 Hrs

2015 Case TV380 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1333 Hrs

2017 Case TR310 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1342 Hrs

2017 Case TR310 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 1593 Hrs

2021 NH C345 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1453 Hrs

2013 NH C238 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1466 Hrs

2021 Kubota SVL97-2 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 966 Hrs

2012 Kubota SVL90 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2849 Hrs

2022 Kubota SVL65-2 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1479 Hrs

2016 Caterpillar 246D Skid Steer C/H/A 530 Hrs

2023 JD 26G Excavator OROPS Hyd Thumb 425 Hrs

2010 JCB 515.40 Telehandler C/H/A 2wd 3705 Hrs

2015 Case 586H Forklift OROPS 4wd 4144 Hrs

2017 Bobcat T630 Track Skid Steer OROPS Approx. 2338 Hrs

2010 Bobcat T650 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 3569 Hrs

2020 Caterpillar 299D3XE Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1970 Hrs

2018 Caterpillar 287D Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1749 Hrs

2018 Takeuchi TL10V2 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 2321 Hrs

Terex PT60 Track Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 948 Hrs

2022 JD 320G Skid Steer OROPS 2-Spd 1363 Hrs

2016 Kubota SSV75 Skid Steer OROPS 2-Spd 444 Hrs

2020 Kubota SSV65 Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd

2018 Kubota SSV65 Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 413 Hrs

2017 Bobcat S550 Skid Steer C/H/A 919 Hrs

Caterpillar 252B Skid Steer C/H/A 650 Hrs

2016 JD 130GLC Excavator C/H/A 2-Spd 4280 Hrs

2001 Kubota KX91-3 Excavator OROPS 2-Spd 2431 Hrs

2013 Kubota K008-3 Excavator OROPS 1112 Hrs

2016 Bobcat 418A Excavator OROPS 1157 Hrs

2016 Caterpillar 313FLGC Excavator C/H/A 1990 Hrs

2022 Hyundai HX140AL Excavator C/H/A 2-Spd 22 Hrs

2015 Takeuchi TB230 Excavator OROPS Hyd Thumb 1529 Hrs

2016 Gehl RS10-55 Telehandler OROPS 4wd 4244 Hrs

2013 Genie GTH-5519 Telehandler OROPS 4wd 2385 Hrs

1999 JCB 550 Telehandler OROPS 4wd 5332 Hrs

2006 JCB 506C Telehandler OROPS 4wd 2643 Hrs

Case 586E Forklift OROPS 4wd 3420 Hrs

2014 Case 588H Forklift OROPS 4wd 3 Stage Mast 3416 Hrs

2014 Case 586H Forklift OROPS 4wd 3026 Hrs

2014 Harlo HP6500 Forklift OROPS 4wd

2009 Harlo HP6500 Forklift OROPS 4wd 4855 Hrs

2017 JCB 540-140 Forklift C/H/A 2877 Hrs

1989 JD 210C Backhoe Cab w/Heat 2wd 2913 Hrs

2003 Case 580SM Backhoe Cab w/Heat 4wd Ext. Hoe

2008 Caterpillar 414E IL Skip Loader OROPS 4wd 846 Hrs

Caterpillar 928G Wheel Loader C/H/A 4wd *Low Gear Out*

2008 Kawasaki 65TMV2 Wheel Loader C/H/A 4wd 6352 Hrs

2016 Komatsu WA270-7 Wheel Loader C/H/A 4wd 6904 Hrs

Caterpillar 955L Track Loader

2018 JD 550KLGP Dozer C/H/A 3295 Hrs

2017 Case 650L LT Dozer C/H/A 2818 Hrs

2006 JD 1812C Scraper 18yd

Ditch Witch 5010 Trencher OROPS 4wd 7ft Trencher 1489 Hrs

Kelley B70 Backhoe 3pt

JD Pro 911 Backhoe Extender

JD 447 Backhoe

Swisher 28T Log Splitter Dymax Extreme Grapple Haybuster H106 Rock Picker 10ft Shoule RM8080 Rock Picker JCT Rolling Rock Picker

TMG WC42 Wood Chipper 3pt

Paladin Gravel Shaker

Industrias America F12 Box Blade

Industrias America Loading Ramp R820

Industrias America 750 Fuel Trailer

Industrias America 500 Fuel Trailer

2012 JD 310SK Backhoe C/H/A 4wd Pilot Ctrls Ext. Hoe 4219 Hrs

Doosan DL220-5 Wheel Loader C/H/A 4wd 6904 Hrs


2016 JD CX15 Rotary Cutter 15ft

JD CX20 Rotary Cutter 20ft

JD HX15 Rotary Cutter 15ft

Bush Hog 2615 Rotary Cutter 15ft

Landpride 5515 Rotary Cutter 15ft

JD 2018 Rotary Cutter 10ft

Rhino N162 Rotary Cutter 10ft

Mahindra 8HD Rotary Cutter 8ft PT

Bush Hog 3209 Rotary Cutter 3pt 9ft

JD MX8 Rotary Cutter 3pt 8ft

Woods BB84XD Rotary Cutter 3pt 7ft

Bush Hog BH26 Rotary Cutter 3pt 6ft

Bush Hog Rotary Cutter 3pt 6ft


2011 JD 568 Baler Net Wrap

2018 NH Roll Belt 560 Baler Specialty Crop Net Wrap

2014 NH BC5070 Square Baler Twine

2017 CIH DC102 Discbine 11ft Steel Rollers

2002 JD 956 Moco 2pt 14ft

2018 JD 560M Baler Net Wrap

2009 JD 568 Baler Net Wrap

2012 JD 568 Baler Net Wrap

2003 JD 567 Baler Net Wrap

(2) JD 535 Baler

JD 530 Baler

2014 JD 459 Baler Silage Special Net Wrap

2016 NH Roll Belt 560 Baler Specialty Crop Net Wrap

NH BR780A Baler

NH BR7070 Baler Net Wrap

NH 640 Baler

Kuhn VB2190 Baler 6869 Bales

Vermeer 605SM Baler

2011 MF 2856A Baler Net Wrap

JD 338 Square Baler

NH 575 Square Baler Twine

2021 CIH SB541C Square Baler Twine

2012 CIH SB541 Square Baler Twine

New Idea 720 Square Baler

2021 MF 1840 Square Baler Inline Twine

2014 JD 630 Moco 10ft Flail

2013 JD 630 Moco 10ft Flail

2014 CIH DC163 Discbine 2pt 16ft Steel Rollers

2019 CIH DC103 Discbine 10ft Steel Rollers

NH 316FDB Discbine 16ft

NH H7450 Discbine 13ft

NH 1431 Discbine 12ft

NH H7330 Discbine 11ft Flail

MF 1363 Discbine 9ft

2015 Vermeer MC3700 Discbine 12ft Steel Rollers

JD 1219 Haybine

JD 275 Disc Mower 3pt 9ft

New Idea 5409 Disc Mower 3pt 9ft

2016 NH H6250 Disc Mower

Kuhn GF5001THA Tedder 4-Basket

2015 Pottinger HIT4.54 Tedder 3pt 4-Basket

Vermeer TD200 Tedder 4-Basket

JD 670 & 671 Rakes w/Hitch

JD 660 Rake

Vermeer R23 Rake

Bomford Hawk Evo 5.4 Ditch Mower 3pt 5ft Flail

Kubota RC72R-F30 Finish Mower 6ft

Bale Bandit 100 Bale Bander

Lewco 18 Bale Grapple

Land Honor Bale Grapple

Anderson RB680 Bale Wrapper

Vermeer SW2500 Bale Wrapper


2018 JD 520M Loader

JD 541 Loader

JD 260 SL Loader

JD 148 Loader

JD 146 Loader

CIH L630 Loader

CIH L555 Loader

IH 2250 Loader

NH 815TL Loader

NH 270TL Loader

Ford Loader

Allied 794 Loader

Buhler 895 Loader

Bush Hog 4045 Loader

Koyker K5 Loader

Koyker 210 Loader

Westendorf WL-42 Loader

Woods 315 Loader


1999 JD 637 Disk 27ft *New Blades* 

2014 Kuhn Krause 8210- 28W Disk 28ft Rock Flex

JD 630 Disk 27ft

JD 2623 Disk 26ft

2013 JD 2623 Disk 23ft

JD 230 Disk 21ft

JD BWF Disk 14ft

1992 JD 630 Disk

JD RWA Disk 7ft

CIH 330 Turbo Till Disk 35ft Rock Flex

CIH 3900 Disk 30ft

2019 CIH 335 Turbo Till Disk

Barracuda 28ft Rock Flex w/Rolling Harrow

Bush Hog Disk 20ft

2018 Great Plains 3000TM Vertical Disk 30ft w/Rolling Harrow

Great Plains 3000TM Vertical Disk

2005 Krause 7300-31W Disk 31ft

2007 Landoll 6230-33 Disk 33ft Rock Flex

Salford RTS570 Vertical Disk 30ft w/Spring Harrow

Sunflower G-16 Disk Offset 16ft

Industrias America 1824 Disk 3pt


JD 980 Cultivator 44ft w/Spring Harrow

CIH 4300 Cultivator 32ft w/Spring Harrow

2014 JD 2210 Cultivator 41ft w/Harrow

1996 JD 980 Cultivator 41ft

1997 JD 980 Cultivator 36ft w/Harrow

2000 JD 980 Cultivator 27ft w/Spring Harrow

JD 980 Cultivator 21ft w/Harrow

1998 JD 980 Cultivator 18ft w/Spring Harrow

JD 1100 Cultivator 3pt 16ft

JD 85 Cultivator 3pt 12-Row

CIH 200 Cultivator 40ft w/Spring Harrow

White 378 Cultivator 3pt 6-Row


JD 900 Ripper

Unverferth Zone Builder Ripper 3pt 8ft 4-Shank Inline

CIH 5700 Chisel 3pt 8ft 9-Shank

CIH 6750 Disk Chisel

AC 1600 Chisel 3pt 12-Shank


Kinze 3500 8/15-Row No-Till 6000 Acres

1994 JD 750 Drill 15ft No-Till

1994 JD 750 Drill 15ft No-Till

1998 JD 1530 Drill 3pt 15ft 15in Spacing

JD 750 Drill 10ft No-Till w/Grass Seed

JD 750 Drill 10ft No-Till w/Grass Seed

2018 JD 1590 Drill 10ft No-Till w/Grass Seed

JD 1560 Drill 10ft No-Till

JD 1590 Drill No-Till

JD 450 Drill

Great Plains Drill No-Till

Great Plains 2410NT Drill 24ft No-Till

Great Plains Solid Stand 15 Drill 15ft No-Till w/Grass Seed

Great Plains NT10 Drill 10ft No-Till w/Grass Seed

Great Plains 705NT Drill 7ft No-Till w/Grass Seed

MF 33 Drill w/Grass Seed

2014 Sunflower 9435-40 Drill 2pt 40ft

Tye 2020 Drill 20ft No-Till

Tye 540-630 Drill 15ft No-Till w/Grass Seed

CIH 5300 Drill 12ft w/Liquid Fert


Jaylor 5575 Vertical Tmr

2018 Kuhn Knight VS135 Vertical Tmr

Patz V500 Vertical Tmr

Patz V300 Vertical Tmr

Triolet 1-1200L Vertical Tmr

Schuler SRM254 Horizontal Tmr

Kelly Ryan 5x14 Feed Wagon

Kelly Ryan Feed R Wagon

JD 400 Grinder

Arts-way Grixxer Grinder

Farmhand 817 Grinder

Hesston BP25 Bale Processor

Bale King 3100 Bale Processor

2015 Vermeer CPX9000 Processor

2011 Kuhn Knight 3142 Horizontal Tmr


JD 874 Manure Spreader Slinger

2012 NH 155 Manure Spreader

NH 680 Manure Spreader

Hagedorn 277 Manure Spreader Hyd Push

Kuhn Knight 8132 Manure Spreader Slinger

Kuhn Knight 8124 Manure Spreader Pro Twin Slinger

Meyer 7500 Manure Spreader V-Force

Meyers VB185 Manure Spreader

2015 Northern NAU2415S Manure Spreader

Badger BN316 Honey Wagon

Kuhn Knight 8118 Manure Spreader Pro Twin Slinger


1996 JD 915 Grain Table LL

2012 EZ Trail 860 Grain Cart

2013 JD 640FD Flex Draper CM

2013 MF 9250 Flex Draper 40ft

2013 JD 635F Grain Table CM w/AWS Air Reel

2010 JD 630F Grain Table

2005 CIH 1020 Grain Table 30ft

CIH 1020 Grain Table 25ft

2011 JD 612C Corn Head CM

1981 JD 212 Pickup Head LL 6-Belt

Unverferth 8250 Grain Cart

Brent 674 Grain Cart

Parker 2500 Gravity Wagon

International 781 Chopper 2-Row Corn Head

JD 678 Chopper Head 8-Row

Industrias America 425 Header Trailer 


Massimo 125 Mini Jeep

(4) Brillion SS10 Seeder 10ft

Unverferth 3775 Seed Tender

Friesen 220 Seed Tender

2005 GVM 4524 Fert Spreader

Soucy S Tech 1000X Combine Tracks

2016 Salford Tphp Litter Spreader 16ft

Adams Fertilizer Spreader

Dempster Fertilizer Spreader

Willmar Fertilizer Spreader

Parker 1500 Weigh Wagon

Weigh Wagon

Heider Auger Wagon

2007 Miller Pro 500 Sprayer 45ft Booms 500 Gallon

Apache Creep Feeder


2021 JD 4044M Tractor Rollbar MFWD 12-Spd P.Reverser w/400E Loader 185 Hrs

2007 NH TN60A Tractor Canopy MFWD Turf Tires 2564 Hrs

2019 Kubota M7-152 Tractor Deluxe C/H/A MFWD P.Shift w/LM2605 Loader 1053 Hrs

2019 Kubota BX23S Tractor Rollbar MFWD HST w/ LA340 Loader, 60in Deck & BT603 Backhoe 380 Hrs

2017 Takeuchi TL12V2 Skid Steer C/H/A 2-Spd 1510 Hrs

2018 Komatsu PC138USLC Excavator C/H/A 2906 Hrs

2009 JD 568 Baler Net Wrap

2008 Aitchison 8122CT Drill 10ft No-Till 

1997 JD 8400T Tractor C/H/A w/3pt & Pto 9100 Hrs *Noise In Rear End*

JD 5103 Tractor Rollbar 2wd w/Loader 1220 Hrs *Hole In Block*

1963 4010 2wd Syncro w/148 Loader

1964 JD 3020 Tractor 2wd Gas

2003 NH TN70 Tractor Canopy 2wd 2898 Hrs

1995 Ford 8670 Tractor C/H/A MFWD P.Shift w/Duals7505 Hrs

Ford TW20 Tractor C/H/A 2wd 7958 Hrs

1984 Ford 6710 Tractor C/H/A 2wd 5565 Hrs

2016 Kubota MX5200 Tractor Rollbar MFWD HST w/ LA1065 Loader 775 Hrs

2018 Kubota L3560 Tractor C/H/A MFWD HST w/LA805 Loader 328 Hrs

1982 AC 8010 Tractor C/H/A 2wd Power Shift w/Duals 3953 Hrs

1977 MF 255 Tractor 2wd 8-Spd w/Loader 2824 Hrs

2018 JD 323E Skid Steer C/H/A 2838 Hrs

Takeuchi TB240 Excavator C/H/A 2-Spd Hyd Thumb 2690 Hrs

JCB 8004CTS Excavator Open Rops 506 Hrs

Case 584D Forklift OROPS 2wd 2330 Hrs

Rhino 2500 Angle Blade 3pt 12ft Hyd

Industrias America 165 Angle Blade 3pt Hyd

Progressive TD65 Finish Mower 15ft

2011 Claas Volto 52T Tedder 4-Basket

2004 Kuhn GF5001THA Tedder 4-Basket

NH 474 Haybine

Vermeer R9B Rake

Vermeer R9B Rake

Vermeer Hitch

Westendorf WL40 Loader

JD KBA Offset Disk 5ft

CIH 4300 Cultivator 32ft w/Spring Harrow

CIH 4800 Cultivator 30ft w/Spring Harrow

Delta Pasture Harrow 30ft

Haybuster 2100 Bale Processor

Corral Panels

JD 653 Row Crop Head

JD Pickup Head 5-Belt


2014 JD 6125R Tractor C/H/A MFWD ILS 24-Spd P.Quad w/H340 Loader 450 Hrs

1985 JD 750 Tractor Rollbar MFWD 8-Spd 259 Hrs

Lowe Stinger 195 Fishing Boat w/ Mercury Pro X5 Motor

Promatic Huntsman Skeet Slinger 

Frontier FP2208 Food Plotter 3pt 8ft

Polaris Ranger XP 900HD UTV OROPS 4wd 6-Seater 322 Hrs

Lowe Aluminum Fishing Boat

16ft Trailer Tandem Axle *No Title*

JD Disk 12ft PT

Frontier BB2072 Box Blade 3pt 6ft

Cosmo 500 Broadcast Spreader 3pt

Rol-Oyl Cattle Oiler

Feed Bunks & Bins

Mineral Feeder

ATV Crossing

ATV & UTV Sprayers

Quick Attach Tiller SS Attachment

Quick Attach Street Sweeper SS Attachment

Quick Attach Tree Cutter SS Attachment

JD GT72 Grapple Bucket SS Attachment

Pallet Forks SS Attachment

Industrial Air Air Compressor 60 Gallon Upright

DeWalt Power Washer

Generac XG 8000E Portable Generator

Other Misc Tools


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