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Location: 21509 State Hwy D, Mexico, MO

From Hwy 54/Hwy 15 overpass (Walmart exit) in Mexico, take Highway D for .8 miles and the 4-H Fairgrounds will be on the right. (Watch for Signs) Audrain County 4-H Fairgrounds-21509 State Highway D, Mexico, MO 65265

10 a.m. Saturday, July 13th, 2024
Firearms, Ammo, Deer Mounts, Hunting Gear and more!

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Auction Terms: Not responsible for accidents or theft.  Additions and deletions may occur.  Announcements on day of sale take precedence over all advertisements.  Payment due on day of sale in the form of cash, good check or credit card w/convenience fee. A valid driver’s license and current phone number will be required for all registering bidders.  All first time registrants will be required to have your picture taken.


Civil war re-enactment Muzzle loaders

-Spenser Repeating Rifle, 7rd, Cartridge 56cal.

-(Armi Sports) Sharpes .54Cal. breach load

-1855 Colt Revolving Sporting Rifle, 44cal. (Nonfunctioning)

-.14 Pin Fire Percussion Shotgun (Antique)

-(Euro Arms) Enfield 2 band P1858.58cal

-U.S. Model 1842 "Mississippi" Rifle. 58cal

-(FAB Arms) 12 ga. double barrel shotgun

-Remington 1863 "Zovaze Rifte

-J.J. Weston Double Hammer 12ga

-Whitworth Rifle .45cal Hexagonal Bolt (Ballet)

-1861 Springfield Rifle .58cal

-1862 Richmond Rifle .58cal Minié Ball

-Cook+ Brothers .58 cal Artillery Carbine


Civil war Replica Pistols

-(F.LLIPIETTA) Remington Model 58 "Army" 44cal.

-(Armi San Paolo) Remington 36cal. New Model Navy

-(F.LLIPIETTA) 1851 Colt Revolver. 44 Brass Frame Sheriff's Model

-(FLLIPIETTA) Starr Double Action Revolver. 44cal.

-(Richland Arms) Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver. 32cal 5.5” barrel

-1849 Pocket Colt 36Cal. Percussion Revolver 6.5" Barrel

-(F.LLIPIETTA) Snub Nose 1860 Army Revolver 44cal. 3" Barrel, Birds Head grip

-1849 Colt 3lcal. Revolver 4" oct. Barrel

-(F.LLIPIETTA) 1851 Colt Revolver Steel frame Fluted Cyl. Union

-(F.LLIPIETTA) Brass frame, 36cal Spiller & Burr

-(F.LLIPIETTA) Dance 44 Cal Revolver

-1851 Griswold & Gunnison Revolver. 36cal. 7.5" Barrel

-(F.LUPIETTA) .36cal. 51 Navy Colt Revol. Confederate

-(FILLIPIETTA) Colt mod. 1851 London Navy 36cal.

-(F.LLIPIETTA Colt, 44cal. 8" Bartel (4 screws)

-(Richland Arms) 1860 Colt .44cal. w/ Fluted Cyl.

-(F.LLIPIETTA) Colt. 1860 Army 36cal. 7.5" Barrel (Josey Wales)

-(F.LLIPIETTA) 1858 Remington. 44cal. Revolver

-?(San Marco) Colt model 1848 Army, 44cal. "Dragoon"

-?1847 Colt .44cal "Walker (CVA)

-(Ardesa Spain) . 45cal. single shot, Sash pistol 10" Barrel

-Philadelphia. 45Cal. Derringer

General re-enactment Items

-?Calvary Swords


-Confederate Grays

-Bushwhacker Shirts

-Civil war replica bayonet

-Leather holsters & army style saddle bags



-Ruger SR1911 45auto

-Ruger MKIII Hunter target 22LR, Stainless 5½" Fluted Barrel

-Ruger Mark IV. 22LR Target 4° Barrel

-Ruger Mark II .22LR Target 4" Barrel

-Regent P45 (1911). 45auto

-Taurus 709sun 9MM

-Ruger LCR 22WMR 6 shot

-Ruger P345, 45auto

-Ruger LCP 380auto

-Ruger LCP MAX 380aut0

-Ruger Security-380 Lite Rack (New)

-Ruger Super Redhawk, 44 mag, 7" w/ Leupold Scope

-Ruger GP100, 357mag, 5.25"

-Smith & Wesson 57-6, .41 magnum, 3.25"

-Taurus TX .22LR

-Ruger SR22, .22LR

-Ruger SR9c 9mm

-Walther P22 22LR

- Ruger SR9 9mm



-Marlin Mod. 336CS 35Rem.

-Ruger No.1, 375H&H w/Redfield scope 2x-7x

-Ruger No.1, 243WIN W/Simmons 6.5-20x50 scope

-Ruger No.1, 270WIN w/Nikon BDC 3-9x40

-Remington Model Seven, 260Rem w/Bushnell scope, Wood Stock

-Weatherby Vanguard .300 WSM w/Simmons 6.5-20x50

-Howa Mod. 1500, 6.5 PRC W/Vortex 4-12x40

-Remington 700, 25-06, Camo w/camo Nikon 4.5-14×40BDC

-Remington 770 Whitetail Pro 300win Mag, w/Simmons 6.5-20x50

-Ruger M77 Mark II 30-O6 sprg, Stainless w/Simmons 2.8-10x44

-Savage mod. 10, 308win, heavy fluted barrel w/break, Accu trigger, Vortex 4-l6x42 Scope & Bipod

-Savage Mod. 10, 300win mag, heavy barrel w/break, Accu trigger W/Athlon L6-24x50 tactical scope

-FNAR 7.62x51mm semiauto, w/Nikon BDC 4-16x42 fluted barrel

-Ruger M77 Hawkeye .223rem, bull barrel, W/4-21x44 Simmons

-Ruger 10/22 .22LR W/Hammer Forged twisted bull barrel, bipod & Vism 10x42 mildot scope

-Ruger 10/22 .22LR w/Bushnell scope, Stainless barrel & comp. stock

-Ruger American .22LR w/scope

-Marlin mod. 1895ss, 45/70 lever w/scope

-Ruger M77, 338Win May w/scope, walnut

-Ruger M77 Hawkeye .257 Roberts w/scope

-Ruger M77 7x57 w/Nikon Scope

-Ruger M77, 25-06 w/scope & Bull barrel

-Weatherby Mark V, 7mm WBY MAG, Stainless fluted barrel W/scope

-Ruger M77 Mark II, 243Win, Simmons 3.8-12×44, Stainless

-Ruger M77 Mark ll, 7mm Rem Mag, w/scope

-Ruger M77 Hawkeye, 264win Mag, w/ Nikon Scope

-Ruger American, 7mm-08 w/Vortex Scope, w/Stainless fluted twisted barrel & muzzle break

-Weatherby Vanguard .308win, heavy barrel & Scope

-Sako AV, 300 H+H W/Leupold Scope

-Howa Mod. 1500, 22-250 Bull barrel w/Aim 3-12x50 scope

-Savage Mod. 10, 6.5 Creedmoor, w/ Magnitude 6-18x50 scope, heavy barrel

-Weatherby Vanguard, 270WiN W/Nikon Scope

-Thompson/Center Hotshot .22LR


Shotguns & Muzzle Loaders

-Browning Gold Hunter, 12ga, 2-3/4”-3" Invector Choke

-Remington 870 Express Super mag 3½"

-CVA 5Ocal. muzzle loader Accura

-Knight 50cal Wolverine 209

-Revelation Mod. 350A 20ga 3"

-Winchester SuperX, SPX, pump 20ga 23/4-3" Invector

-Winchester mod. 1300, 12ga (home Defense) 3”


Tactical Rifles

-Spikes Tactical mod. ST/5, 6, 8mm rem. SPC (Loaded w/options) w/ Leupold Scope

-Sig Sauer, Sig522, 22LR w/ Nikon Prostaff scope & bipod AR15/22

-Spike Tactical mod, ST15, 5.56/.223, W/Nikon P223 (Classical AR15)

-Bushmaster mod. XM15-E2S (AR15) fluted Barrel W/Nikon 3-9x44 scope (heavy Long Range barrel) .223/5.56

-Ruger AR-5.56 W/Burris Tac 30 scope

-Sig Sauer, Sig522, .22LR w/Nikon Scope

-Smith & Wesson Mod. M&P 15-22, .22LR, W/Barska Halo scope

-Derya ARMS VR80 RIA imports 12ga ,3"(AR15)

-Ruger Precision .22 WMR, W/Firefield 2.5-10x40 scope

-Ruger PC Carbine 9mm (New)

-Ruger 22 Charger w/Burris Scope & bipod

-Hi-Point JCP, 40 S&W


Hunting & Sporting Goods

-BOG Death grip shooters tripod

-Mult. AR & 10/22 mags.

-Pin point metal Detector

-Nikon RAll spotting scope 15-45x Zoom Eyepiece

-Solo 10x36 Monocular

-Sig Sauer Range finder kilo 2000 Shadow

-Caldwell Wind wizard

-Athlon Spotting Scope 20-60×80

-Grundig FR200 Radio

-Burris Bak 4 binoculars

-Nikon Monarch.

-Vortex Diamondback binoculars

-Pentax 10x50 PCF V binoculars

-Game Cameras

-Holosun HS507k Holoscope

-Mult. Rifle Scopes

-Mult. Gerber hunting Knifes & gutting kits

-Gerber machete

-Winchester Multi tool.

-Buck Ducks Unlimited Saw & Knife Kit

-2 Uncle Henry Sheath Knife

-Buck 691-1 Gut hook Knife

-Browning USA fixed blade w/sheath

-Case XX, R703 SSP Kiowa knife w/Case sheath

-DPMS Panther, 177 A15 air rifle

-Laserhawk BB repeating Air Rifle

-Large Assortment of gun cleaning items

-Tasco LBSI Laser bore site

-Frankford Arsenal Micrometer

-Mult. pistol holsters

-Savage Gunsmith Vise

-Mantis X 10 Elite Laser Sight

-Uniden radio set

-New Cuddelback

-Blackhawk bipod

-New Burris Scope Rings

-Razor elec. ear muffs

-Burris AR-332 Prism Sight New in box

-Multiple gun slings.

-Caldwell Lead sled

-Tipton gun vise

-New Cross bow hunting back pack

-Nice Cabela's XL Camo

-New AR-15 mag Charger

-Lots of XL Hunting Clothing

-10 hard gun cases

-10 Soft gun cases

-Mercenary 370 Crossbows Center point scope

-Rhino System 4 Crossbow/scope

-Caldwell Front Rest Nest XL

-Scentlock tote & Clothes

-Midway shooting mat

-Spotting Scope tripods

-Lots of Brass

-Size 10Hunting boots

-Multiple ammo/shooting bags

-(7) Ducks Unlimited Decoys

-much more small items


Mounts & Antlers

-140"+/- 10pt mount

-145"+/- 11pt Mount

-127+/- 8pt mount (6” bases)

-118"+/- forked G2, 10pt mount

-135"+/- 9pt mount

-140” +/- 9pt mount

-Large Set of mule deer sheds

-Several 2yr old deer Euro mounts


Framed Wildlife & Western Art

-Laura Mark Finberg bedded buck in snow 29/75 print

-Al Agnew "The Wanders Wolf yard long 201/250 print

-DU Harald Roe "My Master's Late", Labrador 599/1000 print

-Paul Calle "Where Eagles Fly 154/1250 print

-Larry Anderson "The Elk Hunters" 63/70 print

-John S. Eberhardt “The Scrape Hunter" 120/950

-Barbra Peets “The Parallel March” 409/550

-Carl Brenders “Power & Grace” 585/2500

-Bonnie Marris “New Beginnings” Buffalo 85/1000

-Barbra Peets "Impenetrable Sanctuary” 218 / 475

-Buzz Balza "Spoked" 604/750

-Leon Parson Elk 317/950

-Paul Calle "Mountain Men” 67/650

-Paul Calle "One With The Land" 69/950

-Paul Calle "I call Him Friend” 155/950

-N. Glazier Elk bugle 533/600

-Banovich "Mild Winter" 62/99

-Paul Calle Mountain Men 184/950

-Paul Calle "Companions" 916/950

-Leon Parson "The Veteran” Print shifted

-Barbra Peets "Lost Light” 387/500

-Larry Zack" "April Sunrise” 955/1050

-Other prints to be added



-22LR (12,000rds)

-308 Win. (400rds)

-300 Win. mag (100rds)

-30-06 Sprg. (140rds)

-260 Rem. (70rds)

-270 Win. (180rds)

-264 Win. mag (110rds)

-243 Win. (60rds)

-45-70 Govt. (46rds)

-375 H&H (40rds)

-35 Rem. (30rds)

-338 Win. Mag (80rds)

-223/5.56 (2,150rds)

-300 WSM (130rds)

-257 Roberts (70rds)

-7mm Weatherby Mag. (40Rds)

-7mm Mauser (80rds)

-7mm Rem. Mag (90rds)

-25-06 Rem. (70rds)

-300 H&H (100rds)

-6.8 SPC (300rds)

-Shotgun Shells (450rds)

-44 Mag (190rds)

-9mm Luger (725rds)

-380 auto (275rds)

-357 Mag (200rds)

-38 Spl. (190rds)

-41 Rem. Mag (190rds)

-45 auto (390rds)

-40 S&W (620rds)

As Kevin has passed, Teresa has decided to downsize starting with her collection of firearms and hunting accessories. Kevin was an avid hunter as well as a civil war historian that meticulously cared for his firearms. Don’t miss this great auction and watch for Teresa’s next auction of antiques. Guns will be sold starting around noon. We hope to see you there!

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