Very Rare Guns, Military, Swords, Knives, Bayonets, Ammo including Early Collectible Ammo, Old Fishing, Beer Lights, Beer Trays, Beer Advertising, Steins and Other Collectibles, Books and More!!! Auction

Location: 610 E. Shepherd Rd, Liberty, MO
11:00 AM. Sunday September 24th, 2017
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SUN. SEPT. 24, 11:00 A.M.



Directions: From Kansas City, take I-35N to the 69Hwy Exit (Exit 20). Immediately Turn Right (South) on Lightburne Rd (33Hwy South) to Shepherd Rd. Turn Left (East) to Auction. Watch for Signs.


Special Note: This will be a Fantastic Sale for a longtime collector who has amassed some wonderful items over the years including some Very Rare Firearms seldom seen for sale around Kansas City including Beautiful Original Civil War Burnside and Spencer Repeating Rifle Carbines, a Beautiful Winchester 1873 Lever Action .44-40 with Octagon BBL, a Rare US Springfield 1873 Trapdoor Carbine, a Rare JP Sauer 3-Barrel German Drilling, and Many More!!! There will also be Many Knives, Bayonets and Military Collectibles, Rare Antique Ammunition, Modern Ammunition and Hunting Related Items, Swords including an 1820’s French Military German Made Sabre and a Rare Believed 1600’s Samurai Wakizashi Sword, Vintage Fishing Equipment including Old Wood Lures and Vintage Shakespeare Reels in Original Boxes, Books, Early Hunting and Gun Related Magazines back to the 1930’s, Collectibles and German Beer Related Items including Lighted Advertising Signs, Beer Trays, Beer Taps, Bottle Openers, and Several Steins. Don’t miss this Large Sale!!!


Lot 1: Book, “Cher Oncle, Cher Papa”, 304 Pages, Letters of Francois/Berenice Chouteau – Founders of the Fur Trading Post – Kansas City Area;

Lot 2: Book, “The Illustrated Voyageur – North-West Fur Trading Company (Montreal), 1975, 72 Pages;

Lot 3: Book, “Spirit Of The Ojibwa”, 261 Pages;

Lot 4: Book, “The Gun Collector’s Book of Value”, 1955, 398 Pages;

Lot 5: Book, “Sportsman’s Digest Of Hunting”, 1957, 247 Pages;

Lot 6: Book, “North American Game Fishes”, 1958, 206 Pages;

Lot 7: Book, “Adair’s History of the American Indians”, 508 Pages;

Lot 8: Book, “Pictorial History of the American Indian”, 1957, 272 Pages;

Lot 9: Book, “Indian America”, 1957, 431 Pages;

Lot 10: Book, “Five Artists of the Old West”, 1965, 128 Pages;

Lot 11: Lot of (38) Magazines, “The Gun Report”, 1959 thru 1962, Excellent Gun References;

Lot 12: Magazine, “American Rifleman”, November 1933;

Lot 13: Magazine, “Hunter Trader Trapper”, January 1936;

Lot 14: Magazine, “Shooting Times”, March 1963;

Lot 15: Antique Royal, Keen Kutter, Straight Razor, Simmons Hardware Co, Marked W.C. Finkel, 1886 (Born in Maryland, Moved with Parents to Stoutsville, Fairfield Ohio, Where He Owned a Farm, Mercantile Business, and was later elected Probate Judge of Pickwick County);

Lot 16: Antique Case XX 432-8 Chef’s Butcher Knife with Original Case XX Cardboard Sheath;

Lot 17: Antique Drexel Meat Cleaver (NGROS Bros);

Lot 18: Antique Wester Bros De-Fi Stone in Original Box;

Lot 19: Antique Gerber Sportsman Steel w/ Sheath, Unused, w/ Original Box and Paperwork;

Lot 20: Antique Marbles Ideal Hunter Hunting Knife w/ Sheath, 4 5/8in Blade;

Lot 21: Nice Puma “White Hunter” 6377 Knife w/ Leather Sheath;

Lot 22: Nice Puma “Hunter’s Pal” 6397 Knife w/ Leather Sheath;

Lot 23: Small Western Hunting Knife w/ Tooled Sheath;

Lot 24: Keen Kutter 4-Blade Pocket Knife;

Lot 25: Ulster 4-Blade Boy Scouts Pocket Knife, 1940’s-50’s;

Lot 26: Western 2-Blade Folding Hunter w/ Leather Sheath;

Lot 27: Buck 110 w/ Leather Sheath, Lightly Used, 2-Dot, 1974-1980;

Lot 28: Buck 110 w/ Leather Sheath, Unused, 3-Dot, 1980-1981;

Lot 29: Uncle Henry 2-Blade Folding Hunter, Jiggered, w/ Leather Sheath, Unused;

Lot 30: Uncle Henry (Schrade) Lockback Bear Paw LB7 w/ Leather Sheath, Unused, in Orig Box;

Lot 31: Colonial Longhorn 5in Lockback w/ Leather Sheath, Unused, in Orig Box;

Lot 32: Ranger Longhorn LB125NS Folding Hunter, Unused, in Orig Box;

Lot 33: Ranger Folding Hunter w/ Sheath, Unused;

Lot 34: National Wild Turkey Federation Folding and Hunting 2pc Knife Set in Sheath, Unused;

Lot 35: Winchester Multi-tool w/ Leatherman Leather Sheath;

Lot 36: Winchester Belt Buckle;

Lot 37: Colt Revolvers Brass Belt Buckle with Heavy Leather Belt;

Lot 38: Budweiser Belt Buckle;

Lot 39: Choice of (20) Bottle Openers – Schlitz, Coors, Theo Hamm Bry Co, India Shining, Storz, Pfeiffers, Miller, Grain Belt, Krueger Cream Ale, 7-Up, Falstaff, Muehlebach, Regal Pale, Goetz-St Joseph, and Goetz-Kansas City;

Lot 40: Box of Schlitz Matches;

Lot 41: Olympia Beer Print, Framed, 21in x 27in;

Lot 42: 1982 Poster, “Budweiser Longnecks” Cowboy, 23in x 36in;

Lot 43: Choice of (8) Round Metal Beer Trays – Muehlebach, Olympia, Heinz Pure Food Product, Coors, Goetz, Busch Bavarian Beer, Genesee Ale, and Pabst Blue Ribbon;

Lot 44: (2) Miller Lite Women of KU 2005 Swimsuit Calendars;

Lot 45: Brass Spittoon w/ Weighted Bottom;

Lot 46: Choice of (13) Nice Beer Tap Handles – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Pete’s Winter Brew, J.W. DunDee’s Honey Brown, New Castle Brown Ale, Lierne’s Honey Weiss (Large Canoe), Lierne’s Honey Weiss (Small Canoe), LowenBrau, Honker’s Ale (Figural Goose), Coors 125th Anniversary, Original Coors, Bud Light, Boulevard Irish Ale, and Green Boulevard Irish Ale;

Lot 47: Red Dog Beer Neon Lighted Sign;

Lot 48: Vintage “Blatz Beer” Stained Glass Style Lighted Beer Sign;

Lot 49: Vintage “Heileman’s Old Style” Stained Glass Style Lighted Beer Sign;

Lot 50: Vintage “Heileman’s Old Style on Tap” Lighted Beer Sign;

Lot 51: Vintage “Schlitz Malt Liquor” Lighted Beer Sign w/ Bull;

Lot 52: Vintage Round “Hamm’s Roll Out the Barrel” Beer sign w/ Spring Bear over Waterfall;

Lot 53: Heileman’s Special Export Lighted Nautical Theme Beer Sign;

Lot 54: Coor’s Lighted Beer Sign;

Lot 55: Killian’s Red Lighted Beer Sign;

Lot 56: “Fletchen & Oakes – Schnapp’s Spirit” Lighted Sign;

Lot 57: Pr. Schlitz Plastic Signs;

Lot 58: Choice of (4) German Crockery Beer Mugs – “Berliner-Kindle, 1988, British-American Picnic”, “Berliner-Kindle, Berlin, 6912 Electronic Security Group”, “Paulaner Munchen”, and “Paulaner-Salbator, Thomasbeau AG, Die Bavaria in Munchen”;

Lot 59: Choice of (5) German Crockery Beer Mugs – “HB”, “LowenBrau Munchen”, “Schultheiss”, “Brauerei Lutz Kreuzwertheim”, and “Lilber Pils Bellheimer Bier”;

Lot 60: Choice of (4) German Crockery Beer Mugs – “Stadt Erlangen w/ Pewter Lid”, “Kloser Brauerei Seit 1455”, and (2) “Lowen Brau – Munchen”;

Lot 61: Old German Hunt Scene Picture – Framed;




Lot 62: Set of (5) Uncancelled US Postal Stamp Sheets, WW2 Commemorative, to Include “1941: A World at War”, “1942: Into the Battle”, “1943: Turning the Tide”, “1944: Road to Victory”, and “1945: Victory at Last” – (100) Different Stamps - $29.60 Face Value;

Lot 63: US Navy Ship Officer’s Quarters Dining Table Cloth, 70in x 114in;

Lot 64: Lot of WW2 Japanese Occupation Currency;

Lot 65: Lot of (3) WW2 Maps/Articles, Fortune Magazine, June 1942, August 1942, and January 1943;

Lot 66: WW2 Map/Article, Life Magazine, South Pacific;

Lot 67: WW2 Map/Article, Fortune Magazine, September 1941;

Lot 68: Lot of (2) Old B/W Military Photos – WW1 Era Soldiers at Fort Riley and Spanish American War Era Soldier with .30-40 Krag Rifle;

Lot 69: Old Military Photograph – “Battery C 128th Field Artillery”, 13 1/2in x 28 1/2in;

Lot 70: Old WW1 Framed US Military Photograph – 93rd Aero Squadron, 1919, Just Back From France – 12in x 32in;

Lot 71: Nice Framed WW1 Roll of Honor Roster, “Co B 14th Ammunition Train, Camp Custer, Michigan, November 8 1918” – Very Nice with Great Graphics;

Lot 72: Old Estwing Hand Axe w/ Leather Scabbard;




Lot 73: Old 2-Color Laminated Wood Bent Shaft Paddle, Redtail, Handcrafted in Hastings Ontario;

Lot 74: Old Pair Wooden Snowshoes, Rebaf, Loretteville, Quebec, 42in x 14in;

Lot 75: Choice of (2) Antique Carved Wooden Duck Decoys w/ Glass Eyes;

Lot 76: Victor No 4 Double Long Spring Beaver Trap;

Lot 77: Oneida Victor No 3 Double Long Spring Coyote Trap;

Lot 78: Oneida Victor No 3 Jump Trap;

Lot 79: Blake & Lamb No 3 Single Long Spring Bobcat/Coyote Trap;

Lot 80: Herter No 2 Double Coil Spring Fox Trap;

Lot 81: Bass-Oreno South Bend Bait Company Wood Lure w/ Glass Eyes in Original Box;

Lot 82: Bass-Oreno 973 South Bend Bait Company Wood Lure w/ Glass Eyes in Original Box;

Lot 83: Antique Fish Decoy Marked L. Wildey;

Lot 84: Shakespeare Model 1924 Direct-Drive, Level Winding Reel in Orig Box w/ Sock, Literature and Tool;

Lot 85: Shakespeare Model 1961 Quadro Pawl New Criterion Level Winding Reel in Orig Box w/ Literature and Wrench;

Lot 86: Shakespeare Model 1962 Quadro Pawl Superior Kalamazoo Level Winding Reel in Orig Box w/ Sock and Literature;

Lot 87: Shakespeare Model 1964 Marhoff Level Winding Reel in Orig Box w/ Sock;

Lot 88: Oreno-South Bend No 1000 Reel in Orig Box w/ Paperwork;

Lot 89: Shakespeare Sport Cast 19730 Model FK Reel;

Lot 90: South Bend Automatic No 1180 Model A Fly Fishing Reel;

Lot 91: Shakespeare Direct Drive Tru-Axis No 1923 Model EAK Reel w/ Vintage 2pc Fiberglass Pole;

Lot 92: Langley Reelcast Reel w/ Vintage Fiberglass Pole;

Lot 93: Old Richardson Steel Fishing Rod;

Lot 94: Old Bristol Steel Fishing Rod;

Lot 95: Old Tackle Box w/ Fishing Related Items and Old Lures incl Some Wooden w/ Glass Eyes;

Lot 96: Old Bullfrog Gig;

Lot 97: Vintage Ice Fisherman’s Ice Skimmer;




Lot 98: Book, “History of the World War”, Copyright 1918, 736 Pages;

Lot 99: Book, “American Armies And Battlefields in Europe (WW1)”, Includes Foldout Battlefield Maps, US Army, 542 Pages;

Lot 100: Book, “I will Bear Witness – A Diary of the Nazi Years 1933-1941”, 519 Pages;

Lot 101: Book, “When Titans Clashed – How the Red Army Stopped Hitler”, 414 Pages;

Lot 102: Book, “World War II, Myths and the Realities”, 1984, Published in Moscow, 280 Pages;

Lot 103: Book, “The Bayonet, 1850-1970”, 128 Pages;

Lot 104: Book, “M16A1 Rifle and Rifle Marksmanship”, US Army Publications, 177 Pages;

Lot 105: Manual, “Landing Party Manual”, US Navy Publications, 655 Pages;

Lot 106: Civil War Era Field Glasses;

Lot 107: US Army Ruck Sack and Metal Frame, M1952, Type 1;

Lot 108: US Army, Case, Map and Photograph, Canvas, 007, Crown Purse Inc.;

Lot 109: US Army .45 Colt 2-Clip Pouch, Old Style;

Lot 110: US Army .45 Colt 2-Clip Pouch, New Style;

Lot 111: (10) US Army Tent Stakes;

Lot 112: US Army Entrenching Tool w/ Carrier, Unissued;

Lot 113: US Army Mess Kit w/ Flatware, Unissued;

Lot 114: US Army AR-15 Ammo/Grenade Pouch w/ (2) 30 Round Magazines;

Lot 115: US Army M16A1 Rifle Cleaning Kit;

Lot 116: US Army AR-15 Rifle Barrel Auto Blank Activator;

Lot 117: (2) 30mm A-10 Warthog Cannon Shells;

Lot 118: Russian 7.62x54R Model 38/44 Rifle Cleaning/Oil Can Kit;

Lot 119: USS Prairie WW2 Dixie Class Destroyer Oversized Photograph;

Lot 120: B/W Photograph, Co. F 197th US Army Infantry Aleutian Islands Campaign, 1942/43;

Lot 121: WW2 Era German Binoculars, CF Foth & Co, Berlin, 8x No 34005, w/ Leather Strap and Case;




Lot 122: PAL US Navy Mk 1 Military Knife w/ Sheath;

Lot 123: Ontario US Air Force Pilot’s Survival Knife w/ Sheath and Stone;

Lot 124: US M7 Bayonet w/ Scabbard, Unissued;

Lot 125: US 1873 Springfield Trapdoor .45-70 Govt Socket Bayonet;

Lot 126: Swedish M1896 Bayonet w/ Scabbard;

Lot 127: Turkish All-Steel Ersatz 1916/1917 Bayonet w/ Scabbard – RARE;

Lot 128: Kalashnikov AK-47 Bayonet w/ Wire Cutter Scabbard;

Lot 129: Czech M1924 Bayonet w/ Scabbard;

Lot 130: Swiss M1957 SIG Bayonet w/ Scabbard, Unissued;

Lot 131: Turkish M1935 Bayonet w/ Scabbard;

Lot 132: British No 4 Mk II Spike Bayonet w/ Scabbard;

Lot 133: Australian L1AZ Bayonet w/ Scabbard, Unissued;

Lot 134: Belgium M1965 F.A.L. Tube Bayonet w/ Scabbard, Unissued;

Lot 135: Spanish M1969 CETME Bayonet w/ Scabbard, Unissued;




Lot 136: c1820’s French Infantry Sabre, German Made by H&R Boker, Remscheid, 31 1/2in;

Lot 137: Swiss M1911 Pioneer Sawback Sword/Bayonet, 1906-1914, Waffenbrik Nehausen, 25in, Unissued – Rare;

Lot 138: Very Rare Wakizashi 24in Samurai Short Sword w/ Sugura Temper Line, in a ShiraSaya (Bamboo Resting Case), Believed Hand Forged Around 1620 (+/- 20 Years) – Brought Back from WW2 by Soldier as a War Trophy – Nice!!!

Lot 139: Chinese Communist Special Forces Type 54 Sword and Scabbard, 38in, Unissued;

Lot 140: Legitmus Collins & Co No 37 Machete;




Lot 141: WW2 Inland U.S. .30 Cal M-1 Carbine with 3-45 Dated Inland/GM Barrel;

Lot 142: WW2 British Enfield #4 MK 1 .303 British Military Rifle, Long Branch 1943, w/ Original Literature, Appears Mint/Unissued;

Lot 143: WW2 Soviet M91/38 Military 7.62x54R Rifle, Dated 1942;

Lot 144: WW1 Russian M91/38 Military 7.62x54R Rifle, Stamped 1908, Appears Mint/Never Issued;

Lot 145: Spanish Bolt Action Mauser Carbine, .308 Winchester, Matching Serial Numbers on Stock and Bolt, Arsenal Re-Chambered to .308 Win when Spain Joined NATO, Appears Mint, Never Issued;

Lot 146: Hungarian M-44 Bolt Action Carbine, 7.62x54R – Appears Mint, Never Issued, with Attached Folding Bayonet and Original Literature;




Lot 147: Early US Cartridge Co 2pc Full Box of .32 WCF Shot Cartridges for Winchester Rifles;

Lot 148: Early Peters Cartridge Co 2pc Nearly Full Box of .38 Short Colt’s Centerfire Cartridges (49 Rounds);

Lot 149: Early Winchester 2pc Full Box of .32 Smith & Wesson – Unopened;

Lot 150: Early Winchester 2pc Full Box of .32 Smith & Wesson;

Lot 151: Early Remington Full Box of .32-20 Winchester;

Lot 152: Winchester Leader Staynless Box of (50) .22 LR;

Lot 153: Winchester .303 Savage Soft Point Non-Mercuric Staynless Box of 20 – Nice;

Lot 154: Winchester Silvertip .30-40 Krag Box of 20;

Lot 155: Western Super-X Power Point .30-40 Krag Box of 20;

Lot 155: Western Super-X Power Point .30-30 Win Box of 20;

Lot 156: .30 Remington (Rimless) Box of 20;

Lot 157: Box of (20) .219 Zipper – (18) Factory and Reloads, (2) Spent Shells;

Lot 158: CIL Super Clean .22 Short Box of 50;
Lot 159: CIL Super Clean .22 LR Box of 50;

Lot 160: CIL Pistol Match .22 LR Box of 50;

Lot 161: Brick of CCI Mini-Mag .22 LR – (10) 50 Round Boxes – 500 Round Total;

Lot 162: CCI Blazer .25 Auto Box of Spent Shells, but Early Collectible Box;

Lot 163: Super M Balistite Shotgun Powder, Unopened, Nice Early Collectible Tin;

Lot 164: Antique Winchester Gun Oil Can w/ Metal Spout;

Lot 165: Early Winchester Repeating Arms, Pat. Oct 20 1874, Nov 7 1882, Reloading Tool - .44 WCF;

Lot 166: Early Winchester Repeating Arms, Pat. Oct 20 1874, Nov 7 1882, Reloading Tool - .32 WCF;




Lot 167: Beautiful Model 1860 Spencer Repeating Rifle Carbine, .56-.52 or .56-50 Interchangeable, True Civil War Carbine – Museum Quality, Very Rare, Ser # 458XX;


Lot 168: Nice Model 1864 Burnside Civil War Carbine, .52 Cal, Ser # 48XX;


Lot 169: Nice Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action .44-40 with Oct BBL – RARE – Ser # 1213XX;


Lot 170: Beautiful Winchester Model 1885 Low Wall .25 WCF, Half Oct, Half Round BBL, Great Condition w/ Excellent Blueing – Ser # 616XX;


Lot 171: VERY RARE Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor Carbine .45-70 Govt, 22in BBL, Half Stock, Single Barrel Band, in Beautiful Condition – Very Rare Carbine Version – Ser # 2127XX;


Lot 172: Rare Colt 1887 Lightning Slide Action .32 Cal, Medium Frame, Ser # 763XX;


Lot 173: Springfield Model 1873/1884 Trapdoor Rifle .45-70 Govt, Ser # 598XX;


Lot 174: Rare J.P Sauer and Sohn , Suhl Germany 3-Barrel Drilling, Dbl Bbl 16ga over 8x57JR Rifle, Scroll Engraving, Nice Wood w/ Cheek Rest, Rare Gun in Excellent Condition – Ser # 2861XX;


Lot 175: Rare Lefever “Grade G” SxS Dbl Bbl 12ga, First Commercially Made US Hammerless Dbl Bbl Shotgun, Nice Condition, Ser # 170XX;


Lot 176: Winchester Model 24 SxS Dbl Bbl 12ga, Beautiful Condition, Excellent Blueing, Ser # 705XX;


Lot 177: Ruger M77 RSP Mk II Bolt Action 7mm Rem Mag, 24in Special Stainless BBL with Iron Sights and Scope Rings, Synthetic Stock, Unfired, New in Box;


Lot 178: Ruger M77R Mk II Bolt Action .308 Winchester, Unfired, New in Box;


Lot 179: Early J. Stevens Model 5100 SxS Dbl Bbl 12ga, Hammerless, Engraved Hunting Dog Scene on Receiver, Damascus BBL’s, Very Nice Wood;


Lot 180: Ruger M77 RSI Mk II Bolt Action .30-06, International Walnut Stock, Long Forearm, 3-Stage Safety, Unfired, New in Box;


Lot 181: Ruger M77 Bolt Action .30-06, Walnut Stock, Tang Safety, with 3x9 Scope;


Lot 182: Ithaca Gun Company SxS Dbl Bbl 12ga, Hammerless, Excellent Wood, Ser # 3426XX;


Lot 183: 1800’s J.J. Weston SxS Dbl Bbl 16ga, Laminated Bbl’s, External Hammers, Belgium Metal, Nice Condition, Ser # 93XX;


Lot 184: Ruger 10-22 Semi Auto .22 LR, Walnut Stock, with Bushnell Sportview 1.5x4.5 Scope on Raised See-thru Scope Mounts for either Scope Use or Iron Sight Sighting;


Lot 185: Erma-Werke EM-1 German M-1Carbine Look-a-like Semi Auto .22 LR, Ser # 310XX;


Lot 186: Chinese TU-90 Semi Auto 7.62mm and 9mm Pistol with Interchangeable Barrels, Cleaning Rod, Unfired, New in Box in Original Shipping Cosmoline;


Lot 187: (2) Sets of Automatic Pistol Grips – Sell Choice;

Lot 188: Box Only for a Browning Gold Evolve 12ga Shotgun with 30in BBL;

Lot 189: Box Only for a Savage Axis XP .308 Win Camo Rifle;

Lot 190: Lot of (15+) .223/5.56mm GG Greene Company Stripper Clips;

Lot 191: Lot of (8) Mixed Brand Boxes of .22 LR – 800 Rounds;

Lot 192: Choice of (3) Boxes of Norma 7.65 Arg, 20 Rounds Each Box;

Lot 193: 7.5 x 55 Swiss Prvi Partizan Box of 20 Rounds;

Lot 194: 12ga Federal 2 3/4in Hi-Shok Hollow Point Slugs, Box of 5;

Lot 195: Box of .177 Pellets;

Lot 196: Jar of Mixed Rifle Rounds;

Lot 197: Jar of Mixed Pistol Rounds;

Lot 198: White Gas Fire Lead Pot and (13) Lead Bullet Casting Bars – Sold as Package;

Lot 199: Choice Bag of Reloadable/Used Brass – 100 Rounds .357 Sig, 100 Rounds .45 Long Colt, 100 Rounds .44 Rem Mag, 50 Rounds .38 Super, and 50 Shells 9x18 Makarov;

Lot 200: Gerber Armadillo Folding Knife, Portland OR, USA, Unused;

Lot 201: Gerber L.S.T. Standard Drop Point, Portland OR, USA;

Lot 202: Gerber Applegate Fairbairn Convert, Unused, in Original Box w/ Paperwork;

Lot 203: Case/Carrhart Large 2-Blade Trapper, Unused, in Original Box w/ Paperwork;

Lot 204: Marttiini 184019 Big Game Condon Basic w/ Sheath, Unused, in Original Box;

Lot 205: Victorinox 4-Blade Pocket Knife, Unopened, Purchased in Switzerland in 1985;

Lot 206: Victorinox Economy 3-Blade plus Corkscrew Knife, Unopened, Purchased in Switzerland in 1985;

Lot 207: Victorinox 2-Blade Pocket Knife, Unopened, Purchased in Switzerland in 1985;

Lot 208: National Wild Turkey Federation Folding Lockback w/ Sheath, Unused;

Lot 209: Ranger Folding Hunter, Advertising for Mapco Petroleum Co, Unused;

Lot 210: Commercial Hide Trimming Knife, Used;

Lot 211: Lot of Used Leather Knife Sheaths and Sharpening Stone;

Lot 212: Afghanistan Campaign Medal w/ Ribbon;

Lot 213: War on Terrorism Service Award w/ Ribbon;

Lot 214: Military Merit Medal w/ Ribbon in Presentation Box;

Lot 215: Military Order of World Wars – Award of Merit – in Box;

Lot 216: Ribbon Cluster w/ 13 Ribbons – (2) with 1 Oak Leaf, (1) with Two Oak Leaves;

Lot 217: Lot of Shoulder Insignias – Captain Ordnance and Major Logistics;

Lot 218: Lot of Rank Insignias – Captain and Colonel;

Lot 219: Lot of Epaulets – Lieutenant Colonel, Major and Captain;

Lot 220: Collar Insignia – Armored Calvary;

Lot 221: Lot of Unused Cloth Insignias;

Lot 222: Small Bag of Insignias;

Lot 223: Campaign Ribbon Holder and Assorted Good Conduct Medals;

Lot 224: 1987 Stuttgart, Germany Volkwandering Medal, in Presentation Box;

Lot 225: US Air Force Cards - Munitions, Aircraft, Satellites, and Missiles;

Lot 226: (2) Military Frameable Prints – 50th Anniversary of the Korean War – Sabra Dance and F-80’s Over the Target;

Lot 227: Lot of (6) Duck/Waterfowl Stamps;

Lot 228: Choice of (4) Swiss/German Beer Steins – “Bayern Unsere Heimat”, “Heidelberg”, “Auf Der Alm”, and “Garim-Parteufinch”;

Lot 229: Choice of (4) Swiss/German Beer Steins – “Behut Dich Gott”, “Think Was Klar 1st”, “Oh Du Scone – Muster Schutz”, and “Original Gerz”;

Lot 230: Anheuser Busch “C” Stein;

Lot 231: DVD – Operation Predator 5 by Johnny Stewart (Predator Calling Techniques), Unopened;

Lot 232: DVD – Muskrats, From the Marsh to Main Street (Muskrat Trapping Techniques), Unopened;

Lot 233: DVD – From Flowage to Fashion (Beaver Trapping Techniques), Unopened;

Lot 234: Lot of (2) VHS Tapes – Whitetail Hunter and How to Call Ducks;

Lot 235: Book, “Men and Issues of ’92 with Photographs of our National Leaders”, Copyright 1892, Features Union and Confederate Civil War Veterans Holding Public Office in 1892, 656 Pages, Nice;

Lot 236: Book, “Campfires and Battlefields”, Review of Civil War Battlefields, 1967, 533 Pages;

Lot 237: Book, “The Civil War – Day by Day”, 224 Pages;

Lot 238: Book, “The Boys’ War – Confederate and Union Soldiers Talk About the Civil War”, 110 Pages;

Lot 239: Book, “The Army of Robert E Lee”, 1996, 320 Pages;

Lot 240: Book, “Questions on German History, 1800 – Present”, 280 Pages;

Lot 241: Book, “Family Dog – Game Dog Training”, 149 Pages;

Lot 242: Book, Wildlife Recipes, 207 Pages;

Lot 243: Lot of (32) Magazines, “The Trapper”, 1990’s;

Lot 244: Lot of (3) True West Magazines;

Lot 245: Lot of (3) Muzzleloader Magazines;

Lot 246: Lot of (2) Fur-Fish-Game Magazines;

Lot 247: Lot of (2) Gun Tests Magazines;

Lot 248: Kayak Angler Magazine;

Lot 249: Box of (12) Ready to Eat Military Boxed Meals;



EX. SPGS, MO. (816) 630-1252




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