Incredible Lifetime Gun Collection - Many Rare Colt, Winchester, Remington, Smith & Wesson, and More, Reloading Supplies, Ammo, and Related Collectibles!!! Auction

Location: 610 E. Shepherd Rd., Liberty, MO
11:00 AM Sunday December 10th, 2017
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SUN. DECEMBER 10, 11:00 A.M.



Directions: From Kansas City, take I-35N to the 69 Hwy Exit (Exit 20). Immediately Turn Right (South) on Lightburne Rd (33Hwy South) to Shepherd Rd. Turn Left (East) to Auction. Watch for Signs.


Special Note: We are excited to bring you Session Two of this Lifetime Gun Collection. Frank has spent over 50 Years avidly collecting Quality Firearms and Related Collectibles. With a passion for Rare Guns, and an Eye for Quality, he has amassed a Wonderful Collection of Many Hard to Find Firearms, as well as a Large Amount of Ammo and Reloading Supplies. Gun Enthusiasts will not want to miss this Incredible Sale!!!






Auctioneer’s Note and Sale Order: The Auction will begin with Approximately 45 Minutes to an Hour of Ammunition, Reloading Supplies, Collectibles and Gun Related Items that will sell before beginning the Catalogued Pistols. Following the Handguns will be approximately 45 Minutes to an Hour of the Remainder of the Ammo and Reloading Supplies, followed by the Catalogued Longguns to Complete the auction.


A Partial listing of the Uncatalogued Items to be sold before and after the Handguns include:


- Pulsar Ducks Unlimited Mans Wrist Watch – Like New;

- 2004 Colt 3-Blade Pocket Knife – NIB;

- Moonlight Night Vision Scope;

- Rare 1922 KKK Token;

- Rare Original Winchester 9mm Paper Shotgun Shell;

- Scarce Box of 9mm Shotgun Shells;

- Scarce Box of Fiocchi 24ga 2 1/2in Shotgun Shells;

- Scarce Box of Fiocchi 32ga 2 1/2in Shotgun Shells;

- Box of Remington .410 Paper Shotgun Shells;

- Early Boxes of .22 Ammo;

- .22 LR and .22 Short;

- Early Boxes of Ammo – 30-30 Win, .32 Win Special, .380, Targetmaster .38 Special, etc…;

- Large Amount of Ammo in Many Different Calibers;

- Large Amount of Rifle Ammo;

- Large Amount of Handgun Ammo;

- Lots of .357 Sig Ammo;

- Large Amount of Reloading Supplies;

- Lyman Spar-T Turret Type Reloading Press – NIB;

- Several Reloading Presses;

- Several Reloading Dies in Boxes;

- Lots Reloading Supplies – Powder, Powder Measurers, Pacific Trimmer, Wad Cutters, Shells, Brass, etc…;

- PACT Model 1 Shooting Chronograph – NIB;

- Vintage Old Milwaukee Beer Light;

- Old Gun Cases;

- Gun Books;

- Assorted Collectibles;


QUALITY HANDGUNS INCLUDING RARE COLTS AND SMITH & WESSONS (Beginning Approximately 11:45 to 12:00 Noon)


Lot 1: Ruger Black Eagle Standard Semi Auto .22 LR Pistol, Black Grips with Silver/Black Logo, Ex Cond, Ser # 11-484XX;


Lot 2: High Standard “Sport King” Semi Auto .22 LR Pistol, Blued, Brown Grips, Ser # 3978XX;


Lot 3: Colt .22 Automatic Conversion Kit for Colt 1911 – Like New in HM Wood Case;


Lot 4: High Standard “Model B” Semi Auto .22 LR Pistol, Blued, Black Grips, Ser # 292XX;


Lot 5: Phoenix Arms “Model HP22A” Compact Semi Auto .22 Pistol, 2-tone Brushed Stainless and Black Grips, Vent Rib, New in Box, Ser # 43301XX;


Lot 6: Colt “Vest Pocket Model 1908” Hammerless Colt Automatic .25 Cal Pistol, Pat. 1910, Blued, Black Grips. Ser # 2762XX;


Lot 7: Beretta “Model 1919” Semi Auto .25 Cal Pistol, Blued, Original Black Grips, 1935 Proofmark, Ser # 6058XX;


Lot 8: Astra Model 1916 (Pre-Model 200) Semi Auto .25 Cal Pistol, Blued, Original Grips;


Lot 9: V. Bernardelli Semi Auto .25 Cal Pistol, Blued, Original Grips, Ser # 937XX;


Lot 10: Rare Post-War F. Dusek “Duo” Czech Semi Auto .25 Cal Pistol, Blued, Original Black “Duo” Grips, Dated 1948, Nice Condition, Ser # 1607XX;


Lot 11: Sterling Arms Semi Auto .25 Cal Pistol, 2-Tone Brushed Stainless and Black Grips, Ser # 0460XX;


Lot 12: Titan Semi Auto .25 Cal Pistol, 2-Tone Blued and Stainless, Wood Grips, Imported by F.I.E. Corp, Ser # DE048XX;


Lot 13: Rare Remington UMC “Model 51” Semi Auto .380 Pistol, Blued, Original Black Grips, Nice Condition, Ser # PA 300XX;


Lot 14: Llama Semi Auto .32 Cal Pistol, Styled after the 1911, Blued, Original Brown Grips, Imported by Stoeger Arms, Ser # 5501XX;


Lot 15: Colt Model 1903 Type 3 Semi Auto .32 Colt Automatic, Blued, Original Black Grips, Ser # 3231XX;


Lot 16: Colt Model 1903 Type 3 Semi Auto .32 Colt Automatic, Blued, Original Black Grips, Ser # 4275XX;


Lot 17: WW2 German P38 Semi Auto 9mm, CYQ, E/88 Acceptance Mark, Nazi Eagle Proofmark, Matching Serial Numbers, Excellent Condition, with Unusual Threaded Barrel, Ser # 34XX J;


Lot 18: Colt .22 Short Derringer, Stainless with Blued Barrel, Wood Grips, in Original Colt Wood Fitted Case, Ser # 589XX D;


Lot 19: Cobra Firearms “Model FS380BB” Semi Auto .380 Pistol, Black Finish, Black Grips, New in Box, Ser # FS0949XX;


Lot 19-A: Star .380 Semi Auto Pistol, Blued, NIB - Ser # 18976XX;


Lot 19-B: CZ Model 52 Semi Auto 7.62x25 Pistol, w/ (2) Magazines, Original Manual, and Excellent Leather Holster - Nice Gun - Ser # CB026XX;


Lot 20: Astra “Model A-80” Semi Auto 9mm Para, Blued, Black Grips, Imported by Interarms, Ser # J39XX;


Lot 21: Hi-Standard “Model D-100” .22 Cal Derringer, Blued, White Grips, Like New, Ser # 13356XX;


Lot 22: Hawes German .22 Cal Parlor Tip-Up Pistol, Chrome with Black 8in Oct and Round Bbl, Believed Made by J.P. Sauer, Ser # 263XX;


Lot 23: Colt Single Action “Frontier Scout” .22 Magnum Revolver w/ Interchangeable .22 LR Cylinder, Blued, Bone Grips, 4 1/2in BBL, Ser # 914XX F;


Lot 24: Smith and Wesson Pre-Model 17 “K22 Masterpiece” .22 LR Revolver, Post-War 3rd Model, Blued, 6in Bbl, with Custom Carved Walnut Grips, Ser # K 2754XX;


Lot 25: Ruger “Security Six” .357 Mag Revolver, Blued, Wood Grips, 4in Bbl, Ser # 153-702XX;


Lot 26: Taurus .38 Special Revolver, Blued, Wood Grips, 3in Bbl, Ser # 7451XX;


Lot 27: Smith and Wesson “Model 36” Snub Nose .38 S&W Special Revolver, High Polish Blued, Pachmeyer Presentation/Compact Grips, 1 7/8in Bbl, Ser # 451XX A;


Lot 28: Very Rare Smith and Wesson Hand Ejector .44 S&W Special Revolver, 2nd Model, Blued, Wood Grips, 6 1/2in Bbl, Ser # 203XX;


Lot 29: Rare 1st Generation Pat. 1875 Colt Bisley SAA .32 WCF Revolver, Nice Condition, Professionally Re-Blued, All Matching Seral #’s 2329XX, Mfd in 1902 – Rare Colt Bisley SAA;


BLACK POWDER GUNS (Sold Following the Pistols)

- Connecticut Valley Arms “Hunter-Hawken” Black Powder .50 Cal Carbine, Like New;


- Hawes Firearms Black Powder Rifle, Believed .56 Cal;

- F.lli Pietta .44 Cal Black Powder Pistol, 10 1/2in Bbl, Ser # 2459XX;

- F.I.E. .44 Cal Black Powder Pistol, 7 1/2in Bbl, Ser # 7XX;

- EIG "Navy" .36 Cal Black Powder Pistol, 7 1/2in Bbl, Ser # 48XX;

- Italian .36 Cal Black Powder Colt Reproduction Pistol, Rolled Engraved Receiver Marked "Colt Pat. 1843", 5in Bbl, Ser # A 603XX;

- F.I.E. .31 Cal Black Powder Pistol, 5 1/2in Bbl, Ser # 99XX;




Lot 30: Marlin Stainless “Model 882 SS” Bolt Action .22 Win Mag, Black Synthetic Stock, w/ Scope, Ser # 993930XX;


Lot 31: Rossi Pump .22 S,L,LR, Blued, Walnut Stock, Like New, Ser # G1753XX;


Lot 32: Savage Model 24B Over/Under .22 over .410, 3in Chamber, w/ Weaver Scope;


Lot 33: Remington Model 11 Semi Auto 16ga, Solid Rib 26in Bbl, Engraved Duck on Receiver, Beautiful Condition, Ser # 15400XX;


Lot 34: Marlin Model 336CS Lever Action .35 Rem, Checkered Walnut, w/ Simmons 4x32 Scope, Ser # 050673XX;


Lot 35: Winchester Model 94 Lever Action .30-30 Win, Walnut, Open Sights plus Side-Mounted Bushnell Sharpshooter’s 4x32 Scope, Ser # 50474XX;


Lot 36: Winchester “Buffalo Bill Commemorative” Lever Action .30-30, Like New, Ser # WC 8XX;


Lot 37: Winchester Model 24 SxS 16ga, 2 3/4in, 26in Bbl, with Extra Interchangeable 28in SxS Bbl – Sold as a Package – Nice, Ser # 306XX;


Lot 39: Rare A.H. Fox “Ansley H. Fox” Higher Grade SxS 12ga, Fancy Checkered Feathered Walnut, Krupp Fluid Steel 28in Bbl’s, Rare Gun, Ser # 85XX;


Lot 40: Rare Remington Model 12-B “Gallery Special” Pump .22 Short, 24in Oct Bbl, Blued, Excellent Condition, Hard to Find, Ser # RW 3807XX;


Lot 41: Remington Model 24 Semi Auto .22 LR, Pat. 1916, Nice Wood, Ser # 615XX;


Lot 42: Rare Remington “Fieldmaster” Model 121 Pump .22 LR, Rare Routledge SmoothBore, Feathered Walnut Stock, Beautiful Condition, Very Hard to Find, Ser # 701XX;


Lot 43: Remington 11-48 Semi Auto 12ga, 2 3/4in, 20in Bbl, Checkered Walnut, Ser # 51664XX;


Lot 44: Remington Arms Co Model 1900 Hammerless SxS 12ga, 30in Bbl’s, Checkered Walnut, Ser # 3265XX;


Lot 45: L.C. Smith / Hunter Arms “Fulton” SxS 12ga, Color Case Receiver, Checkered Walnut, Like New, Ser # F 1501XX;


Lot 46: Pre-64 Winchester Model 94 Lever Action .32 WS, Mfd between 1943 and 1947, Great Condition, Ser # 13706XX;


Lot 47: Rare Winchester Model 1894 Lever Action .30 WCF Rifle, 26in Bbl, Rare Early Rifle Version, Very Hard to Find compared to the more common Carbines, Nice Gun, Ser # 8755XX;


Lot 48: Rare Colt Lightning Small Frame Pump .22 Rifle, Pat. 1887, Fantastic Condition with Strong Markings, Blueing, and Colt Horse Still Visible on Receiver, Tang Sight, Beautiful Gun, Ser # 673XX;


Lot 49: Colt Lightning Medium Frame Pump .32 Rifle, Pat. 1887, Ser # 666XX;


Lot 50: Winchester Model 1890 Pump .22 WRF, Early Second Model Takedown, Ser # 271XX;


Lot 51: Winchester Model 62 Pump .22 Short, Blued, 23in Oct Bbl, Near Mint, Ser # 854XX A;


Lot 52: Winchester Model 1903 Semi Auto .22 Cal, Nice Wood, with Rare Factory Silencer Adapter on Bbl, Nice Gun, Ser # 854XX;


Lot 53: Winchester Model 63 Semi Auto .22 LR, 23in Bbl, Nice Condition, Ser # 436XX A;


Lot 54: Stevens Model 311A SxS 16ga, 2 3/4in, 24in Bbl’s, Nice Condition;


Lot 55: Stevens Model 311A SxS 20ga, 2 3/4in, 26in Bbl’s, Nice Condition;


Lot 56: Stevens Model 311 Series H, Savage Arms, SxS 20ga, 3in, 28in Bbl’s, Checkered Walnut, Ser # A8055XX;


Lot 57: WW2 Nazi Proofmarked Italian 6.6 Carcano Military Bolt Action Rifle;


Lot 58: Japanese 7.7mm Sporterized Military Rifle, Japanese Markings, Nice;


Lot 59: Winchester Model 94 Lever Action .30-30 Win, Nice Condition, Mfd in 1965, Ser # 28805XX;


Lot 60: Marlin Model 336 Lever Action .30-30 Win, Walnut, Micro Grooved Bbl, Like New, Ser # 720070XX;


Lot 61: Beemiller Industries Hi-Point Model 995 Semi Auto 9mm x 19 (9mm Para), Black Synthetic Stock, Ser # E400XX;


Lot 62: Ruger 10-22 Carbine .22 LR, Wood Stock, w/ Weaver Marksman Scope, Ser # 112-096XX;


Lot 63: H&R Single Shot 32ga Special, Like New, with Bag of Tranquilizer/Projectile Darts;


Lot 64: New England Firearms Pardner Model Single Shot .410, 3in, Full Choke, Nice, Ser # NW 3221XX;


Lot 65: Stevens Mod 311A SxS 16ga, Selected Forged Steel 26in Bbl’s, 2 3/4in;


Lot 66: Remington “Fieldmaster” Model 572 Pump .22 S,L,LR;


Lot 67: Chinese SKS Semi Auto 7.62x39 Rifle, Wood Stock, w/ Folding Bayonet;


Lot 68: Mossberg Model 500A Pump 12ga, 2 3/4in, 26in C-lect Choke Bbl;


Lot 69: Stevens Model 311 Series H SxS 12ga Coach Gun, Sawed Off Stock and Bbl’s, 2 3/4in or 3in;



EX. SPGS, MO. (816) 630-1252



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Incredible Lifetime Gun Collection - Many Rare Colt, Winchester, Remington, Smith & Wesson, and More, Reloading Supplies, Ammo, and Related Collectibles!!! Auction

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