Toy Auction

Location: 3361 Old Hwy 40, Kingdom City, MO
Located on the north service road of I-70 between Hatton Exit and Millersburg Exit.
6 PM Saturday December 9th, 2017
Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Implements, Collectibles & Memorabilia
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Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Implements,
Collectibles & Memorabilia
Massey Harris
     or Ferguson Tractors & More:

Massey Harris 44 Special Tractor, NIB
Massey Harris 44 Series Tractor, NIB
Massey Harris 22 Tractor, NIB
Massey Harris Pacemaker Tractor
Massey Harris Pony Tractor, NIB
Massey Harris 44 with Wagon
Massey Harris Challenger Tractor, NIB
Massey Harris Jumbo Thermometer
Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor, NIB
Massey Ferguson 65 Diesel, NIB
Massey Ferguson 398 Tractor, NIB
Massey Ferguson 175 Diesel Tractor
Massey Ferguson 4225 Tractor
Massey Ferguson 1130
Massey Ferguson 3050
Massey Ferguson 1805

SPEC Case Drum Sprayer, NIB

Cockshutt 1900 Wheatland with White 4-Row Planter,
Cockshutt Cab Tractor
Cockshutt Montgomery Ward 1951 Wide Front Convertible to NF, NIB

Allis Chalmers:
Allis Chalmers WD 45 Tractor, NIB
Allis Chalmers WD 45 Tractor, NIB
Allis Chalmers G Tractor, NIB
Allis Chalmers WD 45 Tractor Wide Front, NIB
Allis Chalmers 8010 Tractor, NIB
9150 Deutz-Allis
9150 Deutz-Allis
Allis Chalmers 175
Allis Chalmers G
Deutz-Allis 8010 FWA

Fox Farm:
Fox Farm man at gas pump, NIB

Fordson Major, NIB
Fordson Major, NIB
Fordson Major
Fordson Major, NIB
Ford 9N with Plow
Ford TW-25
Ford-Ferguson, NIB
Ford 4000, wide front
Ford TW-25, NIB
Ford 6000
New Holland, NIB
Ford 6000
Ford Plow/Blade, NIB
Ford-Ferguson 9N, NIB
New Holland Disk, NIB
Ford 2000, NIB
Ford 4000, NIB
Ford 8600
Ford 7740, NIB
Ford 641, NIB
Ford Plow, NIB
Ford Plow, NIB
Ford-Ferguson 2N
Ford 8000
Ford 901
Ford FW60

John Deere Tractors & Equipment:
JD 720 with Blade, NIB
JD 720, NIB
JD 3020 with 4 Bottom Plow, NIB
JD 4320, NIB
JD Overtime, NIB
JD Hay Wagon, NIB
JD Grain Drill, NIB
JD 12A Combine
JD 1600 MoCo, NIB
JD Gravity Wagon, NIB
JD Disk, NIB
JD 9330 4WD
JD 6030 Precision
JD Planter
JD 9570 RX
JD Cultivator
JD Pedal Tractor Umbrella
JD 7700 Fairway Mower
JD 2 Cylinder Wooden Sign
JD 8270 R
JD S680 Combine
JD 9670 STS Combine
JD Big Farm Round Baler
JD 8960
JD 8850
JD CS 690 Cotton Picker
JD Plow City Toy Show
JD 8440
JD 8630
JD 9510R
JD 8530 Authentic #1
JD 7280R
JD 8401 Pull Type Sprayer
JD 8430R
JD 8295RT
JD 2 Pc. Stackers Set
JD 4440
JD 4010/8345 RT 50 YR. Set
JD Gator RC
Used Toy Wagons & Equipment
     (Offered All In One Box):

Flat Bed Hay Wagon
JD Flare Box
IH Silage Wagon
JD Box Wagon
Red Used Pull Disk
Ford 4 Bottom Plow Parts

Farmall-IH Tractors & Equipment:
IH 460, NIB
Farmall M, NIB
Farmall M
Farmall M
McCormick WD9, NIB
McCormick F-20, NIB
IH 350, NIB
Farmall B, NIB
McCormick W-30
International 460
Farmall 350, NIB
Farmall 706, NIB
Farmall 460
Farmall A, NIB
Farmall MTA
McCormick W-30, NIB
Farmall H
Farmall M-D, NIB
IH Cub Lo-Boy, NIB
Farmall Cub
Farmall H
Farmall 300 Gas with 311 Plow, NIB
Farmall H
Farmall F-20, NIB
IH 1586 with Cab and Loader
IH Rotary Mower, NIB
IH 1586
IH 1586, NIB
Farmall F-20, NIB
IH 1568, NIB
Farmall F-20, NIB
Farmall Super M, NIB
Farmall M
Farmall 350
Farmall Cub
Farmall Super MTA
IH 1468
Farmall 806
IH 3788
IH 21256 Indust. Tractor
IH 1256

Case Tractors & Equipment:
Case Vac, NIB
Case 600, NIB
Case 1170, NIB
Case L
Case DC-3, NIB
Case Vac
Case 800, NIB
Case 600
Case IH 2594, NIB
Case IH 3295, NIB
Case 600, NIB
Case DC-4
Case Steam Engine, NIB
Case IH 4894
Case 600
IHC 66 series
Case IH 7110
Case 7140
Case IH Magnum, NIB
Case Steam Engine
2017 Farm Show Case IH Combine
Case Red Power Skid Steer
Case IH Patriot 3340 Sprayer
Case IH Magnum 7150
Case IH Tractor Wagon/Impl.
Case IH RB565 Round Baler
Case IH True Tandem 330 Turbo Disc
Case IH 7120 Tractor Cab & Duals
Case IH 7120 With Cab
Case IH Cultivator
Case IH 8800 Austoft Sugar Cane Harvester
Case IH Gravity Wagon
Case IH 4 Bottom Plow

Oliver Tractors & Equipment:
Oliver 70 Tractor, NIB
Oliver 3-Bottom Plow
Oliver 1950 T Tractor, NIB
Olive 2-Bottom Plow, NIB
Oliver 3-Bottom Plow, NIB
Oliver 66 Tractor with 2-Row Cultivator, NIB
Oliver 1950T

1957 International R190 Fire Truck

Hesston Tractors:
Hesston 980DT Limited edition

Playing Cards:
Antique tractor playing cards

1965 Shelby Pedal car
Large lot of matchbox cars
Several Ford mustang toy cars

Ford Mustang calendars

New Holland Tractors & Implement:
NH T9.450
NH Dealer Ed. TJ530 & TG 305
NH Ecolo-Tiger ST770
NH 8260
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Rare Antique Pocket Watches
Offered From a Private Collector
These never offered authentic watches are in excellent to mint condition and span generations dating back to 1787. This rare collection contains pocket watches with keys and intricate opening mechanisms. It is said that Leonardo Da Vince was a designer for the Fensse Watch Co. of London and his handy work is seen in the delicate production of the Fensse time pieces. These gold, gold plated, and silver watches should be coveted by discriminating collectors or anyone wanting to begin a family tradition of passing valuable heirlooms. Descriptions and serial numbers have been checked and are believed to be accurate based on the sellers knowledge and experience, however, as this is a total liquidation of this collection all time pieces sell as is-where is. Please respectfully inspect these pocket watches to your satisfaction prior to this auction on sale night.
Elgin 686, 20 Jewels, Monsaic
Remington 984531, 5 Jewels, Gold
Fusee 1878, 12 Jewels, Silver Sterling Key Wind & Set
Wattson Fusee London, 10 Jewels,
     Keys Wind-Hand Set with Key
Elgin 106448569, 6 Jewels, Gold Hunter
Hamilton 983451, 17 Jewels, 10K Gold Filled-RRS
Bunn Special 1683216, 21 Jewels, Silver
Elgin 23969484, 17 Jewels, 10K Gold Filled-RRS
Hamilton 897585, 17 Jewels, 992-B RRS
Fusee 1899, 15 Jewels, Silver Sterling Key Wind & Set
Gruen 3411878, 4 Jewels, Ladies Wrist Watch
Moctabwhko, 14 Jewels, Russian
Hamilton C114988, 21 Jewels,
     992-B 10K Gold Filled-RRS
Fuess 11-6-32-4-65, Jewels,
     Key Wind-Hand Set with Key
Fuess, 10 Jewels, Rare Fuess 1890
Lahabne, 15 Jewels, Gold
Elgin 243728, 6 Jewels,
     Gold Hunter with Inscription Dated 1904
Elgin 5533812, 6 Jewels, Silver
A.W.Co. Fuess SST55, 6 Jewels, Silver-Key Wind
Elgin 97730, 6 Jewels, Gold Hunter
Wattson Fuess 1594449xR, 10 Jewels, Early Silver English Torts Shell, Very Rare cit. 1787
Geneva 6464, 6 Jewels, Silver
Elgij 16476985, 8 Jewels, Gold
Aqua Master, Ladies Watch, Brand New
Lamarne, 6 Jewels, Silver
Rockford Watch Co. Montantt #1942591
Hamilton 2208194, 21 Jewels, 922-B RRS
Columbia Watch Co. 263189, 8 Jewels, Gold
Elgin 9510750, Jewels, Gold
Elgin 18755102, 22 Jewels, Gold
Elgin 9376963, 15 Jewels, Gold
South Bend 838396, 9 Jewels, Silver
Remontoir, Jewels, 4ywxqzbkn
Elgin 17466596, 10 Jewels, Silver with Gold Hands
White Hart Court London, 10 Jewels,
     Key Wind-Hand Set with Key
Elgin 3058206, 8 Jewels, Silver
Hamilton CZ6502, 21 Jewels,
     992-B 10K Gold Filled-RRS
Waltham 18191455, 17 Jewels, Gold
Waltham Watch Co. 579754, 17 Jewels, Silver RR
Nassau 20-37, 7 Jewels, Silver
Waltham, Jewels, 4ywxqzbkn
JB Davis 36468, 16 Jewels,
     Silver Sterling Key Wind & Set
WN Stoket Dublin 135720C, 15 Jewels
Fusee 1805, 6 Jewels, Silver Key Wind & Set
Elgin 19148554, 17 Jewels, Silver RR
Hamilton C485760, 20 Jewels, 992-B RRS
Illinois 2801470, 17 Jewels, Open Face
D. Harris Co. 1259148, 10 Jewels,
     Key Wind-Hand Set with Key
Hamilton 3001165, 20 Jewels, 14K Gold Filled RRS
Wattson Fuess 179029 Rare 1787, 10 Jewels,
     Early Silver English Torts Shell
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