Harvey Carr Lifetime Marble Collection Auction

Location: Earnest Shepherd Youth Center, Liberty, MO
11:00 AM Sunday April 15th, 2018
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SUN. APRIL 15, 11:00 A.M.






Directions: From Kansas City, take I-35N to the 69Hwy Exit (Exit 20). Immediately Turn Right (South) on Lightburne Rd (33Hwy South) to Shepherd Rd. Turn Left (East) to Auction. Watch for Signs.

Special Note: We are excited to bring you the Large Lifetime Marble Collection of Harvey Carr of Northern Missouri for the Harvey Carr Trust. Harvey and Bonnie spent years amassing 1 of the Largest and Best Collections of Marbles we have sold. There will be Many Great German Handmade Marbles including Swirls, Sulfides, End of Day and Onionskin, Indian Swirls, Lutz and Banded Lutz, Solid and Divided Ribbon Core, Latticino Core, Translucent, Slags and Agates, Oxblood, Corkscrew, Gooseberry, Clambroth, Bennington, Popeye, Submarine, Hybrids, Machine Made Marbles by Peltier, Akro, and Christensen, Guinea, and Much More, as well as Art Glass Paperweights including St. Louis and Baccarat. Marble Enthusiasts will not want to miss this one!!!

Auctioneer’s Note: While the Marbles are being sold in catalog order inside the building, we will be running a second auction out in the Pavilion of Antique and Primitive Furniture, Primitives, Cast Iron, Antiques and Collectibles, and Unusual Items including a Horse Drawn Doctor’s Medicine Wagon. See the Second April 15 Link at the left of this web site for listing and pictures of the Antiques also being sold.

Auction Terms: CASH, or check if approved by Auction Company. We do NOT accept Credit or Debit Cards. Valid Driver’s License required for registration. Security and Video Surveillance on site. All marbles sold “As Is”. It is recommended that all buyers should come early to personally view the marbles of their interest.

If you are unable to attend the auction, absentee bids are welcome. Call us or email us with any and all bids and/or questions about any of the lots in the sale.



·         Lot 1: Store Bag of (30) Vitro Cats Eyes;

·         Lot 2: Marble King Store Bag of (60) Marbles;

·         Lot 3: Choice of (2) Marble King Store Bags of (6) Shooters;

·         Lot 4: Choice Bag of Bennington/Clay Marbles including odd colors and shooters;

·         Lot 5: Bag of Decorated China Marbles;

·         Lot 6: Choice Oversized Carpet Ball;

·         Lot 7: Antique Wood Marble Ballot Box;

·         Lot 8: 1.15in Multi-Color Ribbon Core w/ Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 9: 1.13in Joseph’s Coat Multi-Color Onionskin;

·         Lot 10: 0.90in Joseph’s Coat with Lutz;

·         Lot 11: 1.80in End of Day Cloud, Yellow Green and Red;

·         Lot 12: 1.75in White Latticino Core w/ Outer Red White and Blue Swirls;

·         Lot 13: 2.00in Peppermint Divided Ribbon Core, Pink White and Blue Core, with Outer Yellow Swirl Design;

·         Lot 14: 1.50in “Girl in Upside Down Chair” Sulfide;

·         Lot 15: 1.70in “1858 Seated Quarter Dollar” Sulfide;

·         Lot 16: 1.70in “Perched Eagle w/ Head Turned Down” Sulfide;

·         Lot 17: 2.10in “Girl w/ Basket and Dog” Sulfide;

·         Lot 18: 1.75in “Heron/Stork” Sulfide;

·         Lot 19: 0.75in Lutz Onionskin, Green/Blue/White/Lutz/etc…;

·         Lot 20: 0.72in Ribbon Core Lutz with Yellow Core, Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 21: 0.57in All-Over Mist Lutz Onionskin Swirl – Emerald Green Base Glass;

·         Lot 22: 0.85in Black Banded Lutz w/ Alternating Blue and Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 23: 1.12in Black Banded Lutz w/ Blue and Lutz Bands – Very Minor Hits, but Large Size;

·         Lot 24: 0.75in Peppermint Swirl;

·         Lot 25: 0.63in Lutz Onionskin, Brown/Yellow, Caramel, Lutz, etc…;

·         Lot 26: 0.78in Banded Lutz, Pink and Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 27: 0.80in Banded Lutz, Blue and Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 28: 0.80in 2-Color Ribbon Core Lutz, Blue and Yellow Core;

·         Lot 29: 0.86in 2-Color Ribbon Core Lutz, Cobalt Blue and Red Core;

·         Lot 30: 0.80in Christensen Oxblood Brick;

·         Lot 31: 0.75in Green Brick Swirl;

·         Lot 32: 0.95in Akro Oxblood Patch;

·         Lot 33: 0.62in Red and White Flame;

·         Lot 34: 0.67in Christensen 3-Color, Red/Yellow/Black, Resembles a Peltier Golden Rebel, but no Adventurine;

·         Lot 35: 0.61in Christensen Red Slag;

·         Lot 36: 0.62in Christensen 3-Color, Oxblood/Yellow/Turquoise, Resembles Flame Style;

·         Lot 37: 1.22in Multi-Color Onionskin;

·         Lot 38: 1.40in Onionskin, Green/Yellow/Red/White/etc…;

·         Lot 39: 1.56in Divided Ribbon Core with Yellow Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 40: 1.45in Peppermint Solid Core with Yellow Bands;

·         Lot 41: 1.25in Ribbon Banded Swirl;

·         Lot 42: 2.10in Onionskin with Mica Flecks, Orange/Yellow/Red;

·         Lot 43: 2.00in Yellow Latticino Core Swirl, Red/Yellow Outer Swirl;

·         Lot 44: 1.93in Ribbon Core Swirl, Multi-Color Core, White Outer Swirl;

·         Lot 45: 2.20in Peppermint Solid Ribbon Core, Pink/White/Green/Blue, with Outer Yellow and White Swirls, Slight Minor Chips/Flaws but Rare Size;

·         Lot 46: 1.72in End of Day Cloud, Pink/White/Blue with Some Embedded Yellow and Green, Bruise at Bottom;

·         Lot 47: 1.70in Onionskin, Yellow/Red;

·         Lot 48: 1.30in Peppermint Divided Ribbon Solid Core, with Outer Yellow Swirl;

·         Lot 49: 2.00in Yellow Latticino Core, Alternating Blue and Red Outer Ribbon Swirl;

·         Lot 50: 1.85in Yellow Solid Core, with White Latticino and Alternating Outer Pink and Green Swirls – Minor Bruises, but Nice;

·         Lot 51: 1.45in 2-Color Ribbon Core Lutz, Emerald Green and Yellow Core, with Lutz Swirls – (2) Small Bruises, but Rare Large Size Ribbon Core Lutz;

·         Lot 52: 1.40in Clear Glass Blue Banded Lutz;

·         Lot 53: 0.80in 2-Color Ribbon Core Lutz, Green and Red Core, with Lutz Swirls;

·         Lot 54: 1.00in Onionskin with Lutz, Pink/White/Blue/Lutz;

·         Lot 55: 0.77in Pink Ribbon Core Lutz;

·         Lot 56: 0.65in Orange Ribbon Core Lutz;

·         Lot 57: 1.30in “Rhinoceros” Amber Glass Sulfide, Base Pontil Polished Flat;

·         Lot 58: 1.10in “Buffalo” Amber Glass Sulfide, Unsure of Age;

·         Lot 59: 1.50in “Razorback” Sulfide;

·         Lot 60: 1.45in “Angel” Sulfide, Sun Purple Glass;

·         Lot 61: 1.70in “Seated Bear” Sulfide;

·         Lot 62: 0.78in Black Lutz Onionskin;

·         Lot 63: 0.80in Dark Amber Glass Banded Lutz, Blue/Green/Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 64: 0.67in Green Translucent Glass Banded Lutz, Yellow/Lutz Swirls;

·         Lot 65: 0.62in Dark Blue Translucent Glass Banded Lutz, Orange/Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 66: 0.70in Black Banded Lutz, Orange/Lutz Bands with Blue Trim;

·         Lot 67: 0.80in Banded Lutz, Red/Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 68: 0.67in Yellow Opaque Glass Banded Lutz, Turquoise/Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 69: 0.78in Blue Translucent Glass Banded Lutz, Red and White Trim Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 70: 0.56in Onionskin with Lutz, Yellow/Orange/Blue/White/Lutz/etc…;

·         Lot 71: 0.75in Cobalt Blue/Red/White Popeye;

·         Lot 72: 0.65in Chocolate Oxblood and Orange Swirl;

·         Lot 73: 0.67in Oxblood Corkscrew, Oxblood/Green/White;

·         Lot 74: 0.70in Christensen 5-Color, Black/Green/Red/Yellow/Orange;

·         Lot 75: 0.95in Peltier Red Angel or Ketsup and Mustard, Hard to Tell, Does have Muddy Base;

·         Lot 76: 0.96in Limeade;

·         Lot 77: 1.00in Lemonade;

·         Lot 78: 0.80in Submarine Interior Ribbon Swirl, Amber Base Glass;

·         Lot 79: 0.60in Peltier “Golden Rebel”, Orange/Yellow/Black with Heavy Adventurine;

·         Lot 80: 0.65in Peltier BumbleBee;

·         Lot 81: 0.80in Peltier “Superman”;

·         Lot 82: 0.82in Peltier “Superboy”;

·         Lot 83: 0.70in Peltier “Rebel”, Black/White/Red;

·         Lot 84: 0.77in Christmas Tree;

·         Lot 85: 0.60in Marble King Rainbow Spiderman;

·         Lot 86: 0.90in Red Slag – Beautiful Color;

·         Lot 87: 1.60in Caramel Slag – Rare Size;

·         Lot 88: 2.00in Red/White Agate – Nice, Rare Size – Unsure of Age;

·         Lot 89: 2.05in “Donkey” Sulfide;

·         Lot 90: 1.75in “Lion” Sulfide – Chip;

·         Lot 91: 2.05in “8” Sulfide;

·         Lot 92: 1.65in “Bird” Sulfide;

·         Lot 93: 1.65in “Squirrel” Sulfide;

·         Lot 94: 1.65in”Frog” Sulfide;

·         Lot 95: 1.78in End of Day Onionskin, Green/Yellow/Red;

·         Lot 96: 2.00in Onionskin, Pink/Yellow/Green;

·         Lot 97: 2.25in Divided Core, Alternating Peppermint and Green/Red/Yellow Swirl, with Outer White and Yellow Latticino Swirls – Just (2) Minor Flaws, Otherwise Fantastic Rare Large Marble;

·         Lot 98: 1.67in Onionskin, Pink/White/Blue with Some Green;

·         Lot 99: 1.20in Peppermint Solid Ribbon Core with Yellow Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 100: 1.66in White Latticino Core, with Outer Multi-Color Latticino Bands;

·         Lot 101: 1.67in Peppermint Solid Ribbon Core with Yellow Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 102: 1.70in Green/Purple/Pink Divided Ribbon Core with Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 103: 1.30in Yellow Latticino Core with Peppermint Ribbon Bands;

·         Lot 104: 1.61” Onionskin, Blue/Pink;

·         Lot 105: Unusual Folk Art Carved Wood Cane Embedded with Several Small Onionskin Marbles;

·         Lot 106: Akro Agate Full Set No 200 of Marbles with Leather Bag – in Original Tin Case;

·         Lot 107: Akro Agate Full Set No 150 of Marbles with Leather Bag – in Original Tin Case;

·         Lot 108: Akro Agate Early Full Set No 0 of (100) Striped Onyx Marbles in Original Box;

·         Lot 109: Early Box of (25) M. Gropper & Sons Prima Agates No 50 Onyx Marbles – in Original Box;

·         Lot 110: Akro Agate Full Box of (25) Cardinal Red No 1 Marbles – in Original Box;

·         Lot 111: Almost Complete Set of (10) Peltier Comic Marbles in Repro Box – Sandy, Skeezix, Annie, Betty, Emma, Bimbo, Andy, Smitty, Kayo, Ko Ko;

·         Lot 112: 1.67in End of Day Cloud, Red/Yellow/Green;

·         Lot 113: 2.40in 4-Lobed End of Day Cloud Onionskin, Pink/White/Blue – RARE;

·         Lot 114: 2.32in 12-Lobed Divided Onionskin, Alternating Pink/Blue/White, and Red/Yellow/Green Sections – Slight Flaw Believed in the Making – VERY RARE;

·         Lot 115: 2.30in 3-Stage Divided Core, Green/White – Red/White – Blue/White Core, with Middle Yellow Latticino Swirl Layer, and Outer Alternating Pink/White and Green/Yellow Ribbon Swirls;

·         Lot 116: 2.25in Twist Solid Core (White/Pink/Blue/Yellow), with (2) Bands of Yellow Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 117: 1.70in Divided Core (Alternating Red/White/Blue and Red/Green/Yellow), with Alternating Outer Yellow and White Tri-Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 118: 1.42in 2-Color Ribbon Core Lutz, Purple/Yellow Core, Lutz Bands – Large Size;

·         Lot 119:  1.05in Onionskin, Pink/Blue/Orange/Red;

·         Lot 120: 0.65in Onionskin with Lutz, Blue/Yellow/Black/White/Lutz;

·         Lot 121: 0.75in Onionskin with Lutz, White/Blue/Yellow/Lutz;

·         Lot 122: 0.55in Black Banded Lutz, Green and Lutz Swirls;

·         Lot 123: 0.75in Green Translucent Glass with Lutz Bands Swirled Inside;

·         Lot 124: 0.65in Blue Translucent Glass Banded Lutz, White and Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 125: 0.57in Amber Glass with Solid Yellow Core and Interior Lutz Ribbon Swirl;

·         Lot 126: 0.85in Dark Blue Translucent Glass Banded Lutz, White and Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 127: 0.72in Black Banded Lutz, Indian Swirl Type, Yellow/White/Lutz Bands, (2) Wide Bands;

·         Lot 128: 1.60in “Monkey on Stump” Sulfide;

·         Lot 129: 1.57in “Poodle” Sulfide;

·         Lot 130: 1.50in “Rooster” Sulfide;

·         Lot 131: 1.45in “Lion” Sulfide;

·         Lot 132: 1.25in “Duck” Sulfide;

·         Lot 133: 0.70in Black Banded Lutz, White/Yellow/Red Trimmed Lutz Bands, (1) Small Swirl Flaw from in the making;

·         Lot 134: 0.90in Blue Translucent Glass Banded Lutz, White and Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 135: 0.78in White Opaque Glass Banded Lutz, Blue and Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 136: 0.78in Yellow/Amber Glass Banded Lutz, White and Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 137: 0.70in Green Onionskin with Lutz;

·         Lot 138: 0.71in Black Onionskin or Indian Swirl Submarine, with Lutz and Red Bands, Unusual;

·         Lot 139: 0.85in Clear Glass Pink Ribbon Core Banded Lutz, with White Trimmed Lutz Bands;

·         Lot 140: 0.60in Mist Lutz Swirl, Yellow/Brown/Lutz;

·         Lot 141: 0.87in Submarine Joseph’s Coat;

·         Lot 142: 0.80in Black Indian Swirl, Pink and White Bands;

·         Lot 143: 0.68in Black Indian Swirl, Blue/Pink/White Bands;

·         Lot 144: 1.00in Cobalt Blue Glass Indian Swirl, White Bands;

·         Lot 145: 0.67in Amber Glass Indian Swirl, Blue/Brown/Yellow/Black Bands;

·         Lot 146: 1.27in Onionskin, Red/White/Blue;

·         Lot 147: 0.85in Onionskin, Green/White/Pink/Yellow;

·         Lot 148: 0.80in Onionskin, Multi Color;

·         Lot 149: 0.69in Indian Swirl, Red/Yellow/Blue/Black;

·         Lot 150: 0.75in Pink Onionskin with Mica;

·         Lot 151: 0.92in Gooseberry, Fine Lines;

·         Lot 152: 0.86in Red White and Blue Swirl with Mica Flecks;

·         Lot 153: 0.78in Peppermint Clambroth;

·         Lot 154: 2.00in “Rearing Horse” Sulfide;

·         Lot 155: 1.85in “Goat” Sulfide;

·         Lot 156: 1.67in “Buzzard” Sulfide;

·         Lot 157: 1.95in “Owl” Sulfide;

·         Lot 158: 0.89in “Razorback” Sulfide – Unusual Small Size for a Sulfide;

·         Lot 159: 1.25in “Elephant” Sulfide;

·         Lot 160: Akro Agate Full Set No 150 of Marbles with Leather Bag – in Original Tin Case;

·         Lot 161: Akro Agate Full Box of (25) Akro Carnelian No 2 Marbles – in Original Box;

·         Lot 162: Akro Agate Full Box of (25) Akro Carnelian No 3 Marbles – in Original Box;

·         Lot 163: Akro Agate Full Set No 230 of Marbles – in Original Box;

·         Lot 164: Choice of (2) Store Bags of (60) Champion Agates;

·         Lot 165: Marble King Store Bag of (40) Marbles;

·         Lot 166: 1.88in 3-Stage Latticino Core Marble with Center Latticino Core, Surrounded by Middle Divided Ribbon Swirls, with Outer Yellow and White Swirls, Unsure of Age, but Nicely Made;

·         Lot 167: 1.89in Yellow and White Latticino Core, with Red White and Blue Outer Swirl – Small Chip;

·         Lot 168: 1.84in Onionskin with Alternating Green/White and Yellow/White Swirls – Minor Flaw;

·         Lot 169: 1.80in Peppermint Solid Ribbon Core with Outer Yellow Latticino Swirl – Minor Chips;

·         Lot 170: 1.63in Peppermint Solid Core with Outer White Latticino Swirl;

·         Lot 171: 1.55in Clear Glass Yellow Banded Lutz, Minor Small Flaws, but Rare Size;

·         Lot 172: 2.10in Yellow Latticino Core, with Outer Alternating Red White and Blue Swirls – Minor Flaw, Nice Marble;

·         Lot 173: 2.10in Pale Yellow Latticino Core, with Green/White/Red and Blue Swirls – Minor Bruises;

·         Lot 174: 1.90in Yellow Latticino Core, with Alternating Red/White/Blue Ribbon and Yellow Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 175: 2.10in Yellow Latticino Core, with Alternating Green/Blue and Yellow/Red Outer Swirls – Minor Chips;

·         Lot 176: 2.10in Yellow Latticino Core, with Mostly Peppermint Outer Ribbon Swirl, and (2) Red/Green/Yellow Ribbon Swirls – Minor Chips;

·         Lot 177: 0.67in Lutz Onionskin, All Over Mist Lutz Swirl;

·         Lot 178: 0.58in Black Indian Swirl, Yellow and White Swirls;

·         Lot 179: 0.70in Onionskin, Pink/Blue;

·         Lot 180: 0.56in Red Latticino Core, with Outer Colored Bands;

·         Lot 181: 0.70in Onionskin, Blue/Pink/White;

·         Lot 182: 0.81in Submarine Joseph’s Coat;

·         Lot 183: 0.81in Onionskin, Blue/Green/Pink;

·         Lot 184: 0.88in Yellow/Green 2-Color Ribbon Core Lutz;

·         Lot 185: 0.70in Green and White Clambroth;

·         Lot 186: 1.06in Green Glass “Pyrite” Sulfide;

·         Lot 187: 1.65in “Running Horse” Sulfide;

·         Lot 188: 1.57in “Bird Pecking Ground” Sulfide;

·         Lot 189: 1.25in “Rabbit” Sulfide;

·         Lot 190: 1.55in “Fish” Sulfide;

·         Lot 191: 1.25in “Lizard or Salamander” Sulfide;

·         Lot 192: 1.25in “Camel” Sulfide;

·         Lot 193: 0.90in Yellow/Black/Orange Corkscrew;

·         Lot 194: 0.75in 4-Color Corkscrew;

·         Lot 195: 0.70in Blue/Green and Oxblood Red Swirl;

·         Lot 196: 0.70in Peltier Superman;

·         Lot 197: 0.85in Peltier John Deere;

·         Lot 198: 0.81in Peltier Zebra;

·         Lot 199: 0.66in Peltier Wasp;

·         Lot 200: 0.75in Flaming Dragon – Green with Thin Red/Black Swirl;

·         Lot 201: 0.75in Hybrid Popeye – Red/Green/White;

·         Lot 202: 0.64in Peltier Superboy/Spiderman;

·         Lot 203: 0.78in Blue Mica;

·         Lot 204: 0.55in Onionskin, Green and White;

·         Lot 205: 0.75in Divided Ribbon Core with Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 206: 0.75in Onionskin, Green and White with Some Blue;

·         Lot 207: 0.70in Divided Ribbon Core with White Latticino Swirl;

·         Lot 208: 0.90in Ribbon Core with Yellow and White Latticino Swirl;

·         Lot 209: 0.75in White Latticino Core with Alternating Red/Green Swirls;

·         Lot 210: 0.63in Onionskin, Red/Green/Yellow;

·         Lot 211: 0.75in White Ribbon Core with Outer Purple Bands;

·         Lot 212: 0.75in Unusual Purple and Red Popeye Hybrid;

·         Lot 213: 0.62in Teal and Orange Swirl;

·         Lot 214: 0.67in Red Slag;

·         Lot 215: 0.96in Green Malachite;

·         Lot 216: 0.73in Black and White Clambroth;

·         Lot 217: 0.93in Spiderman or Superboy – Large Size;

·         Lot 218: 0.70in 4-Color Popeye – White/Teal/Chocolate/Black;

·         Lot 219: 0.75in Blue/Oxblood Swirl;

·         Lot 220: 0.68in Christensen Orange Slag;

·         Lot 221: 0.75in Akro Egg Yolk and Oxblood Swirl;

·         Lot 222: 0.61in Blue Solid Ribbon Core, Outer Green and Pink Bands;

·         Lot 223: 0.66in Indian Swirl, Amber Base Glass, Yellow Bands;

·         Lot 224: 0.67in Onionskin, Yellow/Blue/Green/White;

·         Lot 225: 0.68in Onionskin, Red and Green Swirls;

·         Lot 226: 1.50in White Latticino Core, Red/Green/Blue Ribbon Bands, Minor Flaws;

·         Lot 227: 1.47in Yellow Latticino Core, Multi Color Banded Swirls, Minor Chips;

·         Lot 228: 1.70in Multi Color Ribbon Core, with Alternating Yellow and White Latticino, Minor Chips;

·         Lot 229: 1.68in Solid Ribbon Core, with Alternating Yellow and White Latticino;

·         Lot 230: 1.75in Onionskin, Green/Yellow/Red, Minor Chips;

·         Lot 231: 1.53in Multi Color Divided Ribbon Core Swirl;

·         Lot 232: 1.40in White Latticino Core, with Multi Color Bands;

·         Lot 233: 1.20in Solid Ribbon Core with Yellow Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 234: 1.15in Caramel Slag;

·         Lot 235: 1.30in Caramel Slag;

·         Lot 236: 1.53in Orange/Yellow Latticino Core, with Outer Colored Bands;

·         Lot 237: 1.27in Onionskin, Pink/Blue/White, Small Chip;

·         Lot 238: 1.45in Unusual Ribbon Core, with White Latticino Swirl;

·         Lot 239: 0.92in White Latticino Core, with Multi Colored Bands;

·         Lot 240: 3.00in Signed St. Louis 1977 Jimmy Carter Sulfide Paperweight;

·         Lot 241: 3.10in Millifiori Cane Paperweight with 1885 Date Cane;

·         Lot 242: 3.00in Scramble Cane Paperweight w/ Lutz;

·         Lot 243: 2.80in Faceted Baccarat or New England Style Floral Cane Paperweight;

·         Lot 244: 2.58in Perthshire Millifiori Cane Paperweight with Horse Canes;

·         Lot 245: 2.46in Baccarat or Clichy Style Scramble Cane Paperweight;

·         Lot 246: 2.30in Onionskin – Polished Flat Underneath – Turned into Paperweight;

·         Lot 247: 1.67in Peppermint Solid Ribbon Core Marble, Blue/Pink/White Core, with Sparse 2-Line Yellow Outer Swirl – Minor Chips;

·         Lot 248: 1.60in “Perched Eagle, Head Down” Sulfide, Minor Chips;

·         Lot 249: 1.20in “Monkey” Sulfide, Bruises;

·         Lot 250: 0.77in Black Banded Lutz, Yellow and Lutz Bands, Minor Chips;

·         Lot 251: 0.70in Blue Translucent Glass with Solid White Core and Interior Lutz Swirl (Minor Bruise);

·         Lot 252: 0.70in Solid Ribbon Core, Green/White/Pink/Blue;

·         Lot 253: 0.67in Ribbon Core Swirl, Peppermint Core, Outer Yellow Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 254: 0.80in Yellow/White Latticino Core, Outer Green/Red/White Swirls;

·         Lot 255: 0.67in Naked Ribbon Core, Blue/Yellow/Pink/Green/White Swirl;

·         Lot 256: 0.81in Blue/White Solid Ribbon Core, with Outer Yellow Swirls;

·         Lot 257: 0.57in Onionskin with Mica Flecks, Blue/White/Pink, with Mica;

·         Lot 258: 0.64in Mint Green and White Clambroth, Small Chip on End Only;

·         Lot 259: 0.77in Peppermint Candy Stripe Swirl;

·         Lot 260: 0.83in Solid Ribbon Core, Red/Green/Yellow Core, with Outer White Swirls;

·         Lot 261: 0.87in Peppermint Divided Ribbon Core, with Outer Yellow Latticino Bands;

·         Lot 262: 0.66in Amber Gooseberry;

·         Lot 263: 0.78in Yellow/White Latticino Core, with Outer Colored Bands;

·         Lot 264: 0.86in Blue/Red Divided Ribbon Core, with White Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 265: 0.87in End of Day Cloud, Red/White with (1) Green Spot;

·         Lot 266: 0.78in Naked Peppermint Solid Ribbon Core;

·         Lot 267: 0.78in Submarine Joseph’s Coat;

·         Lot 268: 0.90in White Latticino Core, with Outer Red and Green Bands;

·         Lot 269: 0.70in Indian Swirl, Amber Base Glass, Yellow Bands;

·         Lot 270: 0.77in Guinea Multi-Color;

·         Lot 271: 1.00in Solid Ribbon Core, with White Latticino, Amethyst/Purple Base Glass;

·         Lot 272: 0.62in Peltier “Blue Galaxy”;

·         Lot 273: 1.05in Divided Ribbon Core, with White Latticino Swirls;

·         Lot 274: 0.67in Pink Glass Solid Ribbon Core Banded Lutz, Small Chip;

·         Lot 275: 2.20in Millifiori Cane Faceted Paperweight, 1984 Dated;

·         Lot 276: 2.50in Baccarat Millifiori “We the People” Cane Paperweight, Signed;

·         Lot 277: Choice of (3) Baccarat Sulfide Paperweights – Truman, JFK, Teddy Roosevelt;

·         Lot 278: Baccarat “Luther” Sulfide Paperweight, in Box;

·         Lot 279: Baccarat “Patrick Henry” Sulfide Paperweight, in Box;

·         Lot 280: Cristal D’albret “Mark Twain” Sulfide Paperweight, in Box;

·         Lot 281: 0.68in Purple/Yellow Popeye or Corkscrew;

·         Lot 282: 0.75in Oxblood Corkscrew;

·         Lot 283: 0.67in Christensen 2-Color – Green/Purple;

·         Lot 284: 0.58in Clear Oxblood Core – Akro?

·         Lot 285: 1.00in Christensen Brown/White Swirl;

·         Lot 286: 0.75in Brown/Yellow Zebra Type;

·         Lot 287: 0.70in Yellow/Green/Red Solid Core, with White Latticino;

·         Lot 288: 0.75in Red/Green/White Popeye;

·         Lot 289: 0.75in Oxblood Brick;

·         Lot 290: 0.77in Orange and White Latticino Core, with Outer Ribbon Bands;

·         Lot 291: 0.70in Pink/Blue/White Ribbon Core, with Outer Yellow Latticino Bands;

·         Lot 292: 0.96in Red/Yellow/Green Solid Core with Outer White Latticino Bands;

·         Lot 293: 0.94in Pink/Blue Solid Ribbon Core, with Outer White Latticino Bands;

·         Lot 294: 0.90in Red/Yellow Swirl – Peltier Red Angel Style;

·         Lot 295: 1.00in Blue/Yellow Swirl – Peltier Blue Angel Style;

·         Lot 296: 0.60in Green Hornet;

·         Lot 297: 0.65in Green and Oxblood Patch;

·         Lot 298: 0.75in Hybrid Popeye, Green and Yellow;

·         Lot 299: 0.67in Ketsup and Mustard;

·         Lot 300: 0.77in Red Slag;

·         Lot 301: 0.65in Red/White/Blue Swirl;

·         Lot 302: 0.67in Purple Slag;

·         Lot 303: 0.81in Divided Core Swirl, Red/Green/Yellow;

·         Lot 304: Lot of (2) Knife Sharpeners with Marbles;




EX. SPGS, MO. (816) 630-1252





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Harvey Carr Lifetime Marble Collection Auction

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