Billie Beck - Over 75 Guns, Over 100 Knives, Large Amount of Ammo and Gun Related Items Auction

Location: 610 E. Shepherd Rd., Liberty, MO
11:00 AM Sunday July 29th, 2018
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SUN. JULY 29, 11:00 A.M.



Directions: From Kansas City, MO, take I-35N to the 69Hwy Exit (Exit 20). Immediately Turn Right (South) on Lightburne Rd (33Hwy South) to Shepherd Rd. Turn Left (East) to Auction. From Northern Missouri, take I-35S to the 69Hwy Exit (Exit 20). Continue Straight (South) thru the Stop Light on Lightburne Rd. to Shepherd Rd. Turn Left (East) on Shepherd Rd. to Auction. Watch for Signs.


Special Note: We are pleased to bring you the Lifetime Collection of Billie Beck. This will be a Fantastic Auction of Quality Firearms, Ammunition, Quality Knives, and Gun Related Items. The owner has collected for Decades and has some Fantastic Guns!!! 1 of the Best Collections of Quality Hunting Firearms, Sporting and Collector Guns we have sold in years!!! Don’t miss this one!!!


Terms: Cash or Check w/ Valid Driver’s License. All Items sold “As-Is”. Security and Video Surveillance on site. For all Out-of-State Buyers: Guns will be held and shipped thru a local FFL Dealer to a Dealer in your State. A $75 Transfer Fee will be charged for each Gun purchased by an Out-of-State Buyer. If you are a FFL Dealer, please bring a copy of your license. For Missouri Residents eligible to purchase a firearm, there will be no extra charges and guns will be passed out. No Sales Tax!!! No Internet Bidding!!! Great chance to purchase some Quailty Firearms from this Incredible Lifetime Collection!!!


OVER 100 QUALITY KNIVES (Sold First at 11:00 in the Following Order)


- Linder Scout German Fixed Blade Knife, MOP Handle, Like New w/ Sheath;

- Case XX 223-6 Fixed Blade Knife, Black Handle, Like New w/ Sheath;

- Western Fixed Blade Hunting Knife w/ Sheath;

- Early Pat. 1916 Marbles, Gladstone Michigan, Fixed Blade Woodcraft Knife w/ Leather Sheath;

- Old Western I.36 Fixed Blade Hunting Knife w/ Sheath;

- Old Olsen Knife Co German Fixed Blade Hunting Knife, Stag Handle;

- American Knife Co, Sabre German Stag Handle Hunting Knife;

- Remington R-6 Skinner Knife, Stag Handle, New in Box;

- Old Case XX Kodiak Hunter Stag Handle Fixed Blade Knife – New in Box;

- Large Western W49 Bowie Knife;

- Custom Made Stag Handle Knife;

- Custom Made Large Bowie Knife – Made from an Old Car Spring;

- Early Mexican Hand Made Large Knife;

- Early Bridgeport Hardware Boy Scouts Hatchet with Leather Blade Cover;

- Old Imperial Paratrooper’s Folding Survival Knife, Large;

- Early Paratrooper’s Folding Survival Knife, Large, Unmarked;

- Imperial U.S. M7 Bayonet in U.S. M8A1 Sheath, Like New;

- Old Military Bayonet – Unmarked, Possibly Fits a US M1 Carbine;

- Early Camillus 2-Blade Pocket Knife, Faux Tortoise Shell;

- Case XX 5-Dot #6207 2-Blade Mini Trapper, Brown Jigged Bone;

- Case XX 9-Dot #6246 R Riggers Sailing Knife, Brown Jigged Bone;

- Old Case XX #6275 SP 2-Blade Moose Knife, Red Bone;

- Old Case XX 2-Blade Stockman Style Knife, Brown;

- Old Case XX #6392 3-Blade Stockman, Brown Jigged Bone;

- Csae XX #61225 L SS Small Lockblade Knife, Red/Brown;

- Case XX Small 2-Blade Knife, Red Bone;

- Case XX Patriotic Red/White/Blue Handle Trapper Knife;

- Case XX Yellow Handle Trapper Knife;

- Honest Abe “Cattleman’s Knife” 3-Blade, Brown Jigged Bone;

- McCoy Classic II 2-Blade Pocket Knife, Brown Jigged Bone;

- 1976 Queen Steel #38B 3-Blade Knife, Black;

- Early Shrade Walden 3-Blade Stockman, Brown Jigged Bone;

- Early Kabar 2-Blade Trapper, Brown Jigged Bone;

- Newer Marbles 3-Blade Knife, Stag;

- Early Large Keen Kutter #1771 3/4 Single Blade Knife, Brown Bone;

- Early Western 3-Blade Knife, Jigged Bone;

- Early Kabar 4-Blade Knife, Brown Jigged Bone;

- Old Diamond Edge #857DE 4-Blade Knife;

- Early Keen Kutter K3 2-Blade Knife, Brown Jigged Bone;

- Early USA 4-Blade Knife, Name Worn;

- Early USA 4-Blade Camper’s Knife w/ Can Opener, Brown Jigged Bone;

- Early Lakeside Cutlery Co 3-Blade Knife, Brown Jigged Bone;

- Old Camillus U.S.N. 3-Blade Knife, Brown Jigged Bone;

- Old Sheffield England Single Blade Knife, Bakelite Handle;

- Red Star Line Steamship Advertising Knife by Karl Von Deer Heyden, Antwerpen, Original;

- Early Gusstahl German Ocean Liner Scenic Advertising Knife;

- Old Keen Kutter #770 3-Blade Knife, Brown Jigged Bone;

- Old Kutmaster Girl Scouts Knife, Green;

- Old Camillus Boy Scouts Knife, Black;

- Buck 500 Single Blade Folding Knife;

- Old Hibbard Spencer Bartlett 2-Blade Knife;

- Puma #260 Single Blade Knife;

- Old Camillus 2-Blade Knife, Black;

- Rancher III 3-Blade Knife, Japan, Like New;

- Early New York Knife Co, Walden NY, Single Blade Knife, Brown;

- Old Camillus, New York Single Blade Hawkbill Knife;

- Old John Primble, Belknap Hardware, 3-Blade Stockman, Bakelite Ice Style Handle;

- 1989 Case XX Centennial 2-Blade, Gold Fleck;

- Remington Sportsman Series 3-Blade Stockman;

- Remington 3-Blade Stockman, Green/Yellow;

- 1991 Remington 2-Blade Bullet Knife, Brown Stag;

- Old Kabar 2-Blade, Black;

- Old Remington UMC 3-Blade, Brown Jigged Bone;

- Early W.H. Morley & Sons, German 2-Blade, Black;

- Old Parker Frost English 3-Blade, Multi Color;

- Old Utica, New York Single Blade, Long, Candy Stripe;

- Fightin’ Rooster 3-Blade, Silver Fleck Handle, Light Pitting;

- Old John Primble, Belknap Hardware, 2-Blade, Black;

- Herm KoneJung German Single Blade, Multi Color;

- Pine Knot USA 3-Blade Stockman, Celluloid Handle;

- Shrade Walden 2-Blade, Long, MOP;

- Queen Steel 2-Blade, Striped Handle;

- “Curlee Clothes, Dunham’s Warrensburg” Advertising Knife;

- “Ellinwood Co-Op Association, Ellinwood KS” Advertising Knife;

- “Johnston Gulf Service, Trotwood Ohio” Filling Station Advertising Knife;

- “Beetle Bailey” Cartoon Novelty Knife;

- “Hopalong Cassidy” Novelty Knife, Old, with Full Image of Hopalong riding Horse;

- “Winchester Western” Old Advertising Knife;

- “SuperSweet Feeds” Old Advertising Knife;

- “Hoover” Advertising Knife w/ Image of Hoover Factory;

- Large Folding Mechanical Boot Knife;

- Small Folding Mechanical Boot Knife;

- Buck 110 Folding Knife w/ Leather Sheath;

- Cousin Willie’s Stainless Steel Hunting and Fishing Knife;

- Large Newer Winchester 3-Blade Folding Knife w/ Cloth Sheath;

- Winchester Mini 2-Blade Yellow Boy Stockman – New on Card;

- Large Newer Parker-Frost Single Blade Folding Knife, Stag;

- Newer Parker-Frost Single Blade Knife, Horn Handle;

- Remington UMC R-161ST Bullet Knife, Faux Tortoise, New in Box;

- Remington UMC R-4356 Bullet Knife, Stag/Bone, New in Box;

- Remington UMC R1306 Bullet Knife, Stag/Bone, New in Box;

- Remington UMC R-103 Bullet Knife, Brown Jigged Bone, New in Box;

- Remington #18565 4-Blade, Brown Bone/Stag, New in Box;

- Remington UMC R1178 Mini Trapper Bullet Knife, New in Box;

- Remington UMC “Handy Man” 5-Blade Knife, Brown Jigged Bone, New in Box;

- Remington R15 3-Blade Stockman, Bone, New in Box;

- Remington Vintage Series RE17518 3-Blade, Green Bone, New in Collector’s Tin;

- Hen & Rooster #343-AGB 3-Blade Stockman, Green Bone, New in Box;

- Hen & Rooster #302-BLPB 2-Blade Small Knife, Blue Bone, New in Box;

- Camillus Classic Cartridge Series “7mm Mauser” Single Blade Knife, Brown Bone, New in Box;

- Buck 301 Pocket Knife, Black, New in Box;

- Case XX Single Blade Knife, Red Bone, with Mismatched Case Box;

- Case XX Mini Trapper, Jigged Bone, New in Box;

- Remington 75th Anniversary Limited Edition R106 2-Blade Knife, Bone, Engraved Bolsters, New in Box;

- Remington 2000 Millennium Edition R1630 Lockback Knife, Green, MOP Bullet, New in Box;

- Remington 2000 Millennium Edition R1630 Lockback Knife, Green, MOP Bullet, New in Box;

- Ducks Unlimited 80th Anniversary 2pc Hand Made Fixed Blade Knife Set, Custom Stag and Inlaid Handles, Custom Damascus Steel Blades, on Wooden Display Stand – Unmarked;


OVER 75 QUALITY GUNS!!! INCREDIBLE LIFETIME COLLECTION!!! (Guns Begin selling Approx. 1:00 pm)


·         Lot 1: Remington Nylon 66 Semi Auto .22 LR, Ser # 22536xx;

·         Lot 2: Remington Nylon 76 Lever Action .22 LR, Nice Gun;

·         Lot 3: Ithaca Model 51 Featherlight Semi Auto 12ga, 2 3/4in, Vent Rib, Checkered Walnut, Ser # 5100896xx;

·         Lot 4: Benelli SuperNova Pump 12ga, Realtree Camo, 2 3/4in, 3in, or 3 1/2in, Vent Rib, Like New with Chokes and Benelli Soft Case with Pouch, Ser # V4435xx;

·         Lot 5: Colt “Colteer 4-22” Semi Auto .22 LR, Walnut, Blued, w/ Scope;

·         Lot 6: Savage Deluxe Model 24B DL Over-Under .22 LR over 20ga, 2 3/4in and 3in, Deluxe Checkered Walnut, Brushed Stainless Receiver with Fox Scene, Gold Trigger, Nice!!!

·         Lot 7: Browning BLR Lever Action .22, Blued, Walnut, Ser # 69B169xx;

·         Lot 8: Weatherby Mark V Bolt Action 7mm Mag, Beautiful Walnut Stock, Like New, with Weatherby 3x-9x40 Variable Wide Angle Scope, Ser # H 1104xx;

·         Lot 9: Uberti Model 1866 Sporting Rifle Brass Frame Lever Action .44 WCF, Like New!!!

·         Lot 10: Remington Model 12 Pump .22 Rem Special, Scarce Caliber, Ser # 7841xx;

·         Lot 11: Remington Model 12 Pump .22 S,L,LR, Chip to Stock Butt, Ser # 8154xx;

·         Lot 12: Weatherby “Eighty-Two” Semi Auto 12ga, 2 3/4in Mag and 3in, Beautiful Walnut Stock, Vent Rib, Engraved Receiver, Like New, Ser # 82-069xx;

·         Lot 13: Winchester “Centennial 66” Brass Frame Lever Action .30-30 Saddle Ring – Like New in Original Box – Ser # 494xx;

·         Lot 14: Para Ordnance Remington Rand 1911 Semi Auto .45 ACP w/ (3) Clips, Ser # PH74xx;

·         Lot 15: Smith and Wesson M&P Model 1905 Nickel 6-Shot .38 Special Revolver, Bone Grips, Pat. 1914, Ser # 988xx on Butt of Gun, #373xx on Inside of Frame Behind Cylinder;

·         Lot 16: Hopkins and Allen Top Break .38 Revolver, Pat. 1886, Nickel, Excellent to Like New, Ser # 274xx;

·         Lot 17: Rare Enfield R.O.F.M. No 4 Mk 1 1941 .303 British Sniper Rifle, Modified/Sporterized with Tasco 3-9x Scope, Ser # 131xx;

·         Lot 18: Remington Model 870 Magnum “The River” Mississippi Edition Pump 12ga Mag, 3in Only, Gold Engraved Receiver w/ Bronze Plaque, Deluxe Checkered Walnut, Vent Rib, in Original Hard Case with Papers, Ser # DU 82 11xx;

·         Lot 19: Savage Model 29B Pump .22 S,L,LR, Walnut, Nice Gun;

·         Lot 20: Winchester Model 62 Pump .22 S,L,LR, Walnut, Ser # 425xx A;

·         Lot 21: Winchester Model 62A Pump .22 S,L,LR, Walnut, Ser # 1034xx;

·         Lot 22: Savage Model 111 Bolt Action 7mm Rem Mag, Synthetic Stock, w/ Simmons 3-9x40 Scope, Ser # G5324xx;

·         Lot 23: Remington UMC Model 8 Semi Auto .30 Rem, Pat. 1910, Walnut, Blued, Excellent, with Simmons Scope, Ser # C 21xx;

·         Lot 24: Remington Model 11-48 Semi Auto .410, 3in or Shorter, Checkered Walnut, Rare Caliber, Ser # 41170xx;

·         Lot 25: Remington Model 710 Bolt Action 7mm Rem Mag, Synthetic Stock, w/ Bushnell 3-9x Scope, Ser # 711833xx;

·         Lot 26: Winchester Ranger Model 120 Pump 20ga, 2 3/4in or 3in, Winchoke, Vent Rib, Checkered Walnut, Ser # L21080xx;

·         Lot 27: Browning Citori Over-Under 12ga, 2 3/4in and 3in, 26in Vent Rib Bbl, Checkered Walnut, Like New;

·         Lot 28: Weatherby Orion Over-Under 20ga, 3in, Vent Rib, Checkered Walnut, Beautiful Gun, Ser # GN 035xx;

·         Lot 29: Weatherby Mark V Bolt Action .270 Mag, Beautiful Checkered Deluxe Walnut Stock, Adjustable Recoil Pad, Like New with Leupold M8 6x Scope, Ser # H 1071xx;

·         Lot 30: Weatherby Vanguard Bolt Action .270 Win, Tan Camo, w/ Bushnell Sportview 4-12x Scope, Ser # VS 3030xx;

·         Lot 31: Henry Long Ranger Lever Action .308 Win, Nice Caliber, Still Wrapped in Wax Paper, Burled Checkered Walnut, New in Box, Ser # 308LR010xx;

·         Lot 32: Henry Lever Action .22 S,L,LR, Walnut, Blued, Like New, Ser # 3734xx H;

·         Lot 33: Colt Single Action Army .44-40 (.44 WCF), Late Black Powder, Early 1895 Mfg Date, Re-Nickeled, with MOP Grips, Ser # 1630xx;

·         Lot 34: Smith and Wesson Model 27-2 Chrome .357 Mag Revolver, Ser # N1630xx;

·         Lot 35: Smith and Wesson Model 629-4 Chrome .44 Mag Revolver, Ser # BSM76xx;

·         Lot 36: Smith and Wesson Model SW40VE Semi Auto .40 S&W w/ (2) Clips, Ser # DSN36xx;

·         Lot 37: Ruger P345 Semi Auto .45 Auto, 2-Tone Black and Stainless, Like New in Case with (4) Clips, Loader, Papers and Book;

·         Lot 38: Remington Model 572 Fieldmaster Pump .22 S,L,LR, Walnut, Like New;

·         Lot 39: Marlin Model 783 Bolt Action .22 WMR Only, Fancy Checkered Walnut Stock, Like New, Ser # 246309xx;

·         Lot 40: Marlin Model 336 Lever Action .35 Rem, Walnut, Blued, with Simmons Deerfield 4x32 Scope, Ser # 181047xx;

·         Lot 41: Winchester Model 94 Lever Action .30-30, Ser # 45032xx;

·         Lot 42: Winchester Model 1890 Pump .22 Long, Scarce Caliber, Nice Condition, Ser # 5041xx;

·         Lot 43: Winchester Model 1906 Pump .22 S,L,LR, Initials Carved into Stock, Ser # 5588xx;

·         Lot 44: Winchester Centennial 66 Lever Action Brass Frame .30-30 Saddle Ring, Like New, Ser # 915xx;

·         Lot 45: Marlin Model 1892 Lever Action .32 Long, Original, Good Early Gun, Ser # 4469xx;

·         Lot 46: Savage Model 1899 Lever Action .25-35, Rare Caliber, Walnut, Blued, Ser # 1787xx;

·         Lot 47: Miroku Firearms Model 700 Charles Daly Over-Under 12ga, 2 3/4in, Engraved Blued Receiver, Checkered Walnut, Vent Rib, Ser # 2022xx;

·         Lot 48: U.S. Springfield Model 1884 Trapdoor Govt .45-70 Carbine, Nice, Ser # 5602xx;

·         Lot 49: Colt “Official Police” .38 Special Revolver, Blued, Colt Checkered Grips w/ Aluminum Finger Grip, Ser # 5502xx;

·         Lot 50: Colt Small Frame Police Positive .38 Special Revolver, Original Colt MOP Grips (Chip to (1) Grip), Ser # 214xx;

·         Lot 51: Taurus Model PT 99 AFS Semi Auto 9mm Para, Nickel, Clamp On Laser Sight, Ser # TA0382xx;

·         Lot 52: Taurus Double Action .357 Mag Revolver, Blued, Ser # 101xx;

·         Lot 53: Remington Model RM380 Semi Auto .380 Handgun, Like New in Box, Ser # RM0351xxC;

·         Lot 54: Anderson Model AM-15 Semi Auto 5.56mm/.223 Rifle, Adjustable Stock, Advanced Sights, w/ (2) Clips and Hard Gun Case, Ser # 150447xx;

·         Lot 55: Ithaca SKB “Century Trap” Semi Auto 12ga, Checkered Walnut, Fancy Full Scroll Engraved Receiver, Gold Trigger, Vent Rib, Beautiful Gun, Ser # S 88010xx;

·         Lot 56: Remington Model 11 “Browning Patent” Semi Auto 12ga, Nice Blueing, Ser # 2648xx;

·         Lot 57: Springfield Model 187N Semi Auto .22 HS, S, L, LR, Like New;

·         Lot 58: Weatherby Vanguard Bolt Action .270 Win, Checkered Walnut, New in Box, Ser # VX0524xx;

·         Lot 59: Winchester Model 94 AE Lever Action .30-30, Walnut, Gold Trigger, w/ Tasco 3-9x50 Scope;

·         Lot 60: Sears Ted Williams Model 153.512740 Over-Under 12ga, 2 3/4in, Engraved Nickel Receiver with Pheasant Scene, Checkered Walnut, Vent Rib – Nice;

·         Lot 61: Weatherby Patrician Pump 12ga, 2 3/4in, Mod., Checkered Walnut, Vent Rib, Ser # N5010xx;

·         Lot 62: Firearms International Copr, Washington DC, Swing-Open .410 Shotgun with Cut-Away Skeleton Frame, 3in, Neat Gun;

·         Lot 63: Mossberg 4x4 Bolt Action 7mm Rem Mag, Vented Checkered Walnut Stock, National Wild Turkey Federation Model, with Whitetail Classic 6.5-20x50 Scope, Ser # BA 0978xx;

·         Lot 64: Mossberg Model 500 AG Ducks Unlimited Edition Pump 12ga, Blued, Checkered Walnut, Engraved Receiver Ducks Unlimited 10/30, Ser # J 1291xx;

·         Lot 65: High Standard “Sentinel” 9-Shot .22 Revolver, Nickel, White Grips, Ser # 13103xx;

·         Lot 66: Rohm German 6-Shot .22 Revolver, Small, Yellow Grips, Ser # 4886xx;

·         Lot 67: Winchester Model 1906 Pump .22, Rough, but Solid Gun, Ser # 4229xx;

·         Lot 68: Original Mauser Patrone .22 Long Rifle, Mission Action, Ser # 254xx;

·         Lot 69: JC Higgins Model 101.16 Semi Auto .22 S,L,LR Rifle;

·         Lot 70: Revelation Model 120 Semi Auto .22 LR, for Western Auto Supply Co, Like New;

·         Lot 71: Glenfield Model 60 Semi Auto .22 LR, Walnut w/ Squirrel, with Tasco Scope, Ser # 245485xx;

·         Lot 72: Marlin Model 783 Bolt Action .22 WMR (Mag), Checkered Walnut, Ser # 207773xx;

·         Lot 73: Wards Westernfield Model 30-SB562A Pump 12ga, 2 3/4in, Checkered Walnut, Ser # 913xx;

·         Lot 74: Mossberg New Haven Model 273A Bolt Action .410 Shotgun, 3in Chamber;

·         Lot 75: Hoban Rifle Co .22 Cal Youth Rifle, Older, Made in Salem Michigan;

·         Lot 76: Westernfield Model M822 Bolt Action .22 WMR (Mag), Walnut;

·         Lot 77: Stevens Springfield Model 87A Semi Auto .22 S,L,LR;

·         Lot 78: Old British Single Shot 12ga, Long Barrel, Proof Marked, Ser # 353xx;

·         Lot 79: Unusual Older Shanghai QB88 Chinese Pellet Gun, Wood Stock;

·         Lot 80: Daisy Model 26 Pellet/BB Rifle;

·         Lot 81: EIG Italian Model 1960 Starter Pistol;


- Very Large Amount of New Ammo in Many Different Calibers!!!

- Early Peters Cartridge Co Full Box of .32 Win CF (.32-20);

- Early Winchester Full Box of .32 S&W Long;

- Large Amount of .22 Ammo – Bricks, Boxes, Early Boxes, etc…;

- .22 LR;

- .22 Short;

- .270 Weatherby Mag;

- .30 Carbine;

- .30-06 Spg;

- .30-30;

- .308;

- .32 Rem;

- .357 Mag;

- .380 Auto;

- .38 Special;

- .38 Super;

- .40 S&W;

- .44-40;

- .45-70 Govt;

- 7mm Rem Mag;

- 9mm Luger;

- And More!!!




- Neat Fred Garlow (Grandson of Buffalo Bill Cody) Autographed Framed Photo’s Dated 1968 on Reverse, and Corresponding 1968 Magazine with Same Image on Cover – Sold as a Package – Neat!!!

- Assorted Deer/Wildlife Pictures;

- Winchester Ammunition Framed Advertising Mirror with Large Stag;

- Barska Spotter Scope – in Box;

- BSA Platinum 36x44mm Scope – New in Box;

- Several Assorted Scopes;

- Remington Model 12 Forearms for Pump .22;

- Winchester Model 1300 Forearms – Checkered Walnut;

- Assorted Grips – New in Boxes;

- Assorted Gun Stocks;

- Large Walnut Piece – to be made into Gun Stock;

- Duck Calls;

- Mercury Recoil Rifle/Magazine Suppressor – in Original Box;

- (2) Vintage Redfield JR 70 Scope Mount Base and Folding Peep Gun Sights – New in Original Box;

- Assorted Gun Sights;

- Assorted Gun Parts;

- Small Gun Related Items;

- Old Plinker’s .22 Ammo Belt – in Original Box;

- Old Colt Watch Fob;

- Neat Ring Made from End of .44 Mag Bullet;

- Bullet Key Chains;

- NRA Pin and Medals;

- Gun Shirt Patches;

- Smith and Wesson Belt Buckle;

- Antique Winchester Flashlight;

- Other Items not listed!!!

- Huge Lifetime Collection!!!





(816) 630-1252 or CELL (816) 506-1429

Steve & Steven Ritter


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Billie Beck - Over 75 Guns, Over 100 Knives, Large Amount of Ammo and Gun Related Items Auction

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