Fleer Tire & Auto Auction

Location: 103 South Elm, Lewistown, MO
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9:00 am. Saturday October 13th, 2018
New Wheels, Tires & Tubes,Tool Boxes,Power Tools,#7 Lakeside Anvil,Lifts, Alignment Rack, Air Compressors & Larger Shop Tools
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Directions: In Lewistown,MO one block south of 4-way stop. Watch for signs!!

New Wheels, Tires & Tubes:

wheels: 4- Mott o 18” truck wheels•4-Pacer 16x10.00 8 lug wheels•lots of 5 & 6 bolt implement wheels•several custom wheels still in boxes(some sets)•semi wheel•misc wheels•Tractor tires: Mitas 380-80 R38, set of 14.9-R28•Firestone 18.4-R42, 520-85 R46, 18.4-38, 18.4-R34 radial, 18.4-30, 380-80 R38, 16.9-R288•MKT 16.9-38, 20.8 R46 radial, 16.9-38, 14.9-24, 12.4-28•Galaxy 18.4-38•Goodyear 18.4-38•Boto wheel loader tire 23.5 R25•Alliance 14.9 R38 radial•approximately 30 new rear tractor tire tubes•Implement tires: 5 Unicure planter rib 255-70R 22.5•Alliance 42x25.00-20 NHS HD•American Farmer 21.5L-16.1 SL•2- BKT 11.00-16•several 11L-15•set 4.00-15 SL•set 6.00-16•6- 5.00-15•this is only a partial listing of implement tires, many more unlisted tires•Truck tires: Firestone, Ohtsu, Toyo, Sumitomo, Goodyear, General, Double Coin, 10.00 R20, 285/75R 24.5, 295/75R 22.5, 11R24.5, 385265R 22.5(used semi tires and wheels, over 40 new semi tires)•Pickup and Car Tires:12- Firestone Destination M-T LT275/65R20, LT285/75R16, LT265/70R17, LT245/70R17,P275/55R20, P255/75R17, P215/60R17, P225/75R16•Yokohama LT275/65R20, LT245/75R16•Bridgestone P265/65R18, P265/70R17, 195/60R16,•Toyo LT265/75R16, 225/70R19.5, 245/70R17.5, P185/70R14, P225/55R17, P235/60R16, P225/60R17, 215/65R16, P205/55R16, 215/45R17•Cooper LT315/75R16•Avalanche 215/65R16•Maxxis LT235/75R15•Fuzone 215/70R15•Tireco LT245/75R16•ATV and lawn mower tires•MOST OF THESE TIRES LISTED ARE SETS, MANY MORE UNLISTED TIRES, APPROXIMATELY 300 PICKUP AND CAR TIRES, OVER 150’ OF TIRE RACKS

Over 400 new tires, plus used tires and wheels

Lifts, Alignment Rack, Air Compressors & Larger Shop Tools:

Challenger  lift(model#CL10 with 10,000 lb capacity)•Bend Pak lift(model# MX12CTA with 12,000 lb capacity)•Rotary alignment lift(model#SM120-15 with 12,000 lb capacity)•John Bean Visualiner 3DDD alignment system•shims and front end alignment accessories•Delco engine hoist•Quincy horizontal tank air compressor 2cylinder. 2 stage,120gal, 10hp model# QT-15 with dryer system(3 phase)•Hyundai portable air compressor with 7hp engine, model#HCP9100•Campbell Hausfeld air compressor with 10hp engine, 120gal(3 phase)•portable air pigs•Hunter tire changer Model#TCX500•Hunter tire balancer model#DSP9600•lots of wheel weights•Snap On balancing system for aluminum & steel wheels•Lincoln 225 welder•torch•30 ton shop press•drill press•1 1/2hp bench grinder•lots of fl oor jacks & bott le jacks•tall adjustable stands•trans jack•3000lb psi washer•Snap On booster start•Rescue booster start 3000•DeWalt cut off  saw•hydraulic port-a-power•Snap On rolling mechanic chair•parts washer•Snap On scan tool Modis Ultra on Blue Point rolling chest•Motor Vac transmission service center•fi berglass step ladder•wooden rolling double ladder•Snap On cooling system tester•Branick 7400 strut spring compressor•Snap On Koolkare Plus air conditioning service center

Vehicles & Misc:

Ford 1998 F250 4x4 auto trans 172,000mi with service box  •  Ford Ranger 1997 116,000mi •golf cart •trailer axle• ATV sprayers •fiberglass step ladder •rolling double wooden ladder•2-instant caravan canopies• metal tire signs •LOTS UNLISTED MISC ITEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION

Allis Chalmers gas ACC 40 B PS forklift SN# AME112556 capacity 3600lb with Cascade Mass 5500lb capacity 173”  •   White MA 40 gas forklift SN# 5301282 with Cascade Mass 5500lb 174”

Power Tools:

1” air impact•Snap On 18V 1/2” impact•Snap On 1/2” air impacts•2- Milwaukee 1/2” impacts•Ingersoll Rand 20V 3/8” & 1/2” impacts•2- Snap On air angle grinders•air hammer•1/4” cordless screw driver/fl ash light set•several Milwaukee cordless impacts & drills•mini angle die grinder•3/8” cordless power tool•Milwaukee HD sawsall•Makita angle grinder•angle grinder•circular saw


1 3/8”-2” end wrenches•1 5/16”-2” end wrenches•stubby end wrench set•crow foot 3/8”-7/8” & 10-22mm•2 sets of 10mm-19mm wrenches•2 sets of 3/8”-3/4” wrenches•5/16”-3/4” & 8mm-19mm ratchet wrenches•8mm-19mm box end/ratchet wrench set•metric and standard line wrenches•MANY MORE UNLISTED WRENCHES AND WRENCH SETS OF QUALITY NAME BRANDS

Misc Tools, Tire Tools & Sets:

Snap On 25 piece tap & die set•tap and die set•Snap On 48 piece master extractor set•Snap On 48 Sae & metric thread restorer kit•Blue Point 155 piece 1/4” & 3/8” general service set•Blue Point 87 piece Torx/Hex bit socket set•adjustable and pipe wrenches up to 24”•Milwaukee bench grinder•vice•Snap On 6” vice•Milwaukee elc.  angle grinder•lots of air hoses and air hose reels•several drum pumps•heating gun•3-30” Maxx fans•Snap On snap ring pliers set•long nose pliers and vise grips•channel lock sets•Posilock pulley pullers•more pullers•5 piece wire insertion tool set•laser inferet thermometer•Accotorq set•Blue Point 4 in 1 bake caliber press•misc brake tools• hose clamp pliers•Snap On brake bleeder•adjustable pliers sets•metric and standard nut driver set•lots of pry bars•Knipex•vise grips•inverted torx E4-E24•hundreds of drill bits•Gear Wrench pulley puller & installer set•Blue Point 13 piece wheel lock removal set•impact driver set•master inner tie rod kit•Gear Wrench serpentine belt tool kit•Snap On pitman arm popper•torque sets•1/2” drive hex 5/16”-3/4”•hole saw set•slide hammer•fan clutch service kit•screw drivers, picks, mini screw drivers, fi les, torque tips, hammers, punches, chisels,  & bars in large amounts•brass punch set•air hammer punch set•scraper set•several tire hammers•lots of tire irons(some large)•slide hammer bead breaker•bead breaker•new AME bead breaker kit•AME Diamond Back aluminum bead breaker

Large “Snap On” torque wrench with digital read out•several other “Snap On” torque wrenches

Socket Sets:

1” sockets•3/4” DRIVE: socket sets•sockets(2 1/16”-2 1/2”)•misc sockets and extensions•1/2” DRIVE:10-24 & 25-36 mm impact deep well sockets•15-27 mm impact sockets•10-24 mm impact swivel sockets•12-24 mm deep well sockets•12-24 mm sockets•3/8”-1 1/8” deep well sockets•3/8” DRIVE: 8-24 mm impact deep well sockets•8-19 mm impact deep well sockets•6-22 mm sockets•impact swivel sockets•1/4”-7/8” impact deep well sockets•1/4”-7/8” sockets•swivel sockets•1/4” DRIVE: various sockets sets, deep and shallow well•1/2” drive 36” breaker bar•LOTS of breaker bars, ratchets and extensions for 3/4”, 1/2”, 3/8” & 1/4” drives•MANY MORE UNLISTED SOCKETS AND SOCKET SETS OF QUALITY NAME BRANDS

Tool Boxes, Rolling Trays, Bins & Cabinets:

Snap On 72” 22 drawer tool box with SS top(model #KRL1023CPCM•Craftsman Professional 36” 7 drawer bott om & 5 drawer top tool box•Fastenal 12 drawer assortment cabinet•Snap On rolling cooler•shelving•LOTS OF ROLLING TRAYS, TOOL BOXES, ASSORTMENT BINS AND CABINETS(MOST BINS AND CABINETS ARE LOADED)


part barrels of Motorcraft Sae 5W-20 & Shell Rotella Sae 15W-40•approximately 70gal of FS power fl uid•40 gal FS engine guard 5W-20 & 15gal of 5W-30 & 80gal of 10W-30 GF-5/SN•35gal of FS Suprex Gold ESP 15W-40•part drum of Methanol•LOTS OF QUARTS OF OIL

#7 Lakeside Anvil

Misc Garage & Shop Supplies

: assortment of brake lines, windshield wipers & SS hose clamps•lots of new valve stems of many styles•spiral pin assortment•Scott  shop towels•O ring set•electrical supplies•new semi brake shoes•shocks•axel u bolts•several sets of new leaf springs•LOTS OF MISC AUTO SUPPLIES FOR GARAGE

Running two rings------ Loader tractor sale day-----Taxes charged on new items---------Lunch on grounds 

AUCTIONEERS NOTE  Folks if you are needing tools of any sort pertaining to a garage, its probably here to sell. MANY unlisted items, We plan to run two rings so bring a friend. Hope to see you there!! Allen Fox Jr.





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Fleer Tire & Auto Auction

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