Weekly Print Distribution

Approximately 15,300 copies MAILED via US Postal Service each week;

Total weekly distribution — over 17,500 copies!

  • LIVINGSTON COUNTY — Chillicothe, Chula, Dawn, Lock Springs, Ludlow, Mooresville, Utica, Wheeling
  • CALDWELL COUNTY — Hamilton, Braymer, Breckenridge, Cowgill, Kidder, Kingston, Polo, Cameron’s east rural routes
  • DAVIESS COUNTY — Gallatin, Lake Viking, Altamont, Coffey, Jameson, Jamesport, Lock Springs, Pattonsburg, Winston


  • Copies mailed to Meadville in Linn County and to Hale in Carroll County
  • Rack copies distributed at selected store locations in Trenton, Brookfield, Cameron and in all 3 counties

Chillicothe, 660.707.1820       Gallatin, 660.663.2154


For an even wider distribution of your business message where approximately
30,000 copies are distributed throughout North Missouri and South Iowa each month, CLICK HERE

Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays